Harry Connick Jr.: Can He Save ‘American Idol?’

    January 14, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Harry Connick Jr. will be seated in one of three judge’s seats when the new season of American Idol premieres on Wednesday January 15th. Along with Jennifer Lopez, who is returning for season 13 after having left the show following season 11, and Keith Urban, who is returning to season 13 from a very successful (for him, anyway) season 12, Connick makes the final judge to complete the new panel. American Idol is fast failing in the ratings and this decline was set into motion when The Voice entered the picture. Some believe Harry Connick Jr. has what it takes to save American Idol from a definite demise. It will certainly be interesting to see if he has what it takes to raise its ratings once again above those of The Voice. After all, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton have a huge following. And this season of The Voice means the return of Shakira and Usher–both of whom viewers loved during their first season on the show.

On Tuesday evening January 14th, live screenings of the American Idol Season 13 premiere will appear at movie theaters in select cities around the country. Following the premiere the judges, along with host Ryan Seacrest, will answer questions about the upcoming season. You don’t have to be in one of the select theaters to check this out. It will be available online as well via a special “sticker” fans can get when clicking on a link available on the Idol website or on the Idol Twitter page. It will be interesting to learn what fans think of new judge Harry Connick Jr.

Fans in L.A. lined up much earlier in the day for a shot at getting in on this question and answer session firsthand.

Do you think Harry Connick Jr. has what it takes to bring American Idol up out of the dumps and back on to at least even footing with The Voice? Or do you think since The Voice has set a brand new standard as a TV singing competition that American Idol has simply met its match?

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  • Kerry Kolsch

    Harry can’t save American Idol because the former producers treated the viewers like idiots. How many times did they manipulate the win? (The rules allow the producers to pick a winner if the voting goes amuck and the voting always goes amuck) We know that last year they orchestrated an outcome so that a black women would win. They got rid of every guy that could have won before they let the public vote. Then the judges trashed the white girls.Did that have something to do with the unresolved racial discrimination lawsuit? We all know that the show must be homophobic. Why else did Clay and Adam lose to less popular, less successful and talented contestants? Why did American Idol ignore the 38 million mostly AT&T assisted Arkansas votes that stole Adam Lambert’s win? The only way anyone should have confidence in the vote again is if they limit the voting like every other contest of this type does.I think that if the voting is not changed there is no reason for anyone to vote.