Harrison Ford Tells David Blaine To Get The F**K Out Of His House

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Harrison Ford seems like the kind of guy who doesn't rattle easily. Whether it's because he's Indiana Jones and there were no snakes present, or because he just gives off a chill vibe, it's funny to see him freak out about something. That's where magician David Blaine comes in.

On a recent episode of "Real Or Magic", Blaine showed up at several celebrities' homes for the sole purpose of grossing them out and blowing their minds. Everyone from Katy Perry to Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul from "Breaking Bad" took part (their session was pretty funny as well), but it was Harrison Ford who took his freak-out the furthest, telling Blaine to "get the fuck out of his house" after showing the camera his shaking hands and exclaiming, "Whoa."

Blaine, the unnervingly quiet illusionist who is best known for his brand of street magic, will never share his secrets with us, but he'll at least capture his stunts on film so we can all share in Ford's disbelief.

Image: Primetime In No Time

Amanda Crum
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