Harley-Davidson Recall, “Do Not Ride” Notice Issued

    October 16, 2013
    Jennifer Curra
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Harley-Davidson has issued a voluntary recall for the 2014 Touring motorcycles. Owners have been issued a Do Not Ride notice while the dealers have received a Do Not Deliver notice. The recalled vehicles include models built between May 3, 2013, and October 14, 2013, and are listed as the following: 25,185 Touring motorcycles (FLHTCU, FLHTK, FLHTP, FLHX, FLHXS, FLHTKSE, and FLHRSE) as well as 3,861 Softail® CVOs and Trikes (FLHTCUTG, FXSBSE, and FLSTNSE).

The General Manager of Motorcycle New Product Delivery for Harley-Davidson, Tony Wilcox, recently spoke about the company’s concern for customers and dealers.

“The safety of our customers is our highest priority. We have identified potential safety issues and are moving quickly to notify our customers and dealers. The inspection and repair of these motorcycles is extremely important, so it’s critical that our customers with affected vehicles contact their dealers immediately. We apologize for this circumstance. The company is committed to correcting this issue and providing customers with the quality experience and service they expect,” Tony Wilcox said.


The problems involving the recall, stem from concerns over the mechanisms operating the hydraulic clutch. Complications with disengaging the clutch were noted, which affects the capacity of the bikes to decelerate. Obvious problems relating to stopping and slowing the bikes may result from such scenarios.

Being the established, customer-conscience company that Harley-Davidson has become popular for being, Harley-Davidson has encouraged owners to contact dealers in order to make arrangements for inspection. Harley-Davidson will pick up the tab to have the bikes thoroughly inspected, problems rectified, and then eventually returned to customers.


[Images Via Harley-Davidson Facebook And YouTube]

  • ???????? Michael Sean Smyth


  • Kevin

    customer conscience?????? too bad harley isn’t as loyal to the customers as the customers are to the brand. this is only done to prevent NHTSB from sending out a massive recall. better get the work done somewhere where there are competent people. i don’t trust a dealer to do anything correctly, even an oil change as i found out.

  • Ron

    I haven’t owned a Harley-Davidson since the three I owned in the 70’s. The AMF built Harleys were great looking, great sounding, pieces of junk. I loved them all 3 – even when I was pushing ’em home. I rode bikes for 47 years, and my rice burners were always a lot more trustworthy for most of those years. I commend H-D for the EVO engine and increased reliability of their bikes over the last 15 or so years.

  • nad

    we want things built in the us,that is the main reason harley is worshiped, come on harley get your ducks in a row,quality control!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • roger

      as a matter of fact ,,,,, my 2009 Honda Goldwing GL1800 (powerhouse, comfort, and reliability all in one bike) was manufactured in the United States …. just like your Harley. Guess you did not know that…huh

      • mark

        And don’t care!

  • Sean

    They don’t sell motorcycles they sell patriotism and that is no reason to buy a Harley. The styling is stale and they have become a cliche for middle aged accountants. What was was a symbol of individualism has become a symbol of conformity

  • Ynot

    ~~~~A well maintained old Harley is just as reliable as any 40 year old Jap bike….I have both. The old ones were know to be “farmhand” maintainable, meaning virtually everything down to and including rebuilding the engine only requires common tools found in an average farm hand’s tool box (back in the day). If you don’t wrench, don’t knock ’em, just don’t buy ’em……..plenty of other wrench heads that want them. As far as the new ones, we live here in York, Pa. where we have a Harley plant. Most people I know that work there or at the various OUT SOURCE companies around town all say they wouldn’t buy the later model bikes, the way they are shitting them out. I love my Harley’s and all motorcycles in general. This is just another case of CORPORATE bs ruining a namesake due to money and greed…………….BOOOOOO

  • Viffer

    I have left instructions with my riding buddy to take me out at gunpoint and shoot me if I ever show up on a Harley, because at that point there is clear evidence that I am becoming senile. All you get with a Harley is overpriced 1950s technology with beautiful paint and chrome – great driveway jewlery. European bikes are better; Japanese bikes are much better.

    Harley management is just trying to keep NATSB off their corporate ass. In their defense however, I do applaude their efforts. Honda, etc. would do the same thing eventually but probably not be as proactive.

    • James

      WE don’t want wannabes like you on a Harley.

      • sam stark

        James your the wannabe. You wanna be just like everyother dumb ass on a harley.

    • Luke

      No need to be on a Harley…Give me the gun…

    • boyblu

      Oh I don’t know. My V-Rod seems just fine.

      • sam stark

        Yes boyblu V-Rod Made and engineered by germany.

  • ragu4u

    How dare they put ads amid the story about recalls on their bikes!

  • jb

    what do you expect? it’s a harley!

  • steve

    Ok…..if you cant ride to a dealer (“Do Not Ride”) how do you get the clutch inspected??????????

    • Roger King of the Road

      My Low Rider is faster than all other bikes brands. Harley will pick up, repair, and delivered back to you. It’s called customer service.

    • Reid

      Dealership will come and get your bike. My 2014 Ultra was at dealership for a faring light out and called today and told me they had seized my bike due to clutch issues and would be fixed sometime around Oct 26th but I could not have it back until…. Wife informed me I traded in a perfectly good 2010 Road King.

    • Valerie Hambrook

      The recall includes FREE pick up and re-delivery of the bike. I know, because I have one. And I for one am not surprised that there is a recall, there almost always is on new models of anything – cars, boats, bikes. Harley is going the extra mile and paying for pick up and delivery back- a very fair way to handle it I think.

  • Bob

    I love riding my 2011 Fatboy, however, the engineering of the bike is horrible. Doing ANYTHING on the bike is a major PITA. The only thing it has going for it is that it is made in America by Americans. Not all of it is Harley’s fault. All engines today are nothing more than government approved exhaust emission control devices. Computer controlled crap. Doesn’t even sound like a Harley anymore. The power is embarrassing. 10,000 miles, maybe 1000 of them with a passenger, and the back seat is coming apart from the inside. Discovered the dangerous situation by accident.

    • sam stark

      Not true Bob. Not made in america. Assembled in america. And if Kawasaki has to follow the same EPA standard as Harley why are they so much more powerful?

  • mccarterw

    I’d rather push a Harley than ride a Honda.

    • roger

      go ahead and push…… i will pass you on my Goldwing everytime you push…. which will be a lot. And I will continue to shift and enjoy my horsepower, comfort, and great looks without having to spend another 5000.00 to get those things. push brother push

      • Daddyo

        and the debate rages on. Harley or Honda?? but somebody tell me, Why does different have to be better? If either were PERFECT there would be NO DEBATE! So satisfy your personal preference and RESPECT the others. Remember, when it’s all said and done we’re ALL RIDERS!!! Oh, and if you’re wondering what I ride, it’s a MOTORCYCLE!!

    • sam stark

      Yes you will be pushing your hardly drivenson. Sucker.

  • roger

    Harley Davidson…. marketing genius…. Come buy our unreliable, underpowered, classic looking bike. Now come back and put a big bore kit in and buy a lot of chrome. but still do not have the power of the Goldwing, or the Vulcan. Oh and by the way, get to know your mechanic real well, because you wil lsoon be donating to his ability to buy nice cars, a nice home and his honda goldwing. lol

  • Michael Bartz

    This is what happens to China Davidson when you don’t consult part specifications or have language barriers with your Chinese parts suppliers. This loud-sounding, obnoxious piece of attention-getting junk assembled by Americans is exactly what it is. When the junk breaks down a little after the warranty expires, the parts cost pennies from Chinese/oversees suppliers and charge the consumer “Cadillac” prices, not to mention labor costs. Have Elton sing a lullaby for you saps…

    • Rick

      Michel Butts, you probably have false teeth? If you don’t start saving your money or I’ll help you with that! My pleasure commie punk!

    • Kevin

      best part is they can’t even do a 1k fluid change correctly. then deny, deny, deny, then call you a liar, a troublemaker,and finally give you the ultimate reward-BANNED from their stealerships. so now i do my own repairs. certainly don’t need a degree in differential calculus to fix a harley! DUH!

    • mark

      Ah, but it does get your attention doesn’t it!

  • roger-doesn’t-know-sheet

    roger, get a grip and get with the times. HD’s are reliable.

    over 50000 miles on my current FLHTC (in less than 4 yrs) and over 30000 miles (in less than 3 yrs) on my previous FXDWG. Gold Wings are nice if that is what you want to ride. I prefer my bike over yours, but I’m not bashing GW’s.

    Then again, why is it winger’s always want to come and bash something they don’t know sheet about?

  • http://WPN BoJo

    I have 11 different motorcycles since high school 30 years ago and have the following observations. Jap bikes ARE reliable and cheaper, European bikes are damn near as good but neither has a soul (so to speak). My Harley, although an inanimate object, speaks to me on some base level. I am however very intrigued by the new Victory bikes.Would like some feedback from other Harley owners, not rants but feedback. Will always have a Harley but I’m gonna try a Victory. Also any Victory owners please chime in, why, what, and how is it doing. Thank you all and cruise on bros and sisses.

    • McScooter

      BoJo, my friend is very inteligent and has been a HD rider all of his life. He studied Victory’s for over twoi years and bought one. He absolutly loves it… Nice rides

    • Brenda

      I had a 2003 Victory Classic Cruiser & I loved it! It was a great bike & very reliable. I sold it over a year ago & the guy is still riding it & he loves it. Victory’s are great bikes…we’re actually getting ready to buy another one!

    • Doug. E Z Y

      Picked upFLHTKanniversary in Mar 2013. Trade in 2008 Vic Vegas premium. I really liked the cruiser handling. Had a 305 scrambler in late 70. I chose the HD for 2 reasons. I wanted a touring bike ( didnt like what Vic offered ). Didnt care for the attitude & no stock at Vic dealers. Within the 1000 miles with HD we had already come to an understanding ( I & the Hd ) this one was talking to me, we had become inseparable. Went to AZ BIKE WK and meet the best friends. ( not “the nicest people” ). Since I became “iconic” 4 of my Vic bros have crossed over, for pretty much same reasons. SO GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Ron

    I,ve been riding harleys for 42 years and have owned 19 of the finest motorcycles made.(Harleys) In that 42 years the only break down was on a 1984 flh that blew a valve. I average 15 thousand mile a year. I think all you wingers are forgetting that Harley had to sell the japs there old tool and dies back in the day because they were not smart enough to design a motorcycle of there own. Thanks for not riding our Harleys, your probably the same people who think we should not have the right to carry guns.

    • http://yahoo shadetree fry

      Been riding them and working on them for the last 35 years….the japjunk …you can have them….give me a H D any day!

  • mightjack

    All you guys whining about what brand is better and like to lump owners into groups. Grow up. We’ve all owned various brands. It’s a personal choice. My HDs have been just as solid as my metrics. I prefer to ride HDs. I like the sounds and feel of them. I’m not a fan of all the fiberglass and the sound on the goldwings. Does that mean that anyone that owns a goldwing is a loser? Nope, it means it’s not my taste and it doesn’t have to be. Ride your own ride and quit worrying about what everyone else is buying and you idiots that think HDs are overpriced? Apples to Apples, new they are about the same. Resale, Yes HDs is more but the bottom line…. If a person has the money, it’s their choice how to spend it. MYOB.

    Back to the main point. It’s are recall. Every brand has had them.

    • http://yahoo Big Time

      Well said Mightjack. Every time there is a story on HD, the haters come out of the woodwork to bash them. I’ve had Harleys for years and have never had any problems, other than regular maintenance. I don’t care what you ride, just ride. I prefer HD, as you said, my choice. Just curious though: why do I always see metric bikes hanging out at our local HD dealership, but I never see any HDs at a metric dealership? Envy?

    • Raulmanny

      right! I got a Roadster ironhead 1984 (since 1985) and a GS650G Suzuki 1981 since 2011. Love’em both

    • http://google Bill

      Why is it that HD are the one they all compare themselves to?
      The hold their value. And have the most loyal customer fan base.
      Just shut up and Ride!

  • Ris

    Hey Ron… I’d rather push the Foreign-Junk over a hill any day. The Harley-Haters are the same people out there looking for JOBS here in the U.S. that have been take by their FOREIGN TRADE. Their the same people you see with an “American Flag” in the back windows driving down the highway in their foreign made cars too. Tell me what’s All-American about that scenario? Nothing! Maybe one day on the unemployment line when their children are half STARVING to death… They can serve up and EAT their foreign models they love and defend so much!

  • concerned

    I have owned 12 Harley Davidsons in the last 25 years! That said it is a personal choice of style and or comfort that I seek nostalgia. They were all fairly reliable until I start with the big bore kits cams and head work. I ride Ducati as well for their dedication of perfection and they come close! Yes HD is way under powered I wouldn’t mind seeing that addressed from the factory they can do better on the standard application. But I can tell you this there is nothing like riding a Harley Davidson I new that I was going to own one since the sixth grade. Dont knock it till you put your leg over one it is unique in its entirety. AND WHEN YOU DO go down a long lonely road by yourself just cruising and most likely the same thing will happen to you that happened to the rest of us . Its unexplainable it really is.

    • deek rivers

      harleys are junk

  • deek rivers

    Harleys are pieces of junk!
    I have owned 2,and WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER ONE.
    And harley cares nothing about customers (for this recall) they just don’t want to get their behinds sued!

    What do I ride now?
    A REAL American motorcycle, a VICTORY!
    Do the research yourself and see what absolutely crap harley sells.

    The only think harley does is turn gasoline into noise-What trash!

  • deek rivers

    Harley = CRAP

  • Pat

    I own two. Neither have ever missed a beat. The FLSTC I’ve ridden through all 48 lower states. At 120,000, I rebuilt the motor on a weekend. If you think they’re junk, don’t buy them. For my money, they are dead reliable. My gripe is with the dealerships. Nowadays the shops are 80% motor clothes, and, oh yeah we sell motorcycles too. Counter help is usually not very knowledgeable. Stores are full of wannabe men and women…most of whom would be too scared to ride one, let alone buy one. They just want to look cool wearing Harley clothes. Danged posers…..

    • http://www.rghcycles.com Bob Hewmderson

      Well said, dealerships are now overpriced fashion stores,and mechanics and service staff come and go on a regular basis leaving the bike owner with poor and often inadequate service, we need to get back to proper bike shops with qualified repair staff, although the owner is no doubt forced into the existing structure by the parent company. That is exactly why so many owners are seeking out small knowlegable repair shops who do good work, refusing to go back to dealerships unless there is a warranty claim.

  • Bill

    I presently have a 97 superglide, and used to have an 83 1100 Magna. Love them both, trying to compare them is apple to oranges. I just fond it funny for all the haters on this Harley post. Kind of looks like envy to come here to comment. On the other hand, if Harleys are just loud why has the metric bikes try to copy the look and sound? Granted they have more power but still is a copy of styling and sound.

  • SGMAJ.


  • Moondawg

    My first Harley was a 1980 FXWG (Wide Glide), I bought it in 1990 for $4,000 and sold it in 2001 for $8,000. Next bike was a 1999 FLSTF (Fat Boy) bought new in 2008 for $14,700 and sold 5 years later for $14,700. I now own a 2007 FLHX (Street Glide) which is an amazing piece of motorcycling machinery. My wife loves it and would never allow me to sell it so I’m stuck with this one, thankfully! I’ve never had a problem with any of them. I’m not a hard core biker, I run stock exhaust and I’ve never altered any of the bikes in any way. If there were no Harleys I wouldn’t own a motorcycle. No other brand interests me, except for old Indians of course.

  • Cowboy

    I have a 2003FXDWG,I wouldnt ever give up on an AMERICAN LEGEND!So no matter what you ride, don’t ride any faster than your”GUARDIAN ANGEL” can fly!Godbless,and ride on Brothers!!!

  • N1BG

    Just when I thought I might get to some riding, my 2014 Ultra is recalled, however, Very thankful the H-D folks are taking this step for safety. I had a clutch cable break once and the expierience was not so good. Now wondering how long we’ll be down in the chalks.

  • Dave Wright

    Respect to all riders and have to admit i miss my honda hornet, wish i kept it as a second bike. But as for Harleys, WOW. Big smile everytime i open the garage and fire her up. Oh that sound of a stage 1 tuned screamin eagle n vance & Hines setup tht will never stop the hairs on your neck rising. I have the 2013 Night rod and have blown away many critics on jap bikes on,y to get the thumbs up from them when i slow back don point proven. It kicks ass, locks like a proper bike and so far everyone that was anti Harley love it. You just need to find the one that suits you. Its great watching them in the mirror try to get there wheel down when you tear away from the lights. 😀

    My friends didnt expect me to still ride out with them when i got it, but i ride with anyone, obviously they can only hear me over theres lol. I also like the look of the. Victorys and quite fancy a cruiser r taking the wife out. To keep her off my vrod lol

    The VROD is not for girls !! Incidentally she owns a plastic italian bike, shes a biker, good on her :)

  • http://www.rghcycles.com Bob Hewmderson

    The great bike bashing war goes on, listen, it is a free country, you buy what you like, if you don’t like it go buy something else, as long as you are happy thats all that matters, no need to rave on about something you don’t own, just makes you look foolish.

  • diablitto

    I have never owned a Harley, nor will I ever go to one of their stealerships to buy anything. I like motorcycles…. Most of them, anyway. But I love my Yamaha Road Star Warrior. This thing is a sick bike. Not only is it a lot of fun to ride, but most Harley riders give me a thumbs up for it as well. One guy wants to swap bikes to see how well it rides. As some of you are die hard Harley ppl, I happen to be die hard Yamaha ppl. I’ve had 3. A 1993 Virago 750 was my first bike in 2007, I put 40,000 miles on that thing in 4 yrs on top of the 23k it already had. And she still runs strong. I beat the crap outta that bike, riding with sportbikes, eating up twisties at 110, breaking the u-joint from yolking the throttle, and getting hit by a car. After that, I was looking for a new bike, talked to my buddy about his 1200 sportster, he was all for it, till he got it running again. So I went looking online and found a 2002 road star warrior in Miami. I bought it and rode it home and fell in love with the raw power that was exuding from her. Ate up a nearly new tire in under a month, got a slight case of whiplash from dropping into 4th gear, giving it gas and taking off down the highway… And I was already doing 80 mph. Anyway, A minivan cut me off and that bike got totaled. So I packed up what I could fit onto my Virago, and hot the hell out of Fla, it was time before they killed me. Got to Ga and found another Warrior, this a 2007. I don’t believe I’ll change my bike… Unless it’s a Raider. Those are nice, too. But as far as H-D service goes, you really can’t expect much from a company that hires mechanics straight from school. I’d rather go to a mom and pop bike shop with ppl that know exactly what they’re doing. In Fla, I used Crotchrockets to Barhoppers and here, I use West Side Motorcycles… And guess what, they specialize in H-D. But they also work on other brands as well. Not to mention, Harley Davidson dealerships will not touch a bike when its 10 yrs old. Mom N’Pop shops are better, for service, nicer folks, better deals. Try talking a dealership down on labor cost. At least I know where all the parts for my bike are made. And the Bub Juggers are made here in California. That and the seat are American. I even use German tires. Lol