Harlem Confirms You’re Not Really Doing the Harlem Shake

By: Josh Wolford - February 20, 2013

“They look like they just smoked some dust”

“They’re dry-humping air.”

“This is an absolute mockery of what it was.”

These are actual quotes from actual residents of Harlem, said after watching Harlem Shake videos on the internet. You can keep doing your 30-second videos and throwing them up on YouTube, sure, but remember: you’re not really doing the Harlem Shake.

[Schlepp Films]

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  • http://2014Taxes.org Steve

    West 4th street dancing. LOL
    That is some funny stuff.

  • Horsefeathers

    Thank God those Harlem folks arent tryin to do the Galviston Git Down.

  • Mover and harlem shaker

    Cut me a break. Loosen up. The dances your interviewies are doing and the dramatized stuff tscs created does look related just not as emphasized. So relax. No harm.