Hannity: “Worst Excuse” For A Journalist

    February 27, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Sean Hannity cut an interview short with Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison on Tuesday night after an onscreen exchange so tense it could have been cut with a knife.

The conservative talk show host had invited Ellison on to discuss the upcoming sequester and President Obama’s decision to travel around the country to give various speeches regarding his plans. After calling Obama “President Panic”, Hannity asked Ellison about his opinion on whether he thought Obama was spreading needless fear among Americans, and Ellison immediately made it known that he had no patience for the host’s reporting style. Though he smiled politely when the cameras were trained on him, he quickly got to the core of his issues with the host.

“Quite frankly, you are the worst excuse for a journalist I’ve ever seen. It’s absurd that you — the worst. What you just displayed was not journalism, it was yellow journalism. It wasn’t anything close to trying to tell the American people what’s really going on and it’s just shocking…every journalistic ethic I have ever heard of was just violated by you,” Ellison said.

The longer the exchange went on, the angrier Ellison became; he and Hannity were obviously never going to find their way out of an impasse, so Hannity cut the interview short.

Watch the full, uncomfortable exchange below.

  • eatingdogfood

    This Guy Ellison Is Just A ” Chip On His Shoulder ” SOB !!!

    • vee bar

      what a crock this is a poor example of a representative of the people deserve better than him… but what do u expect when u have obama lovers who hang litterally on his coat tail .. hannity was far nicer to him than i ever would have been

  • http://yahoo gary ellis

    Ellison shows the classic example of how chickenshit the Democratic party has become sense Obama took office.

  • Proud Southern Democrat

    Love Keith Ellison What he said is SO TRUE. Glad he got the chance to get to say this on Fox.

    • CJ Balfe

      Ellison is another in a long line of appeasers for this corrupt and lying President. He couldn’t answer any questions Hannity put forth so he did the normal liberal two step and started calling him a bad journalist when Hannity is a talk show host.

  • http://yahoo.com G. Philip Goodrich

    I don’t believe Hannity ever claimed to be a journalist. He basically just parrots what he hears on other right wing radio shows without bothering to even question the logic of what he’s saying.

  • doug smith

    Amanda Crum,

    Just thinking you are as bad as Ellison. Hannity is a commmentator not a journalist. If you think he who yells the loudest wins, god help us. Let’s try having a discussion. Hannity tried many times to get Ellison to answer a question, I watched three times to be sure. Does he act that way in Congress? No wonder we have all these unresolved problems.

  • Invisibleman

    Hannity is a turd, and that’s an insult to legitimate feces everywhere.

  • George A. Thompson

    Hannity has neither the courage or intelligence to confront someone like Rep. Ellison in a straight up talk about political views or ideas without cutting and running every time he is challenged by a person with a view that does not agree with his interpretation of the facts (as spoon fed to him by FIX NEWS).
    If Fox and the crew of clowns they call journalist had to publicly correct the lies and errors they make in a single day they would have to cut the news day in half to allow for 12 hours of corrections each 24-hour cycle.
    My fondest wish, and the worst nightmare for crap journalists like Hannity is that one of these days the FCC will require ALL journalists to come close to the truth in all of their statements.

  • Wingless

    To hit the nail on the head, you need to cut tax loopholes for the rich, implement tariffs on foreign goods, stricter entitlement programs and educate the American public about what is going on in the world. If Americans were smarter, our taxes could be cut in half and we could have a suplus with a low flat tax rate. But in reality, high school drop outs get hundreds of thousands of dollars in aid at the expense of the middle class, thus destroying motivation for everybody but the rich who can get lazy because they have the ability to hide money and buy out politicians. If you are sick of the BS of massive entitlement spending and protecting the rich don’t vote democrat or republican, vote for a third party.

  • Bill

    What a raving baffoon. It was plain to see why there’s such gridlock in Washington. This idiot has absolutely no concept of how to handle himself in an on camera interview. It’s no wonder and easy to see how he couldn’t possibly know how to handle himself in congressional session. Bill

  • Toto

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. I’m with Hannity. Democrats and liberals are moooroooons, idiots, brainless. This guy is out of line.

  • Toto

    Hannity owned him. “I don’t bet I don’t bet”. Nigglets ain’t smart. Doesn’t let Hannity talk. Nigglets ain’t good for nothing. Their brains only work in Africa with them monkeys.

  • Toto

    Isn’t this clown a muslim?