Hand Of God Found In Space – Simple Nebula Or Proof Of God?

    January 10, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Since the beginning of time man has looked up at the heavens and wondered where he came from. Many religions believe that God or another divine being is up there above us somewhere, and is the great creator. Non-believers say otherwise.

Whether you are religious or not, you can’t deny the beauty of the recent photos taken of the pulsar wind nebula known as the ‘Hand of God’. These photos were taken by Nasa’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array or NuSTAR and scientists are still trying to make sense of the nebula’s amazing shape.

There is no denying that it looks just like a human hand. Could it be the actual hand of God?

A nebula was formed by a cloud of gas that surrounds a neutron star called PSR B1509-58, or B1509 for short. A neutron star is a star that is burning out and collapsing within itself. Eventually it will explode and spin extremely fast. As the star spins is throws out gases and materials. The gases react with sub-atomic particles that are also released by the star and create the unique shape of the nebula.

While science can explain how the nebula is formed, it is not able to explain why it is shaped like a hand. Many just see the photos as a coincidence, while others see them as proof that God exists.

The photos have caused several religious debates, but regardless of whether you think the images are an illusion or divine, they are no doubt spectacular and a demonstration of how far science and technology have come.

What do you think of these amazing photos and do you believe the image really could be the hand of God?

Image via YouTube.

  • jerry king

    like looking into cloud formations one can see faces, dogs, cats, humans, elephants, houses, castles… endless shapes..so the “hand of God” is really nothing special.

    • jack

      @Jerry King. don’t get raped up in photo images. that photo image may not mean nothing special to you but the hand of God is special and means everything to most people I talk to. the hand of God to a believer cover a lot more than that space images.

      • Jack Kass

        Yeah Jerry, try not to get raped! That’s GREAT advice. I’ve had some hardcore Christians try to rape me before….it sucked.

        • Kelli

          OK, so maybe Jack can’t spell. But what he posted is true. For us believers, A sign from God like what we see in that picture is very possible!

          • David

            There are so many better things to base your faith in God on… Why rely on a beautifully shaped cloud?

          • Ron Laisle

            Yeah, Kelli. Jack can’t spell and you are ignorant of proper grammar. I think that it should be not “us Believers” but we Believers. And yes, if you are as religious as you claim Believers is indeed capitalized.
            What ever it is or is meant to be it is, at least, mind-blowingly beautiful!

          • margie

            Its being petty going on about jack’s spelling, what he says is true, for me this amazing photo of God’s hand is spiritually beautiful for us Believers, our faith is strong in Him and His love for us is stronger .. this photo shows it .. because He is an Awesome God!!

          • Kari

            @Ron. I Believe the word is whatever. (no spaces between the two words).

          • sonny

            Nothing wrong w/Kelli’s grammar: “For us believers,…” “us” is the object of preposition; “believers” is a common noun not proper, ergo it is not capitalized.

          • Tami Peters

            Believers are just that….Believers. And yes, ALL things are possible with God. If we believe, its because our faith allows us to want to believe. God puts it out there and gives us the choice to believe or not…..personally I choose to believe and say, yes that is the Hand of God. Thank you Lord for showing us this! Its amazing and beautiful!

        • khaleesi

          You nailed it, JackKass, thumbs Way up!

          • Jason

            You are a fag!

          • SteezyG7

            “thumbs WAY UP”??? watch it buddy…you might end up RAPING him too

        • http://At&t Gerald

          JackAss …Christians are your last witness before you take your last breath down into HELL, where you will be a believer along with Satan and his Demons for All ETERNITY…!!! What matters to GOD that YOU Dont believe…? He is going to MOCK YOU in your Torment FOREVER…!!!…lol…

          • george

            This is proof the Eighth Dynamic exists! And that the reincarnation of Elron Hubbard is coming. You all have it wrong. This hand is blocking us from Lord Xenu’s, the Galactic Confederacy dictator, and his tyranny. Thank you hand.

          • tim

            Gerald you are a complete idiot. Anyone who believes this fairy tale called God is a moron. Do you believe in the easter bunny and santa clause too?? What a waste you are. By the way, nice “Christian” way to talk to another “child of god” you hypocritical loser.

          • Jack Lockhart

            I’ve ALWAYS wondered WHY xtians SO OFTEN USE caps SEEMINGLY at random IN their MESSAGES. Are THEY not AWARE that TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS SHOUTING? Are THEY also UNAWARE that SHOUTING has NO BEARING on the true OR FALSE nature of THEIR statements?

          • Joie

            Wow! You do not live in reality buddy. Get a grip! You & your fairy tales do not scare me as I live with reason & logic. You’re such a joke!

          • SteezyG7

            Only a fool….says there is no God. Thanks for showing us which side you’ve chosen. Now we know.

          • wayne

            crap bollocks childish fairy stories

        • Jason

          I am a Christian and have raped a lot of little bitches like you faggot!!
          It makes me happy knowing that I can impose my will and my cock on your non believing ass!

          • wayne

            lovely how nice

          • wayne

            my gods outnumber yours
            Gaea, Uranus, Cronus, Rhea, Oceanus, Tethys, Hyperion, Mnemosyne, Themis, Iapetus, Coeus, Crius, Phoebe, Thea, Prometheus, Epimetheus, Atlas, Metis

        • Jason

          They probably tried to rape you because you are a skinny little faggot! I love raping little faggot cunts like you!

      • donald cook

        Your delusions, and the delusions of others don’t mean anything to collection of atoms that has formed a shape — not a god, deity, or minotaur. Feel free to be delusional, though, and project any kind of lame “reality” onto something that isn’t what You want it to be.

        • wayne

          well said …i believe in tooth fairies,the sun god
          Thor Valhalla ice cream vampires pan Neptune
          fortune tellers
          Gaea, Uranus, Cronus, Rhea, Oceanus, Tethys, Hyperion, Mnemosyne, Themis, Iapetus, Coeus, Crius, Phoebe, Thea, Prometheus, Epimetheus, Atlas, Metis well looks like i got more gods than the others

      • Trick

        lol….Raped up

      • Roxy

        lol we know what it is and it is not the hand of god.
        Stupidity leaves on.

        • Jeremy

          You’re correct Roxy…..Stupidity lives on, it is evident by your post.

          • wayne

            hey you be careful ..one of my gods will pay you a visit
            Gaea, Uranus, Cronus, Rhea, Oceanus, Tethys, Hyperion, Mnemosyne, Themis, Iapetus, Coeus, Crius, Phoebe, Thea, Prometheus, Epimetheus, Atlas, Metis
            Thor Zeus

        • http://At&t Gerald

          GOD says He has turned YOU over to a REPROBATE MIND so that you are DAMNED…!!! Because you do not love the truth , you are being prepared to be Burned alive For all ETERNITY…!!! Romans 1:18-32,9:11-23, 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12, John 12:40, Revelation 14:10-11,20:10-15

      • http://yaoo lue taylor


        • Hand of who

          Except correct spelling…

          • HAHA


        • tim

          Except maybe proper schooling on how to spell correctly.

        • philipem

          Possible or passible?

      • Wazniak

        I guess it’s a sign of the times, random cloud formations are significant to people that need something to believe in because their faith is waning. Don’t get me started about the Lincoln log my son made in the bathroom the other day or how my poptart looks like the virgin Mary. Best to laugh, wave, and see if these people are on meds before trying to have a serious discourse.

      • Sharon

        Why do people have to care so much about what you see in this when you have such disregard for what other people see in it? You think that because you believe in magic that other people do? That is the problem with crazy religious people…they never practice what they preach. We all know that you think you are better and special because you see the virgin mary in your toast every morning but some people actual have some COMMON SENSE.

      • Harry Setofballs

        Why does GOD need a human looking hand?

        • karen

          Did you forget or have you never read the Bible? Which says, “God created men from his own image.” People are going to believe what they wont to believe and see what they want to see. If God showed himself, people would still argue that he’s not real. Eternity is a long time to burn in hell and by reading some of your posts, well lets just say “hope ya like it hot.”

      • Bob

        I made a grilled cheese sandwich the other day and the face of Charles Darwin was clearly visible on it! Kinda makes you think, doesn’t it?

    • sonny

      maybe not to you but people who are religious have there on thoughts of what it is i think its the hand of god whats wrong with that

      • Sharon

        It is crazy…that is what is wrong with that. My problem is that after thousands of years of realizing where religion came from, how the bible was edited and rewritten, how many people have died in the past and continue to die in the name of religion, that people still not only fall for it but they also constantly try to shove it down everyone’s throat and then get so pissed when people don’t believe the crazy that they believe. There is some very valuable information in the history books and an abundance of information that documents why and how religion came about and the millions of people murdered in its name. Religion is not to be respected.

        • mary

          correct….but God is not a relgion. Men make Him into one.

        • http://At&t Gerald

          REMEMBER: GOD has DETERMINED that man is GOING to believe in HIS Creation For ALL ETERNITY and to BURN ALIVE in TORMENT where their Screams will Never Stop day or Night that they be MOCKED for their REBELLION and UNBELIEF…John 3:18,36, Revelation 14:10-11,20:10-15. What is it to GOD that you dont believe and Rage against HIM..? Your Unbelief is only revealing WHO YOU ARE and where your going , For all ETERNITY…So if YOU dont believe your whole LIFE , compare that to YOU GOING to BELIEVE forever and that in Eternal Fire…Now DO THE MATH…GOD MOCKS YOU the LONGEST…!!! AMEN…lol..

        • http://At&t Gerald

          Your understanding is why you dont believe, You dont believe because God has BLINDED your EYES in order that you be DAMNED…!! 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12, John 12:40, 10:26, Romans 9:22

        • Jimmy

          Sharon, your transparency reveals you are troubled over many things. Christ said, ” come unto to me all who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yolk upon you and learn of me, for I am gentle and lowly of heart and you will find rest for your soul. For my yolk is easy and my burden light.”

          Christ’s words are contrary to the historical ambitions of religion, ‘the church’ and mortal men’s doctrines. Evidently it was even rampant in apostles Paul’s day, for he said, ” they have a form of godliness, but deny the Power that lies therein.” The Power is Christ and to delegate him to religion, is to render him powerless. At that point, all ‘hell’ breaks loose and the history to prove it. Christ is the Champion of Heaven, the King of Glory- if all eyes are focused undividedly, only rest and peace will rule and ‘hell’ is defeated. :)

    • Roxy

      lol thank you//there are actually people who will believe that it is hand of god…cracks me up and I thought we knew better by now. It is after all 2014..

      Stupidity will never leave humanity.

      • Becky

        “A fool hath said in his heart, “There is no God.”

      • http://At&t Gerald

        Your proof that MANS IMAGINATION is Corrupt and deserving to be DAMNED in Eternal fire…AMEN…!!!Genesis 6:5,8:21

        • Roxy

          Listen to yourself. You sound insane..Eternal fire, damned, lol, this sounds like a movie from stupid people. You can’t honestly think that Mozart or Beethoven or Lennon are somewhere burning eternally or floating around in the sky with jesus.. I mean people think before you believe in bullshit.

      • lansen

        Yeah, but we still have Republicans – which causes me to doubt the existence of a benevolent God. Free will I accept and understand, and people can make evil decisions, but the existence of Republicans is too much of a stretch.

    • Dorothy

      You must not believe in God. How do you keep yourself breathing everyday.

      • Sharon

        Dorothy, Its called science…see there are these things call lungs, hearts and brains…etc., and this magical invisible thing called oxygen. I guess it is the same way that animals keep breathing everyday without ever going to church or on the internet to pretend that other people who don’t believe in magic are the CRAZY ones.

        • realist

          Sharon, if you found a Swiss-made timepiece in the woods without having ever heard of a watch before, would you assume it just came out of the ground? Or after careful inspection of it, would you realize that it was so complex that it had to be designed by someone very intelligent? All of those “things” you mentioned work together in a great complexity that you take for granted. Whether you believe it or not, YOU were lovingly created be God, who created ALL things. His Hand is over all creation. The Bible clearly states that some will never believe. If we “crazy” ones are justified in our belief, God will take us to live with Him in Heaven. If we are wrong, then nothing is lost. Nonbelievers, on the other hand, will know eternal separation from their loving Father. He loves you and desires for you to love Him in return. It’s your choice to seek Him or refuse Him.

          • http://yahoo chris ericksen

            to realist…..your Swiss watch analogy with the complex design statement is actually a very good way to begin a discussion about the Creation….well done

          • Roxy

            Thats a good excuse some will never believe, yes because some are intelligent enough and will realize that it’s all bullshit, and we don’t go anywhere but 6 feet under. I mean you can’t honestly think that we will be floating around somewhere forever bored out of our heads looking at jesus, or that there are billions of people now somewhere burning and burning lol like where’s your brain people, wake up it is 2014, we should know better and not believe the stupid people who wrote books thousands of years ago. Those were the same people who couldn’t discover anything useful, such as antibiotics, cars, airplanes, electricity, clean water…WE got smarter the past 2 hundred years, but stupid people still want to go back and live in a garden picking apples and walking around bored and naked.

          • realist

            God, the Creator, is perfect and does not look upon sin (disobedience to Him)as an acceptable thing. If you invent something, are you not the one who knows how best it should operate and what its purpose is? The same applies to God. He created everything so it would work together in perfect balance. Surely you can look at nature and see evidence of brilliant design?! I don’t know of a single scientist who has created something from nothing! Can they make a flower or a butterfly from nothing? Because He designed you as well, He has a purpose for you. All things were made to glorify Him! You might think that is boring, but that is because you don’t have the Spirit of God within you. That is what I meant by “some will never come to believe”. If you hear the truth and do not accept it, then you will not be indwelled by the Spirit. Upon sincerely receiving Christ as your Savior (from your sin against God), you will be given the Holy Spirit to guide you to not continue on in your sin. We all sin. No one but Jesus has led a sinless life. That is why His death on the cross satisfied God’s wrath against us. He was willing to die to take away the sins of man. In 1 Corinthians chapter 2, Paul talks about wisdom from the Spirit. He states that “the man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned”. That is why you and the others who are bashing believers do not understand. I pray that you would at least seek the truth and ask God to reveal it to you. If you really want to know, ask Him.

    • http://yahoo james

      proven most people that don’t believe at the last sec before thay pass thay say OH GOD.

      • Sharon

        Is it also proof if people say holy shit?

  • C C rider

    Pretty cool picture , you can even see the head of a nail in His palm ……. makes you wonder about signs in the Heavens

    • donald cook

      yawn … and i can see bones … zzzzz

      • Mike Rarick

        Hey Donald , my name is Mike Rarick , but I am the grandson , of Joseph Cook . Man I hope I don’t share any DNA , with you , cause you are a MORON !

        • OZ


      • Mike Rarick

        Hey Donald , my name is Mike Rarick , but I am the grandson , of Joseph Cook . Man I hope I don’t share any DNA , with you , cause you are a MORON !

        • OZ


  • Steve

    It’s proof that God fucked you in the ass you little faggtard liberals hahah

    • OZ


    • Roxy

      lol, you are so stupid..believe that you will float with jesus eternally..don’t kill yourself from boredom.

      • realist

        Roxy, we will not be floating. The earth will be destroyed by fire and cleansed of all the crap we humans have done to it. Then it will be made new. God will dwell among His believers here on the new earth. Our bodies will be resurrected and reunited with our souls to spend eternity with our God. Call me stupid, but it’s what I believe. I would behoove you to at least seek the truth. God desires all of His children to believe on Him. Give Him a chance. Ask Him to reveal the truth to your heart. You might be surprised at the changes it will make in you.

  • Steve

    God hates you and will kill you. I know that he hates you specifically.

    • OZ


  • blueboyo

    Are you kidding me ? ! This is right up there with Jesus on the grilled cheese sandwich !

    • Jose

      and on the nacho chip !

    • Cypress


  • http://Facebook Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley

    **I read a topic on the internet The hand of God. Within myself, I was saying…”I wrote something about the Hand of God this week. To God be the glory, because as I was writing what the Spirit of the Lord was saying. I did not say Hands, but (The Hand of God) The following is the post I wrote on 1/6/2014 concerning the Hand of God

    Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley
    January 6
    Get ready for the GREATEST Revival That will be EVER KNOWN In ((HISTORY!!!!

    The ones that’s been in the wilderness… My Lord, For the Lord is bringing you forth. Glory to the Lamb of God. Woman of God, Debra Gulley your name came in my spirit… God bless you.

    The Holy Spirit spoke this to me on Saturday 1/4/2014… “You endured the complicated labor Pain, Now It’s time for you to DELIVER. I am sending you out, for you have received Much for Me, and you Have to tell it, and
    (((I will perform and show my Hand upon my people,)))
    and I will do signs and wonders in the midst and they will know you have been sent and equipped” GLORY to GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get Ready for the GREATEST REVIVAL Ever Known to Man-kind. For this is the Year of RELEASING of THE DOUBLING”

    Humbly blessed, Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley. 1/6/2014

    The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me,
    {I will Perform and SHOW my Hand upon my people}

    **The photo/image was taken by NASA SPACE TELESCOPE, 1/9/2014.

    ** God gave me a Message, He will SHOW His Hand Upon My (His People). Whenever The Spirit of the Lord Speak, We better Listen.

    Handmaiden, Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley 1/10/2014@10:13 p.m.


      People like you scare me. And the mindset you have took my uncle from us and now all he does is tell us we’re going to hell.

      You’re sick and need serious help.

    • Cypress

      No its all a lie. God didn’t tell you anything since he doesn’t exist, you made up the whole thing yourself.

    • khaleesi

      Be sure & keep us posted, handmaiden. When’s the show start up again?

    • SisSea Yeng

      Is it just me, or does anyone else see two really creepy/evil looking eyes beyond the hand? (Look for one between the ring and middle finger, and one between the pointer and middle finger). If one chooses to add a supernatural explanation for this photo, the symbolism of God pushing back, or holding back evil, might be evident. Just sayin’…

    • David M

      So Rosie,
      God told you many light years ago that he was gonna SHOW his hand to NASA. because you do realize this is many many many light years away, meaning this happened many many many years AGO. Not anytime recent!!!

      • Bailey

        I guess you didn’t take enough science to know that “light years” is a measure of spatial DISTANCE and not time.

      • Sharon

        Science does not count to religious people..unless of coarse it works to their advantage. For instance being able to get on a computer and turn the sinners into saints.

        • realist

          Sharon, science, too, is from God. It is in itself the study of the things He created and how they work. I am a Christian, but I do not ban science. As for it working to the advantage of Christians, I think you will find that the more science tries to disprove Scripture, the more it winds up proving it to be correct. Man has become too proud of himself and mocks God. The Bible says that man has no excuse for not believing in Him when all he has to do is look at the earth and everything in it. You can’t honestly believe that it all happened by chance!? Scientists have recently said that the complexity of the human cell and all of the organelles inside of it doing their different functions is too intelligently designed to chalk up to chance.

    • Mszulu

      AMEN!! We, as true Belivers in God, know that He is real!! I thank you Lord, for giving mankind this sign of Your Wonders and Glory.

  • donald cook

    anyone saying this is proof of anything other than what it is –form– is merely projecting their delusions onto simply what it is.

    • Cypress

      Exactly, its just SCIENCE.

  • Dr. Septimus Pretorius

    The “hand” has only Three fingers.

    It could therefore be the hand of Homer Simpson, or any other such carton creature.

    More likely, since the “hand” clearly has no arm attached, the image is more akin to a “glove”.

    • Cypress

      You figured it out. Homer Simpson is GOD! Which is actually more believable than any religion (with a lower case r because I have no respect for religious retards!)

  • shoshana

    I am believer and sometimes need to be reminded of my creator If this helps people think of Him that is awesome!

    • Cypress

      Wrong there is no god and no creator stop kidding yourself.

      • http://yaoo lue taylor

        wonder how man came to be on earth. where did he come from? do it make you think Cypress are do you have a answer for that too

      • Barbara Garrod

        Do you realize you have more faith than believers?

        • realist

          So true. It takes more faith to believe in evolution than in Creation.

    • http://yahoo Dan

      Some of the atheists sound dogmatically religious to me. Get enough of them feeling the power of numbers and one day the persecutions will out do Mao. Get ready.

    • khaleesi

      Your dribbling.

  • Jose

    Is the hand fisting a giant anus ? Maybe its Obama fisting the GOP ?

  • Cypress

    There is no god. I thought your parents told you to stop believing in “imaginary” people. God is just an imaginary friend for grownups. Its been how many years and still no proof? Something lacking in all religion – PROOF! Just like in grade school, PROVE IT TO ME!

    • secure

      This cypress person is very unsure of himself. Keeps repeating the same thing over and over. Is it easier to believe if you say it over and over?

      • Sharon

        Hey secure…Where did you get this reverse psychology garbage that you are trying to use to address cypress? Did you get that from the bible or maybe science? Funny how when people are writing about one particular subject that they just might stick to their beliefs on that subject? Weird how that works,huh? But I am certain that your psychology trick has cypress crying a corner at this very moment…you sure showed him.

    • Ron Laisle

      It’s called Faith. Just like when you were a child and feared all about you. You had Faith that your parents would protect you from harm. Plain and simple. Taking your side of the argument and stretching my imagination to the point that you ARE right (even though you’re sadly wrong) and there is no God, I will merely cease to exist, no loss to anyone. However, if I am right (and I am) then you, my sad lost soul, have nothing to look forward to but Eternity in Hell. I would much rather be in my shoes than yours. I’ll be praying for you friend.

      • Amy

        When I was a child, I did indeed have faith that my parents would protect me from harm. However, even then my faith was based on evidence. I saw my mother allow a bee to sting her instead of me. Every time I would climb onto the counter, my dad would swing me down gently. Once I was aware that these things could cause me pain, I understood that my “faith” in their vigilance was justified.

        Using Pascal’s Wager (look it up) as a reason to believe in a deity is very sad indeed. “I’ll believe in the Bible because the Bible tells me to believe in Bible and, barring that, I’d rather be wrong about there *not* being a God, just in case…” Do you have any concept of how that sounds to logical-thinking people?

        Feel free to pray for me too, if you like. And if you have time next December, go ahead and write to Santa Claus on my behalf. I’ll be busy doing more constructive things.

        • Ed Harrison

          It is sad that young people today have nothing to believe in. A smart person would tell you there are things in the universe that go beyond our understanding. And the real truth is they will find out at their passing. It’s hopeless to try to get them to understand when they don’t have the brain power to do so.

      • realist

        well said

    • mary

      ask God to prove Himself to you and see what happens…

    • realist

      Have you thought about how complex you are? How all of your body parts function with precision? How the earth is perfectly placed in its position, distance from the sun and other planets, tilted to give us seasons, and equipped with a magnetosphere to protect us from the sun’s particles? Have you wondered why animals can’t speak or react to things in the same way we can? Have you ever felt emotions? ALL of those things are proof that God exists and intelligently designed everything as we know it and the multitude of things we have yet to discover! You don’t want to believe, and your heart is hardened. You are the classic “fool” as mentioned in the Bible.

  • Bb

    I’m a believer too, but this is just a cloud in space. And in my opinion it isn’t a very good rendition of a hand, hardly what the article states as “looking just like a human hand”…it’s sort-of hand-shaped, but that’s about all. If it were really a hand, then it would look like a hand regardless of what angle you viewed it from. My guess is that if you could see this object from some different angle it would no longer have any characteristics of a hand. And what about the poor red part? That’s just being ignored in the gush of the hand-like part. What is that supposed to be? So, it really isn’t anymore amazing than when we see familiar shapes in clouds. It’s still an awesome photo though! And it’s just a very small part of this amazing universe we live in. Keep up the good work, NASA!

  • Adam

    My potato chip looks like Michael Jackson. Does this mean that he has reincarnated into the form of a short-lived potato chip? Uhhh, no. Let’s not get creative here. Even if there were some proof of ‘God,’ it still doesn’t validate any religion. It will be just a mere fact that a higher being does exist. Anyway, the ‘hand’ was hardly visible. Yada yada, next!

  • Bb

    Seems like the article is forgetting about the “Horsehead Nebula”. Just like this “hand”, it’s a cloud of whatever material that it’s made up of that just happens to look like – at the right angle – a horse’s head. I don’t think anyone ever thought that the horsehead nebula was some kind of space horse out there, or any kind of sign from God. But when something looks vaguely (and I repeat, vaguely!) like a hand, then that’s some kind of miraculous thing? It’s kind of neat, to be sure, but in a massive universe filled with such clouds, our brains are going to “see” lots of familiar objects in their random patterns from certain angles.

  • John

    I feel sorry for all the ones that don’t believe. I’ll pray for youre souls. I know for a fact there is a God. I’ve seen his work over and over and for those of you that say well why would God let this or that happen I have a little news for you God does not mess with free will. And those that ask what about cancer and all the other diseases ask your government about all the chemical testing, food additives etc!

    • Danny

      I won’t argue about your spiritual beliefs, but I feel obligated to tell you that cancer is not created by our government. Yes, chemicals in household cleaners and food contain many carcinogens. That being said, cancer has been around for thousands of years. The earliest known cases are thought to date back around 3,500 years.

  • henr

    Proof that God was truly playing with fire when He created the universe and…us.

  • Ted

    We are all free to think and believe as we wish. However, I perceive this not as a coincidence, but one of thousands of signs God gives us to let us know that He is with us – always. These signs don’t have to be a beautiful photo from outer space or a rainbow in the sky, but in so many other ways, even the simplest things and occurrences in life that me and my family call “God winks” 😉 . As a Christian, we are supposed to try and bring you in and show you the way of life that promises eternal life, but I will sit this one out and let you think about what if…what if there is a higher power and I am going to miss out on eternal life, because I think this life and this earth is all just by accident and evolution…only! Regardless of your belief, the photo is truly amazing and it is there for everyone to enjoy, so just enjoy it, and go rain on someone else’s parade, debbie downer…and if you do rain on someone else’s parade, try on find the parade that needs the water, so you can at least be some help!

  • colorblind

    I’m sorry, but I really don’t see a hand. I’m just seeing what looks like a cluster of gases and particles floating in space.

    I hope this doesn’t mean I’m going to hell.

  • Tom

    You have to be kidding me with that article title.

    1. Not knowing something doesn’t, in turn, prove something else. We know how nebulae are formed and we know what nebulae are. Even if we didn’t and had no reference for anything it still wouldn’t point, automatically, to a god. I don’t know the ins and outs of how satellites in space work, but I wouldn’t say that proves anything because that would be stupid.

    2. Seeing a thing that there are a lot of that is shaped like another thing we’re familiar with, (then having a colloquial name that describes it as that thing) doesn’t prove that it’s that thing. Did scientists even give it that colloquial name?

    3. Asking that is no different than asking if Mary put herself on a piece of burnt toast except that it’s bigger and prettier.

    4. We see things that look like other things all the time. When we see someone on the street that looks like a friend of ours, then we wave at them, sometimes it’s not them (even though it totally looked like them). After you know it’s not your friend, you don’t walk up and talk to the person or wave at them. So just because it looks like a hand, we know what it is, so we don’t have to guess anymore about what it is, because if you keep waving to the person who’s not your friend after you know it’s not, you look like an idiot.

    5. If you think something that someone called “the hand of God” might prove any god, then you must be amazed by those groups of stars that kind of look like bears, or that other nebula that looks kind of like an eagle, or that group of stars that kind of looks like a huge person. How did those big bears get all the way up there? Spoiler alert, they didn’t. They’re just things that look like other things.

    • Ed Harrison

      @Tom, this is not the first time I have seen pictures like this, and if you have done your homework you would find that out too. They are at a loss to explain it, And what is the harm in thinking that there is a higher power at work in the universe? If I am wrong then no big deal, but If I am right it makes all the differences in the universe.

  • Daughter of God

    It takes a measure of faith to believe in anything. In the bible, when the disciples of Christ told Thomas that they had seen Jesus
    risen from the dead, he doubted and said he would not believe until he saw it for himself. And when the Lord saw Thomas next, He told him to examine the places where the nails had ripped into His hands, and His side where a soldier had run a sword in to verify that He had in fact died. And Christ said to Thomas, “You believe because you have seen, but blessed are those who have NOT seen, and yet believe.” There are many places in the Word of God that speak of signs in the heavens just prior to the return of the King. It tells of dark days, falling stars, a moon of blood, fire and pillars of smoke etc.. Believing is a choice and if you want to know the truth in order to make an informed decision about what is real and what is not, I would encourage the scoffers and doubters to pick up a bible and take the time to find out for yourself. And if reading isn’t an option, then I would respectfully suggest that you simply tell God that you would like to know the reality of who He is. You don’t even have to say it out loud. Tell him in your heart and mind, and He will not leave you in doubt. Once you know He is real, you have the option to either choose Him or pass. Just know this. Our world is a dying planet, and that God you are denying is the same one who will very soon be on a
    rescue mission to earth to save His faithful people, and when those skies rip open and thousands and thousands of angels stream through to collect God’s children, those who denied Him will be lost forever.
    One more thing. To the person who calls herself “prophetess”, please know that in the bible, those who filled the role of prophet or prophetess, or seer, etc… did not use that title with their names like some sort of degree to be proud of or polished to a brilliant shine. They were ordinary men or women who God happened to use as a communicator between Him and his erring children. I would suggest you lose the PhD and reflect God in a healthy, Christ centered way, not a “wow look at me I’m so special” sort of way. It’s a huge turnoff. If I didn’t know God and I saw that title you’ve given yourself I wouldn’t waste my time reading what you had to say just by virtue of the fact that you labeled yourself that way.

    • mary

      well said & I didn’t undersand whatshe said anyway. Understood what you said and agree.

  • Wayne

    Please stop being silly about Christian God. I do believe in God, but not the Christian or Abrahamic God.

    And that hand of God has nothing to do with Christianity. Hey God, we’re having fun over here. What’s up over there??? 😛

  • Child of the King

    I would say daughter of God is right on. Keep living folks and one day we will all see!!!!!!!

  • jim boyle

    File this with the pic of the virgin mary found on a tortilla in Texas..

  • amos57usa

    I can’t tell for sure if it’s Zeus’ hand or Thor’s but I’m tired of hairy male gods anyway. There is no empirical evidence to suggest any of the gods or Tooth Fairies exist. There are no measurables differences between any of the gods and Bigfoot. I bless you in the name of Darwin, aman.

    • No Observable Proof For Darwin

      Darwin actually believed in God. Also, there is no observable proof for Darwinism or the change of kinds he spoke of. Go read quotes from the man. He definitely believe in God. So call on Darwin all you wish, but he will probably point you to God.

      • The Ghost of Darwin

        Do yourself a favor and Google or Wiki “religious views of Darwin” or read his autobiography and why he called Christianity a “damnable doctrine” so that at least you have a clue about what you are talking about and don’t wrap yourself under an interstellar sized cloud of ignorance.

  • Seve

    Be not afraid…..

    Isaiah 48:12-13 Hearken unto me, O Jacob and Israel, my called; I am he; I am the first, I also am the last. v13 Mine hand also hath laid the foundation of the earth, and my right hand hath spanned the heavens: when I call unto them, they stand up together.

  • http://thirdrailforum.com/ AntiMatter

    So “god” apparently decides to finally manifest himself as a hazy cloud of hydrogen gas in the shape of a four fingered “hand” some 880 trillion miles from Earth just to pump up his believers and reaffirm that he’s real. And here I thought that he was right here watching over us and busy helping all the NFL kickers and rap artists in their line of work!

    Thank god for NASA or no one would have even noticed him. He’s a tricky one, that god.

    • tippy

      i keep trying to god my toast..but god won’t let me..toast keeps looking like miley with her stupid tongue sticking out. anybody want to buy it ??

  • Jimmy

    true believers are not moved by what they see, feel or hear, but only what God says. Yes, it’s called faith, but no amount of talking or debate can put this miraculous faith in a person, only God causes the LIGHT to shine in a person’s spirit. Whereas, God is a spirit and the scriptures state, ” for what man knows the things of a man except the spirit of man which is in him? Even so, no one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God.” Scripture also states, ” the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”
    This being said, I have good news! God loves every tribe, tongue, people and nation! One simple requirement, you must choose between life or death, because God does not force anyone to believe – proving true love for his creation. He’s a gentleman, albeit, if one calls upon him ( everyone someday will need his deliverence in their lifes) with a humble, sincere heart, he will answer you! You will know it’s just as HE said. Christ said, I am the Truth, the Life and the Way. Call upon him in your hour of need and God’s Spirit will REVEAL his Spirit to you…just like he said> God turns NO ONE away; know this for future reference..all who are aboard here. God loves you, yes YOU!

    • wayne


      • Jimmy

        Brother Wayne, those are God’s words not mine. He said it and I just relayed the information to a people blinded by the ruler of this world. As long as there is breathe in me, I will declare it. The unchangeable God also declares every knee shall bow and every tongue confess , that Jesus Christ is Lord. I myself make it a daily habit, so when the appointed time comes, it’ll come as natural to me as anticipating the sun to rise. :)

  • Mikie

    What happened to the rest of His body? It’s just His right hand. Where’s the left? I see a dog and a seashell in the hand.

  • Mark

    THIS IS FROM 2009!!! Exact same picture and everything, I remember this picture because I loved it, You cropped it and used the same thing. Original picture and article below. Wow, this is pathetic


  • http://yahoo mike halL

    Let them have it, it’s the only proof of god they have except mother mary image in a dog terd.

    • tippy

      thats turd

  • tippy

    the copy machine is proof of god. it is so complicated that it had to have been created as it is by god. it could not possibly have evolved from such a simple thing as carbon paper…

    • realist

      It wasn’t created from nothing

  • Debi

    Whatever you want to believe is your own business. As for me, I DO believe!

    • wayne

      your sad
      very sad

  • http://thesportsmen.tripod.com Sportsmen

    Nice photo I like the fact that is a real picture and not made up on a computer whom know what caused it but it nice to see.

    If this god then let it be no harm done to any one or any thing.

  • Daniel

    I think believers would tell you that everything in creation is a sign of God.

    Saying that it’s nothing special is borderline incompetent. The science behind a lens capturing a star explode 17,000 light years away is nothing less than amazing.

    • wayne

      yes but it aint no god …just nature

  • Timelord Shepherd

    One the whole of creation is proof of God. We don’t need an optical illusion. Two no man can see God. Jesus was God coming to earth as a man. Those who saw Jesus saw God. The rest of us have the Holy Spirit and our faith.

  • Timelord Shepherd

    One the whole of creation is proof of God. We don’t need an optical illusion. Two no man can see God. Jesus was God coming to earth as a man. Those who saw Jesus saw God. The rest of us have the Holy Spirit and our faith.

    • wayne

      what ??? utter rubbish
      i believe in the tooth fairy and santa clause
      Thor Valhalla pick any one you want one is as dopy an idea as the other

  • Penny Bunch

    God is for real and people better wake up! America is going to feel the wrath of God very soon!

    • Timelord Shepherd

      Are you sure we are not already feeling it?

  • Duane

    What we are seeing here ONCE AGAIN, is that people can’t discuss Politics or Religion, I believe, I don’t believe blah blah blah.
    What we should be looking at here is that, we’re all in this thing together and we need to get along.
    Whether you believe you evolved or were created, there is one simple common fact you can’t deny and that is, that we ARE ALL EQUAL,
    If you believe in God, All men (and women) are created equal, if you believe in Evolution, science tells us that our bodies are all made up of exactly the same things….you see? equal…..point made.
    When you get cut, what color do you bleed? again, the same.
    We all have the same choice and freedom to believe or not believe. You do not dislike someone or cut them down because they think differently from you, if you’re a believer and you do that, shame on you, God would not be pleased with that behavior, if you don’t believe and you do that, shame on you also for not treating people nicely and acting from your heart.
    The Bible says to preach the Gospel to all creation or, share the good news, (Mark 16:15) not cram it down people’s throats.
    We share our beliefs, Creationists and Evolutionists alike so deal with it and get along people.
    Learn to love one another and lend a helping hand, and teach our children values and morals, if we did this more, we would not keep reading about some crazed person gunning down innocent people in a school or a mall.
    As for me, I chose to believe, if you do not, you are still my brother, sister, or friend, our differences are what make us unique and who we are.
    In this age, there are probably not too many people who have not heard about God, you chose to believe or not to believe it is your right…..either way, GET ALONG PEOPLE.
    As for me, again I chose to believe and I chose to pray, I also chose to love you all because it’s the right thing to do and, we are all on this earth together.
    So God Bless Everyone and I wish you all health, happiness and a very and prosperous existence

  • Ered

    Looks like God is missing a finger, maybe it’s just an alien hand, OH NO!! lol. Listen, don’t you nutty Christians have some toast to look at or something, I hear God turns up there a lot.

  • DAVE

    It looks more like a sign from God that the end is near. Whatever it may be for all you non-believers out there. The time will come when the hand of God will tap you on the shoulder and a voice will say “Sorry Charlie…”

  • Cindy

    Point to ponder, of all the videos and photos of space why is “The hand of God” now being seen? With everything going on in the world ,the weird trumpet sounds all over the world, the crazy strange weather,strange clouds etc…why now would God make himself seen or known? Im a bible believing woman, is this a sign of the times? I believe this is to confirm himself to we christians and to say to nonbelievers…Hey im real…im here!
    It is in the eye of each person to see what they want to.

  • K

    Can’t it just be beautiful…and coincidental…and ironic? For some, this ties science to faith, for others these two things can never collide. Why must we always tear apart something that is so intrinsically wonderful?

  • mary

    I only see a “thumb” & 3 fingers so how is that a hand?

  • Chad

    What a beautiful picture. It is sad to think what has come of our human race. Whether from god or a explosion in sky do we really have to nit pick grammar? Just because the English teacher said that’s how to do it does not mean its right. Just like you people that say cause the bible is there does not mean there is a god. Will we ever all get along or just find reasons to make each other look more imperfect than ourselves.

  • Sil

    It barely looks like a hand. Suppose it really is divine – how do we know it’s not Thor’s Hand?

  • Risknight

    Why do people assume this is a hand of some god? Why not Batman’s hand? That would be way cooler. Or maybe it’s Christopher Hitchens. At least we know for sure he actually existed at one point. Sure, the nebula looks like a hand. I’ve also seen pictures of nebulas that look like boats, birds, and once, the eye of Sauron. I guess that proves Frodo Baggins was real, too.

  • Renee

    Thank you Duane! I too choose to pray and choose to believe. God has given us all the ability to make our own decisions and believe what fits into our lives. Personally, my live is blessed every day with God’s love!!


    Hand is NOT big enough to be God’s.

  • tim

    Its not the hand of god its a nebula. What is wrong with people??

  • Harry Setofballs

    Humans need hands to function, but why would almighty GOD need a hand?Hmmmmmm…

  • Robert L. Quade, R.N,, M.S.

    This argument could mean that god is perhaps two bears, or maybe an eagle, what about an archer shooting blessings to the earth? Celestial images could go on and on. Doesn’t mankind have enough problems with the stupid religions already in existence without creating more?

  • Have Faith

    Some people are just confused and don’t realize the true connection between God and man. From the air we breathe to the intricate formations of the galaxies, this is a prime example of divine revelation that a higher authority exist. Although, most chose to deny it, with in their souls there is a deep cry for truth of his existence. Just because its a nebula in the shape of a hand it doesn’t discount the greatness of his Power. It’s a beacon of scientific beauty and hope for those who don’t believe.

  • dependen Voter

    True science cannot explain an uncaused first case. In any case true science and true religion have nothing to ear from ne anther because God is the author of both.

    • Sharon

      Well isn’t that convenient. When science shoots down all the crazy theories of religion than religion finds aways to explain it. Funny how religion said the exact opposite for the thousands of years…that there is no science..just god. Why not…it is really easy to say things that you can’t possibly prove.

      • realist

        Bottom line, Sharon, is that there is only one truth. All of the theories and wars about “religion” and even the arguments expressed in these comments are from man. And as I mentioned earlier, we are all sinners, falling short of the glory of God. Man has made so many rash decisions and stupid choices in the name of religion, but that is because of their ignorance about the truth. Jesus said that He was the way, the truth, and the life. I don’t think you understand what He did for you. Love is a powerful thing, and you are missing out by not knowing and having a relationship with its origin. Again, I would suggest asking God to reveal the truth to you. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain.

        • Sharon

          Bottom line “realist” are you a superior being or are you a man? What makes what you say and claim any different than any other man that has ever claimed there was a god and that religion was the word of god? Do you have more insight than any of the other people through out history that have written the facts about the horrible things that have happened in the name of god? I know, you are one of the special people that the almighty, creator of everything as decided he needs to speak to in private, to get his word across to the rest of the world. I mean why in the world would god speak to mankind directly when he can do it through you and a nebula. You suggest that I ask god to reveal the truth to me. I suggest you seek medication for your bat shit crazy way of thinking. I don’t need imaginary garbage to treat others with love, I don’t need the fear of hell to tell me that you don’t lie, cheat, steal and physically hurt other humans or animals. I do not do those things because I know it is wrong..you do them because you fear what will happen to you in the afterlife and so that you can pretend that having faith makes you a better person…I can’t think of anything more selfish than that in the world. Do the right thing because you should, because you care about how your actions affect others…that is the least selfish thing you could do. Your last comment was…”so much to gain”. thanks for proving my point that you are only looking to gain something for yourself. Go impress your equally crazy christian friends..you are just looking more nuts to me with every sentence you write.

  • Ralph Malph

    Put this in with the images of Christ in the tortilla.

  • Ryan

    Yeah definitely proof. After all, god definitely needs hands. Bulletproof logic right there.

  • dan williams

    The word God is really such a terrible word. A very inaccurate description of something that cannot really be described, because there is nothing else in the universe like it. God describes the intelligent, sentient part of the universe where all life and matter come from. Science describes the working order of things this being set into motion. This being is real, does exist and does love his creation.

  • b

    I don’t think you guys are understanding this image and what it could portray. God says the next time he comes, it won’t be water, (Noah and the arch, aka the great flood)it will be fire. If you look at the image, it does look like a hand hovering over fire. Almost to me like a warning, of the world coming to an end. All the violence, all the gay population growing, the end of humanity. Thats how I perceive the image as at least, as A Christian I am.

    • Bear

      “It looks like…”
      That’s a far cry from what it actually may be.

  • Joie

    Well now we have found “his” eye & hand so where is the rest of this dumb ass?

  • daniel w

    ACTS 2:19, And I will show wonders in HEAVEN above, and sighnsin the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke:

  • joe

    Shure Looks like the hand of god to me?
    Maybe I didn’t Just poof into exsistance.
    I think I’ll take another look at that bible
    and I don’t care what any of you think!
    Take a good look around you
    Something Going on and it don’t look good!

  • Danny

    First of all, if there is a God, He/She/It would be ashamed of His/Her/Its followers. Most of you, it seems, consider yourself Christians, yet you act a manner contradictory to your Holy Doctrine. I have seen many of you damning people, insulting them, etc., when your spiritual leader implored His followers to love their enemy. It’s very un-Christian of you to speak the way you do. The unbelievers are no better. They consider themselves men and women of higher intelligence. When has any logical argument ever been settled by making ad hominem attacks? Do you not see the fruitlessness of trying to convert people to your school of thought? Even for non-believers, the question of our origin is reduced to faith. We don’t know, but we believe a particular way. I, for one, don’t see the hand of God. I don’t know whether I believe in a higher life form or not. I know that life is beautiful, and that is enough for me. If believers wish to see this as a sign of God’s existence, then let them. I would say that there is much more beauty and intrigue to be found in things such as the love between two beings than there is in the shape of a space cloud though. Try to be civil. Whether there is an afterlife or not, we are all sharing this life here and now together.

    • Bear

      I’m sorry, why is this a forum to push your religious beliefs? We are talking about seeing a galaxy here, aren’t we? Stick to the subject!

      • Danny

        Did you read what I said? I said I didn’t think it was the Hand of God… I also never pushed my “religious beliefs.” I just said that supposed Christian people are being rather insulting… then you insult me. It’s hard for me to not lose my faith in humanity.

  • Theta

    I love how you either need to be on one side or the other with the comments below. I am not a religious person, and I do not believe this is the actual hand of God. I believe a great picture that is deserving of the name. However, I also laugh at all the “Non-believers” out there who act like they have all the answers and someone who believes in a power greater than themselves is an idiot. The truth is, you don’t have all the answers either. We are products of the universe, yet some people act like we are the creators of it just we have a better understanding of it. Learn to have a little humility people. Humans do not have all the answers of life, death, and creation.

  • Bear

    Whether or not it resembles a human hand or the x-ray of one (which I don’t see, but that’s neither here nor there) it has nothing to do with the proof of God’s existence or not. So it looks like a hand out in outer space…there are no other explanations? It must be God?
    Again I’m not taking sides in the religious issue, just saying “c’mon!”
    Was the Old Man in the Mountain face in Vermont proof also?

  • Donna

    Seeing this has filled me with a new sense of awe and amazem Go. My heart knows God is real. I do not attempt to sway others to my beliefs..and …yet..in my most private moments…when I silently compare bible to latest scientific information and try to somehow understand it all,I am confused. But when I saw this incredible photo…before I read the beginning line…I knew this was the hand of God..before I raad the word nebula…I just knew.

  • Donna

    In my heart…I know that God is real. Perhaps we don’t understand all of it…but He is real. I do not try to push anyone else to believe…but I believe. And, yet, in my most private thoughts, I attempt to compare what is written in the bible (which was written by mortals)to the latest scientific information(which is written by mortals…I am confused. But when I saw this photo I knew immediately that it was the hand of God. Before I read the headline…before I saw the word nebula…I just knew. It has filled me with awe and amazement.

  • Patrick

    God is very real. He revealed Himself to me in 1991, I was very skeptical at the time because I’m deformed and I didn’t think that if there was a God why would He let me go through this. But now that I know that He is real it doesn’t matter why I just love Him for creating me. Repent and seek Jesus, if you seek Him you will find Him.

  • Rafi

    For all those who don’t believe in God (Allah) and think that this universe came into existence by itself.
    Here is what happened. I wanted to cross the Mississippi River one day where there was no bridge. I was wondering how I am going to cross it. There was a tree and it started to cut by itself into wooden planks. Then the wooden planks came together and became a boat by themselves. The boat jumped into the water in front of me and I crossed the river. Ponder about it now.

  • Moraabi

    If anyone can look at just one star, or an atom for that matter, and not understand that God exists, they’re just not getting it.

  • Kai

    All I see is goatse….

  • Orests

    Hey! Notice that the hand is blue! That proves Krishna is real.

  • http://gfecomic.com David

    Hey that random blob of gas looks like a Klingon penis!…makes you think huh?