Halloween Decorations: Money Saving Do-It-Yourself Creations


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The holiday season (and winter weather) are practically upon us.

Can you believe it’s almost time to get out the Christmas shopping list?

Before consumers gear up for Black Friday, there are some other holidays for which they are preparing to spend big.

First up is of course Halloween. Reports indicate that in 2014 shoppers are expected to spend at least $11.3 billion dollars on Halloween costumes, candy, and decorations.

Rather than spend a bunch of money on overpriced decorations, have you considered taking the time to come up with a series of fun do-it-yourself decorations?

Here are some cute DIY ideas that involve a little time and energy, but can save you money in the end. Especially those decorations that prove reuseable!

Painted Pumpkins

Don’t just buy a few pumpkins and sit them in the yard! Bring them into the home and jazz them up a bit.

Some truly stylish Halloween decorations usually involves painting these gourds black and white. Remember that colors like black, white, orange, green, and purple are often readily associated with Halloween.

Black and white decorations can serve as a sleek but thematic Halloween look to be proud of.

Dry Ice

One of the best special effects that you can possibly make to creep out trick-or-treaters involves the use of dry ice. Believe it or not, this is rather simple to make and can be a fun project for you and the kids.

Follow the steps provided in this video and you will have the spookiest yard on the block:

Just remember that even though dry ice is relatively easy to make, you will definitely want to supervise your kids and take all required safety precautions!


Don’t settle for buying those boring brown wreaths from the store in an effort to be “fall festive”.

It’s just as easy to make your own. My personal favorite is the Halloween wreath made of “eyeballs”. To make it you need a few bags of ping pong balls, googly eyes, and hot glue. The effect is a combination of cute and creepy.

What Other DIY Halloween Projects Can You Recommend? Comment Below!