Gwen Stefani: New Hit Single, Faith in God

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Gwen Stefani recently released a new single called 'Baby Don't Lie,' and she professed her and her family's faith in God while a guest on a late night talk show. And while those might seem like extremes, they really define the singer, wife, mother, and coach on The Voice in a very profound way.

Stefani is no stranger to the limelight. She's been part of the music scene for decades. But unlike Christina Aguilera and Shakira--who both have sat in the red turning chair on The Voice--Gwen appears far more complex. Watching her as she watches the singers she coaches isn't just a lesson in excitement--one can see the emotional charge she exudes. She feels the music and she feels the person performing on what can likely be described as a very deep level. That's why it's not so surprising to learn that she can live a life of deep religious convictions while quickly climbing the charts in the music world.

It was while chatting with Seth Meyers on Late Night With Seth Meyers recently that Gwen Stefani shared an amusing anecdote about her family's faith and how it applied to one of their children.

Gwen told Meyers that her (and hubby Gavin Rossdale's) son Kingston 'prayed relentlessly' for a younger brother, and just a few weeks later she learned she was pregnant.

Stefani mimicked her sons prayer, saying, "'Dear God, please let my mom have a baby. Please, God! Please let my mom have a baby!'"

She said her son repeated the prayer every night.

"And four weeks later, I was pregnant!" she declared.

When Gwen Stefani and her husband broke the news to their son she said he rejoiced and shouted, "'Gasp... I prayed for that!!!'"

It's uncertain as to whether or not Gwen Stefani prayed for the success of her new single, 'Baby Don't Lie,' but given its immediate success, it's likely someone did. Fans can see her perform her new hit on The Voice on Tuesday, November 11th.

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