Guy Forges Wedding Ring From a Meteorite

    May 10, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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As Yahoo News is reporting, a man has forged his wife’s wedding ring out of a meteorite and posted the gallery of its completion on Reddit.

The user, laporkenstein, got fed up with the idea of paying thousands of dollars on his wife’s wedding ring. Instead he decided to do something memorable and save a whole lot of cash in the process.

So he bought a Gibeon meteorite online for about $200. He then spent about $100 dollars on books and forging equipment, and set to work. Lucky for us, he documented the whole process in a photo journal he submitted on Imgur and posted on Reddit.


Here, he cuts a chunk out of the meteorite with a bandsaw.


The selected piece of Meteor.


The forge. Used for crafting the the strips and getting the final shape.


The metal strips, forged separately and fused together.


Making the final strip of metal.



The process of creating the rings shape involves hammering the strip over a steel cylinder.


He files the ring down to a smooth finish before etching and the final patina.


The final ring after etching and patina.

Judging from the photos, he spent a great deal more than $100 on equipment. I suppose he could have rented out the facility, but the forge had to have been pricey.

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  • valgard

    the dual burner setup he has is somewhat expensive unless he made them himself. buying them is about $75 per burner. the rest of the forge looks like a simple setup. the most expensive part of his setup is probably the anvil, your lucky if you find one for $1 a pound. and thats at least a 100lb’er

    • darren420

      It’s most likely his job judging by the quality of the ring, he probably made it at his workplace for free.

  • Liz

    Damn gurlll, is your wedding ring made of meteorite, cuz our love is outta this world.

    • Xie

      HA. :)

  • TimC

    Those are two T-Rex burners from Hybrid Burners. The cost about $175 each. Brilliant burners for the price. I have one on my mini forge/furnace.