Guy Fieri's Car Thief Sentenced To Life

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The man accused of stealing television chef Guy Fieri's Lamborghini in 2011 is also accused of attempted murder, and his charges have equaled a life sentence.

19-year old Max Wade stole Fieri's $200,000 car from a dealership while it was there undergoing maintenance, rappelling down a window in order to gain entrance. He later drove the car all around the Northern California town and was spotted by some of Fieri's friends, who reported back to him.

“We would get calls all the time, and I mean all the time,” Fieri said. “I’d have friends calling me saying, ‘Listen, I just saw your car on the freeway,’ and I’m like, believe it or not there is more than one yellow convertible Lamborghini in Northern California…well, to come find out that he was driving it. Brave kid.”

But Wade was into much more than car theft; he has also been charged with attempted murder after he pulled up beside a truck in 2012 and shot into it. 19-year old Eva Dedier was allegedly the object of Wade’s affection--and the girl he was trying to impress with Fieri's stolen car--but she began dating someone else, leading to Wade's drive-by shooting attempt. Neither Dedier nor her boyfriend were injured, but their description of Wade helped lead investigators to a storage facility, where they found Fieri's car.

“If they hadn’t ducked … we would have had two dead teenagers,” Deputy District Attorney Yvette Martinez said. “There is no reasonable doubt. He’s guilty of all the crimes.”

Wade was charged as an adult for the crimes even though he was under 18 at the time he committed them. He may be eligible for parole at a later date if the Board of Parole Hearings decides he is sufficiently rehabilitated.

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