Guy Builds Web Resume That Looks Like Amazon Product Page

    January 29, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Well, this guy sure has an interesting resume – or CV or whatever you want to call it. Upon first glance, you probably wouldn’t even notice that this Amazon product page is actually a a giant advertisement for Philippe Dubost, and web product manager.

Yet it is. Dubost has refashioned his website, phildub.com, to closely resemble an page on Amazon.com – product pictures, star ratings, dimensions, descriptions, and even a button to “add to cart.”

According to Dubost, there’s only 1 left in stock and it ships directly from Paris, France. In the product details we find the the product is 186 cm and comes in English, French, and Spanish. The average customer review, of course, is five stars.

Below that, Dubost has inserted a product description and “professional experience” disguised as product reviews.


The links are functioning as well. If you click on the author name link, it takes you to his LinkedIn profile. If you click “add to cart” a contact form pops up. All of the links to his various places of education and employment go to the respective sites.

The unique web CV is gaining a lot of attention right now, so I guess it worked. Let’s see if it gets him hired at Amazon or somewhere else that could use a clever web product manager.

[via Business Insider]
  • http://www.insidekneepain.com Inside Knee pain

    Thats is a brilliant idea. I suppose it takes some inginuity to stand out from the crowd. Well done to him

  • http://kneepainissues.com Inner Knee Pain

    This guy is trying too hard. For a handful of companies this might work, but anyone with a little age who looks over this is going to laugh and move on.