Guess Which Yahoo Search Feature Marissa Mayer Loves?

    July 18, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Although some have argued that to succeed, new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer must learn how to deal with a company whose main focus is online media, not search, that hasn’t stopped Mayer from taking to Twitter to express good things about Yahoo search.

On her first day as CEO of Yahoo, Mayer tweeted that she’s a big fan of the big “Download” button the Yahoo puts at the top of search results when you search for a program:

Is this #ExactlyWhatYouWant?

As the Mayer story goes, she came up as Google’s first female engineer, and by all accounts she had a big part in the development of the company as a search behemoth. Now, barely a day after leaving Google, she’s already enamored with this little Yahoo search function.

But let’s not go too deep into a tweet, except to say that it’s good that Mayer is already publicly getting behind her new company. It appears that they did butter her up a bit with some Yahoo baby goodies, as yesterday we learned that Mayer is also seven months pregnant.

  • http://possiblynonsense.wordpress.com/ PossiblyNonsense

    The Download feature is awesome, but Yahoo! Downloads almost always has a n extremely outdated version of the programe. It’s kinda annoying.

  • wilner

    I really do hope that Mayer changes the look and feel of Yahoo sites.
    Compared to Bing, and even to Google, the format,design, and user experience of Yahoo’s sites leave much to be desired. Please, Marissa, improve the user experience of all of Yahoo’s properties, including search, online portal, Flickr, Answers, etc. And while you are at it, look for improved useability and improved cross-activity and integration.