Grumpy Cat Doesn’t Want You to Drink at Prom, Apparently

By: Josh Wolford - June 3, 2013

Using an internet meme to promote a alcohol-free prom night? No.

Grumpy Cat would probably not approve of this Grumpy Cat-inspired ad against underage drinking at prom spotted on a highway by an annoyed redditor.

Redditors crowdsourced the location and determined that the billboard resides on route 51 neat Pittsburgh. If you look closely, you can see that the ad is the work of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, with support from the Elizabeth Forward School District.

According to the PLCB, underage drinking is actually on the decline in the state:

“While today there are fewer young people in Pennsylvania participating in underage drinking compared to previous years, there is still much work to be done, as evidenced by a 2011 survey showing that 25 percent of Pennsylvanians aged 12 to 20 used alcohol in the past month,” said board member Robert S. Marcus in a recent release. “The most effective methods of addressing these rates continue to evolve, so the programs communities utilize must adapt as well.”

April was Alcohol Education Awareness Month.

I’m not sure that employing Grumpy Cat to sell the message is the way to go. The real life (and often incorrect) use of internet memes almost always backfires.

Just say no…to bad meme use.

Josh Wolford

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  • http://WebProNews/Life C. J. Benway

    Grumpy Cat is against any thing that may harm a human. After all he wants us healthy so we can open his bags and cans of food and treats, he does not have fingers that will do that for him. That’s what will make him a happy cat. He will still look grumpy but Puurrrr all the way to his belly full cat nap.

  • eric

    This seems to be conveying the opposite message imo. Dont drink at prom and end up like grumpy cat.

  • northierthanthou

    That’s pretty funny.

  • VM Mercer

    Oh, right, The Author “likes beer, Sriracha and movies that make him feel weird afterward. Mostly beer.” That’s a pretty biased way to disparage the dangers of underage drinking.

    At first I thought, the Grumpy cat merchandise actually disapproved the use of the photo, but no, in this opinion article there are no indications that the actual owner of grumpy cat disapproved of it.

    So why the negative statement against the ad? Because the author is a drinker.

    …FYI Josh the Author, just because the Underage drinking is down on that certain state, doesn’t exactly mean you shouldn’t remind people that underage drinking is inappropriate.

    • Jon

      What a load of bunk. Liking beer is, in your eyes, support for underage drinking? Give your head a shake. Nobody has disparaged the dangers of underaged drinking, but you are actually disparaging an adult’s right to imbibe if they so choose. Are you biased against those who choose to drink? Your words imply as much.

      FYI. Just because you have an axe to grind doesn’t mean your crap is going to be treated as if it were worthy of respect.