Grocery Store Starts “Man Aisle”

    July 27, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Apparently some dudes who own a grocery store on the Upper West Side put their heads together recently and came up with a wacky–and not surprisingly, successful–idea: create an aisle filled with stuff only men would buy, all placed conveniently together because, as studies show, men don’t do the majority of the shopping for households. They want to get in and get out.

The guys in charge–Ian Joskowitz and George Zoitas–said the aisle is a big draw for guys who come in only needing a few manly essentials, like shaving cream, BBQ sauce, and beer.

“If you’re going to have some guys over to watch a game, you can pretty much stand here — not move two feet — and get your beer, barbecue sauce, chips, whatever. It’s all right here!” Joskowitz said.

While the duo insists that the aisle’s success has to do with the fact that men “don’t like taking lists when they go shopping”, I’m sure women would totally be down for something similar. It would be impossible, however, as you can’t cram an entire store into one aisle. Not to say that some men never do a full shopping trip–my own hubs is great about it–but those studies don’t lie. A less-than-stellar 31% of shoppers are men (according to a poll done by ESPN), leaving us women to bear the burden of figuring out meals and dodging those pushy free-sample ladies.

What I’d really like to see in grocery stores is a cart big enough for an infant carrier, my insanely huge mommy-purse, and all the Bon-Bons I’m required to consume as a card-carrying woman.

  • Keith

    The thing is there are already aisles that are primarily full of women-only products in every supermarket and department store. But of course, they’ll want their own aisle even more just because there’s a “man aisle”. It’s like there have always been clothing and shoe stores exclusively for women but as soon as there’s a men’s only store that is a big hit, women start crying that they want the store to include women’s wear too. As soon as you put the word “men’s” in products title, women will want their own too. Can we have just one thing that’s our alone?

    • http://possiblynonsense.wordpress.com/ PossiblyNonsense

      Exactly. If this store made a “Women’s Aisle” the Internet and News Media would go nuts, going crazy over the “Sexism”. But A Man Aisle? “That’s awesome!” I’m really getting annoyed at how blind people are to this. Sexism isn’t exclusive against women. It’s increasingly more and more against Men and people are completely fine with that.

  • Kit

    I’m with Keith – I love having a women’s only fitness center, but the local men’s only was sued and must now permit women to join- what’s up with that ????