Gretchen Carlson Punked, Doesn’t Think It’s Cute

    September 18, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Gretchen Carlson found herself in the middle of an awkward interview yesterday morning on “Fox And Friends” when a young man she was speaking to about the upcoming election suddenly got very casual and began joking around.

Max Rice told Raw Story that he had answered a call from the show for recent college graduates who were unemployed and looking to vote for Mitt Romney, and that he did it to prove that Fox News is a “fake news organization”.

“They were just casting a part in a show,” he said. “They were so stupid… I’m a kid messing around.”

Carlson should have probably known something was up when Rice greeted her with a casual, “Hello Miss USA, it’s an honor. I wish I could see you.” Carlson was actually Miss America.

When asked about his belief in Obama’s promise for “hope and change”, Rice said he had been all about Obama because he’d “met him when he was little”. He then insisted the only reason he was voting for Romney was because he’s lost a basketball wager.

Carlson then began the accusations that Rice wasn’t taking the interview seriously, and the whole thing went steadily downhill. Rumors are going around that Rice is actually a comedian who wanted to make Fox News look foolish, but so far the only thing that’s been dug up on him is this video:

  • Lookyhere

    Amanda Crum your article should be about how this guy got on the air. What kind of background check was there? Just because he fit their mold of the guest they wanted does that mean they forgo his credentials. Amanda be a reporter and not a news recycler.

  • Kathryn Paquette

    It’s amusing that Mr. Rice called Fox News a “fake”, when he is the one who was “faking” his appearance on the program. Cable Fox News has plenty of people voicing both sides of stories, but he believed the liberal hype, came in for the attack, and was quickly recognized for his own fakery. Gretchen Carlson gets extra points for her keen observation, and ability to spot the real “fake” in the room.

    • D Argent

      her ability to “spot”?????? Well well so she gets credit for spotting something that is blatantly obvious. Unbelievable. This guy punked her and who let that happen?

  • Amy

    Why are we giving this idiot his 15 minutes of fame? This isn’t a news story, its sad that the youth of this country aren’t taking this election seriously. The country, to use my grandmothers saying. is going to hell in a handbasket and not enough people care.

    • D Argent

      one person does this and you say the youth of this country aren’t taking this election seriously. I’m 62 and I can’t take Romney seriously. I grew up with his Daddy as governor and his son Mitt was and is a spoiled, pampered brat. He went to the poshest school around and tormented other kids. He is still doing it, looking down from on high of the money ladder and smirking. He didn’t build it. His father built it. He is very poor copy.

  • http://yahoo bucknaked

    I missed the part where he proved they are a fake news organization.

    • Fulani

      That he was interviewed at all proves it was fake news. Real newspeople find out whom they’re talking to BEFORE the interview.

      • Rick

        Agreed, Fulani, agreed–and I’m a conservative!!!

        • http://foxnews.com Ed

          If you’re a Conservative, you one of the few stupid ones. Anyone can lies their azzes off when vetted, what’s to stop them? Journalists are not private investigators, this guy was just supposed to be some college student or recent grad that flipped on Obama and went to Romney. What was FOX expected to do, check his car to see what bumper sticker was on it? STFU morons.

  • Ruth

    Fox news may not be 100% unbiased,but they report news that’s not available anywhere else! It is so obvious how biased other stations are,almost propaganda-like news,very disturbing!

  • Eddie

    Carlson could have made this guy look like more of an idiot than he really is but, like most tv personalities, she’s lost unless there’s a script to read from.

    • http://foxnews.com Ed

      You’re an idiot. 90% of that show is non-scripted. The only reason this is even a story is Liberals hate FOX news and this is a Liberal website, plus there are those who love to criticize people at the top of their game, like FOX is.

      • Seth

        Ed … why bother defending your position? Every time you put word to paper, it comes out sounding like a whining cry baby defending his pee pee accident in first grade. I’m starting to think you’re the comedian.

        • http://foxnews.com Ed

          I’m not defending anything, I’m offering my opinion on this non-news story. I thank you for your,even though I obviously don’t agree.

      • D Argent

        I think Fox News is better than SNL, except Fox thinks they are real news and SNL knows better. I don’t hate Fox News. Its great comedy.

    • Kyle

      Do you mean a script like Obama has to use? The one he reads from a teleprompter or else he gets befuddled?

  • Rick

    I quit watching Fox & Friends because of this woman–she ruined it for me. She’s so damned serious, never shuts up, and thinks she’s brilliant. How the hell did she ever win a beauty contest–who was the judge, Stevie Wonder?!?!

    • http://foxnews.com Ed

      Um, first of all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Secondly, the Miss America contest has historically been one that doesn’t pick winners based entirely on beauty, they have to be talented too. And until you get in front of millions of people every day and co-host a highly rated TV show, your opinion of what she does is like you-worthless.

    • JR

      “Isn’t she lovely?”

  • Betty

    nothing ventured nothing gained ..i thing she is kinda sweet and adds some style to the show.

  • stevejg61

    She does not think it was cute – yet it was OK for people to use fake identities and go into ACORN? BTW, the first I saw of this said the guy was 20 and he voted for Obama in 2008 – he would have been 16 – too young to vote or would they have ran with the fact claiming Obama won by using underage voters?

    • http://foxnews.com Ed

      So let me get this straight- the producers of the video about ACORN should have told them they were investigating abuses within ACORN before they tried to record them doing so. Amazing.

      • ronnie

        hahaha lol

    • Jimmy Detroit

      The Republicans say they’re not going to let their campaign be run by fact-checkers. That helps explain FOX being so desperate to get an outsider to mouth their party line that they didn’t, or wouldn’t, do simple arithmetic. And here I thought they did “simple” so well …

      • http://foxnews.com Ed

        Really? Who said the GOP isn’t going to let their campaign be run by fact-checkers? Is that a direct quite? And from whom? And since when do opponents of the GOP give a hoot about facts? After all, it was the Obamacare bill that “had to be passed before anyone knows what’s in it” as Nancy Pelosi said.

  • http://foxnews.com Ed

    Really, so FOX should have “investigated” this idiot to see “who he is” before he was allowed to be interviewed? And how would one do this? Furthermore, if FOX is a fake news organization, then so are the rating agencies that show FOX the highest rated News Network. If this guy is a comedian, he should be counted in the unemployment figures. Finally, anyone who sticks up for this clown must be his frat buddies, who need to sober up.

    • Seth

      Well Ed … one would do that by conducting PRE interview screening to assure that he is what he says he is …. real news agencies do that every day and for virtually every interview. It is called checking your sources … something that FOX has never really practiced on a steady basis.
      Of course, anyone that disagrees with you is a frat hound who needs to sober up …. typical response coming from a beer guzzling conservative neanderthal. Neanderthal Ed is a creature that … never mind … you’ll never understand anyway.

      • http://foxnews.com Ed

        Typical FOX critic,- level accusations without even examples. First of all this guy wasn’t at a level whereby FOX would try to pre-screen, the topic wasn’t something that demands a vetted expert be screened. Secondly, you judging me by one comment shows how quick you are to make a summary judgement with little or no evidence you are 0-2 there, since you did the same with FOX as with me.

      • liarliarpantsonfire

        And liberals like you spend more time leveling accusations you can’t back up and when called on it you resort to name calling which is no better than a second grader on the school playground. Give examples, otherwise you are only repeating what you hear other say who also can’t provide examples. Blind leading the blind. There is never one so blind as those who refuse to see.

    • James

      Uh, yeah, an investigative news organisation, should investigate the claims they intend to put on television. Not just cast characters to fit a narrative they intend to display.

      Rasslin’ gets good ratings too. In fact, the WWE pulls about the same numbers as Fox News… Coincidence? I report, you decide.

      • http://foxnews.com Ed

        Smoke some more, the WWE wishes they had the ratings FOX News does.(and the revenue) However, FOX News is probably happy they don’t have the same audience. CNN has them.

      • ronnie

        hey i didnt know wwe tells news???? and i thought they only do wrestling ohhh pardon me rassslin was it? lol

    • dave

      Ed, its obvious you think Gretchen is a real journalist. It really is sad that people can be fooled so easily like you have been. Faux news is desperately trying to make you forget it was the Bush/Republican fiscal policy that caused the massive unemployment problem we know have. I guess since they could wipe out 25million jobs in a few months, then Obama should have beeb able to get them back in an equal time frame. Good for a bright young man like Max for exposing these frauds on Faux

      • http://foxnews.com Ed

        What defines a journalist to you Dave? A Lesbian Liberal fanatic who deliberately slants the news she reports to the Left? Like Rachel Maddow? Or is your example of a real journalist Keith Olberman, a sports reporter with a liberal agenda? Or maybe the journalists that were recorded working in collusion to try and damage Romney prior to his explaining his remarks at a presser about how the Libyan embassy reacted to the killing of the Ambassador and others by asking baited and leading questions? As for your final comment,it’s not worth my time because it comes from unbridled ignorance of the economy, which is why you support Obama anyway.

        • JO

          Rush Limbaugh was a sports announcer.

        • ronnie

          hey ed dont forget the liberal news media that cuts some of the video out so u dont get the whole picture. Or how about how some news journalists at Mitt romneys press conference was caught trying trying to get him in a gotcha moment. real news there but y am i not surprised.

    • johnsnare

      Max Rice was born in Kenya.

      • Destiny

        What does that have to do with the story? He did not say he was running for president. Being born in Kenya is a bad thing.

        • ronnie

          hey wait a minute wast obama born in kenya!!!! now thats baddd.

    • Patti

      You go Ed!

    • D Argent

      hahahaha Ed its part of the business to pre-interview and make sure you are talking ….. you are so naive. I give up. Maybe if you went to a good school and/or learned something about the way the world actually works……good luck.

  • http://foxnews.com Ed

    Take a look at the other “news” stories on this site. If FOX is a “fake” news organization then what is this site? My current favorite example: “Lindsay Lohan Isn’t Happy With Amanda Bynes”

  • drake

    I guess this happens when you are a “fair and balanced” news station trying to get anything negative on President Obama you can.

    • http://foxnews.com Ed

      I don’t think they have to try, there’s plenty of material very easily obtained. Oh, and thanks for giving us an example of how Fox News is not fair and balanced.

    • Patti

      You don’t have to “get” anything negative on Obama, he opens his mouth, off the teleprompter of course, and does that all by himself. Let me give you an ex: if you have a business, you didn’t build it. Obama is the liar and he taking this country down one mouthful at a time.

  • liarliarpantsonfire

    There was no need to vet this boy, it was an opinion they were looking for. The reason liberals don’t get this is because they tell everyone what their opinions are. Wise up and stop being a follower. There is nothing wrong with Fox News. They do give both sides. Here is an example of and NBC affiliate in Seattle. They did “news” stories on both candidates for gof WA state. the republican candidate McKenna was in a VERY distant still photo with a large crowd around him with one sentence about where he was that day. Inslee the democrat candidate got video segments of his speech plus two others, and commentary from a supporter. An extreme difference in camera time and content. While democrats think the behavior of this boy is funny, they are also of the mindset that anything is justified for the end game which is why they will lose. They will walk over any dead body to get to their fund raisers as Obama did. In one week he had a police officer killed while doing traffic control for his motorcade and his ambassador and 3 others killed by terrorists. Not only is he lying about what caused the death of the 4 by terrorists, but he didn’t miss one second of his fund raiser the same night as these people died, nor one wink of sleep. If it will benefit him in the future, he’ll hang this boy out to try the same as he did Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers. Laugh now,

    • Destiny

      Keep on believing Fox News lies. These three sitting on that couch are actually paid to lie, so that the next day they can recant their lies.

      • Patti

        Destiny, name one lie that fox news has told. I dare you to!

        • melissa

          They all have thin lips and small mouths..don’t trust em!!

      • ronnie

        hey destiny for failure remeber this one. Who said “obamacare isnt going to be a tax.” ding ding ding ding, we got a winner, thats right it was obuma himself and what did we find out not toooo looong ago. that it is in fact the largest tax yet. think we lie look for it yourself and investigate yourself and b enlightened. the truth shall set u free!

  • jank brock

    This is exactly what this gunch puppet of FOX SPEWS deserves. The overweight (but orgasmic to short dick conservative boys)piece of no good shit and pathetic so called journalist is a joke. Come on Gretchen just drop a few pounds and keep the con boys jerking off and you will have a job you don’t need to chance getting punked. BITCH!

    • http://foxnews.com Ed

      Wow a finely articulated message from the always tolerant, and inclusive Left wing of our society. You must be rested up from the OWS anniversary party, all three of you.

      • http://foxnews.com Ed

        And “Jank Brock” sounds GAY.

        • Rod

          He is gay. Can’t you tell he prefers long ones????

          • http://foxnews.com Ed

            I think he’s just a hit and run poster anyway, a coward. But how many straight people do you know use the term “gunch”? Plus it’s obvious he hates women and men that like them. I bet he’s some coke snorting freak show that is running low and venting his anger while waiting for his next check from us taxpayers. He’s bought the fear mongering by his messiah, that Republicans will not send him drug money anymore in the mail.

        • D Argent

          geeze, why did I reply to you before…what are you 12? Homophobics support Romney, yeah. What are you so afraid of?

    • ronnie

      now we see why you dems are so easy to fool and get hypnotized by this lame duck of a president. Talking garbage and nothing worth noting and probably no brain cells and cant have a commentative argument and cant have a debate cause hes brain dead like all the obamabots spewing hate and garbage cause they know their spews lies all the time cause they cant counter anything we say in this debate. Wait they cant debae cause only garbage comes out of their mouth. No brains and thats why they voted for this dim witted aointed one

  • Cougar

    He going to be serve with a lawsuit, if not a federal marshal, it would not surprise me. It is illegal to do what he did, pus it cost Fox’s money.

    • quagland

      How is that illegal? Because you don’t like it? And you think federal marshall should waste his time dealing with this?? Talk about big government getting involved. Shouldn’t you be worrying about some strange lady’s vagina and denying her birth control?

      • ronnie

        hey buddy i dont we deny her of her birth control. we deny it because we think that she should pay for her own birth control stuff dont u think? I dont like to pay for other peoples’ stuff. Well if u dont mind paying for things sure i could use a new ferrari or lambo or a nice mansion in the bahamas. Now dont u tell me u dont like paying for that stuff…really.

  • liarliarpantsonfire

    destiny,brock and other liberal and Obama supporters, I wish you would openly listen to what conservatives are trying to tell you. Conservatives want to give those who need and WANT a way up and out, just that. A way that will truly work FOR YOU. Democrats want to keep you poor and dependent as it keeps getting them elected to keep you dependent on them. They are not working for you, they are working for themselves to keep themselves in office. It’s sad that one day far in the future when these dependent people are still collecting from the government they may wake up and realize just how they’ve been taken advantage of as these democrat aristocrats go on to live their very 1% lives. Look at how “giving” Obama has been with his own family! He has very, very poor relatives here in the US and abroad whose lives could very easily be changed in huge ways with just a FEW dollars a month, yet he gives them NOTHING! Not a dime, not a penny. And you think he cares about you????Wake up before it’s too late. Go get yourself in a program often you can find at a church so get a hand up, not a hand out. Be more than just a vote for a democrat to keep their job!

    • http://foxnews.com Ed

      Nice try but these people don’t want to work, period. Example: The woman at an OWS that said flat out “No way!” to a reporter who asked is someone on Wall Street would offer her a six figure job. Then the more famous one, when a woman in Detroit was asked where the money was coming from she was waiting in line for at the welfare office. “Obama” she said. Where does he get it? “His stash, “I don’t know, that’s why we voted for him, he takes care of us.” and started a chant with children chiming in “Obama, Obama, Obama!” Or how about the Sandra Flack fiasco, she thinks government should provide birth control to Harvard Law students as if they can’t afford it. Your are absolutely right, as is Romney, about the welfare state built and advocated by Progressives. Obama should have been toast for telling Joe the Plumber he must “share the wealth”.

      • D Argent

        You guys really can’t take a joke can you? You also lack a clear understanding. First, I wouldn’t take a 6 figure job on Wall Street. Does that mean I don’t want to work? No. I’d take a 5 figure job or even 4 figure job if I wasn’t working somewhere that was ripping people off. Do you understand that people have values? Do you understand people aren’t all greed? Do you understand that a person in a welfare line is not about to engage in their personal difficulties so picks up something easy to say and deflect attention away from them? You underestimate people on welfare. Let me ask you Ed. If you had 4 children, your husband abandoned you, you had no money. You lock your children in your apartment so you can go get a job? uhhh no. You go to a church and are told they can’t stay at the church? People tell you they aren’t going to watch your children for free. They aren’t going to feed your children for free.You have no other family. What are you going to do, Ed? What are you going to do, Ed? Does this make you a “victim” or does this make you a parent who knows they must take care of their children but the husband took off with everything and there is no one to help you. Do you actually think people want to go through all the crap they have to go through to get help? It is humiliating, it is degrading. Evangelical churches take in the poor who need help? Where? Do they continue to help? People like you are so narrow minded and naive. The world doesn’t work the way you like to think it does. Get several clues.

        • ronnie

          hey i know where your coming from. im there already. i have 3 kids and got unemployed and no choices on jobs right now. Idont think ed was trying to say that your a freeloader just some of the other people who wants to vote for u know who so that they can live off that stuff. im a worker and i dont like to be unemployed and it looks like this pres will not be able to create jobs that we need and definitely not if he is sending jobs overseas. i have to be unbiased at how i look at things and see them as they are because my wife is a democrat.

      • chris

        Ed, you forgot to ebonicize your quote, it was Obama “he take care us”….

  • http://x j

    I’ll bet Rupert put the guy up to this. He seems to keep these stooges around for comic relief on Fox News; and knows that with their cluelessness and penchant for getting most information wrong, it wouldn’t be difficult to bamboozle the Fox and Goobers gang.

    • http://foxnews.com Ed

      More accusations without evidence, not one example. We see it all the time: “FOX lies” “Really? Give an example?” Silence. “Rupert” doesn’t need to “keep stooges around for comic relief” after all, there are no shortages of liberals in New York. It’s why it’s such a screwed up city. Where I live, we can still buy large sodas, run restaurants without having the city tell us how much salt to put in the food, and we have a very reasonable tax rate.

      • ronnie

        hey ed get a clue rememberwhen obama said that obumacare was not a tax. well guess what it is a tax. lies from obama. what about the ambassador and the 2 seals and civilian he fedd to the sharks in Libya. Dont tell me oh hes forgotten its 9/11 or that we are not at war with terrorist. lies. oh wait they dont believe in saying the word terrorist. You probably never ever heard of the name mulim brotherhood becuz ur too non informative lib news media is too busy drinking koolaid that they dont tell u all these things. Who is that you ask, the terror associates of the new pres in egypt and the ones who got invited to the white house by ur socialist pres. “Oh i didnt know that” u say. well take a long look around and smell the free air brother youve just been set free now open your eyes wide and see things for how they really are.

    • liarliarpantsonfire

      give an example instead of making an accusation you cannot backup

    • ronnie

      hey bud the only cluless person is you cuz u dont have a clue whats going on in the world or ur just plain ignorant or too stupid to believe in him or you are on welfare and think that you can ride on it forever. I dont believe that we should be a socialist country and if u want that u should go to china and live there and see what its like to be in acommunist country. and so thats what i think that the pres think your too stupid and i think maybe hes right.

  • Keith Massey

    This so called interview just goes to show how low and dirty the democrates are willing to go. Is there no end to the depths they are willing to go in support of a president who is clearly destroying this country. In support of a president who makes us pay for health care; however, he provides no jobs to the people so they have the money to pay for it and other of lifes necessities. Gretchen is a class act and did not deserve this. Max needs to remember what goes around comes around and is usual worse.

    • liarliarpantsonfire

      Oh it gets even better. Obama is refusing to get out of GM, formerly General Motors, now Government Motors. He has no reason to keep the government as part of that organization except that when you redistribute, it’s not only the citizens money he gets to choose how to spend and who to give it to, it’s corporate money as well. This country is about to find out if this man is reelected just what socialism they have gotten us into when he completes his hope and change and fundamentally transforms America. He wants to be king of the world. Just wait until he gets together with Putin after the election if he’s reelected like he was caught on an open mic arranging when he said he’d be more flexible with what he can and cannot do. Wake up democrats and independents. He’s not only talking the talk, he’s walking the walk and he is destroying this country.

      • Scott Johnson

        GM paid every penny back with interest. The tax payers don’t own GM nor does our government. But since you brought it up, our government has always spent our money on things without our knowledge. He saved the country from falling off the financial cliff into another great depression. If he were aiming to destroy the USA he had a perfect opportunity already. You’re foolish to believe the things you wrote in your post

        • Mack

          Scott… again kind of naive media clouded statement.. GM got $52 billion from the gov’t , only having to pay back $5 + billion of it. I don’t think that squares them with the taxpayers, or was it Obama’s money he gave away?

          I think that their road to recovery was what the economist said all along, bankruptcy and reorganization.

          Now I don’t think there is any right wing or left wind conspiracy, just extreme dopes on both sides.

        • totellthetruth

          I wonder what you drive!!!!!

        • chris


          You must be the biggest idiot of all time. Here is a news flash dumbass, our country is falling off a financial cliff and BHO put us there. 16 trillion dollar deficit??? Let’s bolster the entitlement programs so people don’t have to work… Come on even you can’t be that stupid, or well if you voted for this guy I guess you are.

        • ronnie

          oh really like how hes paid money to china for the solar panels or how china now owns us n maybe we should call us the united states of china or maybe how he lied to us and said that obama care wasnt going to be a tax and ho n behold the courts came out n said that it is a tax or how he went to west virginia and spoke at a coal mine n said how coal was going to help us get energy independence. you wanna know what happened to that mine and most other mines, they closed up and shut down bcuz he put up tooo many regulations pushed by his buddies at the green group. think before u speak becuz u should research ur pres hes making a total asss of u because ur believing all the lies and spin hes putting on ur show. mayb u should go outside and take a look around once in awhile and get off the kool aid and seefor yourself if we are lying.

      • Christine

        Take note! He is now selling the NEW American Flag with the Obama logo on it to raise money for his re-election. If he is re-elected I guess we will be flying HIS new symbol everywhere. I was really concerned about this logo when he was running before. Now this is just plain SCARY!
        Communist/socialist. The redistributor in chief. Where has my American gone.

  • Bones

    Simply put — he’s a self-promoter. She began with “…now tell me your story.” Fox & Friends doesn’t claim to be a news show — but they do cover news topics. Nothing new here — lameocrats and self-promoters thinking they’re smarter than everyone else.

    • eman

      Really,, Then why put News in your name for your network?

      • ronnie

        hey buddy have u looked around u and researched everything u hear from your liberal news like nbc,cbs n abc. How do u know if they are lying to u or not. You know we are all Americans no matter if we are dems, repubs or indep right. i have nothing against you personally just your idealogy. All im saying is just research things like the closing of mines in west virginia or what will happen if this debt continues to rise or what happened to the counsilate in Libya n why our people died there. what about the border agent who got killed. Please do ask questions but direct to your news media but then again they will probably sweep that and u under the rug like they do everything else.

  • william

    hahaha, gretchen is an idiot as is her cohosts, you want to talk about comparing this kid to the desperate nature of democrats is laughable given that THE ENTIRE SENATE REPUBLICANS have vowed to make obama a 1 term president and are willing to screw americans by blocking every decent piece of legislation…. or fox news which is more like a propaganda show than news never ever criticizes the right for anything… they trumpet there success much like the NAZIs used the media

    • NotFondOfLibs

      Well, Willie, speaking of propaganda shows, you probably tune in to that trash on MessNBC alot. I’ll bet you don’t even watch Fox News even for one minute during a day. You are just as big an idiot as Max Rice, who doesn’t seem to have a clue about what’s going on in this country and the rest of the world. Interesting that you played the Nazi card, but then again, that’s part of the liberal game plan when you have nothing else. You have a good one little cowboy. Yeah, you Willie.

    • Lynn Miasof

      Please stop posting as an advocate for democrats.
      Your post accusing someone else of idiocy, and then immediately lapsing into grammatical no-man’s land, is not helpful. I mean seriously. You just plain shouldn’t write. Anything, ever. You make your entire party and people of your mindset all look like asses. And the Senate is under Democrat control, which is why there are three years worth of budget proposals still in Harry Reid’s pocket, having never seen light.

      I’m conservative. Never mind, you are a PERFECT representative of people of your mindset.

      Carry on.

    • ronnie

      william u poor ignorant freak, u dont seem to realize how screwed up ur lousy president is bcuz ur too heavily boozed up from ur koolaid. u dont seem to care how much in debt this country is or how much this country of ours is in a nanny state all needing to feed off the govt. ask urself wat sould happen if we all fall into this where we all relied heavily on tha govt and we are all on welfare bcause there are no more jobs. well youll probably say that he’ll increase the tax. who’ll pay that, the ones on welfare or the rich already leaving the country. Someone from russia told me he left his country to escape things like this and told me people he is tooo stupid to see it and u know what i find that to be true. stupid demobums just want this socialist pres to keep doing what hes then go ahead i hope u get what your aking for because by the time hes through, this country will be so dead broke it will make greece spain italy and all the other broke countries look like a joke and u know whos gonna b laughing ur pres the socialist after hes destroyed the country u poor dead brained simple folk.

    • Bill

      Hey William … You are certainly entitled to your opnion … albeit biased and uninformed. But I don’t see any of the liberal media like Stewart, Mayer, or The View (to name names a few) saying or acting like they are fair and balanced! Your meds apparently seem not to be working. Name calling only speaks to your childish and ignorant uninformed ways! Happy to pay for your one way ticket out of the country!

  • linden frank

    Fear Overboard Xtreme is not allowed in my house anywhere nor will it ever be.

  • http://yahoo A G Ross

    I watched the interview and max was right,he is just a kid,ohhh I would say that he is about 12or13 years old.Just a prank…Just sayin’…

  • Natchamps14

    Another grad that doesn’t have a job in the Obama version of America. Says enough doesn’t it?

  • Randy Jessup

    This guy was being stupid from the get go, Gretchen Carlson was being professional, and she quickly realized that an absolute jerk had slipped through the screeners (misrepresented himself, imagine that) and quickly cut him off. How was she “punked?” Typical lefties, as the election approaches, taking a wild swing at their enemies. Fail.

  • davis

    I like fox,but carlson is too serious and soft spoken in the smarmy way of Diane Sawyer.I like soft spoken and intelligent talk, but only sans smarm.

  • hugby

    I would loved to have told her how I’d like to get busy between her award-winning thighs and heavenly rear hole!!!!!!!

  • George_Bush_Sucks

    I love it, I when anyone makes a fool of the hate filled, right wing, TV program. “F news” is not ready for prime time.

  • George_Bush_Sucks

    lmao. I love it.

  • Mitt Romney

    Fox News is the voice of God! Blasphemy is grounds for death!

  • George_Bush_Sucks

    Fox News is not ready for Prime Time.

  • fred johnson

    is he a JEW?

    • Steph

      Fred he may be a Jew but you are Definitely an Ignorant Bigot.

      • Vivi

        You are so right!

      • TBone

        why? because he called him a jew? how is that bigotry? bigots are the people who voted for Barry because he is black. learn what the words mean before you comment! I am sure you have plenty of time to do research!

    • sue

      What is wrong with you calling everyone who doesn’t agree with you Jews. You are disgusting.

      • Vivi

        The funny thing is that there are a lot of jews among liberals (don’t know why considering the president’s handling of Israel), so showing so much hatred and disdains for jews is incomprehensible. I am sure they wouldn’t appreciate this anti-jewish comments.

  • fred johnson

    i bet he’s a JEW.

  • George_Bush_Sucks

    I stopped watching this station 11 months ago. All they have is hate for the President of the United States. They have the same screwballs on week after week saying the same thing over and over again. Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Carl Rove, Cheney, Rumsfield, and Herman Cain.

    • phillyrocks

      LOL, his moniker is george bush sucks but he won’t watch fox because he thinks they show hatred toward the president.

      • dave

        sorry the truth hurts at least your eyes dont burn from the crap on the other bias meadi outlets

      • Divided We Fall

        Well said

    • TBone

      Screwballs? have watched that moron Chris Matthews? that guy is totally moronic and actually makes you look smart.

    • http://yahoo Fr Time

      Maybe you should listen and try to comprehend. Then you too could see the truth about ‘the annointed one’.

  • fred johnson

    typical JEW

    • Vivi

      You’re an antisemite! Do you love the terrorists more?

      • enuffzenuff

        Vivi, and YOU are a typical anti-Semite waste o’flesh! You and all the other FUX Snooze-watching Righty wignuts, morons, and empty-headed imbeciles deserve each other. Normally, I’d suggest that you all unravel the flag that you’ve got yourself so tightly wrapped in, since it’s obviously cutting off the proper flow of oxygen to your brain. But, in your case, it’s too late.

  • Obnoxious Majority

    It wasnt a casting call stupid, they were looking for real people to talk to. I hope you die of pancreatic cancer Max. Although Obamacare might extend your pain which would be the first good thing it did.

    • Steph

      How sad that you have to resort to wishing cancer on someone because you clearly lack the ability to give an intelligent response. Pathetic Majority is more like it!

      • Scott

        He’s not in the majority at all. It figures he would be that disillusioned though.

    • http://WebProNews Margo Schlemmer

      Obnoxious? Yes. Majority, thankfully no.

    • sue

      I am a conservative & did not vote for Obama & won’t this time either. Everyone on here that says they watched Fox News & call it racist is lying about watching Fox because if you ever have really watched you would say it is not racist. They always try to have both sides speak their side. MSNBC is the worst I have ever seen. They very seldom have conservatives on & when they do they really don’t sound like real conservatives. The one thing I can’t stand though is to wish someone to die from cancer & you should be ashamed of yourself but I have a feeling that you don’t.

  • Rob

    They were looking for Romney voters to explain why they are voting for Romney. That doesn’t sound one-sided at all! LoL at Fox News FAIL . . . oh and by the way, eventually Fox will have to answer for the fact that they play to racists and biggots to make their money. This election isn’t even going to be close!!!! Our President is gonna win in a landslide just like he did against McCain.

    • Sarandon

      and eventually Obama will have to do something for his country…other than COMPLETELY BANKRUPT IT AND BRING IT TO SHIT. All media and I mean ALL media reports and says what they are told to report and say. Before you start talking about something, know wtf you are talking about.

    • dave

      the only losers are you dopes voting for the pust in the white house

      • http://WebProNews Margo Schlemmer

        No, Dave, the real losers are those in our great English Only America who can’t spell. You putz!

    • ch

      yeah, because EVERYONE knows all republicans are racist and bigots. Leave it to the mental midget libs like yourself to always throw the race card into elections. cnn was lib biased way before foxnews came into town.. go watch cnn, sheep.

      • SCott Gliem

        So all repbulicans are racists now? What about dumbo ears that is sitting the chair or should I say the empty chair? He is all about seperating the whites and the blacks. Look at the Black Panthers in Philidelphia who prevented the whites from voting in their neighborhood and the Justice Department if that is what you want to call them I call them the Keystome Cops and never really did a thing to stop them from doing that which is illegal. But yet they can disregard a Border Agent’s death and not do anything about it even though he was hispanic. Where is the justice in that? Isn’t that being racists?

        • JD

          Black Panthers prevented Whites from voting in Philidelphia? Really? It was in front of a low income housing complex and they prevented NO ONE from voting! The demographic suggests that Obama got over 90% of the vote from that building and that is being conservative.

          Problem is, instead of investigating and reporting, Fox knows what it wants to report and does a casting call to get “citizens” to fit the report they want to broadcast. That’s neither journalism nor news. You people still watch it for news?

          • Jay

            So JD there wasn’t a couple of Panthers, one with a bat, standing outside of that polling place threatening voters?
            You moron…I saw it and believe what I saw.

    • Jean

      bob, what I would answer to the question as to why I am voting for Romney, it is becsuse I do not like our government run like Al Capone and his gang. And I want a president that loves THIS country. And another thing, he isn’t our president, he is only blacks and muslims president. We aren’t the racists here and you all know it.

    • TBone

      its the libs that play to racists. most people I know that voted for Barry voted for him because he is black. now tell me that ain’t racist.

  • Bob Bartlebaugh

    Come on, everybody knows that those good ol boys and gals over at Fox news aren’t exactly the sharpest knives in the journalism block; but to go trolling for ringers, then get upset when one actually turns the table on you? I heard the Fox news gang just hired another famous newsman away from a small radio station in Cincinnatti…goes by the names of Les Nessman.

    • dave

      what is amazing is that all the left wing media never an i mean never have anyone on that that doesnt bend over backward to spew the vile lies that lefty’s spreach. B.O. STANDS JUST FOR THAT !

    • sukiyhtaky

      Yeah you’re right. About all you can say for them is that they are brighter than anything else the other guys have. You keep at that thinking thing Bob, I’n sure one day you’ll get it right. :)

    • kevin

      Gretchen has a degree from Stanford, Oreilly has a few degrees one from Harvard, etc. Where is your degree from?

  • Berta Ranft

    I thought Gretchen was a class act, and felt the boy was there to embarrass Fox – which he didn’t. He just embarrassed himself. He’s a typical liberal who has nothing better to do and thinks something like this is cute. He needs to get a job.

    • Eric

      You do realize BERT that your comments are what is wrong with this country. You are the one being divisive. Typical liberal? Yes all liberals are wanna be stand up comedians who try to go on FOX News as a joke. Comments like yours are unpatriotic. You are a bad person and a bad American and am pretty sure you know it.

      • TBone

        Eric you must be the typical liberal to say some pathetic and silly like that! get a job!

      • Ed

        You do relize ERIC that you comments are what is wrong with this country. You are the one being divisive. “You are a bad person and a bad American and am pretty sure you know it”. BERT as you call her did not call him names or question his patriotism. You on the other hand resorted to name calling and personal attacks. Tell me which is worse?

      • Artie13

        Eric, you typify a liberal mindset. You disagree with Bert, so you label him as unpatriotic.
        What is wrong with this country is the lack of leadership, the faltering economy and the socialistic view that business is bad and dependency on government is good. Look at the history of the USA. We didn’t get where we are as a nation by sitting back and waiting on the government. We did build this.

      • krdave

        Eric, I really am qualified to ramble on and on about how misguided you have been by the kool-aid drinkers, etc., but I will merely say that you are an ignorant a-hole.

  • http://strategicdefaultbooks.com/ Gary Anderson

    Fox News is not news. It is propaganda. There is a lot of propaganda these days, from the attacks by Wall Street on California Unions to the Wall Street/Rahm Emmanuel attacks on public school teachers. Most of the attacks are from the Republicans, but Rahm is big into Charter Schools, and those are successful only because they can pick and choose students. It is a scam, just like all of Wall Street, including the new housing bubble paid for by the 1 percent, is a scam.

    • http://yahoo robert greiner

      you have mixed up your points so badly you are not credible . start over and try to make some sense.

    • mary Layo

      Every time I hear someone on Fox News call the mainstream media the “lamestream” media I automatically think-I’d rather watch “lamestream” than “lamebrain media all day every day. Just saying…

      • kevin

        Do you have a degree from Stanford,Mary?

    • Jean

      The reason you guys hate Fox news is because they are the only news show out there that will tell the people the truth. All the liberal papers and news shows print what obama wants them to print and talk about. If obama wins, you are going to pay for it just like the rest of us, because he doesn’t like you anymore than he likes us. You will be in invisible chains, maybe even some visible.

      • http://yahoo Don

        Good point Jean. People that watch the main stream media are only watching an extension of the Obama / Socialist control force. Amazing they haven’t figured out that they are not watching real journalism.

    • Dominick

      Apparently it’s all a scam. We could sure use someone as bright as yourself in the national political arena. It’s through great foresight and leadership that the unions and the great state of Califonia are so prosperous. President Obama just needs four, maybe eight more years to get this thing fixed. We have to have hope. Yes we can!

      • Jay

        Dom…do you live in California? It’s in absolute shambles right now. Where the heck do these people get their information from.

  • kevin

    G. Carlson has a degree from Stanford, also went to Oxford, the libera ls still call her a dummy, amazing.

    • Zzzz

      Graduating from Stanford means she is well educated and book smart, it doesn’t make her “smart”. Just listen to some of the absolute horseshit that comes out of her mouth. Of course, she probably knows she is telling blatant lies most of the time. What “smart” person would do that?

      • chris

        Try the current president, Genius.

        • Stan

          I would not consider the current President as “smart”.

  • Kev

    I thought the only one that looked foolish was him. Gretchen didn’t play his game and called him out.

  • travis

    Every time I talk a liberal friend into watching Fox news they come back and say “okay, maybe it’s not I’ve heard” Most don’t convert because they are liberals and they do want to be told they are always right, but they also back off on the Fox bashing.

    • mari

      As an informed liberal, I check out Fox (faux) news regalarly, and find them regularly reporting inaccurate information. Just sayin’

      • http://www.idolheaded.com Ed

        Examples please. You libs always say that so give one example…..please.

        • Craig

          How about the tea party protest where fox news said 100,000 people where there in the Winter time, and showed footage that displayed palm trees?

        • Steve M.

          Forget it, Ed. These Libs just like to tar with a broad brush. Facts just get in the way of a good story.

      • chris

        Well do you check out MSNBC regularly as well? Because half of what they say is false–and the other half is pure opinion. And in their opinion, they love Obama!! Just sayin’

        • mari

          chris – as an informed liberal, ya really think I don’t watch tons of news from every source? Only watch fox til their first provable lie per sitting, only takes 5 minutes every time!

          • Stan

            Just give ONE specific example of proven inaccurate information from Fox News. Just ONE.

      • Jay

        So what you’re saying is the information you have gotten from other news sources is correct and Fox news information is eroneous? Better check BOTH sources of FACTS before opining. I read both and then try to sift through all of the spins (and believe me they ALL have spins) and come to my own conclusion. I consider that responsible.

  • jenny60

    well hello everyone, i never, i mean never comment on sites. however, being 60 years old i remember a time when we watched fox news, abc,cbs,nbc,cnn and compared all info and then drew conclusions (only because we are intelligent beings) what happen? perhaps we should honor all our rights (allowing persons to state their peace)remember freedom of speech..without name calling. just simply take all the hype out, weigh the facts and make our own personal choices.yes i am a republican, but as I see it BOTH PARTIES have done their fair share of messing things up. GOOD LUCK TO US ALL…

  • Tired Of It All

    Pretty cute. Interesting that if a Repub did this with CNN/MSN, etc, there would be cries of how “another conservative lies” or how typical that is of the Repub’s. When a Dem does the same thing, for no other reason than spite obviously, it’s somehow funny and a joke.

    Are we ever going to get to where we stand up for what each of us believes in, and not just get a thrill putting down what someone else believes??

  • Mike

    Just another immature liberal idiot. Nothing new here. To be expected.

    • Rhonda

      Isn’t it typical? And if they do something real childish like this…the other liberals come out thinking it’s just the most intelligent thing they’ve ever seen and gush all over it. LOL. That shows the child-mentality of the left. Liberals never seem to reach age of maturity, do they??

  • Troy

    Gretchen was not punked…..the writer here is pathetic

    The momma’s boy with no job is the only one that looks like an idiot

  • steve

    FOX NEWS isnt really a news channel. It’s usually just a comedy skit. You dont really take it seriously. They combine current events with personal viewpoints and slapstick. Its all good clean fun with bad jokes that they try to deliver with a straight face. The local Las Vegas FOX news is hilarious. They call people morons and idiots and laugh at everything and each other. They just try to entertain the viewer. You never see or hear serious reporting on FOX.

    • Steve

      Fox News tells the truth. Its about time we have news organizations that do.

      • Mike

        What can you expect from a liberal who has the great Bill Mahr to represent them. He is the moron leading his uneducated followers by propaganda and, comedy. The only thing is, he is not funny whatsoever. Neither is the moron who says Fox is not a real news channel. Pull your head out of your A– and start paying attention to what is going on.

    • Steve M.

      You’re just blinded by your ideology. In the first place, don’t compare the FOX News national broadcast to what the affiliates are doing. . . it’s like mixing apples and oranges. FOX is the only network that gives both sides an opportunity to present their case. You don’t like it, go watch Lawrence O’Donnell, Al Sharpton, and Ed Schultz on MSNBC (now, that’s a real rogues gallery).

  • Steve M.

    Horseshit! I saw the interview, and after politely letting this knucklehead (who was inarticulate and dizzy) take a stab at her first question, she had her hackles up immediately. Contrary to the media reporting, she was NEVER bamboozled by this idiot. Go ahead and blame her producers for not screening this fool, but Gretchen Carlson, as usual, was on her game.

    • David

      I watched it too, and she got punked hard, she looked so dumbfounded.

  • John

    Examples please. You libs always say that so give one example…..please.
    Take a couple of minutes this afternoon and watch Jon Stewart’s opening monolog. If you don’t get it by then, oh well.

  • ME

    He looked like he was on drugs to me what a jerk

  • SteveT

    Perfect example of why that age group has high unemployment..what a dumba__!

  • Paul J Hamilton

    That guy, Max Rice, is a typical liberal: All he can do is play jokes, execute schemes, make fun of serious topics and try to denegrate the one, true voice of America. Liberals and liberal media pundits have been playing “Gotcha” with Republican candidate since day one. Obama promised, “Hope and Change” and what we got is, “Smoke and Mirrors”. I hope they continue to play games with our future; sooner or later everyone will realize they’re not sincerely trying help the country, they’re trying to lead us into a socialist government where the government takes everything and redistributes as they see fit, i.e. to their constituency.

  • David

    She got completely punked, she looked so confused. Not saying much of course, she is a Fox blonde, she is just there for her looks not her brains.

    • Rhonda

      The left are so jealous of real reporting from real news channels and real professional reporters. In attempts to make them look bad; all it did was ‘prove’ once again how totally immature, uneducated and deceitful liars the left are. No employer would hire this guy. He’s a ‘wannabe’ comedian with no motivation to do anything ‘useful’ with his life. It’s typical liberal character. I pity the left. It’s embarassing to watch them act like little children. Not sure at what age a liberal finally acts mature. I haven’t seen it yet.

      • MICHAEL

        You are an idiot Rhonda if you believe that Fox news is a real news station. They are owned, ran by, and in cahoots with the Republican idiots that believe that its ok to house, pay for, feed, and educate the ridiculous lot of criminals in this world, at a cost of billions and billions a year, but to help out poor people who actually need assistance to provide even the most basic of needs for their families. You are an ignorant woman for believing that voting for a party who tries to pull back womens rights and restrict people from enjoying what America should be. Go back to your miserable little whole where ever it may be, and do us all a favor and STFU.

  • TexasMike

    Faux News, pablum for the mindless. What a bunch of twits.

  • scott

    how is this any different from what the moron in the pimp costume did to acorn?

    • Rhonda

      Because there was a “Point” to the ACORN investigative report. It “proved” ACORN was breaking laws. What did this liberal loser prove? Nothing, except now instead of local people in his area ‘knowing’ he’s a loser; the entire world knows it. Utter stupidity! Left have no goals, no intelligence. Childish pranks and deceit is all they have going for them…and that’s not working out very well for them,eh? I have nothing but pity for liberals acting like immature children they are. It’s no wonder they have the hardest time finding jobs; what mature employer would hire such children? Incompetent loser is what this guy proved to himself and the world. Now all employers know not to hire this moron.

      • Baron Marbot

        There was a point to this as well, to show how FOX News isn’t really a NEWS organization, just a propaganda tool for the right.

  • Patriot

    Headline SHOULD read:
    Typical young clueless liberal idiot is shown for what he is:
    an Obama voter

  • jenny60

    hope i am never on an island with steve. would be sad for me.(no logical conversation). steve M, on the other hand would have good conversation.

  • Rhonda

    As usual another liberal nutjob ‘attempted’ to make FOX look bad and it backfired. At what point and age do liberals ever begin to grow up? So far, I am not seeing a mature adult on the left. All he did accomplish was make himself look the fool. On national tv, people only thought what the heck is wrong with that guy….he’s acting like some drunk. Nothing he says makes sense. Only a nut like this would actually think he did something ‘wonderful’ when in reality….he just proved how totally stupid the left can actually get. I fail to see how someone being stupid and deceitful to a news reporter makes the reporter or network look bad. It makes the foolish liar look, well, more foolish. A comedian you say??? Bwahaha…no proof of that. He’s a loser, no job, no future, no motivation to even attempt to get a career or job. Like article says, he “claims” to be a comedian…..that doesn’t make him one. And research shows no actual ‘j-o-b’ being funny….including this one. This is why I won’t vote for the left; they’re totally insane.

    • Baron Marbot

      Actually I don’t think it takes much to make FOX News look stupid.

      • Rhonda

        Doesn’t take much to confuse a leftie either. Children are so easy to make look a fool, don’t you think? This backfired and he just made his job-hunting (IF he’s even looking for one) ten times harder. What a stupid idea this was. It shows him to be immature moron whose unhireable.

    • http://yahoo tom cranford

      The kid was the one who looked like the dum a@#$,,typical liberals….thinking they’re better ,smarter than everybody else..not even knowing that ”they ”are the ones being looked at as the useful idiots around the country…

      • Rhonda

        Yeah. They’re too stupid to know they are ruining their own lives. But they don’t look further than the moment. The left aren’t capable of ‘thinking’ that far ahead on anything.


      You are an idiot Rhonda. Plain and Simple minded, not willing to think outside the box. So blinded by republican lies that Romney will make things better for us all. Guess what, he wants to cut taxes and increase military spending which will only land us even deeper in debt. stop being a sheep for the wolves of the GOP. PS, in case you missed it earlier, you are an idiot.

    • Enrique Lambrano


      Fox has you thinking exactly how they want. This is one person, and you think all liberals think the same way as him. As long as you keep thinking liberals are lazy and are the enemy the better for the media.

  • Lan120

    Gretchen has a real high paying career and the dipshite has a very telling visual resume around for the rest of his working life. Your 15 minutes of fame bought you a lifelong toilet cleaning career Max. Well played moron.

    • Rhonda

      Exactly what I said. NO employer would hire this fool. But the left never think past the moment. So therefore all the gaffes coming from the left constantly. The most clueless immature group of folks I’ve ever seen.

  • Bryan

    I do not think there are very many “news organizations” left, or should I say “journalists” Some will be honest and say they are an “opinion” show, which is fine, but thee are a good portion that claim to be opinion but present themselves as journalist. That is open all sides. Just with this current administration it is at the lowest level I have ever seen.

  • Claire Langone

    I now life in So. Cal., just moved from Long Island NY & did not see it live. But Gretchen Carlson is a true professional, she handled this idiot in a very polite, but stern manner. You go Gretchen! Everyone out there knows New Yorkers don’t take any BS. Hope everyone sees what an idiot he is. His 15 minutes of fame (or should I say infamous) fame should shame him. Love Fox, it tells it like it is, not unlike the liberal networks.

    • don

      First of all she is from Minnesota. Next she is an idiot the only thing she has ever done is twirl a baton in a beauty contest.

      • Joanna Backman

        hey, i’m a Texas native, but have lived in MN for 25 years…a lot of people here twirl buttons and work for a living, a real living, not a joke news job.

      • http://www.elevatorlaw.com PATRICK

        Twirling a baton? How does your bio compare?

        An accomplished violinist and winner of the 1989 Miss America Pageant while representing her native Minnesota, Carlson graduated from Stanford University before embarking on a career as a television journalist. Gaining experience as anchor and reporter for several local network affiliates before joining CBS News as correspondent in 2000, she later became co-host of the Saturday Early Show. In 2005 Carlson moved to Fox News and became the regular co-host of Fox & Friends a year later. Carlson continues to work with the Miss America pageant and serves as a national celebrity spokesperson for March of Dimes.

    • Leonard

      You do realize “not unlike” is a double negative right? So Fox is like the liberal networks… I KNOW IT!!!!!

      • Mike Honcho

        Conservatards aren’t very bright, so it’s not a surprise that they struggle with basic rules like double negatives.

      • Will

        No, “not unlike” is NOT a double-negative. Learn grammar before you pretend to be an expert on it.

      • Robert

        Please Leonard,what about “not unlike” is a double negative? Please,explain..

      • Robert


    • Alexandra Cullen

      I agree, Claire!! Gretchen handled it VERY well!! She really wasnt’ “punked” in my book…she caught on to the idiot right away (although it was pretty obvious). She wasn’t nasty and “moved on”. If this guy thought this would be his “15 Minutes of Fame”?? Fuggedaboudit!! He isn’t funny or intelligent for that matter. I agree with you too about Fox. I get my news from the internet and Fox ONLY.

  • pOnibOicuRtis

    What a clown shoe- Nice try dip stick- the only one you’re fooling is yourself. Good luck with the whole comic thing but uh…….. you might just want to find a real job halfwit.

    • Gretchen Carlson

      Yeah, that kid should be like you, flipping burgers and asking people if they require french fries with their food for a living. Way to go pOnibOicuRtis, you’re living the high life!

      • Coin

        At least he has a job unlike some people who rely on food stamps given to them by a government that is in deep doodoo.

      • http://facebook.com/RcTv247/ John Reilly

        Ms.Carlson this kid you were trying to interview has just gotta learn about respect that’s all and if you and Fox News were smart enough,don’t interview this kid again in the future.The boy just does not understand we got some serious major issues going on here these days and there’s nothing funny about that.So don’t let this boy get you p.o.’d here at all,it’s not worth it.—John Reilly from South Jersey on Facebook.

  • Rick

    I don’t watch FOX because it’s so divisive in it’s approach, and the 3
    characters on Fox and Friends come off as dumb as a sack of rocks most of the time, however I thought Ms Carlson was extremely professional and more polite to this fool then he deserved.

    • lou7

      I didn’t even watch the whole interview. Gretchen wasn’t the idiot, whoever the fool was talking to her didn’t have a brain.

      • GeorgeB

        He doesn’t have to have a brain! He’s a stupid liberal! Like that Butt Wipe in the White House.

        • Grey Foxx

          GeorgeB, you got that right.

  • Joanna Backman

    Fox “News” really? it’s the worst “news” on t.v., loosen up Gretchen, and learn to laugh a little. life is easier that way, and you are on the silliest “news” station around.

    • lou7

      If your not listening to FOX you are not getting all the news. The liberal media only tell the democratic news (no truth).

      • Mike Honcho

        LMAO at Lou pretending that Fox actually tells the news. You’re better off watching Jon Stewart and Colbert if you actually want the news.

        • Mike

          Hey Mike, your a MORON and Lou is right. You dont know anything about Fox News, because your too busy watching Stewart and Colbert. It dosen’t say much for your I.Q. being that both of them are Idiots. As they say “Birds of a feather.”

          • Mike Honcho

            ha ha ha some retard is trying to call me a moron. Nice try “Mike”.

  • http://bensonsjewelers.com debbie

    I thought this guy was an idiot! I watched and I thought Gretchen handled him very well. I couldn’t believe how idiotic the guy acted. he ought to be embarrassed. I don’t see how them asking for people who were going to change their vote as a big problem. I think that the News Show is excellent and informative.

  • L. Bone

    Leave it to Democrats to be sneaky and mean with everything they do. FOX does a great job reporting both sides fair and balance which is more than I can for main stream media. Just like Brian Williams in President Bush’s face during an interview. But one negative thing anyone says about the current president. Look out!
    God Bless America and all the mean people in it. God help us all to get along and do what is best for our country.

    • Joe

      Ha ha ha, that’s hilarious L. Bone. Your sarcasm while mocking Republican double standards is awesome.

      Oh wait, you were serious? That’s even funnier.

    • KP

      Where was this comment when O’Keefe and his sidekick, Giles, were going after Acorn? Didn’t see any conservative outrage over that one. So it’s okay when Republicans do the “punking.”

      • Rob

        That was different because O’Keefe wasn’t “punking” Acorn, he was trying to prove that Acorn was up to shady s***. If you don’t know the difference, then you really do have a problem.

  • Anton

    Gretchen Carlson is such an idiot. haha

    • josh

      that would be you…..and your love for islam…….US under attack and you and your fool friends care nothing about the US… to bad you are not the one in the casket instead of our marines….

      • Bob

        Wow Josh, way to overreact from your mom’s basement. Get a job loser, ha ha ha.

    • Grey Foxx

      Kinda like you.

  • BW

    Of course Fox N,n,n,news is “Fair and Balanced”…they tell you they are at the bottom of the screen and at every commercial break. THATS THE REAL JOKE. ????(are YOU one of the friends)???? 😀

    • jeff cole

      BW watch more that one channnel and read more that one paper!! The lib’s got the press and the networks tied up with thumb sucking, liberal friuts, so for me to stay in the middle of the road with my logical/rational thought. ABC,CBS,NBc, CNN jump on the liberal loon bandwagon. If the wagon gets a flat tire they need a gov’y service to fix it. Oh the outrage if some one on the OBAMA networks to get punked. They’d put a racial profiling twist on iy somehow. I didn’t hear poor female punked by sexist male on Fox

  • Kori

    Gretchen, Get over yourself

  • Charles Wood

    I think from the responses preceeding this comment shows this country is in deep trouble. The motto “In God we trust” is on the way out. But “In HATE we trust” is marching forward. I know many do not believe in God, so be it. But multitudes believe in HATE.

  • Anne

    Reviewing the comments made it is extremely clear that pro Obama supporters are really sipping the Coolaid . So sad real issues,real concerns no concept of reality.

    • gary

      So sad that you don’t know how to spell koolaid.

      • sonny


        • Grey Foxx

          The alphabet Nazi’s are out.

        • Grey Foxx

          Really, is that all you can come up with sonny. Anne, you are absolutely cool. So, sonny, should “cool” have been spelled with a “K?”

      • jeff cole

        Hey the kid is just marketing himself. I think it’s funny. But it does give me an idea that he is more in-touch with thwe world than Obama. Gretchan can get over it she needs alittle reality in her life as well, going from the mild-west to the east coast for the $$$ Nobody can tell me truthfully that it is EGO AND $$$ that they tolerate New York City. For Christ sake the mayor’s a HERO because he flexed his lips and banned 16oz container. AS for the FOX bias, to me it is Team x = ABC-CBS-NBC- Team A = Fox they do provide a broader view of the issues.. But I can see how a liplocked liberal could not agree anything that didn’t mean BIGGER Gov’t

      • Jim

        Don’t you know Gary, when talking about how cool King Barry is, it is spelled coolaid! Everybody knows the only reason Obama doesn’t walk on water is because he doesn’t like wet shoes!

  • michelle mattingly

    Punked by a PUNK!!!!

  • henrietta thomas

    I beleive the real problem is that fox news put him on as a spoke person apparantly with out checking him out thats the problem I have with fox news she was prepared to interview him as a person that repersented the young white male living at home because of obama,most of the people they interview are they like this man was suppose to be and come on and say what fox wants them to say could they not find someone who really fit was that hard?

  • Shirley

    I DID watch as Gretchen attempted to interview the guy, and I DO think he made a fool of himself and acted very immature. I thought she handled his foolishness as professional as anyone could.

  • Nomad

    Ok let me get this straight, a fake ‘news’ show is faked out by a fake guest that they solicited to come on as an actor to make fake comments re President Obama? That seems about right….Fox Network has always come across as biased and unbalanced.

    • Jim

      One question. Are MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, fair and balenced? Fox News is the ONLY conservative media outlet out there, come on now facists, give us one place where we can get conservative news.

      • Diver1Down

        FOX will give libs a chance to expose their opinons on their show. Good ol’ Max made a huge sacrifice to skip “Occupy”, snort some meths and make a fool of himself on the highest rated cable network on national TV. Thank you Maximous Idoit! You are the poster child for Obama supporters!

        • Kenneth

          It,s a shame they even get to call there selves a news chanell

          • JJ

            Hey Ken great comment especially directed at every network out there!

        • http://Facebook Jerry

          U r right fox will give the liberals a chance to talk not like msnbc. Thats why there ratings r so bad, and look up the ladies on fox they r not just eye candy they r very smart have a look @ there degrees. 30% of college students recommended obama as a teacher that is terrible, he barley showed up just like when he was in the senate!!!

    • Grey Foxx

      Mad Max is an foolish idiot. Rude and a typical liberal.

  • David

    4 cheers for Max Rice! As for Gretchen, she needs a brown shirt, jackboots & armband!

    • wildbill6996

      She could join you with a RED SHIRT, hammer & sickle and carrying your little fist placard, DUMMIES UNITE !!!!

  • JF

    How cutting edge … gee this has never been done before. Max should pat himself on the back for coming up with a totally original concept to “punk” Fox News. Wonder if it would have worked on the big three or CNN or MSNBC????? Then again, who would have seen it … Fox is first in their time slot so yeah, why not go after the best???? Suck it, haters!!!

    • http://www.msnbc.com Bubba

      Perhaps FOX needs to be punked more often. Will that keep them from making up news?

      • http://Facebook Jerry

        Bubba fox is number 1 because they report all the news not like the other stations who love obama and wont ever report the bad things he has done. This is america we need it all reported they need to stop kissing obamas ass, he is a horrible president.

  • Randy

    Who cares?

    • Kenneth

      YOUR, A Right wing idiot

      • jesse

        I wish I could have seen It, lol, I know It was funny.

    • vernecypher

      fox noise

  • Rob

    Where have you guys been. Everyone from the Fox haters to the Fox supporters are acting like this is something new. This may be the first time it’s happened to Fox News, but it’s happened many times before on various networks – I think probably no one has been hit harder than the BBC who’ve had it happen on numerous occasions. If you take someone at their word and don’t do your due diligence, you’re asking for trouble. I’m politically conservative, but I find Fox News to be silly. They clearly lean to the right but some of the things they report on that are chosen specifically because they damage the left are insignificant and not newsworthy.

    • Marianne

      Come on, you’re not a conservative. Fox is the only major news network that is not silly–or a joke. By the way, I am a retired journalist. Fox is the only network whose reporters actually report. The opinion figures on the network do opine, but they don’t claim to be reporters. Fox, in fact, is the one news venue that covers the real issues.

      • http://Facebook Jerry

        Fox reports it all they r very fair msnbc news they make me sick, and the media they love obama and arent fair in what they dont report. Where r all the headlines in the newspapers that they have finally come out and said it was a terrorist attack that killed r people not the video, anyone w even common sense would know that. Obama and his people messed up and didnt have protection for r people on 9/11 how stupid was that and then to have rice on 5 news shows lying that it was the video how bad does that look now? Obama and his followers will never let him take the blame for anything, and fox is the only one really reporting it and it should be on every front page!!! Oh but they jumped on romney when he came out about the response from the white house after r people came out and romney was right and now u think they will admit it? nO THEY WONT. What obama supporters dont understand the media is doing us all a diservice but not telling all the facts and holding obamas feet to the fire w tough questions. Instead they will grill romney and he is not even r president doesnt make any sense. I voted for obama but he has done a lousy job we need someone in there who can get us back to work obama had his chance!!~!

        • alice

          I agree, Obama and the abc,nbc,msnbs aqnd other talk show will eat crow, They said it was a movie, hog wash,they were afraid to use the word, Terrorist or terrorism or threats,Intimidate, that is par for the course for the Left who have lost there ratings, On Fox they have a democate and republican on there show, do find that on the other new media, i use to watch them, now I turn them off. Obama is the one who will protect the rich, Here is a list that is supporting, Bill Gates 66, Billion, Buffett,46Billion Larry Ellison 41 Billion, Geroge Lucas 3.3Billion I could go on and on, Those who Obama will support not Romney, Look up FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS COMMUNIST USA Obama file, Obama came from a family of people who want to change,change remember that word, to a socialist country, they want to tear down the united constition, They follow the Saul Alinsky method. These Democrates one day will eat alot of crow, I want them to admit that they lied, we were attacked by and the killers will not be found, If you are proud that 4 americans were killed so be it. I just hope that we have enough good americans and vote Romney. a change, and to those who complain that he close up shops, if you know business, you would understand, and for those, Look at Obama throwing our money around to business who he knew that were going bankrupt,solynda 575million to a waste, He brag he save GM, they still go over to china, Our tax money bail them out and we had nothing to say.

    • Joe


      Fox News “clearly leans right” and you find them to be “silly”. You are a fraud my friend. If you knew Fox News at all, you would know that they are “fair and balanced”. They are the only ones who report the news unbiased. Go back to watching CNN [Clinton News Network] and keep grubbing off the tax payers.

  • Jack

    So what. The news on big three is just as bad. Did we forget what Dan Rather did with old W and vietnam draft. The old integrity in news are not in anymore. Sensationalism is what they are doing. It brings ratings up.

  • rggreen

    funny comments here….still lol. I havent had to work sinse I was 18…now 26 and still @ home loving it! Keep the checks coming…all free handouts are cool.I am mainstream usa!!!! Just ask ANY of my liberal friends….we love free stuff and think it is our DUTY to stay @ home…long live all the free money…..lol all u haters.

    • http://Reality Reality

      Govt is not going away. We need smart rational people running things and that is never going to happen without term limits. The yahoo’s we have now are in it for themselves.

    • JAG

      rggreen is a fake. don’t believe the commwnts. you suck, rggreen. You’re a shameless and despicable, piece of shit, liar

  • john fredricks

    Mitt Romney is a gordon gecko for those who have not watched the original wall street watch it. His job was not creating jobs what he did was buy companies and dismantle them and eliminate jobs and companies. I should know I was an auctioneer who auctioned off all the remnants of the companies. After i did a major company and the guy who purchased most of the equipment told me he will make a killing selling off the bankrupt company to china I quit. I had enough we are slowly dismantling this country and MORONS like Mitt Romney are why. He will take care of his RICH friends and we will be screwed. Obama is the lesser of 2 evils. We need an independent. GOOD LUCK USA We need it

    • Grey Foxx

      Wow, You’re an idiot.

      • ty

        Well thought-out, intelligent rebuttal, dried up foxxx. Smoke more weed, brainiac.

      • ANTHONY


    • Dennis Robert

      john….your comments are a prime example of why so many people still listen to the current politicians. You will believe anything and not bother to get any more relevant facts or apply any independent thought. While your comparison has some truth to it, you have obviously missed the underlying issue that creates these opportunities.
      1. The only companies that Bain capital and others like it are companies that are going to go belly up and SEEK their business expertise….in most cases.
      2. They do this to minimize the total loss…..their employees were going to end up out of a job regardless. I will reiterate, these companies are failing to the point of bankruptcy without repair.
      3. Bain and others like it are not the reason people lose jobs…they are lost by the original management that ran the business, that, often times sought the business expertise of Bain. Basically, fix what I have broken.
      4. Simple math, seems to be a deteriorating skill among those who are currently in office and those who support them. If you take in LESS than what you put OUT, you will eventually go bankrupt when no one will lend you money anymore. You have to make cuts to keep the hope of staying in business alive. So, you have to look at your OUTPUTS, the majority of a business’ output is USUALLY it’s wages to employees. UH……..
      Just out of curiosity two things:
      1. How many companies have recovered and thrived through the help of business’ of Bain and others like them?
      2. If the fact that the equipment that was being sold to China, was such an issue to you….why didn’t you buy it? Who buys that kind of stuff? Oh yeah, business men. Those dirty rich people.

      If you are going to demonize a business for what they do……take a look at why they do it. Simple economics….supply and demand. There must be a need for such companies if they exist.

      Food for thought, the White House has recently reached out to Bain to help save a refinery in Pennsylvania. Hypocritical? Of course not, because Romney is no longer the CEO and well your heroes in Washington are the ones using them!

  • Grey Foxx

    He looks like he’s on drugs. Being a liberal, he probably is.

    • ty

      Seriously, smoke more weed.

  • http://Yahoo Linda Van Ysseldyk

    Silly idiot!

  • Ed

    Gretchen deserved it- trying to pass off thinly-veiled editorial commentary- which always, 100% on the side of the Republicans, regardless of the facts- it’s about time someone punked her back. She’s been doing it to the American public for the last few years. I also love how she pretends she’s, “just a simple girl who’s just like us”, when in fact, she’s a Rhodes Scholar who’s married to an ultra-wealthy sports agent.

    She’s fun to look at, but I can’t think of a single other redeeming quality about this talking (more like yakking) head.

    • Hyram Schmidlaff

      I don’t even think she’s fun to look at. Not too pretty, not too talented.

      • http://www.msnbc.com Bubba

        They need a new Miss America. She justs looks old

  • Jeannie

    You stupid people!! This is how countries become communist countries. Open your eyes to see what is happening to us all!!! This country will never be the same now that Obama has ruined it for everyone.

    • http://www.msnbc.com Bubba

      Yea Communist go Obama. Much better than the trickle down republicans.

    • Denise R.

      Yeah. Because of Obama, we now have practical jokes. Last time i checked, when the show Punk’d debuted, Bush was in office. Candid Camera, another Republican was in office. That’s going back to the Allan Funt days. Wow…you blame practical jokes on Obama too. You’re nuts! Get a life!

  • Danny Giradi

    I think this is great! Fox does nothing promote their Republican agenda. The Fox & Friends morning show makes MSNBC look like mediators. Carlson also needs to get a sense of humor. Her and her morning show buddies were just upset that their “set up” fell apart. She also states that she’s an Independent. Nice way of trying to look like she’s not biased. While she’s a registered Independent, i’d love to look at her past voting record. Too bad it isn’t made public. I’m guessing 99% Republican votes. What a joke! By the way, she needs to stop wearing dresses. She lost most of her figure. Flabby legs don’t look good on camera. Either get to a gym or go with pants.

    • http://yahoo eva

      Well, I think you may be onto something. If the Fox commentators are so “independent” when the hell was the last time they voted for a Democrat.Usually an “Independent” is a Republican still in the closet.

  • Rick D

    Just goes to show ya….. FOX is not just about racism and bigotry they also do comedy.

  • http://yahoo Mike

    The interview didn’t “go down hill” she figured out rather quickly that the guy wasn’t serious and was instead a douche and she then ended the interview. He obviously lied in order to get on the show but wasn’t smart enough to pull it off. Typical democrat.

  • JC

    HE was the only “PUNK” I saw!

    • Mark

      All you republicans are just mad fox couldn’t find anyone who is going to vote for M(Mr out of touch,has no clue,only cares about the rich,cult member)Romney

  • Badbob

    I guess this only proves his point, Fox is a joke and obviously didn’t check him out. Sounds like something that Romney might sound like, at least this guy wasn’t boring like Romney has become.

    • alice

      I don’t think Romney is funny, If you listen to the far left liberal news, I could understand why you would make a commit like you made. This country is going to hell because of Obama,His muslim faith has stood in his way.All of you who made such a stupid commit, Look up FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS, communist USA Obama file, then you will know where Obama gets all his hiden Ideas that he won’t tell the american people, He lies everytime he goes around the cornor. All of Obama friends are either have a back ground in some kind of intimidation on other people. politicaly Obama is a threat to the United state. so do your research instead of telling others they are fake.All of Obamas unelected czars are in play to change this country, to be equal to the other country, poor, that why they beg for are money, and why should we send are hard working money to abunch of terrorist, who burns our flags, They hate america, go over there and say what you want, your tongue will be cut out.think about that, is that what you want.? here in the united states.

      • Ceedogg

        Okay bad dude,just go vote for your hero again,and I like so many others, will be leaving this country.Hate to see this once great nation burn.You obviously are part of the problem,and good luck to you.Enjoy.

        • Ceedogg

          Love you for trying Alice.Don’t waste your words on a no common sense lib.They just don’t get it.If they did they would have read up on socialism,and communism.First steps are divide the nation,and destroy the current system,in this case,capitalism.I guess they are just beyond seeing the truth,right in front of their faces.You can’t reason with someone who has no common sense.If he gets reelected,I and many others will leave this country.

          • Chance

            Wow! I know, Obama is ruining this country. He must just be waiting until his next term to end all of our lives because he knew Romney would run against him and Obama would crush him. Ha you guys crack me up! I don’t know why you feel the need to tell everyone who doesn’t know or care about you that you’re moving to another country, or why you haven’t already done it if you think Obama is so evil. We could use alot less of you people anyway. Maybe you should look into to moving to Mexico or a third world country!

      • Dave

        Thank you, Alice!!! I Love you!!!

        • C Lee

          Nuts love nuts!!! If you read Alice’s comment and check her spelling and grammar, you can see that she is uneducated and subscribes to conspiracy theories. Typical Fox news fan.

  • http://None Fred

    It is so funny that this young guy puts Gretchen on TILT. When her lips are pierced together she knows it’s going downhill, to the dark side. TILT…..it was funny, but this guy is no Chris Farley either.

    • alice

      I bet this guy has been picked up by the police, He sounds like a nut case.

  • kp

    not funny

    • http://None Fred

      It was very very funny, the look on Gretchen’s face. It’s that same look at a poker table, when someone is squirming. Lips squeezed together. I don’t care about the political angle of the video, just that look….ha ha.

      • alice

        You think its was funny, do you think the Nut of a President is funny too.He couldn’t remember how much debt we are in when Letterman asked him a question. Obama should get a t.v. show if he thinks he funny. I don’t think Letterman will vote for him either, another pervert.But he needs a joker on his show to make those crazy audience laugh.ha,ha,ha.

        • Ceedogg

          Damn Fred if you thought that was funny,I should have been a comedian.She just looked like “who the f___ vetted this moron?” I’m sure she slept like a baby that night.You must think John Stewart is hilarious.Another no talent bum.

          • Chance

            Not only is John Stewart funny. He is funny yet factual.

  • Tiffany

    What’s up with the Charles Manson eyes Max???

  • hate gretchen

    She is a fake bitch she got what she deserved

    • alice

      If she was a fake and you watch Fox and Friends early in the morning, why waste your time on her. Don’t turn the T.V. or maybe those that think she is fake have the hoties for her early in the morning, so don’t watch it. I love the Foxs news and Fox and friends early in the morning. You might learn something what going around you, you free loader, thats all you people want.

      • Chance

        This is the problem with our country. We’re too busy(on both sides) letting people we don’t know(other than seeing them on tv every morning or evening) tell us the news from their point of view or the head of the network having them distort point of views one way or another. We buy into one belief too easily and never give another one a chance once we have made up our minds after listening to 3 minutes of slander and false facts against one candidate. How do we expect to choose the correct leader in this type of atmosphere? We don’t.. And we probably never will because most Americans don’t have the time to do the research on finding facts and you can’t get inside the candidates heads and know what they are really thinking. You can only assume. The conservatives that think Obama is evil are not right, but either are the liberals that think he is the best president ever, nor are any of the news anchors, celebrities, or many, many people that have written books trying to influence you to vote for the candidate which they see suitable. This is why we have a right to vote. Because you, the individual is in complete control of that vote (oh and the electoral college is what really counts though), but come on people this was pretty funny, it wasn’t a political statement. Vote for who you think will best benefit you, not for the candidate they persuade you to vote for.

      • C Lee

        What makes you think we watch Carlson and company? I’ve seen her show in the past, and it’s all drivel. I don’t watch it any more. Doocy and Kilmeade are two of the most uninformed and ignorant people I’ve ever seen. Carlson isn’t much better, but at least she’s not bad to look at. The only thing she has going for her. Any station that advertises for someone to do an interview with them, with a predetermined agenda to only bash the President deserves what they get. I wasn’t impressed with this guy, but at least he exposed Carlson’s agenda, which I thought was funny.

    • Ceedogg

      Ten to one she’s a lot better looking than you are.That’s probably the biggest part of it.There’s nothing phony about her.She’s doing her job,and he,more than likely like you,is out of work.That was such a catty remark girl.Come on now,this isn’t high school.

      • moxeyheller

        she’s not phoney at all she was born looking like that,fake nose fake eyelashes fakelips fakeboobs,lol

    • johnnie

      It seems as if a lot of folks watch Fox every day and then want to gripe about it. Watch something else and see what they are saying. Am sure Fox wont miss you !!!!!

  • alice

    when someone like this nut goes on to see if someone is fake, has to be a pervert. It’s not funny at all,he knows he is far away and cannot do nothing, but doesn’t have the guts to go face to face. When these nut cases vote for Obama they will not be able to make those kind of stupid question, one thing he will have control of all airways, so enjoy now,freedom is closing in on all of us if we elect this no brainer who lies every inch of the way,but I guess because he is a muslim we must bow to him.

    • C Lee

      He may not be funny, but he exposed Carlson and Fox for the hypocrites they are. Don’t advertise for someone to bash Obama unless you can deal with the possibility that you might get played for your biased attitude.

  • steve

    Fox News has more Patriots than all of the networks combined. If you want a free America vote Romney/Ryan. If you want more of the same and worse vote the incumbent.

    • http://yahoo Betty

      I agree 100%, Steve. Story choice is a big part of the network news shows. and you’ll really notice that if you watch Fox news for a week. They cover all important stories you need to know about, unlike all the other major networks and news networks.

    • Ceedogg

      You pretty much said it Dennis.We can live like kings in the Philippines,complete with servants and a driver for a person who survives here for two thousand a month.Everything there is cheaper.Probably have close to a thousand dollars left over each month.Nice place in the country.Sixty grand there,and two hundred thousand here.Getting more sick of this shit by the day.Again I say,Fox,nor Ms.Carlson were punked.Only the punk made a fool of himself.That’s on a par with a seventh grader prank.Like the rest of his life,it failed too.If he is indeed a comedian,it’s little wonder he is unemployed.His lack of talent,and common sense account for the biggest part,and the lack of leadership in the white house accounts for the rest of it.I viewed his little “punked” video and only felt sorry for a college grad,(some how)who has absolutely nothing going for himself.Don’t know what he’ll do after mom and daddy die. As for me,hello Philippines,goodbye once great and once free nation.

      • C Lee

        If a news channel advertises for a certain type of individual, only to bash the opposition, and then gets played, it’s their own fault. If they provided a balanced approach they would never have advertised for a certain type of individual who only wanted to bash the President in the first place. Carlson was miffed, simply because this guy didn’t follow her playbook. She’s the one who looks foolish, because her agenda was exposed.

  • Dennis Robert

    This serves as a prime example as to the sad state of affairs this country is in. There are a few comments about Fox news and how they deserve it. There are a few comments about racism. There are a few comments about Mitt Romney.

    1. The title of this deal is Gretchen Carlson Punked, Doesn’t Think It’s Cute. Yeah it’s the culture; “got punked”? No a d!psh!t made it on TV and reflected to the nation what the future holds. A college educated, d!psh!t…and everyone complains about the education system….rightfully so.
    2. I know it is a point that is eluded and avoided by those who support this direction and this clown, college educated people are at an extreme disadvantage right now due to the current economic climate of the country, I know G.W. fault ( I don’t remember what the deficit was when I took office- Pres. Barrack Obama.) (China is soooooo bad, no they want to be number 1# while we take it for granted and our higher education produce’s this clown for the future, in search of profits and social justice).

    I hope the President gets reelected. You people who think it is best or the better of two evils, reap the benefits as long as they last. The rich, you demonize, we have the flexibility to move to another country…..and we will. I know that you simpletons are deep in belief that raising the tax on us we fix your woes and enable you to continue your ways but it won’t. We will leave and laugh as we watch BBC and you riot in your breadlines, when your give me, give me give me mentality runs out of funding (around the corner). You will achieve YOUR social justice.

    • AJW

      Dennis, your solution to the madness is spot on. However, the denegration of the country started, as education and parenting gave way to drugs and war. The need for war(s) can be debated, but the breakdown in parenting and drugs can not. Kids having kids has lead to this knee jerk, shot tempered, and reality television craving society.
      The Philippines, now with a Social Security office is appealing, yet, is not the only place one can live outside the US, comfortably. I am not rich by US standards, but I speak 4 languages, have learned other cultures and respect other cultures. Live and let live works well for me. I see people before I see skin color, as that sort of thinking is so tired.
      The long flights and time zones differences are not endearing to me, however, what is happening within US shores makes living abroad more tolerable. The magic of the internet give me free and quality calls, worldwide. I am getting old, cranky and want some peace before the buzzards/worms claim me.

      • C Lee

        This was all Fox’s doing. They advertised for someone to bash Obama, and got played. Exactly what they deserved!!!

    • REB

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Sam Clemson

      Great comment!

    • VSanderson

      Buh bye!!

  • Slaney

    Great job to punk one of the big dimwits of cable broadcast news Carlson and the cable outlet with the greatest right wing bias in television history. This is what happens when your have an agenda to purport news coverage using an opinion agenda.

    • alice

      where did you come from bias, get real, the other net works are control by the socialest owners, they will not tell the truth, and if you don’t like Foxs why do you tune in. just as plain as that.

      • C Lee

        Who’s watching Fox? I don’t watch that right wing rag. I just thought it was funny that Carlson and company advertised for an individual who fit their criteria for bashing Obama, and got played.

        • Carl

          If you did not watch the broadcast, how can you make a statement about it? Keep showing your ignorance of the facts and perhaps CBS, ABC or NBC might have you on to prove that once again you cannot fix stupid.

        • Terry

          Wow,you think FOX news is conservative?You would think I’m a right wing nut then.You lousy lib.

  • yeswecan

    Gretchen Carlson has a lot of ego and is so unprofessional. She took this so personally and it showed her character- “when you’re ready for primetime” is such a condescending choice of words. Any class-act with wisdom would have laughed it off and then taken their producer aside to assess screening, not created this uncomfortable exchange for everyone to watch- she played right into his schtick. What person has an everyman on as an interview instead of a quick man-on-the-street. They loused it up. If Fox news was similar to Buckley-style conservatism I could respect them more, but big hair, makeup, small-minded slow-witted correspondence bring down any respect I have for a conservative agenda- this from a pretty good looking, moderate lib. Get it better or get out of the game Repubs.

  • http://att.net mitch

    fake are you people crazy . the guy said fox called him,asked if he was unemployed and a college grad and not voting for obama again. where is the fake from fox. they called up what they though was a average person not a plant. he lied plain and simple. if you people are so blind that you cant see that please buy my ocean front in arizona if have 60 lots for sale 500k for 1000 ft. email me I will give you instructions on how to pay!

  • Grumpy1138

    Methinks he obviously has too much time on his hands, and that there should be more important “news” to occupy ours.

  • Scott Catherine

    Gretchen Carlson tried to do an honest professional interview of a supposed “college grad”, not a put in Romney plant. Rice just makes an ass out of himself. If anything it proves Fox News is LEGIT. If it was MSNBC they would put an Obama trained seal who’d be reading from an Obama scripted teleprompter.

    • mj


  • Wee

    I saw the interview and the young man came through as a moronic and profoundly immature tweener. No wonder he doesn’t have a job.

  • ray mowery

    This is an excellent example, and concrete proof, of how great and legitimate Fox News actually is! They took this man at is word, and then could not stop him from “self-destructing!” Nothing our of context. Nothing edited. And she did not cut him off – Fox believes in/supports free speech.

    My hat is off to a fine lady – Gretchen Carlson

    Garde de Paris

  • jeigh

    He was probably fondling himself during the “interview.”

  • Swanny

    I don’t see this as a big deal. FOX News is kind of a joke.

  • Emmitt Smith

    Just shows the lack of thoroughness of fox news. They put a joker on who they think fits the fox narrative and ends up making them look foolish.

    Clown news organization.

  • Sipus Pourtezkyo

    Ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! :-) Yung punkz is funny!! 😀

  • http://FoxandFriends Linda

    If this “child” is an example of an Obama supporter, they should be very worried. Gretchen has so much class throwing him out on his …

  • Debbie

    Gretchen did a great job of interviewing this clown. I love FOX news and especially Fox and Friends.

    • Mickey

      Carlson is also a clown.

  • http://FoxandFriends Linda

    I’ve been reading all the previous comments and not sure if I should laugh or cry. My opinion won’t matter so I will do the only things I can, Hope, Pray and Vote. Good Luck America, we need it.

  • jworles

    neither is cellulite

  • Mickey

    Carlson is dumber than sarah palin and romney put together. enough said.

    • Tony Rohl

      Carlson graduated cum laude from Stanford University in 1990, with a degree in sociology (organizational behavior). While at Stanford University, she studied abroad at Oxford University.

      • Rigo Rodriguez

        Education is not analogous to intelligence.

        • DevinDenver

          Rigo, Case in point: Barack Hussein Obama.

  • pat

    She didnt mind when she was anchor in richmond va on wric tv8 and had an affair with a married fellow anchor.

    • Terry

      You really know that do you?Or are you just trying to make her out to be a slut? Either way,I hope you never made a mistake in you’re life that someone can tell about you.

      • pat

        Ill be the first to tell my dirt. but they say what is done in the dark always come to light.

  • Terry

    Our founding fathers planned and created this great nation and it flourished for some time,but when the socialism started,it also started in decline, How long do you think it’s going to last at 16 trillion and counting folks.Not very much longer and then the gravy train is over.

  • barry

    What kind of journalism do u expect when a reporter got her job soley on what’s betwen her @###@ and cant stay faithful to her husband is doing the interview. Cant be respected as a reporter if she don’t respect herself

  • http://aol demo crat

    Gretchen is a witch. She was a Miss America? Central America no doubt. She is stupid, knows nothing and is a bimbo with black roots showing. Hey Gretchen–
    Merry Holidays !!!!!