Greta Van Susteren On Colleagues: “Have These Men Lost Their Minds?”

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Greta Van Susteren had something to say about her Fox colleagues after a video went viral yesterday which showed the men talking about the roles of men and women as breadwinners.

Lou Dobbs, Doug Schoen, Eric Erickson and Juan Williams all weighed in on how they feel about women supporting their households, and it wasn’t pretty.

“We’re seeing….something going terribly wrong in American society, and it’s hurting our children,” Williams said.

“I’m so used to liberals telling conservatives that they’re anti-science…When you look at biology, when you look at the natural world, the roles of a male and a female in society and in other animals, the male typically is the dominant role. The female, it’s not antithesis, or it’s not competing, it’s a complementary role,” Erik Erickson said.

Greta Van Susteren spoke up today after backlash began to hit, writing on her blog, “Have these men lost their minds? (and these are my colleagues??!! oh brother… maybe I need to have a little chat with them) (next thing they will have a segment to discuss eliminating women’s right to vote?)”

Watch the video below:

Greta Van Susteren On Colleagues: “Have These Men Lost Their Minds?”
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  • Jimmy 5 Fingers

    This is why it’s called Faux Spews … plain and simple.

  • TM

    Her assumption that they had minds in the first place, is probably off base.

  • ty

    come on greta..you have worked on FOX long enough to know who these guys are and how FOX is… this is NOT news to you

  • John Pursell

    I am a Republican and I support Women’s Rights. Of course some women make more money than men. No big deal!! But I do not like it when women who work slam —“stay at home moms”
    Several Republican women who made more include; Sandra Day O’Conner, “Liz” Dole. Of course on the Democrat side you have Hillery Clinton, Michelle Obama. The point is: that there is no point to this statistic.

  • Kevin

    you people are fucking retarded (even Greta Van Never had a Dick in her)EVERYTHING in this quote is FACT! “I’m so used to liberals telling conservatives that they’re anti-science…When you look at biology, when you look at the natural world, the roles of a male and a female in society and in other animals, the male typically is the dominant role. The female, it’s not antithesis, or it’s not competing, it’s a complementary role,” Erik Erickson said.

    It’s not nature’s fault this is how LIFE is.

  • jef

    ever since her face surgery she always looks surprised. who knew?

  • http://Yahoo Scottie J

    Wow. I can’t believe what I just heard on the work front. Tearing down the social order of things? Juan and Doug I can see spouting off on something in this context, but Lou Dobbs??? Where is this world going if Lou is going off the deep end with no paddle. Heck. I can see Juan diving in the waterwo with no damn boat to be seen.

  • LisaY

    Greta just now figured out she’s working on a network full of neanderthals and morons? It’s been pretty obvious for years.

  • Steven

    Take a look at divorce rates, broken homes, violent, drug abusing children… hmm.. when did this all start taking off?? Weird… it was women started abusing men and taking over the home.

  • Adin Jones

    That’s the reason why I don’t watch Fox News.

  • Susan

    Allow a woman to be your equal,she will be your superior.I beleive men need their egos stroked,they need to feel in control.Most of us women know that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

    • yo


  • Clarence Jamison

    This takes a little to get used to but the signs have been there since world ll.
    Men have to take this seriously, face up and quit goofing off!

  • bob

    I cant believe that station is still on. They continue to show how out of touch they are with the world. The network of the republican party is more off track than the party itself. The party of old white men is a mess and I am a old white man, is there anyone left they have not offended?

  • Teaturd

    Wow….although I never expect much from Faux News, this little conversation proves that these guys really are from the Stone Ages; get real!

  • steve preston

    Now we’re to the point where men can’t even make this point anymore. We see the results all around us of what happens when we experiment with parental roles, and have a generation of deadbeat and nonexistent dads, and women who throw their babies in the trash. Yet, we are so P.C. today, you can’t even go there as far as trying to make the case for what we’ve lost, or how the traditional family structure actually works anymore. Not allowed to even hint at such a thing. Do you not see what’s on the horizon with society and where it’s headed? Oh well. Thanks, Commies. Thanks for all you’ve done so far. I’m sure the utopia you’re working on is getting closer by the day.

  • Juanita Parisot

    I totally agree with all these gentleman. Wake up America…Look at what has happened to us…..54 MILLION babies killed, women acting like men in the workplace instead of being honored as Moms in the home, teaching, nurturing, the young….Pay attention to God’s order of things….and Please Pray for America and the family. JP

    • http://itherapyrx.com Carol

      You are as out of touch as they are – that is not reality!

    • Don

      Juanita–you sound like you could benefit from some psychological counseling…if you wanna live your life according to the Old Testament and adhere to a sexist interpretation of the “roles” of women, by all means go right ahead, but don’t you DARE try to inflict that on everyone else and pretend that you have the prescription for being a “happy woman.”

  • cathy

    Are you kidding me? How many single mothers are out there working their tails off to feed, shelter and clothe their children while the fathers are running around chasing other women, spending money on themselves and refusing to pay child support? Studies show that women are the majority of college graduates. Women are smarter than men and work harder than men. If a woman can make more money than her spouse, so what? You should be proud! This is a spectacular feat as women still make a fraction of what men make for the same position. Most of my friends are professional women making more money than their husbands and are STILL the primary parent and domestic diva. Men need to get over their egos and Man Up! Feel blessed that you are married to a talented, smart woman who can also handle the home and children perfectly well. Men are just as capable of performing domestic duties and child-rearing and should be happy to share in these activities. These idiot men commentators should be reminded that humans rule the world. The fact that animals are male-dominant, is a ridiculous comparison and, in fact, may contradict their argument, as animals are still just animals. Stop whining – it rubs off on your kids and hurts your marriage!

    • Robert

      Never fails to amaze me how women casually and with vehemence toss out comments like “Women are smarter than men and work harder than men.” yet they go ballistic when ANY man suggests that men might be better suited at something (peeing on a tree?) than a woman. Unreal.

      • cathy

        I couldn’t agree with you more Robert. You ARE more suited to peeing on a tree than I. Facts are facts. Women are smarter than men and men are more suited to peeing on trees. Now go outside, take a pee and feel better about yourself.

        • yo

          Nice. Are you single?

          • cathy

            Good intelligent response. And with a name of “yo” one should not be surprised.

        • Bobby O

          Way to hit it out of the park Cathy…lol!

          • cathy

            Thank you Bobby O. I now need to enjoy date night with my lovely husband who couldn’t be more thrilled to be married to a woman who makes a bit more money than he. He loves it when I pick up the tab . . . .

  • http://webpronews.com Janet

    Come on Lou and your cronies!!!…. The reason women and the breadwinners is because the men cannot find jobs and women are working at a lower rate like they always have.. no equal pay!!! I grew up in a middle class working family back in the 50’s and 60’s…my mom even had to work as well as my dad…me and my older sister took care of my other two younger sisters…..and we were only 7 and 8 years old…and by the way… raised those two younger siblings…makes me sick…and…..we are no better then than now!!! and getting worse…let’s just take it all away…how that?!??!!

    • ToMoreHype

      See, this is why CNN fired Lou Dobbs and why NBC fired Glenn Beck–they’re sick and they need to climb on somebody’s couch and see a psychiatrist!! Nut jobs all of them at FOX Megyn Kelly too who is married to some top t.v. executive. Plz.

  • Jed Truemann

    Women can do whatever they want. But, don’t you think that having a parent home with them during the child’s waking hours a good thing?

    Why ship the kids of to daycare to be ‘watched’ by strangers? Better to have them home with the mother or in some circumstances the father. But, one of them should be the natural parent.

    I’ve seen too many news stories where a child is abused by the bf of a woman who thought it would be a good thing to leave the child with the guy.

    Can’t tell me that the woman is doing the best for her child.

    • http://itherapyrx.com Carol

      Why couldn’t the father babysit ? Where is he ??? In many cases women are forced to be the breadwinners when the fathers desert the family or don’t work. Perhaps we should focus on the issue f deadbeat dads!!!


      Well said!!!!!!

  • Jo

    I use to watch Fox, and then i realize they are all out of touch with reality. They think they they know how real people think and behave. They spew nothing but lies and hatred.

    • NotFondOfLibs

      On the contrary, Jo, but people at Fox News are much more astute than your band of clowns at CNN and MessNBC. The people at Mess NBC are the experts at spewing venom and hate. Likewise with CNN with idiots like Soledad O’Brien, Suzanne Malveaux, and Piers Morgan who never saw a Conservative they liked.

      • Don

        Notfondoflibs–how about you cite some specific examples of this “venom and hate?” Give 1-2 specific examples…c’mon….yeah,. thought so.

        Go back to Satan Limbaugh and Sean Insanity for your worldview, pal.

      • guest

        They love the celebrity they THINK they have become.

    • Steve

      Publish one single lie here on this site. Oh, wait, here’s one. “I learned about the IRS targeting conservative groups from the media just a few days ago”. Ooops. That was Obama, not Fox.

      • sbrown

        I got good Lie…Iraq has Weapons of Mass destruction ..The Economy is fine…the guy who heads fema during Hurican Katrina is doing a great Job ..Why do daddy Bush like Jeb better that me

    • Bobby O

      Amen Jo!!!

  • Jo

    What else is new?

  • http://yahoo.com Mark

    I think thats great, now we just have to get the mens movement to force judges into give us the house, car, bank accounts, and kids (w/ child support)and let the women work!!! because women do have it both ways right now….

  • kathi elzner

    What did she think would happen, working for FOX? Please!

  • mike civita

    Fox News…Doing more to turn White American Males into raving lunatics since 1996.

  • wellington

    This is a complicated area. Many women don’t particularly want to be the primary breadwinner….they want more time with their families and children than a full time job allows. Unfortunately, there are too many single moms out there struggling to support themselves and their children mainly because the men involved don’t want to take on the responsibility of supporting a family. There was a wonderful scene in the sit-com “Rules of Engagement” where Jeff(the long married guy in the comedy) advises his side kick that it is the man’s role to keep quiet about his wife’s spending while all the time silently resenting having to support her. I suspect there may be many men out there who would agree that there is a lot of “silent (or not so silent) resentment” going on. Greta Van Sustren may not have any children but once you have two or more children the picture is much more complicated than the Greta Van Sustrens, Diana Sawyers, Barbara Walters etc of this world might realize. I don’t think these guys on Fox are Neadathals for discussing this issue and maybe coming to a different conclusion than Ms Van Sustren. Stop the name calling in the guise of political correctness…holier than thou…type of “opinion”. High earning wives are to be cheered on…remember most of them have full time help for everything; but most women will not have multi-million dollar contracts with the media that enable them to hire household help, chauffeur help, make up and hair help etc etc. Certainly, it is important for women to have education and training that will enable them to be self sufficient if need be. Divorce, and early female single parenthood are the main reasons for poverty among women and children.

    • ToMoreHype

      Nope these white mean haven’t gone crazy they’re allowed to talk this way from their docile white wives. White women don’t speak up, particularly if the men have money. Oh no, they’ll let them talk about legitimate rape, how a woman’s body shuts that down all day and night and white women go,how Obama is killing babies nonsense and the white women will say to their spouse, “you’re the bread winner and the almighty god of the earth–after all you built it honey.” That’s what white women do and say to their egotistical, narcissistic, sicko white boyfriends and husbands. Until, unless they get a back bone this will continue. And the black man Wayne Williams at his age is trying to keep a paycheck. Because black women don’t role like that–period. Ask yourself–where is Herman Cain! His wife shut it down. That’s what happen to him. Idiots!!! Keep talking and loose more elections–I love it!! Bring back Mitt and his dumb-blonde wife too! Let’s get it.

      • Steven Nordquist

        Would you please tell me exactly what principles Obama bases his administration upon? We know it’s not honesty, because the recent scandals and constant restructuring of their responses demonstrates that. We know that its not a concern for the American people, because over 60% of America is against his health care plan, yet he persists with it. We know it’s not patriotism and love of country because we can turn to his social circle and count among them anti-government terrorists (Ayers) and those who literally hate America (“Reverand” Wright; and his “God damn America” rhetoric). We know it’s not accountability because every time something harmful to his administration happens all of those in a position to be accountable hide behind a vale of “I didn’t know”. Just what are this man’s principles?? You seem to be a strong Obama supporter, so I can only guess that you are among those who either receive government aid as your main source of income OR you’re an illegal immigrant who is eating from the table paid for by the “corporate America” you so much hate – the same corporate America that employs those who likely support your entire lifestyle. You also seem to fancy yourself an expert on how people think based on their race and gender. That’s an amazing skill. In fact it’s a remarkable skill. By the way, it’s Juan Williams, not Wayne. And it’s “lose”, not “loose”. Your brain is loose. Just so you have a clue, political support swings constantly. For a while it swings in favor of Democrats. They screw things up for a few years, then it swings back to the Republicans who straighten things up as best they can but eventually they screw up too and the cycle continues. What is a bit difficult to swallow though is individuals like you having the privilege of a vote that is equal to the vote of rational thinking individuals. That is an unfortunate byproduct of a healthy and well functioning democracy. Next time you vote, think about how often this administration has lied to you simply to get your vote. Consider how aggressively you honestly believe this administration would act to preserve our country if it were attacked. Think about how you would feel if instead of using the IRS to diminish the capacity of a conservative leaning organization they used that same power to focus on people like yourself and directed the IRS to use its might to intimidate and abuse you because of your beliefs. That is the Obama that history will remember. In just a few years a more conservative administration will take office, and their major job will be to clean up the mess that Obama and his ilk have left us with and to restore America’s position of leadership as it had under President’s like Reagan, GHW Bush, and the most recent George Bush. But people like you have been far too influenced by whatever the hell you’ve been influenced by with this administration to either remember or even care about what America means to the rest of the world as a leader and protector. As for Mrs. Romney being described by you as a “dumb blonde”, your own words condemn you as an ignorant racist. You are truly pathetic.

        • Bobby O

          Blah, blah, blah…bfd faux news devotee! Let’s talk about making this country better not stupid scandals you and your like keep blowing out of proportion.

        • naanaaanaaaa

          It’s veil not vale, spelling genius.

        • Bobby O

          “to restore America’s position of leadership as it had under President’s like Reagan, GHW Bush, and the most recent George Bush” are you frickin kidding me??? It was these clowns that made us the laughing stock of the world!!!

          • sbrown

            you said it bobby O….Bush got shoes thrown at him..and he was booed when he left the White House..I heard the Right Wing lived in a bubble and truth could not get in that bubble

        • sbrown

          I know this dummy didnt call President Obama a Liar and cast Ronald Reagan and George W Bush as good Presidents..Pu-lease…W bush Lied about weapons of mass destruction and started a war with that lie…allowed Bin Laudin to kill over 2000 Americans on our land not 3 Americans in Bengazi and was slow to bring help to New Orleans… and Ronald Reagan come on Iran Contra ring a bell ..Reagan broke the law…his old butt should have been jailed..and no im not on any type of Govt. Assistance I know thats what your type want to belive..but belive this …Its a new America and if Right Wing want to gain control of the White House they are going to have to start telling the truth

  • sherman

    Yep Barefoot and pregnant as God intended

  • Rev. Tom

    I totally agree with all four men. The Feminist Movement has brainwashed even the “conservative” women of FOX and most females of this nation. Facts are facts – argue with the statistics.

    • ToMoreHype

      This is not a surprise Rev. You and your church have been keeping women docile and subordinate since the beginning of time. Shut up!

    • Microgravity

      “even the conservative women of FOX” — isn’t it shameful when “one of our own” doesn’t toe the line? I recall rush limbaugh, or was it glen beck (who cares, they look and preach the same trash), who commented on the vote by Chief Justice Roberts to support (or at least not declare unconstitutional) the National Health Care Act, “it’s a shame when we get one of own appointed and they don’t vote right (paraphrase!).”

    • Kris

      Should FOX not pay their female employees to keep them in line?

    • Bobby O

      Reverend my ass…you phony! A true reverend would never spew the venom you spew!

  • Jim Seko

    Why is she surprised?

  • Duane

    they were just giving their opinon why can’t women let men give thiers because we always have to listen to them

  • http://yahoo j.c riggs

    A real woman stands beside her man ( not in front or back ) , plays the major role in child care ,running the household, and , of coarse,, work , hold political offfice and do whatever it takes to insure family stays togather and I emphatically support the equal rights of women in or out of the workplace but to you radical feminist who want to “blur” the line between man and woman , I for one , think that is not the solution to whatever it is that your trying to do –and this includes t.v.host who think they always have the right answers.

    • Bobby O

      Correction j.c., a REAL woman stands beside her man, not behind!

  • GaryDF

    Greta … this is news to you? You work among Neanderthals every day. Why does it surprise you when one smites you with a club?

  • vincent

    Dear Greta and Megyn,
    Not only have you been drinking the Fox Kool Aid for years, You’ve been spewing this right wing propaganda on to others, knowing full well it is 99% BS in the first place.

    You sold out to the Corporate slime a long time ago. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  • James Kahuna

    No “minds” to lose.

  • http://yahoo john mccann

    Grata needs to stop and think before she flaps her gums. Men are always on a soap box about women, we always are bithin about our wive, our girlfriends and our mothers.
    Grata needs to step back and look at who is running the show. Men make the major decisions, should we bomb China, should we get out of the UN. The women only make the minor decisions, what car we buy, what house we buy, what cloths we put on for an evening out. Where the money is to be spent.
    GET SERIOUS ITS NOT A MANS WORLD, its a WOMANS and you women are quick to let us men know it, just let us get out of line. RELAX you still have all of the control

  • Microgravity

    Wow, “even the conservative women of FOX” — isn’t it shameful when “one of our own” doesn’t toe the line? I recall rush limbaugh, or was it glen beck (who cares, they look and preach the same trash), who commented on the vote by Chief Justice Roberts to support (or at least not declare unconstitutional) the National Health Care Act, “it’s a shame when we get one of own appointed and they don’t vote right (paraphrase!).”

  • Robert Andre Glasper

    I understand why America has become the laughing stock of the world!
    Every Nation tunes into Fox News and CNN because they can learn
    where our weaknesses are and hear all about how bad our country
    is, and why we are standing below their standards.
    Women have stopped becoming punching bags and baby making machines.
    Our Country has become so dependent on drama.

  • ColoradoPaul

    As much as I hate to agree with these commentators, particularly Dobbs, they are correct on certain key issues but the reasons are debatable. Juan Williams point that this problem is more significant for blacks is spot on, with a huge percentage of black men in prison or former convicts they cannot provide for a family. The woman is better off without him because they have to support the unemployable father of their children. There is too much divorce and marriage is a joke you just pay a lawyer a small fee and you are done. It shouldn’t be that way. Marriage should require at least as much documentation and authorization as say, buying a house or car. But any idiot can get married, have children, get bored, and get a divorce. The destruction of the nuclear family is a real and dangerous problem that is effecting our society from social welfare to childhood obesity to our horrid education system. It all starts at home.

    • Bobby O

      I concur…well said!

  • robert i

    please if you dont like fox news do us all a favor and dont watch..stop your bitching..stick with your msnbc garbage and leave us alone..nobody cares what you think..let the women work and be bread winners..my wife has the dominating career.just worked out that way…its a pretty nice gig if you can get it..

  • http://Yahoo Patricia Nelson

    If I depended on CNN or CBS and generally the News sheep who think that all we want to know about is what celebrity got arrested lately, I would not be informed of the outrageous IRS or AP scandals that have a direct influence on my life and future. What is going on with this present administration is toying with our freedom of speech no matter if you’re Liberal or Conservative. I’m glad that the “boys of Fox” were able to express their beliefs and Greta’s freedom to rebuff.

    • ray gradual

      Patricia–Truth and Faux is an oxymoron!

  • dave

    Isn’t Greta a male? Let me double-check Greta’s pic. I did. Are you sure Greta isn’t a male?

    • bottlesflying

      Greta isn’t smart enough to be a man.

      • cathy

        Because she’s more successful than you?

  • Kevin K

    Let’s not forget that prior to say 1930, EVERYONE in most families worked. The women worked a full day at a factory or sweatshop AND then still took care of the kids and house. Even kids gave their paper route money to the family. Ozzy and Harriet was about a 20-30 year period in our history. Selective memories.

  • Gail Walker

    Its good to see Greta Van Susteren is figuring things out == Finally == she needs to switch to a different cable news show — like MSNBC — that is if they would have her.

    • bottlesflying

      Greta needs to be on the Neanderthal Network.

      • Bobby O

        She already is on the neanderthal network…it’s called Faux News!

  • Kevin K

    BTW does this statistic take into consideration that maybe the other breadwinner is simply not there and therefore the mom is not the primary breadwinner by choice?

  • bottlesflying

    There’s nothing wrong with kunts taking a complementary role to men.

    • KAL


    • cathy

      If you’re going to curse, at least learn how to spell, stupid. I can see why you are so threatened.

  • Tanman

    Megyn Kelley is way way wrong about this one.

    She is a successful driven woman and I don`t take anything away from her successes but, she is not the poster woman of American women. As men go, you can`t fool with mother nature…..it is in our DNA and is a primal instinct (for us humans anyway) that the man is the hunter (provider) and women are the (gatherers and nurturers).

    What is happening here is the emasculation of the male population. It is so complex and has affected millions of males, especially males that do not have a higher education. The society has become academic snobs that have taken good jobs away from people who are more than able to do the jobs but now it seems that almost all employers require a BA just to obtain an interview.

    So, couple that with all the men who did some time in jail even for low level crimes and employers having the ability to have access to their personal records, you can see why this country has evolved to the point that it has. The frustration has come to a head and when males can`t work, then bad things tend to happen due to this frustration level.

    On top of all that, the illegals have been allowed to rape the American male of many of the jobs for workers and small business owners. This is a sad sad state in which this country has stooped. Megyn lives in an insulated bubble and could never comprehend what is going, otherwise her comments would have never come out of her mouth but alas, it`s a free country and you can`t control stupid.

    • Rumple

      You are correct.

      • Tanman

        Thank you

        It`s not about me being right though, but I know what you mean. It`s just down right sad.

    • Kris

      Then why did Mother Nature make it so the female lions do all the hunting and the male only comes after the kill to eat?

      • Nick

        The male lion is STILL the dominant gender. He protects his harem and defends the young.

        You cannot escape the fact that males are dom and females are the nurtures. What is happening in our culture with the feminism/neutering of males is unnatural and that’s one reason we’re so f’ed up

        • Tanman

          Yes correct, I have seen so many mothers that are puss- a-fying our men that we are just now seeing the affects of it.

        • cathy

          Man can only be neutered if they allow themselves to be. So women really are smarter.

          • Nick

            You are correct, cathy. My predecessors in the 60’s allowed this bs to happen (not in my home- no f’ing way, though).

            It’s all part of a seductive liberal agenda and it’s ruined us.

            All this diversity, tolerance, women can do what men can do, affirmative action garbage killed us.

      • Tanman

        I said with us humans idiot…..good grief

        • cathy

          Oh Mr. Tanman, is that what you spend your money on? Tanning? FYI, my last post was a reply to Nick, not you.

          As for you, idiot, why do you blame mothers for “puss-a-fying” their children? Is it because women, working or not, are still raising most of our children because men are absent or uninterested? Why don’t you be a man and actually be involved in your sons’ lives so they won’t be “pussies”? Bet you don’t have kids or certainly were not involved in raising them.

          • Tanman

            We males have allowed you pieces of crap feminist to assert yourself in that you women THINK you can be a Cop or Fireman in the same capacity as a man.

            You women also have been allowed to take whatever you want in the event of a divorce….just crocodile tears to the system and poor old down trotten woman gets the majority.

            As far as your smart ass comment about my name – well it`s just part of my last name ok pecker head.

            Beyond everything else, you women are just like the damn gays that push their perverted way of life upon us normal people by way of using law against us in the way that they were never intended.

            You Liber pukes are a disgrace to the world, go to HELL.

      • Tanman

        Idiot you are

    • Tanman

      Oh how predictable……all you women and academic snobs lock in step with disagreement.

    • dancerninja

      Do you even lift, bro?

  • kevin womack

    Even when were right,(women’s lib, ya know the sixties) they whine and bitch. guy’s we’re nothing to them any more. remember eve ate the apple and gave it to us. OUCH !!!!!!

    • yo

      * we’re

      • cathy

        More brilliance from the land of yo.

    • Mishandra

      One comment states that Eve ate the apple and gave it to the man. Does this excuse the man since he took it and ate of it too? However, I have to agree with Williams on this one. Even though, in today’s society, women are also breadwinners due to the economy, many of us would rather not be. I’d so much rather be a helpmate and be able to lean on my husband’s strenghth. What’s with these women’s libs, anyway?

      • Sandy

        Note how early in human history men were blaming women for everything. Really, did Eve force the apple into Adam’s mouth?

        • shiloh

          Adam was at fault,because God had put him in protective authority of both Eve and the Garden of Eden. He failed at both the moment he partook of the fruit. Mishandra what you posted was absolutely correct;but the moment that I started to read it I knew you were in trouble. The libs have no love, nor mercy.

    • potate

      Look who’s whining and bitching? Oh yeah and Eve didn’t get any shit for that at all. You make men look fucking dumb.

    • Jean

      Yea, but Adam also ate the apple too.

  • yo

    I married a woman who made far more than I did. Kinda like a brunette Gretta. Love it.

  • M Stormiel

    I was surprised to be so surprised at the sexist comments of Fox’s all-male panel, but I got over it. Ignorant jackasses.

    • SAY WHAT


      • neal

        Say What, what about the Man that is the bread winner coming home finding the joy of his live lying in their bed with another man? That shoe fits on both feet!

      • Jean

        I agree with you 100%. My Mom had to work hard on the farm and then we moved away because my father was an abuser and drank alot. If it was not for her all 8 of us kids(5 boys and 3 girls) would be out in the street somewhere. We all have families, grandkids and doing very well.

  • hillbilly nation

    Wait until Hillary becomes President….then you’ll see the end.

  • Bobby O

    The only thing good about FOX is the hot chicks like Megyn Kelly!

    • http://yahoo g.fox

      I’d like someone to tell me about any news channels out there that is worth watching. They are all slanted . You just have to see the emblem and you know what they’re going to say. And its always opposite from the other side. News stinks. Can’t trust anything you hear except for weather.

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