Greta Gerwig Is Set For Another Film, Maggie's Plan


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Coming off one of her best years which included one of the year's best film's in the opinion of some people, Greta Gerwig has been cast in another film already.

She starred in Frances Ha in 2013, and while it was not widely distributed or a big hit at box offices, it clicked with the right audiences. Next up, she will be the star of Maggie's Plan, a romantic comedy.

The film also earned her a Golden Globe nomination, which was something she did not see coming, and was completely shocked and surprised upon hearing her about her nomination.

She thought that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association must have made a mistake, and while the nomination did come as a surprise to most people, many people would argue that it was a well-deserved one.

Maggie's Plan is being directed by Rebecca Miller, who wrote and directed The Ballad Of Jack And Rose and The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee. She is also the daughter of the famous playwright Arthur Miller.

While the film is described as having a story of a young woman and the joys and pitfalls of trying to make your own way in New York City, much like Greta Gerwig's previous film, this film will likely have more of a comedic side to it.

Miller described her love of Greta Gerwig as an actress when saying "Greta has a very specific kind of innocent intelligence about her that made her perfect for this part. I’m so happy I found her."

Before Frances Ha, Gerwig had previously acted in Greenberg, To Rome With Love, and a handful of other comedies. She also co-wrote Frances Ha with her husband Noah Baumbach, who also directed the film.

It will be a tough category for her to win, but it is still a honor for her to be nominated as they say. In the category along with Greta Gerwig’s Frances Ha performance are Meryl Streep for August: Osage County, Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Enough Said, Julie Delpy for Before Midnight, and Amy Adams for American Hustle.

Tune in on January 12th to catch the Golden Globes live and see if she will win. Stay tuned for more info on Maggie's Plan as more details of the plot and cast will be revealed later on.

Image via Wikimedia Commons