Government Shutdown Through the Eyes of Twitter

    October 7, 2013
    Shana Norris
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By now we’re all aware that there’s a government shutdown going on as Democrats and Republicans bicker over the federal budget. The shutdown – currently on Day 7 – is impacting some government offices and institutions while others seem to be functioning as normal for the time being.

While entities such as the US Postal Service, Social Security Administration, and the federal court system have seen minimal impact, others such as the National Parks Service and the offices that verify applicants’ income data for home loans are either significantly understaffed or completely closed.

Here’s a look at the shutdown through the eyes of Twitter:

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • http://fox Renee

    The Democrates need to budge on this. The American people are sick and tired of them not working with the other party,and I’m sick of the media saying it’s the republicans fault when the people I know say otherwise.

    • HobbsO

      No, they don’t. They have budged time and time again on Obamacare. It’s taken a 17% drop in funding in 3 years. The current budget is far lower than the original reduction asked by the Republicans. All Obama has done so far is give the terrorists ground, and they just ask for more. Time to stop.

  • Well

    I hate twitter.

    Ever see the episode on South Park where Cartman buys the “Shitter” product? The product is some electronic device that attaches to Cartman’s head and you can hear all his dumbass thoughts. Shitter is obviously a parody of twitter.

    The episode underscores a very real problem — people are wasting a lot of time listening to pointless tweets and texts. I see people who literally won’t look up from their iPhones. Heck, I even read an article were 20 percent of young adults text and tweet while having sex.

    The twitter and texting world has really disconnected us. I know the advertisers say it brings us together, but it really doesnt. People don’t take time to actually be with people anymore and do things. Today, we had a congressman talking about tweets. Congress is still doing nothing but they can talk about asinine tweets.

    All the tweeting in the world is pointless if that is all people do. Tweeting isn’t doing. Like right now, Congress should stop talking about tweets and get something done for the people. The people should stop tweeting about Congress and actually start doing something about the craziness in our government.

    But at the end of the day, both Congress and the People, will just tweet. It is sad.

  • Andrew

    The Republicans need to budge on this. The American people are sick and tired of them not working with the other party,and I love that the the media knows the truth by saying it’s the republicans fault