Gosselin Twins Think Kate Is The Best, Most Annoying Mom

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The Gosselin family was thrust into the spotlight in 2007 when their reality show, "Jon & Kate Plus 8", debuted on TLC. Mom Kate had recently given birth to sextuplets after having twins, and the brood became a subject of fascination for many while cameras captured their daily lives. Kate was the first to admit that the constant filming caught both the best and the worst moments in her marriage to Jon, but it wasn't until the kids were older that the real trouble was revealed to the world, and the couple split.

Since then, the parents have become tabloid fodder and have had some very public battles with one another, complete with Jon accusing Kate of using their children as "props" so that she can stay in the public eye. He told Oprah in an interview that there is almost no communication between the two of them other than what it takes to arrange for a visit, and said he believes his children have "developmental" problems due to their childhoods being spent almost completely on camera.

But the couple's twins, Mady and Cara, say they're actually completely fine. Never better, in fact. And they owe it all to their mother.

"Honestly? Our mom is the best," Cara told People Magazine. "She wants us to have everything and she fights for that, and I love her for it."

"My mom is fantastic. She's a better parent than anyone realizes," Mady said.

Pretty high praise, coming from a pair of 13-year olds. But they didn't let her off the hook completely.

"She is so annoying," Mady said. Cara added, "But she's annoying on purpose. She does it to bother us."

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