Gorillas As Fascinated With iPhones As Humans Are [VIDEO]

By: Drew Bowling - February 17, 2012

We here at WebProNews are not much different from the readers of our fair site because, like you, we love all things gadgety. Flash us a new hand-held device and we’re like Yogi Bear drifting toward a freshly set picnic. While the fascination with smartphones and tablets are fast becoming a standard component to the human condition, Mark Rober might have unexpectedly discovered that it’s not just a human thing.

During a casual trip to the zoo, Rober was using his iPhone to snap some photos of some gorillas when he noticed that they, orangutans, and other primates took a specific interest in his phone. They weren’t interested with the non-iPhoned humans, but his iPhone brought all the monkeys to the yard. Check out his video below, which includes the modified gorilla cam that he constructed in order to give the primates a good look at themselves on his iPhone.

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  • http://www.webpronews.com/gorillas-as-fascinated-with-iphones-as-humans-are-video-2012-02 darlingsapphire

    I just hope being this close does not harm their eyes. I am not sure
    if the power rays or current whatever can pierce thru the plexiglass.
    Just hope the simians eyes don’t get damaged in any way. You should have kept this idea to yourself, because if everyone does this it’s
    not fair to the simians and other animals.

    • Kathryn K.

      Usually when people are worried about the effects of cell phones, they’re thinking about the “radiation” they’ve heard that the devices emit. In reality, a number of things that you encounter every day- radio waves, microwaves, even visible light are all classified as radiation, and not all radiation is harmful to living beings.
      Cell phones send and receive their signals in a specific part of the radio band, similar to how the radio in your car receives different radio stations. As far as I have seen, there hasn’t been any conclusive evidence that radio waves are harmful to life, be it people or animals. Besides, the animals in that zoo are probably exposed to similar levels of radio waves every day- chances are pretty good that you could pick up at least one local radio station and probably more if you took a portable radio to that zoo.
      Specifically, though, the act of photographing or videotaping, even on a cell phone, wouldn’t expose the animals to a noticeable amount of radiation of any sort. I have to say, though, that it’s awfully sweet of you to think of the well-being of the animals, and I just wanted to explain this so that you wouldn’t have to worry!

      tl;dr: Don’t worry, cell phones are safe, but it’s great that you’re concerned for the well-being of the animals!

      Source: My training as an electrical engineer, which included far too much study in radio and the electro-magnetic radiation spectrum.

  • ches

    Its an advertising campaign; this has already proved to be a fake story and some months ago!