Gorilla Taunting Leads To Animal’s Retaliation

By: Amanda Crum - June 27, 2013

A gorilla at the Dallas Zoo recently got some revenge on a group of nasty kids who were taunting him and calling him ugly.

With an annoyed facial expression so close to that of a human who’s been bullied too many times, the gorilla patiently waited for the right moment and then jumped against the glass, scaring the kids and making them scream before turning around to show them his backside.

Video of the incident has gone viral, with many viewers upset that the kids were allowed to taunt the animal that way, even if they were divided by a glass barrier.

“Where were the kids? All I saw was a gorilla on one side and monkeys on the other,” wrote one YouTube commenter.

Check out the video below and see for yourself.

Amanda Crum

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  • Christine Franks

    These kids are brats and where were the “parents”? Nice parental guidance!! They are allowed to taunt an innocent animal that way and nobody does anything about it. These days the parents are afraid of their kids. Sickening!

  • http://yahoo rene

    good for thegorillia iloved thesmirk wtg gorillia mauybethe kids wontbullied anymore zooanimals

  • http://yahoo rene

    good for ythe gorillia maybe the kids lewearneda lessobn bout bullying wtg gorrillia ilove thesmirk

  • KR Gallant

    This story is disgusting. The Zoo is supposed to be an educational venue to learn about the world’s animals — not a day care center for deliquents.

    I emailed the Dallas Zoo with my concern on the lack of security & care for the Gorilla. Please do the same!

  • julie strehl

    this is another reason i like animals more than people.

  • Name

    In the past 15 years, kids have really gone out of control. Something truly has changed in our society. I am not that old and I don’t remember kids acting the way they do today.

    Don’t even get me started on high school. Our teenagers aren’t children anymore. They are grown adults.

    It is sad when you pull for a Gorilla!

  • Dreama

    What a bunch of punks, these parents and brats are an embarrassment to the human race

  • http://Yahoo Tim

    I would laugh if the gorilla went “ape” and gotten into that crowd of brats.