GOP Convention Begins With a “Debt Clock”

    August 27, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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An abbreviated 2012 Republican National Convention will begin today with the activation of a “debt clock.” Repbulican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus will call the convention to order at 2 p.m. this afternoon. He will then promptly activate the “debt clock,” which will show a representation of the total U.S. National debt and count up towards $16 Trillion during the convention.

“This clock reminds every delegate and every American why we are here in Tampa – because America can and must do better,” said Priebus. “Every American’s share of the national debt has increased by approximately $16,000 during the current administration.”

Priebus added that Mitt Romney would be able to “turn this fiscal mess around.”

The activation of the debt clock will be the only official event of the Republican National Convention on Monday. A full speaking lineup was originally scheduled, but worries about Tropical Storm Isaac caused convention organizers to rearrange the schedule. Nearly the entire convention will now take place in three days instead of four.

A full current schedule for the convention can be found on the Republican National Convention’s website. Some of the speakers to be featured during the convention include Speaker of the House John Boehner, former senator Rick Santorum, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (who recently became the first woman to join Augusta National), and, of course, Mitt Romney.

  • carol schaumloeffel

    Shocked they would do such a thing As they are the ones that started the downfall to begin with For one example how about the two wars that in its self has cost plently in $$$$$$$$$$$ and the lose of our amazing young men and women that serve this country This comment is re: gop starting convention with debt clock

  • Tony

    National Debt Clock at GOP Convention? I think the Dems should have one too. Except theirs would rank modern presidents and the % of debt grown from their inauguration to the helicopter ride home. So, from lowest to highest: Clinton-35%; Obama-41.4%; Carter-42.3%; Bush I-55.6 %; Bush the ‘W’-89%, and, drumroll, Reagan, the ‘deficit hawk’ at 188.6% When the right talks about how the debt has grown as much in 3 years under Obama as the previous 8 under ‘W’ (about 5 trillion), it might be nice to point out that Obama gets the pleasure of trying to pay an annual interest of about 454 billion accumulated under previous administrations. Or better yet, it would be nice to understand or debate the public policy choices that underwrote all of that debt rather than politicize it to the end of no real understanding whatsoever.