Google’s Blogger Users Can Now Customize Their Designs

Google Launches Blogger Template Designer

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Update: Google has announced tah the Blogger Template Designer is now available to all (not just Blogger in Draft).

Original Article: Google has launched the Blogger Template Designer, a way to customize the look and feel of your Blogger blog.

"Over the past few years we’ve worked to scale Blogger and ensure that it is capable of handling hundreds of millions of pageviews per day," Google says. "But we also believe that blogging is about self expression and that an important part of expression is creating a custom design that expresses your unique voice. So last year we started working on a tool that would allow everyone to easily customize their blog’s look and feel, and today we’re proud to introduce the Blogger Template Designer."

Blogger Template Designer - a new way to customize the design of your Blogger blog

Features of the template designer include:

- 15 new templates (with more on the way)
– Custom blog layouts with one, two and three columns
– Hundreds of background images courtesy of iStockphoto
– Customizable colors, fonts, and more.

"While alternative offerings force users to choose among a limited set of rigid template designs, Blogger provides an intuitive yet powerful interface so anyone to customize their blog’s design & layout – putting the user in complete control," the company says.

It’s interesting that this kind of customization has not been available from Blogger until 2010, as Blogger itself is over a decade old, and has been Google-owned since 2003.

The Blogger Template Designer is available through Blogger in Draft, Blogger’s testing ground/sandbox site.

Google’s Blogger Users Can Now Customize Their Designs
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  • Redcliff

    Great!! Now it will be a fun to create a blog as so many functions are available there to customize the bog. Moreover It is gonna a charm to blogger site.new life cleanse

  • http://ukarticleslondon.blogspot.com/ Pravish Thomas

    This is what i was waiting for. Thanx Google Blog Team. Inbuilt Layouts and Templates of Blogger is awesome. Blog is the best source to get on with Popularity, Traffic and Rank.


  • http://www.artdriver.co.uk Web development and SEO Guru

    This is a good step forward; however, having an ability to install Google blogs on external servers or third party domains is something that would attract more attention by web developers. Any ideas if this will happen sometime soon?

  • http://www.weyant.com Peter Weyant

    Most of the folks I know use this as a simple professional or personal blogging site as opposed to more robust environments like WordPress. That said, I am pleased to see (and use!) the formating changes and flexibility introduced by Google. I will continue to use for my basic needs, and appreciate the ease of use maintained in the new layout configuration tools – and the enhanced template choices.

  • Jan

    I spent the time last night to use the new template gadget on the one blog that I have as a blogspot.com blog.

    At first it worked well. I was very pleased with the look. But the fonts weren’t a very good size in the one I used, and when I went to use the tool to change them, it no longer works. It kept saying “Request URI too large” (I think that was it).

    Finally I went into the template html and spent an hour hunting through all the coding to find the correct font sizes and change them. You should see all the awful coding used! The template looked like it was 5 times as long as it was originally. But I finally got it done.

    I just wish the Blogger folks would reconsider making us move our FTP controlled blogs. I have about 7 of them I’ve done for customers, and they are all old and very valuable. I’m terrified to even think of screwing them up and the loss of pagerank. Please pass on the request to them to allow us to keep the old blogs the way they are!!!!


  • Elaine

    I just changed two blog templates in the last 30 minutes, and that was with looking at all the options and playing with color and font adjustments. Gave my mundane pages a new, brighter look. Thanks WPN for keeping me updated on all the new things available for my blogs and websites.

  • http://www.quicksitemaker.co.uk Guest

    Now we can all let our true personalities shine through unique designs- thanks google and happy blogging people!

  • http://www.FathersWhoCare.blogspot.com FathersWhoCare

    Many do not know that the CEO of Twitter @Biz was the original designer of blogspot for Google in the past. Now as we all know @Biz is doing it again with www.Twitter.com !

    My designer template looks awesome!

    Thank you Google, Biz and WebPro News x3 !

    Steve Rene
    MyBlog: www.FathersWhoCare.blogspot.com
    MySpace: http://steverene.com
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/parentswhocare
    FaceBook: http://facebook.com/steve.rene11

    Show Your Support 4=Rights like WE have with the
    “111th Congress – SJC 13/16 Amend to the US Constitution”

    Confidentiality Notice: ALL intellectual property rights are reserved.

  • http://www.kiraly.ws Iuliu Kiraly

    I’we only used wordpress so far, but now I’m thinking on going to blogger as wel… After all, it’s google’s baby :D :D

  • http://MICROSOFT.USA vova

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  • http://www.squidoo.com/Human-Rewriter-Article-Writer John Bump

    I started with Blooger this year and everyone has tried to talk me into WordPress. I hear WordPress has more plugins and more usability, but as a NEW blogger, I find Blogger does what I need so far, and now Google is slowly adding to things, so maybe I will stay, or maybe use both. I am still on the fence about this


  • http://myretirementchronicles.blogspot.com Guest

    I loved the new choices…but I would like it to be a little simpler…like having options you could click on that say (for instance):

    Do you want to change your header to make it wider? Click HERE
    Do you want to put a photo of your own behind your posts? CLICK HERE

    Then, you can click on the links and have them walk you through it , step by step…..
    When I used the new format to change my blog, often I could not tell what or where the fonts were that I was changing by the titles it had on the top of the process…
    It would have been nice to have it highlighted on a “sample” right next to where you could change the colors so you knew WHERE the fonts were located that you were about to change…

    But this is definitely a step in the right direction!!

  • http://mumtech.com wahm

    I read it from v7n forum, just subscribe the RSS from the email.
    I suppose you will receive many traffics when others promotion this article for you.

  • http://www.michaelghurston.com Michael G. Hurston

    It’s great to see the alternative to WordPress is finally getting some more flexibility.

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