Google Wave Turns One

Google celebrates birthday, seeks more users

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Exactly one year ago today, a product that was supposed to represent a new and innovative means of communication debuted at Google I/O.  Now, Google’s celebrating Wave’s first birthday by trying to convince a few more people to give the tech a chance.

Google WaveThat observation isn’t necessarily meant to slight Google Wave or the team behind it; almost any time a company chooses to commemorate something, one purpose must be to attract new users (and/or reengage old ones).  It’s just that an official blog post concerning Wave’s birthday focused more on promoting it than distributing stickers or some other nonsense.

Anna-Christina Douglas, a product marketing manager at Google, appealed to ordinary individuals by writing, "[T]he ways I use Wave aren’t revolutionary or groundbreaking – I communicate about everyday things, but it is these incredibly ordinary and important communications that are transformed in unexpected ways when you use Wave."

She later added, "I’ve been struck by the really personal nature of communicating and working together in Wave, and the emotional response people have to their first uniquely wavey experience, what we call the ‘Wave a-ha moment.’ . . .  You really do have to try it to believe it, though – so if you checked out Google Wave six months ago and found yourself at a bit of a loss, take another look."

Happy first birthday to Google Wave, then, and here’s hoping the rest of you have a good Memorial Day weekend.

Google Wave Turns One
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  • http://onlinesurveysforcash.org Steve

    Google seems to be all over the place when it comes to social platforms to compete with Twitter. Wave is on the high end but no one uses it. Buzz is the simple feature yet no one uses it.

  • http://www.bajubatik.org Luckman R

    Well Indonesia is really almozt don’t know what Buzz..
    Indonesian people most likely to just focus on searching and top search and top rank…
    Twitter is not very famous here.. Facebook is still more here..
    Twitter is relatively new.

    Happy birthday Google he3.. THanks a lot because of you Google.
    Lesser Country will have no problem to study :).
    C U

  • http://www.propdata.net/ Robert

    I can recall all of the fanfare to which Google launched Wave, but I can’t remember the last time anyone even mentioned it (til now).

    Didn’t realise it had been around quite that long.

  • http://www.hghpills.org/ HGH

    In India, no one know about Google Wave but twitter is quirt famous and it’s used by celebrities

  • songoogle

    A real hit and miss for google here, used wave when it came out as beta and I couldn’t see what the big deal was and they should really try a different sell tactic than the blindly honest review tactic , something like use wave and you’ll soon be riding waves in hawaii

    if more ppl start to use it maybe it will takeoff

  • http://technologyedition.blogspot.com/ Shahzad Saeed

    Yeah, I am really a fan of Google Wave but now I do believe that Wave is not going to make a big magic or to replace the e-mail protocol. Surely, Wave is fantastic but average people are not likely to use Wave now.

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