Google Wants You To Tell It Specific Sites To Rank Better. Will It Listen?

By: Chris Crum - August 31, 2013

Assuming that Matt Cutts’ Twitter account wasn’t hijacked, Google wants you to tell it if you know of any small sites that should be doing better in Google rankings.

Do you think Google will really listen to this feedback? Do you think many will suggest sites they’re not affiliated with? Let us know what you think in the comments.

If you’ve ever thought Google is giving too much weight to big brands, I guess this is your chance to weigh in on the better alternatives, wait, and see if your suggestion did any good.

Cutts points to a form, which says, ‘Google would like to hear feedback about small but high-quality websites that could do better in our search results. To be clear, we’re just collecting feedback at this point; for example, don’t expect this survey to affect any site’s ranking.” Emphasis added.

You simply enter the site, and then in a box, explain to Google what makes it better. Here’s what it looks like:

Small site survey


Reactions, unsurprisingly, are a bit skeptical:

My guess is that a lot of people will be giving votes for their own sites, and few will be submitting others’. Maybe I’m wrong.

Do you expect Google to obtain valuable information from this effort? Tell us what you think.

Note: this post has been updated from its original form.

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  • Dan Sullivan

    Thanks for the retweets! Every now and then we need a good laugh!

  • glover

    may i send some algorithm to google? Because it broken now. But i not will do any work without money.

    Easy answer to google question: my site!!!

  • glover

    PS: after 1 and half year, after dropping lot of good sites google asking this question. Ohhhh, morons or just money makers?

  • 2BubbleBlog

    True, it will be a big mess. Everybody will explain why his site is better, but it’s true, sometime a small site is technically better than an ugly site that just happened to be here for ages but just receives more link juices. In fact, I think he should still to use PageRank but removed links and anchor texts from the equation. Just focus on the real quality of the site. We all knows that as said earlier, you can pay guys on fiverr who will post for you on hundreds sites, so if you play fair, you don’t rank…

    • The Collectors Hub

      So true. Small site webmasters spend so much time trying to please Google, that there’s precious little time left to focus on quality content. Google is rewarding sites for the wrong thing.

      • Tom

        I’m a small one-man-company, but I am not living from people reading pages on my website. I spend all my time consulting with potential clients, selling them on what I can do (not what I can write), preparing for their projects, and providing in-person personal service so I have zero time to give Matt Cutts a blowjob.

        Spending time on blogging, tweeting, and doing all the other crap the Google goons want me to do will not help me sell more and it will not help my clients feel more informed or better served. The only thing that would be more expensive than paying SEO people to write about something they have no clue about would be if I did it myself instead of dealing with clients! Therefore, it is much cheaper for me to pay up the pizzo through AdWords.

        They should change the name of Silicon Valley to Sicilycon Valley or Silly Cons Valley.

        I know exactly what I am paying for and on top of that, now, Matt Cutts is treating me as his bitch! “Sorry, honey, I brought you flowers. I promise I will not slap you around again. Now everything will be much better!”

  • Warren Redlich

    Is it April 1st?

    But seriously, maybe they’re trying out a new tool.

  • Titus Hoskins – Bizwaremagic

    Never thought we would see the day when Google became the Global Village Idiot – that day has arrived. Sad really.

  • adrian hall

    If you are an established website and have hundreds of pages of relevant and good content – good organic back links – as well as a very good choice of very well priced products – regular news updates and fantastic customer service placing you ahead of most of your rivals – This should be enough for Google to get the point and make the cream float. Paid add sites that are paying for prominence and often don’t give a fig – this is google cash cow and real agenda – good websites should not be having to budget to pay Google in the future to compete in this self generated paid ad money trap just to survive – we live in a world full of monopolies where big is no longer beautiful or quite frankly welcome by the buying public if it is at the expense of the small intimate retailers with an interest in their customers as individuals not someone to be exploited. Large companies with deep pockets are the types of companies that will get prominence and the lion share of the market if organic search is not protected and Google held to account for everything it does, as the biggest monopoly in its own market place. I don’t think we are winning the battle at present!

  • Conran

    Yes, there should be some more disclaimers to this too. For instance “if your entry is read by a religious zealot, a Victorian prude or a politically biased individual, expect to be beaten the sh*t out of instead”.

    Google is a mafia, with hundreds of self-serving corrupt little despots controlling the fate of millions of businesses around the world. This is nothing more than a cynical ploy by Matt to make his organization look less like a despotic regime controlling markets for their own profit.

    The response to this suggestion says it all – we have had enough of Google, and the majority of small and medium businesses long for the day when it is eradicate from their self-appointed position of unregulated corrupt monopoly.

  • Conran

    “If you are an established website and have hundreds of pages of relevant and good content – good organic back links – as well as a very good choice of very well priced products – regular news updates and fantastic customer service placing you ahead of most of your rivals – This should be enough for Google to get the point and make the cream float.”

    Please tell me how one is supposed to get that traffic in order to gain organic promotion and links to your pages.
    This is a chicken/egg scenario. You cannot get the organic back links to your pages without the traffic to promote those pages, and you cannot get that traffic unless Google decides that it’s going to give you a break.

    I have worked in both the retail and content creation fields for the past five years, and everything Google says is complete BS. You cannot get the organic links without traffic, and you cannot get the traffic without promoting your site, which Google decides to punish you for as and when it chooses.

    Original content does work (that’s my primary business) for SOME sites, and SOME fields. However, Google is a little dictator in this and decides what it likes and what it doesn’t, if you fall foul of the mafia, you will fail to get anywhere with this regime.

  • John Hayes

    I think that it is going to be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff when someone starts offering the service of filling out the forms for pay. Too easy to abuse the system.

    Time on page seems a better metric .

  • Helga Wetzold

    I try to get my site higher ranked on Google for years. Was doing fine and switched offices. Needed new site and find that the back end seems to be much less search engine friendly. Would be great if one could check the google friendliness before spending 1000’s of $’s.
    I now see that Trulia, Zillow etc get all the top ratings they have such a higher budget which a small company cannot compete with.
    Thanks for caring

  • Fredrick

    I would love Google to hear about small but high quality websites to rank well on SERPs. But will it be implemented is a question and also if it is, then every webmaster would be providing feedback of a website to Google. How many will Google hear? and how will it mark a small website as a high quality one. If it can mark a small website as a high quality one, then why isn’t Google doing it now. Why ask for a feedback?

  • JDavis

    When I was in Silicon Valley last I drove by Google and they were the only company with guards at every door. Enough said.

  • Ally

    Oh google is giving me that warm and fuzzy feeling again..

  • frank burns

    Not really because when I come across a site I think can be of some benefit to Google, I wont hesitate in sharing the link on Hangouts. Its not just about giving people what they want, if you have faith in a company such as Google, you’d want to feed it #top food!

  • Kevin

    Marketing without actually doing anything lets hope we are seeing a change from profit profit profit.

    Small business around the world are getting smashed since the GFC there has been a 40% world wide reduction while the internet has seen a consolidation of the bigger players.

    Come on Google give us the faith back.

  • Michael

    If we overlook being skeptical, maybe there is a site which is good but poorly done with SEO.

    Maybe Google is going to email them, and tell them how they could do better

  • John

    I’ve had enough the the google games, I just Bing it now

  • tanase

    nu apare in

  • Manila

    is google lacking now any ideas or technical howto on how rank a website or SEO people caught faster with google.

  • Talha

    Is it a joke, seriously?? If its really matt cutts then all of us would then start submitting our own sites, i can’t stop laughing…

  • Anna Robeson

    Maybe I do not understand enough of SEO, But Google isn’t the only search engine out there. I can’t believe that they have the nerve of implementing so many changes (that 80% of the active internet world does not agree with), simply because they are the number 1 search engine out thee.

    • Phil Perry

      You got that right, for sure. BUT, the good news is, the decision makers at Google are proving that they are out of their depth in terms if their comprehension of what is really going on. They are vastly overestimating themselves and underestimating the awesome power of the fierce enemy they’ve already created and which grows stronger every day and is single minded in their determination to see GOOGLE BECOME A THING OF THE PAST!!!

  • Manohar Thakur

    Is it work really ?

  • Dave

    I tweeted Matt but it was deleted. Why don’t google remove Amazon & ebay from the SERP’s for just ONE WEEK?! Let’s see what happens then eh? I’ll bet my last penny the small business owners will say the real Internet is back! Amazon & eBay are big enough as it is without Google kissing their ass & making them rank 1,2 & 3 for hundreds of search terms!! (& half the time not even have the product searched for!). Google IS evil, they get people hooked on products like Google Shopping then make it a paid service in the name of quaility. Bullshit! Google Shopping has listings from a few big companies & eBay these days, prior to paid inclusion there was a good spread of companies. Money money money, that’s all that matters these days. Google should NOT be in charge of something as important as the Internet. The good old days are over people :(

  • Jay

    Does this guy really exist???

  • Ralphie

    Wait! Doesnt Google have an algorithm for that?

    Doesnt Cutts says add good content and the site will magically improve?

    Dont they pretty much force and scare webmasters to not link or no follow?

    So they are admitting their algo is broken, Geez thanks matt!

    • Dave

      Content? PMSL, that chesnut died months ago. ebay & Amazon rank just fine without content. The algo is doing exactly what Google wants. Remember them (Google) preaching to webmasters about useful content above the fold? Google’s own SERP’s are FULL of ads ABOVE the fold….& to the side & bottom of the page too. Jokers putting hard working small website owners out of business to fuel their own greed. A private company that must please shareholders should not be running something as important as the Internet……

  • Daniel Osko

    This site has as many products as its competitors and normally at better pricing. However, this info will probably be used by Google to sell more services to the website owner(s).

  • VizFact

    You just can’t make this stuff up. Insane, but cute.

  • John D

    If G seeks public help to identify quality sites – let G RIP

    Tech savvy people are already using other/multiple search engines…… soon the masses will follow.

    Google looks highly profitable on paper then why are they playing all kinds of shenanigans around SMB sites “desperately” trying to force them advertise ?

    Is G really profitable or is it just a money circulation scam? Is the whole Kabbalist economy an illusion?

  • Ted

    Pathetic Matt…
    First downgrade and do all what you can to extinguish the small websites and now you calling to fill some form if they have a “good content”.

    This is actually Google’s way how to piss on victims.

  • Steve B

    The question is: Who’s not going to use it?

    This is pretty pathetic. You thought links and likes were abused? This is just another way for people to game the system. And then, Google is going to take it away later on after people spend precious time on it.

  • Sean

    “What’s a small website that you think should be ranking higher in Google? ”

    Maybe Google could start by employing writers, proof readers & coders that use good English – I’m sure this would improve the online web content that Google seem so intent on nagging the rest of us to do.

  • Phil Perry

    Google will listen to us in a token minority of cases. The rest, they’ll ignore, but not publicly. Publicly, they’ll lie about why certain sites were sent to “Google Oblivion” and certain others sites catapulted upwards in their SERPs. They’ll say (treacherously and untruthfully) that it was due to user feedback/recommendations/complaints about the particular sites. Those who are shoveling cash at Google will get the boost in rankings, and those who are not shoveling cash at Google, well — back to FUD!! (fear, uncertainty, doubt)

    Next time, give me a tougher question… 😉

  • Marie

    Worth a try!But sceptical :-)

  • Peter Egan

    Anyone remember the old ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ buttons on the original Google toolbar. You had to go into settings/preferences to activate it, but back in 2004 the notably smaller crowd of people consciously trying to improve rankings debated whether they had an impact for at least a year.

  • Dujardin

    Will never work again with google as they never answered why my website was banned from adsense, probablu cause of the previous website owner.

  • Catherine Caifer

    hhhh very funny lol