Google Wants You To Protect Internet Freedom

    November 22, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Earlier this year, Google and other Internet companies mobilized people to take down SOPA and PIPA. It worked pretty well back then, and now Google is back at it again targeting the next threat to the Internet – the UN.

In December, nations around the world will be meeting in Dubai to discuss proposed changes to how the Internet is operated. Currently, much of the Internet is operated by ICANN, a neutral NGO. Some nations in the UN want to transfer its power to the ITU so that member nations in the UN can have more of a say in how the Internet works.

Open Web proponents immediately decried the idea, and the US has been investigating the potential harm such a change would cause. For their part, Google has started another “Take Action” campaign that asks citizens from around the world to demand a free and open Internet.

Going off of precedent alone, Google may very well be successful with its latest campaign. The search giant, along with other Internet companies, were instrumental in mobilizing US citizens against SOPA and PIPA in January.

Of course, there are some key differences between the SOPA blackout and now that could swing the campaign in either direction. For one, trusted brands and companies like Google, Facebook and Wikipedia all came out against the legislation with blackouts and other extreme visual messages. The proposed changes in the UN have had no such campaign yet, and prolific Internet figures like Mark Zuckerberg and Jimmy Wales have yet to issue strong statements against it.

Google’s campaign, however, could make all the difference. The company could inspire the same amount of fervor if it were to lay a doodle over its homepage again. The company hasn’t done that just yet, but we could see more action on the part of Google as we move closer to the UN gathering.

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    “Don’t be Evil” this is Google’s motto

    • Guy

      it already evil. Them also claimed before what not will sell positions in organic search, see now top5 cheat ads on google.

  • http://www.thelifeinsuranceinsider.com/ Brian

    Informative article. Should be interesting to see what happens in next month.

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    Hi, interesting blog. I like all the outcome here. Cheers!

  • Tag A. Long

    Google wants you to do what is good for google.

  • http://techlister.com Web Trends

    Google is on the frying pan now. Google destroyed the peace of webmasters, now Google’s peace is destroyed by UN. Though Google lost its favour from us, the idea of UN is BS.

  • http://seoenquirer.com SEOEnquirer

    Wow Google being forced to pay for access to websites? How terrible would that be? You mean Google may actually have to pay someone for their content rather than stealing it?


    Beyond its business, the last great advances in the Internet:
    * Global Satelital Images online
    * HD Video streaming
    * Free voice communication
    * A universal encyclopedia (and a really updated one…)
    * Shared Communication P2P
    * A huge database of artistic information which most would not be known without the searchers working at full power.
    Have appeared thanks to a free environment in which no fears hinder its development. GOOGLE IS NOT THE INTERNET, the Internet are all its users and if we do not speak up, no one will do it.

    Google is only making tools for help us to raise our voices.

    • http://techlister.com Web Trends

      I accept that, While Google is with the motive to monopolize by controlling search results, destroying the concept of SEO, trying to force webmasters into adwords, what makes the difference, if we are destroyed by UN. We are already destroyed by Panda.

      • DFTDER

        Trying to protect the Internet freedom is essential to all … Whether there is Google or not. I understand you have a grudge against Google, but I don’t think that Google is the main danger in this case, besides the injured would not only Google but all of us.

        • http://techlister.com Web Trends

          Yeah I know the potential danger, there is no grudge just frustration with Google. I know we all will be injured, for those who are hit by the EMD and Panda it doesnt make the difference, either its EMD, PANDA or UN.