Google Wants You To Petition Congress Over SOPA / PIPA

    January 18, 2012
    Chris Crum
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As previously reported, Google has gone with a blacked out logo for SOPA Blackout Day (in case you haven’t visited Google yet today to see for yourself).

The company put up a blog post titled “Don’t censor the web.”

The post calls for visitors to petition Congress, and has the following to say about PIPA and SOPA:

  • PIPA & SOPA will censor the web. These bills would grant new powers to law enforcement to filter the Internet and block access to tools to get around those filters. We know from experience that these powers are on the wish list of oppressive regimes throughout the world. SOPA and PIPA also eliminate due process. They provide incentives for American companies to shut down, block access to and stop servicing U.S. and foreign websites that copyright and trademark owners allege are illegal without any due process or ability of a wrongfully targeted website to seek restitution.
  • PIPA & SOPA will risk our industry’s track record of innovation and job creation.These bills would make it easier to sue law-abiding U.S. companies. Law-abiding payment processors and Internet advertising services can be subject to these private rights of action. SOPA and PIPA would also create harmful (and uncertain) technology mandates on U.S. Internet companies, as federal judges second-guess technological measures used by these companies to stop bad actors, and potentially impose inconsistent injunctions on them.
  • PIPA & SOPA will not stop piracy. These bills wouldn’t get rid of pirate sites. Pirate sites would just change their addresses in order to continue their criminal activities. There are better ways to address piracy than to ask U.S. companies to censor the Internet. The foreign rogue sites are in it for the money, and we believe the best way to shut them down is to cut off their sources of funding. As a result, Google supports alternative approaches like the OPEN Act.

“Fighting online piracy is extremely important,” says Google Chief Legal Officer David Drummond. “We are investing a lot of time and money in that fight. Last year alone we acted on copyright takedown notices for more than 5 million webpages and invested more than $60 million in the fight against ads appearing on bad sites. And we think there is more that can be done here—like targeted and focused steps to cut off the money supply to foreign pirate sites. If you cut off the money flow, you cut the incentive to steal.”

Rupert Murdoch has been tweeting about Google and SOPA. He says Google’s argument about danger to the Internet is “nonsense”.

Since then, he had this to say about the Blogosphere and Congress:

Seems blogosphere has succeeded in terrorizing many senators and congressmen who previously committed. Politicians all the same. 13 hours ago via Twitter for iPad · powered by @socialditto

  • GamerLEN

    Yes, well, Rupert would say that wouldn’t he? 😛

  • Heather Schaub

    Is there any way the schools can help with this?
    The internet cannot be sensored like this.
    If you need any help (we can’t sign the petition, can’t access it) Stillwater Oklahoma Schools are with you!!!!

  • Stephanie

    The link to sign the Petition seems to be not working…. Someone fix it if you want signatures, please :-)

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Seems to be working on our end.

  • Dustin Dobbs

    Time to move to a different Country go Canada did that just come out my mouth

  • Deanna Calef

    SOPA and PIPA also eliminate due process. They provide incentives for American companies to shut down, block access to and stop servicing U.S. and foreign websites that copyright and trademark owners allege are illegal without any due process or ability of a wrongfully targeted website to seek restitution.

  • Christopher cashwell

    I believe that it is wrong for what the government is doing

  • Jacob Daily

    As Abraham Lincoln said “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” It’s crazy that he predicted the future, in such a way. That is exactly what been happening, lately. First, there was that bill that labels anyone as a “terrorist” and now they’re trying to censor our freedom on the internet? That defeats the first amendment, in my opinion. Then again, this country loves to break it’s own rules, to begin with.

  • Mark


    @Heather Schaub try that link, and share it!

  • jepson bell

    It’s really simple…THIS IS AMERICA! Not China, not Syria, it’s America! Keep our internet the way it is

  • neil haynes

    spread the word

  • Alyssa Guyer

    I am a Graphic Design major in college. Much of what I do, and much of the research that I gather for projects that I must do for my classes is collected from the internet. To cut off these sources would drastically change the education of art students, as well as altering the quality and capability of Graphic Designers.

  • Mark Bouchkevtich


  • Ray Bourguignon

    Do the right thing and leave things as they are – The changes you want to make for the “good” of people, or the “rights” of others are only going to make things worse. These changes are unnecessary and you have no place making other people’s minds up for them or telling them what they can/can’t see/do.

  • Israel

    I can’t believe the government is actually going this far.

    • Mike

      Oh I can! It’s The United States after all… they can’t help stick their collective noses where they’re not wanted!
      The internet was a British invention, so leave it alone!

  • Ken Hart

    I urge Congress to strongly reject SOPA and PIPA, which threaten freedom of speech and the free flow of information in the most blatant way. America’s founders would be appalled at this proposed legislation. It goes against everything America and democracy stands for.

  • Jacob Gibson

    Lots of people enjoy the internet, using it safely, while some people use it for illegal reasons, and ruin it for everyone. Not fair at all.

  • James Tilley

    Power to the people, where does this madness end ?
    monthly uploads of pc content to Governments. Big brother tactics to obtain private data from our hard drives ?

    What about the data protection laws ? What about privacy laws, what about stalking laws ?

    This is commercial stalking but because it’s a government this is acceptable ?

    Hell no… This is a breach of our human rights, We allow terrorists to stay in this country but ban everyone from watching a music video on youtube for example…..

    Stand your ground guys and well done for protesting i for one am right behind you.

  • Taxpayer

    I signed! Too bad Microsoft didn’t. Contact your legislatures and do business with Google over Microsoft.

  • Chris Smeathers

    This is an unfair violation of our rights and freedom of information.

  • Carl Brennan

    I truly believe that this would be the worst thing to ever happen to the internet.
    I disagree completely with SOPA and PIPA. It wouldn’t stop piracy, all it would stop is free will!

  • Tim

    If the government passes this, they might as well throw out the rest of the amendments. They will justify every one to fit what they want. God Bless FREEDOM! we are turning in the United States of Russia now.

  • Colton

    This is unconstitutional. We have freedom of speech. Its a good thing they cant take away the right to petition.

  • crystal

    google or any other ebsite should not be sensored

  • garrett mathews

    the government shouldn’t be able to do this it violates our amendments and might put a lot of the people who work on the internet out of business if this happens our economy is probably just going to get worse

  • Just Someonelikeu

    If laws are passed then “We the People” should Protest the people that wanted these’s laws. That means we Americans should STOP buying Music CDs and STOP going to the Movies or buying movies on Disk.

    I can Bet you top dollar the ones that asked for these Laws will be the ones that WILL ask for them to be changed.

  • Victoriai Souza

    Do not do this. Another way for government to manipulate us.

  • Just Someonelikeu

    I think We Americans Should Boycott the Movie and Music Companies by NOT Buying CDs,DVD’s nor going to Movies UNTILL they Drop these Unconstitutional Sensoredship Laws.

    Imagine the effect on their wallets if they spend 20 or 50 million to make a movie that NO ONE Watches.

    They say that they Lose money because of the Internet Well My Idea Would Put them Completely Out Of Business…
    Just Sayin

  • zak

    It is just silly to censor the internet and take away what we created. Doing this will create no positive good, it will loose people money, backfire on the people who created it and either way the censorship will be lifted, so stop wasting our time!!!

  • Todd


  • http://facebook.com/thedumbshow Tyler Mcfall

    My only way to explain my opinion in this… V for Vendetta.
    If this passes, we as Americans we have basically have no rights for anything.

    • Kay

      I’m no politician, I’m plain sick and tired of our government allowing American citizens rights to be trampled on left and right…and this is just one more to add to the list…

  • http://goole John Man

    thats gay

  • LegendX

    Do not make this happen!

  • joana

    uh, guess I can’t sign cause it keeps saying my zip code is invalid >_> -lives in the flippin’ UK. kthx.

  • net4life

    why not just shutdown the internet while your at it… Morons…

  • http://facebook Nate


  • Alexander

    Rupert Murdoch is a power hungry, controlling scumbag! Filthy dumbass, how utterly not surprising for him to make a comment like that! Power to the people! Long live the free internet! Censoring scumbaggish insecure, money and profit worshipping dirtbaggish sociopaths and psychotics with a pathological lust for power, supporters of SOPA and PIPA, a crooked gang of self-serving anti-freedom and anti-knowledge bastards!
    Power to the people! Long live the free internet!

  • chris hill

    What Next…

  • http://Gaiaonline Katheryne

    Seriously? The goverment has taken this too far. We are a free country, not a communist country.

  • John O’Driscoll

    Can i sign if i’m from another country outside the US if i don’t have a valid ZIP code?

  • http://GoogleandWikipidia Cynthia Aquino

    i think it is Stupiiddd what there trying too do there wasting lots of time nd money for something thats this Ridiculous Hopefulllyy this will end soon and we win(:

  • Tamer Alhafez

    USA used to criticize third world countries for monitoring, banning internet websites and the freedom of information in general. And now USA is doing the same?!!! I really can’t believe that and if this is going to take place, then USA should be welcomed to third world countries club and freedom is no more.

  • Summer Henderson

    Pipa and Sopa are both not thinking this through they aren’t thinking about how all of most of America has smart phones and what are you gonna do when they shut off all things that are accesible now to us in our phone are they gonna make us keep paying for internet or the kids who are doing homeschooling, or to the public schools how are we gonna get sources from books? we made the internet for a reason people think about it.. think about how many people who will loose their jobs over this. i say don’t pass the bill!

  • dk4ever

    Don’t do this! You will be no better than the communist countries! FREEDOM OF SPEECH is meaningless anymore!

  • Wes Harrington

    DO NOT CENSOR THE WEB, It is the only FREE Speech TOOL WE have LEFT and the GOVT wants to Repress it.
    STAND United And WE are TALL,
    Don’t Stand and WE are SMALL!

  • http://none Jake Terris

    YES! Why you ask? BECAUSE SOPA WAS NOT PASSED AND IT WONT BE! It violated the constitution.

  • BillyB

    This is done, but premature to think that it’s over.
    They are bringing SOPA back to the table for a redraft in February. This is bad.

    Much worse, however, is the imminent vote on various countries unilateral acceptance of ACTA.
    When this passes, you can have your MP3/MP4 player examined for ‘ripped’ content, and be arrested, incarcerated and sued for them.

  • http://www.aol.com me

    google can stick it were the sun don’t shine the cloud is unsafe and they know it and all they want is your info to sale it and to use it for them not you they are keep you safe at all