Google: Use Link Disavow Tool Like A Machete

By: Chris Crum - May 28, 2013

On Monday, Google Webmaster Trends analyst John Mueller shared a screen cap of a comment Google’s Matt Cutts posted on his blog earlier this month about the Link Disavow tool. The comment is as follows:

“Hmm. One common issue we see with disavow requests is people going through with a fine-toothed comb when they really need to do something more like a machete on the bad backlinks. For example, often it would help to use the ‘domain:’ operator to disavow all bad backlinks from an entire domain rather than trying to use a scalpel to pick out the individual bad links. That’s one reason why we sometimes see it take a while to clean up those old, not-very-good links.”

The more you know.

Mueller underlined the word “machete” in red, indicating that this is a point many webmasters are likely missing.

Google launched the Link Disavow tool back in October, enabling webmasters to tell Google specific links they want it to ignore, as to avoid potential penalties. If you’ve never used it, and haven’t learned much about it by now, you should start with this video from Cutts:

Hat tip to Search Engine Roundtable

Image: Friday the 13th Part 3 (Paramount)

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  • Robert

    can i disavow all links from gwt? i don’t have idea what is good and what is bad.

  • Underdog

    Hmm. First Matt said that “Mom and Pops” would never need to use the Disavow Tool. It should only be used in extreme cases, and then only very, very carefully.

    Now he says to wield it like a machete!

    Once again, more confusing noise from Google.

  • guilin tours

    I guess I wouldn’t do it as google expects.

  • Fred Waters

    So I have a site that was nailed by the Penguin update, but never received a unnatural link notice. Should I still be applying a machete through the Disavow tool on that site?