Google Toolbar PageRank Lives (For Now)

    December 8, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Just when you thought you were out, they’ve pulled you back in.

Google has updated its data for Toolbar PageRank, after giving indication that it likely wouldn’t happen before the end of the year, if at all. Many of us assumed that it was pretty much going away because it has been so long since it has been updated, after years of regularity.

Google’s Matt Cutts tells us it came as the result of an update to a backend service that “handles dupes and equivalent names,” and that while he’d hesitate to says he’d be surprised if regular updates like before started happening, in general, he’d “expect PR updates to be less of a priority.”

Are you glad to see a PageRank update? How did you do? Let us know in the comments.

Reactions to the update are mixed. Some are happy to see the new(er) data, while others wish it would just go away once and for all. As those in the SEO industry have known for years, the data simply isn’t that useful as a day-to-day tool, mainly due to the time that passes between updates, yet others obsess about it.

Here’s a real time look at what people are saying about the update on Twitter:

This is the first time Google has updated PageRank since February. Historically, they’ve updated it every thee or four months. Cutts tweeted in October that he’d be surprised if there was another PR update before 2014.

Shortly after that, he discussed the topic in a Webmaster Help video:

“Over time, the Toolbar PageRank is getting less usage just because recent versions of Internet Explorer don’t really let you install toolbars as easily, and Chrome doesn’t have the toolbar so over time, the PageRank indicator will probably start to go away a little bit,” he said.

In another video earlier in the year, he said, “Maybe it will go away on its own or eventually we’ll reach the point where we say, ‘Okay, maintaining this is not worth the amount of work.

On Twitter, Cutts acknowledged the update, which perhaps did come as a surprise to him, as it came by the hands of a different team at Google.

He also mentioned on Twitter that it wasn’t an accident, but “was just easier for them to push the new PR data rather than keep the old data.”

Cutts tells us:

Sounds like we’re probably not going to get the frequency of years past.

Should Google continue to update Toolbar PR in the future? Let us know what you think.

  • http://www.officekitten.co.uk Alex M.

    Those crazy lunatics at Google. What will they do next? First the bizarre YouTube comments update to force G+ onto the masses, and now this!

    It’s still a useful tool and I use it every now and then, but it’s not really a vital announcement. Perhaps Google are just trying to make some stories which will detract away from the YouTube chaos.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

      Well, there was the robot story.

  • http://www.comboupdates.com Vijay Prabhu

    The GPR was due for a long time now. With Alexa often giving wrong rankings due to black hat techniques, GPR is always welcome. http://www.comboupdates.com got PR 2 :)

  • http://ebook-site.com Bryan

    I’m not sure what to make of this other than a number of webpages on several of my websites have lost their PageRank completely!

  • http://Storageinternetmarketing.com SEO Ninja

    Ill continue to ignore page rank and focus on more important things.

  • http://bd.linkedin.com/in/searchenginescholar Rezoan Haider

    At least PR is not dead yet. It seems like they will not shut it down just might make it hidden from public.

  • http://www.unforgettableholiday.com Kurt

    Don’t know how I still have PR0 after 80 links including 32 from google and 8 from high PR sites like TripAdvisor (related to my site)
    Any help would be appreciated

  • http://www.sweethomeabroad.com/ Katya

    My PR dropped by 1. Okay, at least it’s not zero, I guess…

  • http://vkool.com/search-engine-ranking-7-steps-to-get-top-rank/ Tony Nguyen

    Thanks for your writing. I am a blogger and I always want to have good traffic for my blog. After reading your writing today, I realize that I will have to change some points for my blog in order not to create an attractive niche. I hope that after I created my onw niche, more readers will join it.

  • http://www.nakshaat.com/xf sam

    Google destroyed after all these ridiculous updates
    and that updates do not serve only products Google

  • http://puisikatamutiarabijak524.blogspot.com/2013/11/kumpulan-koleksi-kata-kata-bijak.html erin

    nice post Mr.

  • Namez

    I have no major changes, but many forget about pagerank, why they had to update the pr again!? To remind yourself???

    Google, turn off completely your PR! PageRank go away!

  • http://www.interpreteremployment.com Paul Harvie

    I am so excited about this update! For months I have been producing my original content using advice from WebProNews, and following Googles rules. This update has paid off, I now have a PR of 1!! I know it’s not much, but it is a pretty big pay off for following the rules, and being patient. Thank you Web Pro News for your great advice!

  • http://www.goldenbeavermusic.com Martin R.

    I’m very happy with the update, My 2 websites had no rank at all, now both have PR 1

  • http://techzend.com/ ben

    I think Google doesn’t want to vanish the concept of Pagerank. They will update it for their ease. But nobody should rely on PR, because PR has no link with search rankings anymore.

    • http://www.infinitelymore.org/how-to-increase-bsnl-broadband-speed/ Shristy Chandran

      Ben, Google is not one company to hold on to something which is worthless for them. I believe Page Rank since is a factor in their ranking algorithm as also has been included for its bots to read from the various toolbars it has been installed, they need it, else why will they update it at all, but still managed to do it once in this year. They need people to keep it on their browsers and read from it. If it is of no use to them, why keep it at all, there is some use for it to them, that is for sure.

  • AKM Borhanice

    Its BAD for me. I get demotion :( 3 of my website PR was 4 but now they are only 2. 1 PR 3 get PR 2 too :( . Some PR 1 goes PR0 :( .

    Yes some of my website get update like 3 new site get PR1 and One new site Get PR 2.

  • http://bestmoviesevernews.com/ Curt

    Even though people always like to say that Google PR doesn’t matter, it still does to advertisers.

    I’ve noticed that when the PR drops on people sites, they’re usually the ones that say it doesn’t matter. People need to be able to measure a website’s validity and even if it’s old and irregular, PR is basically the only easy thing that advertisers really have.

  • http://legendary-seo.de Legendary SEO

    I like this Update because now a lot of fake PR sites loose the PR :)

    But i don’t look to much at PR because DD/PA is much more important!

    It’s possible to rank a site with PR 0 in a middle competitive keyword with the right strategie :)

    Good luck in the SERPs!

  • http://www.2bubbleblog.com 2BubbleBlog

    Personaly my Pagerank went to PR5 to PR0 and I have no manual action on my back and as far as I know I didn’t break the guideline, so, big mystery. Anyway, my traffic remains the same…

  • http://www.rparkerconsulting.net Rob Parker

    So, Page Rank to some degree will always be important internally with Google’s rankings as they know your rank much more frequently than twice a year, but choose not to update the toolbar. That being said, with the general public, a metric that’s updated twice a year in my opinion is dead and unusable for my personal references. For example, I’m the type of person who monitors my budgets constantly. If I only knew how much revenue I had twice each year, I’d be broke.

  • http://backpainrelief4life.wordpress.com Barak

    Yes i am satisfied with this new tool :)

  • http://www.promodrone.com/ Lee Davis

    This sort of stupidity is EXACTLY why I don’t give two shakes of a rats’ posterior about the whole concept of PR. It promotes the primacy of search ARCHITECTURE rather than the dissemination of information. Just like I refuse to put ads other than those of my own construction, I long ago gave up on PR. Besides, by making high-quality content, why would you need to focus on that worthless metric?

  • http://www.interpreteremployment.com Paul Harvie

    I see a lot of mixed emotion about this pagerank thing. Lets face it, Google has been telling people for ever that link juice is a huge SEO factor, and with this latest update that included an update to PR, that tells me that in the interim PR still matters. SERP’s, put pages on page one based on relevance, content and popularity(aka link juice). As much as people want to try and fool Google or may be unhappy about Google, the fact remains that Google makes the rules, non compliance with their rules results in problems, including loss of PR. I have made many careful changes on my sites to bring my conpliance in line as best i can and yesterday was the pay off when my site gained a PR level.

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  • http://www.richamorindonesia.com/ Rich Amor

    My site jump to PR5 from PR3. But there are no progress to my ranks on SERP

  • http://www.mulapop.blogspot.com Mulapo

    Thanks for post, good article

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    thanks for info its nice post

  • http://umstrategies.com Peter Sundstrom

    Way too many people spend too much time worrying about Page Rank when they would be better off promoting their websites.

  • http://www.millestanze.it delizard


    my website homepage has remained stable on 4PR, but my blog has decreased from 3 to 2. I think because, with Penguin update, i have eliminated all link exchange and links form blog directories.
    But it isn’t so important for me. I think that PR can be eliminated!

    bye bye!

  • http://www.kingged.com Sunday

    Of course, it is expected that reactions should be mixed about the recent Google Toolbar PageRank update. While some has come to trust PageRank for decision making others never gets to see the real impact of this tool. The update is more likely to help Google take control of certain “back end” issue it has encountered!

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    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


  • http://www.calatorie-fotografie.net Luci CJ

    It has been a long wait, but I finally get a PR 1 for a website started back in February, with a real PR estimated at 3,08… had the updates taken place in May and/or, at least, September, things might have been better. It also appears the website is performing slightly better in organic search queries, though it is positioned far higher on Yahoo and Bing than on Google for the same keywords – so since most people seem to be using only Google these days, I genuinely hope to see an improvement.

  • http://www.propdata.net/ Robert

    Well… seen many of my sites lose PageRank… but rankings appear to be on the up and traffic is improving. Ultimately I couldn’t care less about the PageRank to be honest.

    Bottom line is traffic and quality traffic. Obsessing over any single metric and you’re missing the picture.

  • http://www.blogcooters.com/ Siraj Wahid

    Yeah, Google surprised all of us. I was in college, when i got back home and checked my Facebook, My timeline was filled up with pagerank hashtags.

  • http://www.toptv.asia top tv

    Well, my several new website got PR1, and all existing blogs down to become PR1 or PR2, some of them still no changes.

  • http://www.flaminghotmedia.com Flaming Hot Media

    Pagerank is something not to focus too much on, as there are too many important other factors to focus on.
    People seem to get to obsessed with PR.

  • http://thepostmanbd.com/ torik

    Google Toolbar PageRank Lives is really good article. it’s help us from some site. thank’s for this post.

  • http://indresult.com Sanaya

    P.S. You know what I learned yesterday? Apparently the word “awesome” marks you as a Gen-X’er. It’s like “nifty” — a dated word, at least to kids these days. My husband heard this and decided to stop using it, but I’m going to use it more. Because I’m proud of my age and experience.

  • http://supramind.com/ Kiran Sulebhavi

    Yes it happened. Good to see websites which are optimizing ethically and improving their quality getting good page rank.

  • http://produkherbalasli.blogspot.com teguh waluya

    thank you is good information

  • http://www.risnerwebdesign.com Norman Risner

    Is this Toolbar pagerank a browser add on?

  • http://www.fertilityclinicsabroad.com caroline

    Since it is not updated regularly what is the point of using it? However it is good to see where your site sits at the moment even if it is the last update for a while.