Google UK Chief Speaks Of Focus On Mobile, Social

Exec drops hints about new directions

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In nine days’ time, Google will report its second quarter financial results, and no matter how well the search giant’s done, at least a few critics are sure to argue that it needs to succeed in new fields.  Matt Brittin, Managing Director of Google UK, seems to feel mobile and social are the two main candidates.

Should Google shift its focus to mobile and social?  Speak your mind in the comments section.

Google isn’t exactly trailing its competitors in terms of offering mobile products and services, of course.  Android has become a fairly mainstream mobile operating system, and more and more info is starting to circulate about Chrome OS, which might function in a similar space.  Plus, it’s already possible to access just about all of Google’s existing products using any sort of smartphone.

Brittin hinted that Google’s mobile efforts may soon overshadow its more traditional endeavors, however.

Matt BrittinBrittin told Jonathan Sibun this weekend, "As growth in broadband starts to flatten off, we’re seeing the next wave.  The big shift is to mobile internet.  Between 25pc and 30pc of consumers use their mobiles to access the internet.  But in three years’ time analysts believe more people will be accessing it from their mobiles than from a desktop.  That’s a massive change."

As for what he said with regards to social networking, Brittin wouldn’t go so far as to confirm the existence of Google Me.  Still, he didn’t deny that a new product’s in the works.

Furthermore, Brittin implied that Facebook can be beat, and the UK exec even issued a reminder that one of Google’s properties has already achieved some success in the field.

"Facebook is an absolute phenomenon but there are other social networks which are successful too," Brittin said.  "We’ve got Orkut, which is fantastically successful in India and Brazil. And Bebo is successful in other countries.  It’s a phenomenon that is with us to stay.  I think what we’ll see is the internet becoming more of a social place, as well as people being social within the context of social networks."

It’s hard to imagine Brittin would make these points if Google didn’t intend to participate in the trends.

Do you think Google can be successful on the mobile and social fronts?  Let us know by commenting below.

Google UK Chief Speaks Of Focus On Mobile, Social
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  • http://www.filtershop.co.il/ Yair

    I guess the next leap in social will include competition AND integration between the competitors.
    Do you agree?

    • Doug Caverly

      Theoretically, yes. Although we’re still likely to see a lot of facebook/7851293/Facebook-blocks-Twitter-friend-finder.html”>straightforward fights.

    • Scott

      Put very well, social evolution will lead the world into another generation where people gain the power of knowledge through technology as long as they can afford to keep up with it.

  • Mat Weller

    It’s hard to believe that smartphones really have 30% market penetration. Huge portions of the population would have little to no use for smartphones or the ability to pay $100/month service contracts. I’m not saying it can’t be true, but I’m suspicious of where the statistics are coming from — especially if it’s Verizon who has a long history of overestimating it’s value.

    Regardless, Google’s efforts are well placed in this space. I’d like to be able to actually work with Google Docs on my iPod Touch, but I’m working around it as much as I can. Gmail functions brilliantly on it.

    I’m not saying they shouldn’t try to compete in the social sphere, but they better have more and better tricks up their sleeve to dethrone Facebook and Twitter. Their money might be better spent in buying those properties (or really, the ones that people are moving to — like Tumblr — as FB & T near the end of their life cycles in much the same way and for the same reasons as eBay and Myspace) than in trying to beat them.

    Or maybe it means nothing in the end anyway, since Prince is the real Internet authority…

    • http://www.credit-card-customer-care.com/ Scott

      It’s good to stay on both sides of the fence by creating a bridge connecting both sides. Invest in everyone, and reinvest in the company. Always stay positive, never turn your back on what can be done in the future by being stable. Never give up hope.

  • http://jimmydoremi.blogspot.com Jimmy Ng

    Once more and more low cost broadband services are available this will eventually drive the mobile internet to be the next big wave.

  • http://www.smoz.info SMO-Eric

    i have always been believing that mobile and social is the world tomorrow.

  • http://www.jubejube.net SamsungQWERTYpda

    Google has always had mobile sites for all occasions. FB has a good mobile site that for the most part works (except picture uploads – does not work so I have to email them to a special facebook address) but if I need to get a map or satellite image or look something up with reliable results for instant dial from browser Google is trump! Nobody beats Yahoo for perfect site programming for email and pictures but that is because they cut out all the bell and whistle garbage, and I love it!
    It really gnaws at me when sites cater to Blueberry and iFad, and Google has done a great job staying neutral and works on all devices even though they have their own Android. Any site that caters to all devices is adaptive and recognizes not everyone jumps on the wagon heading off the cliff and may like the ultra powerful devices offered on the cheap around the world.
    PS – I use my Samsung PDA more than my Netbook and Full size desktop combined as I am busy and on the go and this thing fits in a palm or shirt pocket!
    PPS- Blackberry has the best email security system but I hate proprietary apps, they (along with iFad) touchscreen me with this the wrong way.

  • http://seogopikrishan.blogspot.com Google Mania

    Yes Google will get successful on mobile web too I am waiting for launching of Google Me to beat Facebook.

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