Google TV Not A Hit With Major Networks


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When Google TV launches, don't look for all - or maybe any - of the major networks to throw parties or send fruit baskets.  A new report indicates that Google's had little luck convincing the networks to partner with it.

Jessica E. Vascellaro wrote earlier this morning, "In recent weeks, Google has met with officials of TV networks including ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC to encourage them to work with the service, according to people familiar with the matter."  Which is kind of good news, since it at least shows a dialogue is taking place.

But Vascellaro then continued, "Content owners . . . are skeptical that Google can provide a business model that would compensate for potentially cannibalizing TV owners' existing broadcast businesses."

And obviously, we haven't seen any deals announced as a result of the meetings.

GoogleSo Google seems to remain set when it comes to hardware partners (the list includes names like Intel, Logitech, and Sony), and a little light with respect to content.  That's something consumers are almost sure to notice if the situation isn't remedied prior to Google TV's launch.

Of course, some consumers might just turn to pirated video, which wouldn't do the networks a lot of good.