Google +1 Button Now Good for Rankings and Driving Traffic

Google Turns The +1 Button Into Its "Like" Button (Finally)

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Google has announced changes to the +1 button that could mean huge things for sites and businesses in terms of driving traffic. Google has turned the +1 button into what it should have been when Google+ was launched: a means of sharing content to your Google+ Circles. Or in other words, Google’s version of the “like” button.

Do you expect Google’s +1 buttons to have a major impact on traffic? Let us know what you think.

Before, the +1 button was basically just a way of telling Google that content was good enough to be considered a good search result. It presumably still serves this function as well. +1s simply showed up in the +1s tab on a user’s profile. You know, where none of your friends see them.

Now, you can share content with your circles more easily like you’re using a social network – which you now are.

For publishers, this should be tremendously helpful in boosting traffic from Google+. It means more visibility and more reason for people to share your content on Google+.

“Clicking the +1 button is a great way to highlight content for others when they search on Google.,” says Google’s Vic Gundotra. “But sometimes you want to start a conversation right away—at least with certain groups of friends. So beginning today, we’re making it easy for Google+ users to share webpages with their circles, directly from the +1 button. Just +1 a page as usual and look for the new ‘Share on Google+‘ option. From there you can comment, choose a circle and share.”

Google Plus One Sharing

“When you share content from the +1 button, you’ll notice that we automatically include a link, an image and a description in the sharebox,” he adds. “We call these ‘+snippets,’ and they’re a great way to jumpstart conversations with the people you care about.”

Publishers can customize +snippets. You can alter the markup to fit the kind of content you provide. “You may already be using this markup to build rich annotations for your pages on Google Search,” says Group Product Manager Daniel Dulitz. “If not, marking up your pages is simple. Just add the correct schema.org attributes to the data already present on your pages. You’ll set a name, image, and description in your code.”

More on the markup types here.

A New inline annotations feature may remind you a bit of some Facebook social plugins. “Now, when a person visits a page that someone they know has +1’d, they can see a name and face reminding them to pay special attention to your content,” says Duliz.

This looks like this:

Plus One Annotations

You can add inline annotations by updating your +1 button code from the configuration tool.

A report from BrightEdge last month found that adoption of the Google +1 button was already on the rise. The launch of Google+ itself only served to increase this adoption, and this new functionality should increase it even more. Why not use it on your content? It can influence your search rankings for the better and encourage social traffic.

Plugin adoption

Google says that in July the button crossed 2 billion daily views. Now it gets over 4 billion daily views, and that only stands to increase. You have to consider that Google+ itself is still in its infancy and that Google is going to continue to integrate it more and more into its huge spectrum of products. Look for it in Gmail, for example. The +1 button is on every post in Google+ and people will only get more used to clicking it, which will likely have them clicking it more on web content. Google+ posts are also showing up in Google’s social search results now. Google even pushed the +1 button to the Android Market with the latest update, which should have tremendous visibility value for Android apps.

In late June, Google added +1 button data to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. In WMT, there is a Search Impact report, which shows how +1′s affect your organic search traffic. “You can find out if your clickthrough rate changes when personalized recommendations help your content stand out,” says Google software engineer Dan Rodney. “Do this by comparing clicks and impressions on search results with and without +1 annotations. We’ll only show statistics on clickthrough rate changes when you have enough impressions for a meaningful comparison.”

An Activity report shows how many times your pages have been +1′d, from buttons on your site, as well as on other pages like Google Search.

An Audience report will show you aggregate geographic and demographic data about who is using the +1 button with your content. Google only shows this info, however, when a “significant” number of users have +1′d pages. They don’t say what number they consider “significant” to be.

Users will find a +1 Metrics menu on the side of the page, where each of these reports will be able to be found.

As we reported before, some site owners have already been getting some significant traffic from Google+. These new sharing features for the +1 should drive that traffic much more, with the added bonus of having a direct positive impact on the search rankings of that content.

The new features are rolling over the next week or so. If you want to see them now, you can join Google’s Google+ Platform Preview Group.

Do you see any reasons not to use the Google +1 button? Let us know in the comments.

Google +1 Button Now Good for Rankings and Driving Traffic
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  • http://athenspc.gr/ athenspc

    Nice article Chris! It’s true that google wants to captivate the social traffic that’s around. Big G can’t stay and watch huge amount of money drop to FB’s hands. Google need our time and wants us to destract from Facebook with one big promise… Traffic and Popularity. Who doesn’t like that? So I think it’s a fair exchange. Hope +1 really go well.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Games should help Google keep people on Google+ more – an area where Facebook dominates. It will be interesting to see how the two compete in this area as time goes on.

  • http://www.andreapernici.com Andrea

    The new feature has a Bug in parsing schema.org markup conflicting with other part that use different markup.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Interesting. Can you elaborate?

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/social-seo-solutions Nick Stamoulis

    This is another good reason site owners should incorporate the +1 button onto their websites. The +1 is already a ranking factor to some degree, but now it’s another way for your audience to help promote and share your content. You want to give your content the best possible chance at being found!

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      I think people will click it a lot more knowing that it’s actually sharing content to their friends, which should mean in addition to extra traffic from that, more signals for search ranking.

      • Tim

        Out of curiosity, do you work for Google? These articles seem very biased.

  • http://cozumelmexico.net Bob Rodriguez

    Overall I do not believe that the button will carry much weight for several reasons. Like link building the button is subject to abuse and those already on top (especially larger corporations and established brands) have higher page ranks for many other reasons that have nothing to do with the + 1 button. Solid, relevent content, that is informative, original, and engaging will keep you on top with your clients, and word of mouth recommendations. Heck, tell a friend scripts will do more in terms of virtual marketing than the button. At least you don’t have to sign in to spread the word. Those who are hoping that this will be the silver bullet are probably not ranked high to begin with. My web site has been ranked on the top of my primary search term for years. Before Panda (and other updates) and after Panda. There are no “tricks” involved. Just white hat tactics and continually updating and keeping your web site current is and has always been the best way to get to the top and stay on top.

    • Beamer

      I’m with you on that, Bob. Same goes for my own sites and my clients’ sites. Pure organic white hat does it. Never had any intention of putting +1 button it on my sites now or in the future. My world doesn’t revolve around G and I don’t grab my crotch every time G coughs.

      When I need true search results, I go to DuckDuckGo where I can get true relevant search results to my queries. No tricks, bribes, begging or tracking my every move.

      Google’s results stink, smelling like a dead body that’s been rotting for 3 days. Just callin’ it like I see it.

      Wait a minute…just had this thought. If one needs a +1 button to get traffic, maybe time is better spent working on website content and search term relevancy instead of funny little shiny gadgets that fudge the results and allow for abuse?

  • http://seabird-marine.com suez

    yes i think it will make different in the page rank

  • http://www.modeltrainhobbyist.com Lionel Bachmann

    I don’t think the +1 button will be any more of a ranking factor than the FB Like button. The only difference is that now Google has total control over the data collected from people using it. The button can still be gamed, and Google doesn’t tend to put a lot of weight on ranking factors that can be gamed.

  • http://marketsecrets.biz MarketSecretsBlogger

    Well Duh…they definitely should have did this from the beginning..

    Another cool feature I noticed is when you hover over a Google plus one button it displays a previous user who “publicly +1’d this” :)

    FaceBook beware…LOL!

  • http://billigseo.com søkemotoroptimalisering

    Now with this annoncement many businesses are going to buy Google plus likes, just like Facebook likes. I don’t think this is a good idea.

  • Tim

    Total bs. I think Google should buy all of the Sonic drive-ins and sell advertising space around the building. This will drive traffic without all the bs. :-)

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Sonic drive-ins?

      • Beamer

        Yes, hamburger joints where your waitress comes to your car on skates. Damn good hamburgers too!

  • RD

    Another reason Google must be broken up. The lawsuits must be cooking right now. Abuse of their search monopoly to destroy other businesses. Violation can’t be more clear because it can’t. Facebook being one of the many victims. It is beyond me why WPNs is always cheerleading Google and doesn’t address the real issues with them.

    • http://www.idesthost.com Edwin

      Sure search engines can do a better job. But isn’t that what Google says? Imo Google aint broken. You are talking about the monopoly behaviour Google does. That is okay, but monopoly is an economic behaviour that combines with maximizing profits. Therefore where is Google search using its monopoly power? If you mean other Google products please be more specific.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Not sure I agree that we’re always cheerleading Google. I think we’ve talked about the negative effects the Panda update has had on sites more times than I care to count. Just calling things like I see them. Google is a powerful tool for sites whether you agree with their competitive tactics or not.

  • Jay Vapor

    The proof is indeed in the pudding that the [+1]works. After all, Without it yo did not have easy access feedback and it shows customers are ringin that little webpage door bell just to show appreciation. Everyone could benefit from it’s constructive anonymouse nature! Then again, a [-1] or a [-10] would be handy additions as well.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      I can definitely see the “-1″ getting abused, although they do already have that in some regard with the domain blocking feature.

  • steve

    This is fine for popular searches, but what about the searches that arent used much, does this mean they wont appear in googles seach as it werent deemed worth searching as a low like

    I have found yahoo returns better sites related to my search criteria than google does

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      You have to keep in mind that +1s are just one of many, many signals (hundreds). They’ve said “over 200″ many times. The latest video from Google says “several hundred”. Now, they’re simply making it easier to get social traffic in addition to the potential search benefits.

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  • http://daily-mentor-method.com Mike

    I think it’s stupid, as are those who think Google is going to do anything for them without spending a ton of money. What will they have to do AFTER the +1? ++1 or +10?

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      You can do well in Google with content. This serves as an indication of good content, and now helps the further spreading of that content.

  • http://www.findferry.co.uk Find Ferry

    It just slows down the loadingtime of the website.. and its just another script that google hates in the coding.

  • http://www.jumbocdinvestments.com/ ChrisCD

    So I thought I updated the code, but when I +1, it still doesn’t give me the option of sharing right away with my circles. Is this not rolled out to everyone yet.

    For those that complain, you are welcome to build a better SE. No company is perfect, but the fact is they are building tools that can get more people to your site.

    cd :O)

  • http://ultimatemarketingstrategies.net Peter Sundstrom

    Interestingly, when you load this page, the Google +1 button is the last one to appear.

    That’s something I’ve also noticed on my sites as well. Not sure what makes the +1 button so slow to render.

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  • http://tumadipatri.webs.com/ Tumadi

    This is a useful thing.People should how important this is for advertisement.

  • http://Www.kiromark.com Marc

    To each his own. Any philosophical ideas aside, I’m going to use whatever tools are available to get people to my website. Hopefully, the content will have them return.

    • Fred savage

      Any even misdirecting links and hidden redirects. you Evil Bastard.

  • http://www.patantconsult.com/articlesvault Carla Lendor

    So what if your content type does not lend itself to +1?

    • http://highwayconsulting.org Brian Haferkamp

      What content do you have that isn’t conducive to sharing?

  • http://get-business-online.com/ Gal

    About time! It’s interesting how Facebook created a closed-in cyberspace, then branched out with the Like button and other sharing features, and Google is now using its omnipresence to erode that significantly, despite the long time advantage Facebook’s had. They came in second, but they saw and now they’re conquering.

    Ain’t the Internet grand? And scary?

  • http://www.carpetcleaningsingapore.com Carlos

    I have added Google +1 on my site.
    It is good to see the competition between facebook likes and google.

    We are always getting better

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  • http://www.srikanthboorela.info srikanth boorela

    Hey Chris, I love your blog, I saw this post in my email. I have a doubt to ask… If we +1 our own sites.. do this help us to get more SERPs and results?

  • http://www.yarg.com Steve Gray

    Good article Chris, I’ve added to the home page of www.yarg.com and we’ve already had 4+ 1’s I’d be interested to know if there is a correlation between adding the button and getting new traffic / page rank.

  • http://www.thedirecttree.com John

    So far google is only copying what FB is doing. G has not really come up with anything new. Is yet to be seen if G+ will be success but with google power on the internet they will make sure of their success.

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  • http://www.azucofix.com Registry Cleaner

    Big boost for SEO. Very soon people will start selling Google+1 vote. Webmaster will soon run to Goople+, unfair advantage you may call it. but it is happening.

  • http://www.write2profitonline.com Andy Gage

    Great article Chris! Looks like Google+ is really taking off now – and is going to be good for Publishers. Got a feeling it’s got a lot more to offer, and will soon make Facebook look so ‘last year’!
    Thank for all the timely info. Keep up the good work!

  • http://www.telefonionline.net TelefoniOnline

    I think it’s great for webmasters. BTW Chris great blog.

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  • http://www.social-eyes.net Julie

    Hi – I just +1’d this but I didn’t get any sharing options!

  • http://www.seocess.com William

    Hmm, I thought this change had been done long ago but it is nice to have it confirmed.

  • http://www.neardubailocalarea.com Dubai

    Thank You! Very Helpful! Cheers

  • http://www.greenplan.pt Greenplan

    google +1 is a good start…

  • http://www.sweetdisplay.com sweet buffet

    oh dear- i had a feeling this would happen- now not only do we have to link build- we have to get fb likes we have to force our customers to click the like button – its annoying

  • http://www.purchaseplusone.com Buy Plus Ones

    I am excited to hear this news about Google plus ones. I figured as soon as they came out that they would be used as a ranking factor. I always like what Google is doing and I am sure that this will be even more successful than anyone predicted. Off to get me some more plus ones . . .

  • http://www.printmeashirt.com Innes

    I never thought this would happen, well, that it would become a success like this and have the effect it has had. I just hope this doesn’t have a kick in the teeth on our own seo!

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    Nice details for Google +1 Button Now Good for Rankings in these article. thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.theokaynetwork.com/apps/plusonespy Steven

    If the +1 button drives traffic to a website by seeing others have +1’d the site, then why the hell doesn’t Google show the +1 ranking number next to the button on it’s search engine? Because if a site is ranking lower in relevancy and has a lower +1 rating what would that say for the ranking factor of the Google +1 button? To me that would tell me either Google isn’t using it as a signal yet, or that it doesn’t give the boost that everybody thinks it should or that Google has made us all believe it will.

    • http://www.theokaynetwork.com/apps/plusonespy Steven

      Sorry, I mean to say…….if the site is ranking lower and has a greater +1 ranking……..

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