Google To Disconnect GOOG-411

Useful, free directory assistance service will shut down next month

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For more than three and a half years, GOOG-411 has represented a great way for people with feature phones (and even smartphones) to look up and contact businesses; users just had to dial 1-800-GOOG-411, give a company’s name and city, and be connected.  Unfortunately, Google will soon stop offering the service.

A post on the Official Google Blog explained this afternoon that GOOG-411 "helped provide a foundation for more ambitious services now available on smartphones," and now, "we’re putting all of our resources into speech-enabling the next generation of Google products and services across a multitude of languages."

As a result, GOOG-411 is supposed to be shut down on November 11th.

GoogleThis makes sense in many ways, considering that GOOG-411 couldn’t have turned a profit and that, using audio samples from GOOG-411 calls, Google’s apparently refined its speech recognition software to a more-than-acceptable point.

GOOG-411 had lots of fans, though (including your humble author), and they’re already starting to push back.  See the 15 (and counting) complaints following Jason Kincaid‘s coverage of the shutdown, for example.

Maybe Google will be convinced to reverse its decision.  Whatever amount of money it would take to keep GOOG-411 running couldn’t seem like too crazy an expense next to the $1 million Google chose to invest in human-powered monorail Shweeb, after all.

Google To Disconnect GOOG-411
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  • Guest

    The story of G.’s life. Another reason not to trust, adopt or take seriously any of G.’s products. The history is there. I will never buy that G. Tv, install Chrome or buy any phone that has anything to do with G. Average life shelf is 23 days.

    G. it’s on its way out. I seriously doubt G. will still be number 1 search engine in 3 years.

  • Guest

    Say it ain’t so. I use GOOG-411 a lot. It sure beats carrying a lame phone book in my car.

    Can’t say I’m too happy with Google for this. If you’re going to offer a service of value for a limited time just to refine the technology it would be nice to say so up front so we don’t get too dependent upon it. Just another reason to dislike G.

  • Josh

    I want to respond to the people that cry and whine about how google sucks and in the next sentence talk about how they love their products! STFU you sound like idiots!

    I also use/used the hell out of goog411 and if I reflect back on how much I would have paid “411”, DAMN that’s a lotta money.

    If you were smart you would have said “text message” before it connected you to the number you wanted. Then you could have saved that number in your contacts.

    Oh and what is with the idiot saying “G. is on it’s way out”? What rock has that idiot been sleeping under…..

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  • Guest

    Why gooogle whhhyyyyy?

  • IhateMonoply@control

    I think google is going to be in court for Monopoly

  • Ihatemonopolycontrol

    Google is going to be in court soon over its monopoly it’s being called worse the Microsoft.France convicted google of monopoly, there buying all the little search engines out or there going out business because they can’t compete with the big guy google,it’s being called worse then Microsoft, at the same time they released a game call monopoly streets board. Is google playing Minopoly do u people think and if I don’t want to be controlled by google there is way of getting away from them, bing is your best bet because they have there own power not enfluanced by google.

  • obet/investculator

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  • Donald Lee

    I came across a toll-free service by Justdial recently. Justdial (1800-500-0000) boasts of human-assisted service, one ring attendance, and answers your queries within 60 seconds, which a previous service like 1800GOOG411 did not offer. This service is simply mind-blowing!

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