Google to Churn Out New Chrome Releases

Google Wants to Release One Stable Version of Chrome Every Six Weeks

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Google has unveiled a new strategy for Chrome: accelerate the rate at which stable releases are made available. The company even thinks it can get a new stable version out once every six weeks. That’s double what it currently does.

Google says it has the following three goals:

  • Shorten the release cycle and still get great features in front of users when they are ready
  • Make the schedule more predictable and easier to scope
  • Reduce the pressure on engineering to “make” a release

"We have new features coming out all the time and do not want users to have to wait months before they can use them," writes Chrome Program Manager Anthony Laforge on the Chromium blog. "While pace is important to us, we are all committed to maintaining high quality releases — if a feature is not ready, it will not ship in a stable release."

Google Chrome - Expect one every six weeks

Chrome’s share of the browser market is already growing, and if Google can manage to release a new version every six weeks, it will not only keep the speed of innovation up, but will also keep the brand in the pubic eye practically nonstop.

Google to Churn Out New Chrome Releases
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  • Alan

    I quit using Firefox because it drove me insane by constantly updating itself, which in turn broke all my (mostly useless) plug-ins, which in turn would drive me more crazy as they went into spasms of updating – or died.

    Then the whole mess would start again…

    The other reasons were that it took forever to load up despite the fact it never quite quit. Firefox just sits in memory forever, even after closing it.

    I haven’t really bothered with Chrome, if only as I’m sick of bowing at the feet of the Almighty Goog.

    If Chrome has, or is going to have, the same constant bandwidth-sucking slowdown and irritation of churning updates then I’m even less keen.

    As for ‘new features’, who cares? I just want a browser that browses and keeps out of the way.

  • http://blog.maskil.info/ Maskil

    What a pity they don

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