Google Spends 30 Minutes Defending The New YouTube Design [Video]

    December 14, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google has posted a 30-minute hangout discussing the new YouTube design. Four Googlers discuss the changes and answer user-submitted questions.

As with most redesigns of major products, there has been a fair amount of backlash from users about the changes. Here, you can see Google defend the changes.

Google says the design is basically about getting more users to understand there are channels you can subscribe to. The majority of YouTube users, they say, don’t realize YouTube operates based on channels.

  • Jan

    Whatever they did about a month ago, it prevents people using Windows XP and IE8 from being able to watch an embedded video. All I ever see anymore is a black box with an arrow that doesn’t click. I have to go to YouTube to watch a video. It sucks.

  • Stan

    When these guy grow up they have a promising place in politics. They all come in as a close second in explanations to the Presidential race. As this was a ONE WAY, WE CHOOSE THE QUESTIONS – video it’s not believable except to them.

  • https://twitter.com/ikedeike isaac

    I love yt,but I can’t stand the new layout. It’s confusing.

  • http://www.tokomodem99.com/ mull

    I still Miss old Youtube and fitur :( right now I till confuse with new desain in youtube

  • http://www.ryanhogan.com Ryan

    Google is on a roll.
    First they destroyed their search results, now they’ve completely ruined the user experience at Youtube.

  • http://www.talusco.com yaser

    It was awesome

  • No way in hell do you get my name

    Boy, talk about arrogant sons of bitches. Complaints by their user base are considered trolling? No wonder You Tube is becoming a cesspool of garbage.

  • Tappy Puddings

    Yesterday, 2013 November 6, YouTube made it impossible to leave comments any more. They made some excuse about tying it with a google+ account.

    The fact is it takes no brains nor skill nor hard work to have a job at Youtube or google. They have absolutely nothing to do except deliberately make each “upgrade” progressively worse than the one before it just to waste users’ time and energy.

    Everyone at google & youtube, from the CEO to the worker, just lied about their qualifications. That’s capitalism. That’s what they want from applicants. That’s why I have proudly sent many false job applications with made-up signatures and made-up credentials to google & youtube. Nobody forces them to hire or not hire anyone.

    They never had to do anything technically difficult, such as prove deep mathematical theorems, as mathematicians have done.

    • http://clintjcl.wordpress.com Clint

      b.s., i never linked my G+ and YouTube and can leave comments just fine. You probably did something stupid like closed the dialog instead of clicking “no thanks”.

  • I fight communists

    What is this communist russia, no one wants a garbage google+ account.