Google Seems To Prefer Macs To Chromebooks

    March 12, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google put out a video today showing “uncut” footage from inside one of its search quality meetings. This is interesting in and of itself, but I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of the Googlers in the meeting were using Macs, rather than say, Chromebooks.

Here are some stills:

Googlers using Macs

Googlers using Macs

Googlers using Macs

Googlers using Macs

Googlers using Macs

It’s not really a surprise that Googlers are using computers that aren’t Google. I would be more surprised if that’s all any of them were using, and I don’t think they’ve every tried to hide it.

Still, given how much emphasis Google has placed on business use for Chromebooks, you might expect to see them being used in Google’s offices more too. Granted, this is only one video of one meeting. I’m sure there is plenty of Chromebook use around Google’s various campuses.

Here’s Google’s pitch for Chromebook business use:

Chromebooks are optimized for web apps and other browser-based business tools, which makes it easy for organizations to innovate quickly, collaborate from anywhere, and access the limitless scalability of the web. Chromebooks also include a web-based management console, enabling admins to manage an entire fleet of Chromebooks and users even if they are distributed across multiple locations. Together, Chromebooks and the web offer companies a competitive advantage over those relying on archaic IT infrastructure.

It might be be even more noteworthy if they were all using iPads over Android tablets.

  • L C Paulson

    Mar 12, 2012

    I am disappointed and concerned. There must be a reason that we should know about. Thanks L C Paulson

  • Tim Holloway

    I use a Chromebook exclusively, but I have felt deeply just how slow and inadequate they are for the web. Google should be ashamed at such a show of hypocrisy, although it is also understandable that they use devices capable of things other than using the web.

    Google should be forced to eat their own dogfood. It’s the hardware on this machine that is inadequate. An Intel Atom N570 processor isn’t powerful enough to run the Internet as well as a Mac.

  • Rick Flynn

    As a Google “Test Pilot”, I’m disappointed Google isn’t demonstrating by example. Sure does appear to be hypocrisy. Hard to believe that top brass is that blind.

    I’ve found it great tool for web based use. Not so much for general use. Crippled by an inadequate processor and GPU, limitations in functionality like limited peripheral support, still born functions such as Bluetooth and GPS, and virtual uselessness when not connected to the Internet, the Chromebook is far from a finished product.

    I was, and am, happy to be a part of the development of Chrome OS and the Chromebook, since I got it for free. Might consider buying one once it has passed into true operational phase. But as it sits right now, I can do virtually the same thing with a Linux based computer using the Chromium or Chrome browser…..And still have a fully functional computer when the Internet is unavailable.

    Maybe someone should suggest that Google pass out Chromebooks for their employees use prior to photo ops…..and show that they at least care enough to make it look like they’re trying do as they suggest…..

  • Edwin Johnson

    If you’re “disappointed and concerned” and think it’s hypocrisy as the previous comments stated, you’re looking at it naively. Not that I’m defending Google or Chromebooks, but making a logical point.

    The meeting was for Google Engineers. Google has never stated that Chromebooks were designed for anything but web-based used. So unless they use programming tools that are web-based, they wouldn’t want to use a Chromebook. That would be hypocrisy if they didn’t use them in their day to day job, yet brought them to the meeting just for a photo op. Lighten up people.

    • Rick Flynn

      Yes, you’re right.
      Perhaps I’m taking all this Chrome OS and Chromebook stuff way too seriously. Clearly there is no need to lighten my wallet for a Chromebook!!!

  • spm

    The reason should be obvious. Chromebooks aren’t suited to software development, and I suspect that most of those at the meetings are programmers.

  • Lewis Winter

    The reason why they aren’t using Chromebooks is because they are programmers which require software based applications – If they were regular Google employees I’m sure they would be but as they are Programmers they require high-end laptops to be able to work on.
    I’m writing this from a Chromebook, and for my needs, a Chromebook is perfect.

  • Narph

    I think Chris Crum should be careful how he words his headlines. When did nerds decide that being politically correct in photo ops was important? Stop being such a FoxNews bum Chris.