Google Releases New Shopping Campaign Features

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Google announced the launch of some new features for its Shopping Campaigns. These include an auction insights report, a revamped search impression share, device/time segmentation, bid simulator columns, and a flattened view of product groups.

The auction insights report lets advertisers compare Product Listing Ad performance to other advertisers participating in the same auctions.

"With impression share, overlap rate and outranking share, you’re able to see trends amongst your peers and strategic opportunities to improve your bidding strategies," says product manager Dimitris Meretakis.

Google says search impression share has been revamped to be more useful and aligned with text ads.

"You can now analyze your share of voice at the granularity you want with Search impression share in the Dimensions tab," said Meretakis. "You’ll know which campaigns are limited by a low budget with Lost IS (budget) and which ones need further optimization with Lost IS (rank). Note that we now calculate Search impression share at account level so you may notice a change in impression share between October and November."

With device and time segmentation, advertisers can see if competitors received more mobile impressions than they did over the weekend. Bid simulator columns show what results could have been like if the advertiser had set different bids.

Finally, the flattened view of product groups presents another way to analyze performance, letting you sort product groups within an ad group based on performance data.

More on all of this here.

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