Google Redesigns AdWords Express Dashboard

    March 7, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Google has redesigned the dashboard in AdWords Express making it easier to find info you’re probably looking for.

Here’s a look:

“It’s easy to manage your advertising, even when you’re away from the office,” says product manager Francisco Uribe. “For example, to check how many customers have seen your ad from their tablet (while using your own phone) just look under the “Views” graph.”

“Now you can see more details about how users interact with your website after clicking your ad by linking your Google Analytics and AdWords Express accounts,” he says. “Once you connect your accounts, you’ll see a new card on the AdWords Express dashboard (as well as in your Analytics account).”

The redesign is already live. Google actually announced it on Wednesday, noting that you should see it if you log in.

Image via Google

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