Google Puts A Big Display Ad Right In The Middle Of Its Homepage

By: Chris Crum - August 28, 2012

I went to this morning to check and see if there happened to be a doodle today. I quickly realized there was not, and closed the tab, but just as I was closing it, I noticed some animated graphic start to pop up. Perhaps I had been wrong.

So, I went back to, and waited for the animation to return, and to my surprise, it was not a doodle, but an ad. A big animated display ad for a Google product – the Nexus 7 tablet.

Google Nexus 7 Ad

Click on the image, and you’re taken to this landing page on Google Play, where you get more information about the device, and the following video:

It’s nothing new for Google to throw a link to one of its products underneath the search box, and honestly, I’m not entirely sure this is the first time they’ve put a graphic there, but it’s the first time I can remember seeing one, and an animated one no less, so it really catches the eye.

It’s hard to find better online real estate for an ad than, so one can hardly blame Google for taking advantage. It will be interesting to see if Google starts cluttering up the classically simple homepage more in the future to sell its products. They’ve certainly had no problems adding more elements to the once simple search results pages.

More on the Nexus 7 here.

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  • sprfrkr

    I had to do a search as soon as I saw that to see if it was being covered anywhere. Definitely the most bold ad to be shown on the homepage ever. I don’t mind a text link, but an animate dimage? It is 179Kb as well, that is not a tiny file.

  • Derek Schroeder

    Does anyone else think this could be dangerous new territory for Google’s homepage?

    • Mack Robinson

      This is a sad day!!

  • http://googlechrome Blue Griffon

    How do I get rid of this annoyance?!!!! I don’t want another annoying push to buy things I couldn’t care less about. Just tell me how to delete this add or maybe I should just go to firefox.

  • http://googlechrome rhartness

    how do I get rid of this annoying google play add on my home page. Do I have to change to firefox to free myself of adds telling me how to get things I could care less about?

  • Cindy

    really don’t like it – very annoyed with google.

    • Jim McKeever

      Opened my Google Home page today(8/28/12) and found an advertisement for a Google Tablet-$199.00, in the middle of the page. I am extremely annoyed. I can’t seem to delete this ad. I certainly will not purchase their Tablet.

  • Linda

    all i want to see is the pretty picture that is displayed on the front of my screen. If you must advertise, at least give the person who selects Google as their homepage, an option to hide or delete the advertisement from their homepage.

  • Anita

    I want the tablet ad to GO AWAY & not come back. It is not pretty & it covers up part of the pretty picture I want to look at. If I had any interest in buying this product before, that interest has totally disappeared now. I do not want any other ads popping up either.

  • Margie Cameron

    I moved my email account from Yahoo to Google to get away from this kind of CRAP! I can handle ads – it comes with the internet territory. But THIS one is invasive and sets a precedent for more and encroachment on our sanity. What’s next Google – wrinkle cream blinking ads, disgusting fat busting shimmering ads???? Come on! Isn’t your stock price high enough without stooping to this???

  • John Pearson

    NOT AT ALL AMUSED !!!!!!!!

  • John Pearson


    • Mary Kolbe

      Mr. Pearson: Thank you thank you thank you for the adblock suggestion. It was the only thing that worked. You are a genius.

  • Kai

    I hate it and have spent hours trying to get rid of it. I thought about Yahoo, but understand it’s not much better. So will consider how I can do something.

  • Larry Jamieson

    Can’t wait for that annoying ad on Google website to disappear, but it is not quite as annoying as the ad that shows up when you come to this website.

  • T-bone

    Extremely annoying and a very cheap shot. Thanks Google. Have you considered a Google reality Tv channel? That is what we all need and want. More irritating adds and reality shows. Please sir can I have another?!

  • Christine

    I find the ad lessens the Google ‘quality’ and I find the animation annoying. Google has been my homepage on a number of computers/browsers at home and work, so I’m bombarded with it. Instead of researching how to get rid of it I simply changed all of my homepages to the gmail login (loads just as fast and remains simple) as a minor way to send a message to Google, because they won’t get as many hits.

  • Diane

    Google needs to get rid of this monstrosity. NOW!!!!!!!

  • Lee

    If I’d had any plans to purchase Google’s new pad, this ad would have made me change plans. It’s worse than the incessant Cablevision ads on TV, because we can’t get away from them. Firefox is sounding better all the time.

  • Nimbue

    The ad not only messes up the background image I was encouraged to choose for my Google search page, but… wait for it… clicking on it takes me to-or-through a site * blocked * by my HOSTS file (aka my surrogate Helicopter Parent). WTF, Google. WTF?

  • Mark

    Get rid if this s*** now.

  • Graham

    Toally in agreement with others. This Google home page ad pop up is more than an a monstrosity, more than annoying, more than a cheap shot, and more than crap…. it’s nothing but a pain in the – neck.
    In short Google, get rid of it and leave us be.