Google No Longer Allows You to Disable SafeSearch, and That Makes Google Search Worse

    December 16, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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UPDATE: Google SafeSearch Changes Hit the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and More

Google has just made their Image search worse in an effort to protect your virgin eyes.

If you’re in the U.S. and trying to search for boobs on Google Images right now, you’re going to have a tougher time. That’s because Google has prevented U.S. users from disabling SafeSearch. And if you want to find NSFW images, you’re going to have to be more specific with your searches.

Google users should be familiar with the SafeSearch toolbar at the top right of Image searches. Until recently, that bar allowed users to select MODERATE, STRICT, or OFF. As of right now, those options have been removed from the drop-down menu – but only in the U.S.

Do you think Google should have messed with the SafeSearch format? Do you think it makes Google Image search worse? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Here’s what it currently looks like:

And here’s what it looks like on Google.co.uk (and other countries). This is what it looked like in the U.S. before today:

Note that “SafeSearch” is the only option for U.S. users. For a search for “boobs” for instance, this means that the results will not feature any “explicit” images (nipples showing). The only other option is the “filter results,” which in our boobs search filters out all results. “The word ‘boobs’ has been filtered from the search because Google SafeSearch is active,” reads the results.

It would appear that the only two options Google is giving U.S. users are STRICT and MODERATE. Or in other words, you can’t turn off SafeSearch.

The default “SafeSearch” results for U.S. users are the exact same results for a MODERATE SafeSearch results for U.K. users:

U.S. default:


If you go to Google’s SafeSearch help page, they tell you how to disable SafeSearch from your settings:

Here’s how to disable SafeSearch:

  • Visit the Google Preferences page.
  • In the “SafeSearch Filtering” section, select Do not filter my search results.
  • Click Save Preferences.

But when U.S. users visit their search settings, they are only given the option to filter explicit results:

But moderate SafeSearch is already on by default.

If you go to another country’s Google, say Google.com.bz, the search settings provide the option to turn on “no filtering.”

So, what gives? Is Google guilty of some seriously awful censorship? The quick answer is no, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

You see, you have to be specific if you want NSFW results. Searching for “boobs porn” does give you plenty of nudity. But for searches on words without specific qualifiers, you still don’t see any of these results. In essence, Google has changed their search settings to only display adult results when queries are specifically adult-oriented.

That means for all intents and purposes, users in the U.S. now only have two options – default SafeSearch and filter explicit results. The default SafeSearch is akin to MODERATE. The option to turn off SafeSearch completely for all results is gone in the U.S. And the big question is why? What was wrong with the old Google image search format (and the one seen in the rest of the world)? Why did Google feel the need to change it?

Let’s look at two different responses we received from Google. First, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller had this to say:

“The default should continue to behave similarly to what most users have had as the default so far (“moderate”). Our algorithms are designed to downgrade explicit content when you’re not specifically looking for it. If a search term is very explicit, relevant adult content may show up, but we’ll err on the conservative side. So if you want to see adult content in Image Search, just make it clear with the query — we’ll show the most relevant content for each search.”

Now from another Google spokesperson:

“We are not censoring any adult content, and want to show users exactly what they are looking for — but we aim not to show sexually-explicit results unless a user is specifically searching for them. We use algorithms to select the most relevant results for a given query. If you’re looking for adult content, you can find it without having to change the default setting — you just may need to be more explicit in your query if your search terms are potentially ambiguous. The image search settings work the same way as in web search.”

Ok, so the point here is that users need to be specific with their searches. Got it. Apologies for the frankness, but if I want to find blowjob images, I now have to search “blowjob porn.” There is now no way that I can edit my own personal settings to make a search for just “blowjob” yield all results, both NSFW and otherwise.

In essence, Google is fragmenting their image search. A “no filter” search is a true search of the most popular images across the web. U.S. users no longer have this option. We’re now only given the choice between filtered results for “blowjob” or the most popular results for “blowjob porn.” That smattering of all results, both NSFW and SFW for the query “blowjob,” cannot be achieved anymore.

Plus, is there really a question about what I’m looking for when I search “blowjob?” Do I really need to provide any more detail?

It seems like a big gripe about a small change, and it is in a way. But one could make the argument that this actually is a form of censorship. If I go to Google images and search “blowjob,” I want to see the best of what the web has to offer – all of it. Not what Google thinks I should see based on their desire to prevent adult results unless users are super specific.

Go ahead and try a search for “blowjob” on Google Images right now. Those aren’t really very relevant results, are they? Users should see the most relevant results for their searches, no matter what. And they should have the option to simply turn off the SafeSearch filter, which they all had just a couple of days ago.

How about you? Do you think this is a form of censorship? Are we making mountains out of molehills? Could this Image search tweak make you seek out a competitor’s image search? Tired of reading the word “blowjob?” Let us know what you think in the comments.

  • Rob B

    Well… guess who’s switching to Bing…

  • BigJ

    Google, this is EXACTLY how you lose your costumers. Sadly, you live off of your pre-established popularity. I guess Bing is the next search engine.

  • a. greige

    check the google forum for lots of vague, evasive non-answers from Google rep “Albert”…


  • Mike M.

    Google has already been lacking in the past few years. This is the final straw. Google has ended its reign in the web browser war. They just handed it over to Bing. I never ever thought I would be switching over to bing or rephrasing search requests to “Just Bing It!” I won’t be coming back. Google, you represent everything wrong with the freedom of the internet. You are the machine we rage against.

  • Mike M.

    I meant search engine not browser…. boo.

  • J

    Wow really Google? Fuck your shit! I am done using you. I am now censored. Don’t give me your bullshit saying I’m not. Choosing to filter nothing and something is one thing but I had the choice. Now I do not. It’s automatically pre censored. Fuck your ass I am removing you from my search browser. I will use Bing or Yahoo. Fuckers. You are useless to me now.

  • David Henderson

    I tried for over an hour last night to fix this and now I see that I can’t. Well I guess I will have to use Yahoo search from now on. Google you have messed up. People will stop using Google search altogether if you keep this up.

  • fuck

    It is now time for bing to get some love.

  • Charles

    Guess I’ll switch to Bing. Google has been sucking hard.

  • Elf Raad

    Great! Now Google is behaving like Facebook. This is the worst case of cowardice in de facto censorship I have seen in a long time. It is especially outrageous that Google sprung this on their users without notification (as far as I know)… I thought I had some kind of malware! (In a way, I guess I’m right.)
    I just watched what I thought was one of the true pioneers of the Internet commit marketplace suicide. Goodbye, Google, it’s been fun. Off to Bing (or some other non-repressive competitor with more smarts) I go!

  • JB

    Off to Bing I go… never thought I would say that. I find Google’s responses to be totally disingenuous. It should be entirely up to us what we do. I certainly don’t need a “net nanny”.

  • http://www.TOONYS.weebly.com 700NY5

    OMG! You saved my life, simply changing from “google.com” to “google.co.uk” solved the problem xD thank you!!

  • outfctrl

    I spent 45 minutes playing with the safe search junk on Google this morning thinking I was missing something or had a virus.

    Thanks for the Google UK advice. I am now back to normal.
    A question:
    Do I get the same results using the UK version vs. the US version?

    • Posi X Mosh

      No. The results for different countries are entirely different for all but the most ubiquitous terms. In fact, the internet as we perceive it is entirely different depending on if you are signed in and your geographical location.
      Isp’s are compounding this (what I see as a…) problem. Through DNS injection and throttling, ISPs have profoundly changed how the lay user experiences the internet. If you are bored one day, use tor, or better, a bespoke VPN that is directed towards open internet and anonymity. Once you are logged in, do a few searches. Then clear your cookies, log out of everything, and do some searches again. Then log back in (still using the VPN… This may take a while and set off some security warnings), and then search again. You will get three separate versions of the internet via search (which is how most folks wander through cyberspace.) It’s fascinating, frustrating, and enlightening all at once seeing how profound the differences in search results is effected by how and where you search.

  • Tony

    I don’t like having my choice taken away. Users who “choose” to remove safe search from their searches are aware of the consequences or what they might see in the results. If I choose to do my searches unfiltered, then I should be allowed that choice.

    I wasted about an hour trying to figure out what was going on.

  • Maku

    Well im completely DONE with google, switching to Firefox and bing.
    FUCK you google

  • Chris

    google your fuckin NAZIS

  • http://www.f_ckgoogle.com Randie Teats

    The job of the f_cking search engine is to show me what’s out there, not to show me what they think I might want to see, or what might be good for me among everything that’s out there, or what my f_cking neighbors might want me to look at because they are indoctrinated by puritanism. When I want to see people with clothes on, then I type “people clothed,” but when I type “people,” I want to see all kinds of people, with and without clothes, because that is what is on the internet today.

  • Foil Hat

    Google becomes more and more irksome, and at this point, I really can’t wait until something better comes along. They make so many “upgrades” without giving the option to go back, and it’s really irksome.

    For instance:
    – Gmail aesthetic and functionality changes
    – Youtube. Every change
    – Signing into google / youtube / everything else, Big Brother style
    – Saving your search history database eternally
    – And this, moderate searches.

    I will leave you as soon as someone better comes along, google!

  • Foil Hat

    PS – Thanks so much for this article! No one else on the internet seems to have covered this, and gmail has failed to update their support pages, or explain this anywhere.

    And yes, it DOES feel like a form of censorship.

  • Foil Hat

    PPS – WebPro News ironically blocks out curse words. Fuck.

  • TM

    So they decide to censor Google instead of focusing on more important issues plaguing our country? Bull. We didn’t ASK for our internet freedom to be tampered with. Google Search is turning many of its once-faithful followers away, including me.

  • Tabitha

    I’m stuck on seriously trying to figure out how any search containing the word “blowjob” could be considered SFW. Really, Google. Some things are pretty unambiguous.

  • Al

    For a while I tried to change the setting, but it was in vain. So I switched to Bing’s images. I didn’t know that Bing images is tidy and fast as I experienced, so I recommend everyone Bing search engine.

  • pissed

    There’s only one way to look at this. Google is the new Microsoft. Absolute power, has absolutley corrupted. Fortunes are made or lost based on minor changes tot heir SEO, face it, your lives are being deeply affected by money-grubbing, power-maddened, justify-my-job meddlers. They love coming to work every day because they get to manipulate you, a terribly human tendency, and they believe you are too stupid to avoid them. Soon it will be impossible. They know this. For the first time in my life I am glad that Microsoft is there, to reduce the effect. Google badly needs to be broken up.

  • KB

    There’s only one way to look at this. Google is the new Microsoft. Absolute power has absolutely corrupted. Fortunes are made or lost based on minor changes to their SEO algorithms, face it, your lives are being deeply affected by money-grubbing, power-maddened, justify-my-job meddlers. They love coming to work every day because they get to manipulate you, a terribly human tendency, and they believe you are too stupid to avoid them. Soon it will be impossible. They know this. For the first time in my life I am glad that Microsoft is there, to reduce the effect. Google badly needs to be broken up.

  • urmomsmilkman

    I’m done with google as well, they now kowtow to our goobermint for everything, now they are censoring everything and changing looks to the point that nothing is enjoyable with google anymore.

  • Michael Montoya

    I am both sad and pissed. I loved the old Google search. LOVED it. In my opinion it was perfect. my computer signed in search results were uncensored. My wife’s were moderate and my son’s strict. Now it is harder to search by say color, size, type, etc. I keep my settings the way they are because it gives me the most flexibility with my searches. I hardly think porn will creep up in “Vector Blue Abstract Patterns” but if they do I knew the risk when I selected “unfiltered.” New algorythm or not, I prefered the ability to choose unsencored results. so on the fly i could search for models in bikinis, to vectorized labels then css color tables with codes and back to woman’s nude back without having to click options, or advanced search options. I loved the on the fly adjustments I could make including changing safe search on the fly to weed out the porn I didn’t need. I liked that it was my choice and google delivered the content. I miss choice. I feel like I went into a mall and only certain stores were open because they didn’t feel like I had enough sense to not take my child into spencers, or victoria secret. Botom line, I am not a child but I feel google doesn’t care that I am not.

  • http://tofudi.com arya

    I don’t like to use google anymore. I prefer to bing xd

  • knysna

    LOL. So much for the “ government takeover of the Internet” venture Google’s against. Meaning, controlling the net!!

    Haha. Hey Matt, every ones saying fu%ck you. And I say, I don’t particularly mind blow jobs and boobs (if you know what I mean?)

    And then Josh Wolford says

    “Why did Google feel the need to change it?”

    And I say

    Surmise it to say, its not very surprising. The porn industry does at the end of the day rule above all others. Specifically when it comes to Google generating bucks from adds.

    You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

    Hey Matt Cutts, my Panda janitor friend. What’s up Doc? Your wife is going to be baking a lot of cookies for all the Google employees. Considering you offer them out for free and have already earned the nickname “porn cookie guy”!

    I think you need to pull out some of your Panda janitor cleaning implements, and needless to say, start cleaning the dirty filthy net instead of promoting BLOW JOBS and BOOBS. If you know what I mean??????

  • knysna

    No Matt Cutts! How can you do this to your poor wife? Its totally unexpectable making your wife slave in the kitchen baking cookies for BOOBS and JOW JOBS!

    No man. Your wives going to file for a divorce. I suggest you get a good lawyer.

    Slavery in all countries is inhuman and not accepted.

    You were the big mouth offering all Google employees that came across porn, free cookies!

    You not only going to loose your wife due to slavery, but you will indeed be the main contributor to Google obesity. Meaning, all Google employees will now wobble around the Google centre like beached whales from eating to many of your wives blow job, porn cookies!!

    You should be ashamed of yourself, considering you are head of the Webspam Team and SAFE SEARCH “porn cookie guy”

  • Chris 54

    A simple fix – just go bookmark http://www.google.co.uk and do your search.

    Guess what. Google can do what they want. If you want to build a better search engine, go right ahead (Microsoft keeps trying, but so far, Bing is not even close).

    There are lots of things that I do not like (web enabled phones, 3D-TV, Mp3’s, McRib sandwiches, and shopping online for starts) but the world does not revolve around me.

  • http://www.bloketoys.co.uk BlokeToys

    I actually think this is good news, because Google is only turning people towards their competition, and that’s a great thing! It’s almost as if a someone from Bing managed to sneak themselves within, and then convinced them that this was a good idea lol

    Anything which reduces the use, and dominance, of this gigantic corporation is a very good thing indeed.

    As others have said, and I have said countless times, monopolies should be broken up or destroyed. Google has maintained a monopoly on the search business for far too long, and their power has gone to their heads.

    No single corporation should have the power to be able to wipe out entire industries with the click of a button, and that’s what Google can now do.

    Forget terrorism, forget a banker losing a billion, Google is capable of destroying the livelihoods of millions of people around the world.

    In any other industry or business this would not be permitted. But Google has been allowed to become the guardian of information, the controller of industry, the mouthpiece of news (real or not), the peddler of illegal content… all through public pandering and government ignorance.

    It’s about time people woke up to this danger and stopped supporting this.

    • http://www.floridacleaningconcepts.com Bravery

      Good point and well said. Competition helps develop new/better ideas, products, and services.

  • Man with clearly dig bick

    Oh no, as a manly man, I now need to enter clear search terms when looking for my images of women engaging in fellatio. It’s so hard for me to enter a few extra words to yield the same responses.

    Instead of making an effort, I’ll rattle off vague notions of US-centric “rights” justifying my decision to fail to alter my slovenly behaviour.

    Then I’ll become part of a 1% of 1% that switches to a competitor so I don’t have to enter extra words, *parrot off more rights that I supposedly have*

    *end by claiming Google is too popular and this is a form of government censorship*

  • http://wizzerdwerks.com Greg Hicks

    Just one more confirmation that Google has become the most useless search engine the web has to offer. I switched to Bing when Google shopping went to paid inclusion only. I want honest results. Not what Google thinks I need or who paid the most for the ranking. Who the hell do they think they are denying me honest search results anyway.

  • http://easyonlineclassifieds.com John Hogan

    Google indexes small mom and pop shops, as well as listings in Business directorys (like the yellow pages/Manta/Linkedin) while Bing – Not so much.

    I suppose if you are looking for a Boob, you would use Bing for easier results (which is likely to change at Bing too) while if you are looking for something else (small, large sites/businesses) you would do much better using Google.

    Google is also much better with handling the Mobile Web (can you Say Android) than bing by a long shot.

  • David

    Google is and has continued to become a dumbing down of society and now injecting morality into their search? (morality – by selecting just porn and not all searches) No more auto-suggest for porn? No Google Instant for “porn”. The money grab now in PPC is amazing they have any customer left. They are free to charge whatever they want for their product but sheltering over $10billion in off shore accounts along with intentionally manipulating search results not just for users but SEO/Webmasters shows they are more worried now about share holders than their original service claim. Yes, they have turned political, “for massive profit” organization and buy out companies and brand them as their own like some other company we all know and hated for a decade, like Urchin, and have even turned this into dribble-like stats package. No, no beef from me on making a user actually type in the search engines exactly what you want without guidance, “boob” did you mean this or that political leader” being showed in my face or results that are different if I am or am not logged in! Taken to serps based on my first letter or autofill and auto-correct spelling. No beef taking search back to 2005 levels where a user had to actual thinking about long-tail terms, associated terms, use outside tools to see trends and popularity, not chewed for me and placed in a golden users paid bowl to slurp up without questions. I use Google like a cops use a hooker (no, not fishing gear thank you) if I want the general dirty results knowing I will have to determine if this info to be right, accurate, what I really asked for or was handed over due to some coder thinking this is close….. I use Google, now. 83,000,000 results, yeah, I believe that one too!

  • Apres Ski

    This is an opening for another Search Engine to pick up this slack.

  • http://streemit.net Daniel Mahoney

    Once again Google makes unneeded and unwanted changes. I still use them as my search engine, but if they continue to screw with things for no good reason I’m going to have to think about going elsewhere.

    Come on Google – quit “fixing” stuff that doesn’t need to be fixed.

  • http://Www.directcaravans.co.uk New static caravans

    In the UK Google already has problems. There is a campaign regarding their lack of Corporation Tax liability. We have seen a drop in traffic from them and an increase in Bing and Yahoo. This adds to their global problems. Maybe they have become too big now and moved too far away from what we used to love about them.

  • John

    Please someone come up with something else….Google, Bing and Yahoo are all total crap.

  • Rob

    Another corporate move that is very bad for the general public. Well Google looks like this about end of the road for you as a corporation. Your going to learn what AOL did a long time ago the hard way. Then you will never be the same afterwards because your reputation will go to the dogs.

  • Bestbuycafe.com

    I think it’s great at least the parents have one less thing to worry about on the internet! Thanks google


  • Janet

    Not a bad feature where children are involved. They can’t be supervised 24/7, and all indications are that children and teens become sexually active earlier when exposed to porn. If they search on porn, obviously this won’t help, but when they get home from school, wondering about a new word they heard, a little bit of info is better than suddenly entering a gateway of everything. It’s a trade-off I’m willing to accept.

  • John

    It really should be up to the individual, as it has always been , to choose how they want the search engine set up operate.

    This is a form of censorship.
    Our indiviual freedom of choice is stripped from us while others still retain theirs.

    If you’re going to do it to us, then do it for everyone as a whole.
    If they still have their choice, then we must have ours too.

  • http://twitter.com/leslie Leslie Poston

    I tied searching for a favorite site and – had I not already bookmarked it – it did not come up on the first few tries. This site: http://bookshelfporn.com/

    SafeSearch and Moderate Safe Search has always been set to off for me because they don’t just filter out porn. Also – why do companies in the US want to be my nanny?? Porn is only taboo if we make it that way. This is bad news from Google, and it takes after Steve Jobs’ anti porn crusade on his devices. No bueno.

  • http://www.marketingarticlesdaily.com Raymond

    Good news in a way, just the next dumb move by Google which drives more traffic to Bing. In Bing the safe search disable is right at the top of the screen in plain sight. Bing! Plus it is easier to rank a website there anyway. I think Bing is going to keep growing the more Google does things like this.

  • chris

    a while back in Ireland they introduced the criminal assets bureau designed to take ill gotten gains from criminals, within a short period of time they were using the the powers of the cab against regular citizens.

    so anyone who thinks this move by google is good should think again, all it is is censorship which is google using its power to decide what content on the web should be available to end users.

    it is up to parents to police their children’s web browsing habits not look for google to do it for them.

    who knows perhaps there will be a day when all that shows up on google for any given search will be results that enrich google in some way or other.

  • Anthony

    The big issue is why pick on only U. S. users? In a country that boasts about personal freedom it’s ironic that we now are less free that the rest of the world because Google feels we “can’t handle the truth!”, but everybody else can. Who the f#*k do they think we are?

  • Yo

    “Apologies for the frankness, but if I want to find blowjob images, I now have to search “blowjob porn.””

    Censorship is inside of us, WASPs, — Google just makes it all too apparent.

  • http://googleisbigbrother.com Brill

    try the bing image or video search. you’ll be glad you did.

  • http://allbrands-hottubandspa.com Steve Cee

    Not that I really ever search for- Boobs – but
    all the changes that Google has made to serch results
    over the past few months have made it much harder to
    find the sites that I am looking for…as an example,
    when searching for a product, I am now presented with
    a full page of “Local Results”, “Google Shopping” and
    social junk instead of the nice clean results that I
    used to get ! I feel that I have not only been “Screwgoogled”
    but also “frugoogled” !

  • http://hellraiserslittlesisters.com HELLRAISER

    It isn’t blocking any searches from me. I searched boobs, among other words, and it showed results. Maybe because I own adult websites Google doesn’t block me.

  • John

    Maybe when you type in boobs it should have a picture of Eric Schmidt and Serge Brin. So I cannot decide what is appropriate? I thought when I moved out of my mom’s house I would not have any more filters on my interwebs. GOOGLE YOU CANNOT STAND BETWEEN ME AND MY PORN!!!!!! NEVER!!!

  • http://ez93.com james

    Yet another example of the ridiculousness of Google. Censorship or just stupidity?? who knows and yet again its the poor old Americans getting trod on. No liberties and now not even boobs.. Time to leave the good old USA and go to somewhere with less of a police state.. which would be just about anywhere else in the world.. and as far as Google goes.. it is not impossible for a big successful company to loose its way.. Sony had the market for years with PlayStation and Microsoft walked in and took it away.. Maybe Bings time is not too far away.

  • Martha S.

    Unbelievable, and thoroughly unacceptable, as far as I’m concerned. I was shocked upon waking today to find that Google will no longer be permitting me to select ‘no filter’. This is a chilling development. If ‘not being evil’ is what Google was aiming for, then what in the world are they doing right now standing between me and what I understand to be an adult decision? This move went one giant step too far. If they continue this policy, and don’t bring that ‘no filter’ option back, as much as I’ve loved Google so far, I’ll simply stop using them as my search engine, and without a moment’s hesitation.

    • http://www.captaincyberzone.com Cap’n Cyberzone

      Expect a lot more “unacceptables” coming your way from the Goo. They played the crony capitalist game well; they did everything that they could to help re-elect 0bama and it paid-off: this past week the 0bama Admin. announced that it was dropping its anti-trust suit against the Goo and only required the Goo to make some mundane changes.
      Look at it being that now the “0” Admin. and the Goo are BFF … the fox has been given the keys to the hen house.

  • http://Mabuzi.com Kevin

    Net censorship has started a long time ago.

    One day in the not so distant future you will have to pay a fee for any of your content to be found on the net even your blog.

    Its coming thats why Matt has been telling you SEO is dead.

  • jerry


    I won’t be using Google anymore until they let me set my owm preferences and turn that irritating safe search completely off.

  • Larry

    Actually this is form of censorship, as subtle as it may seem it will have negative and positive results…. positive results to Google’s bottom line… How? ads will cost more on Adsense.. supple and demand across the board….negative you pay more for advertising…simple.
    Example…billboards banned for tobacco companies in USA….result $5 to $12 per pack now in the US…. $10 to $20 per carton in other countries… it’s always about the bottom line don’t kid yourself…
    Besides we have become to politically correct society… Oh! don’t hurt my feelings….but it’s Ok if the government or the company I work for, screws me out of my money…Go Figure!

  • http://town-court.com Traffic Court

    You didn’t address Video results, only Image results. Searches for sex terms like blowjob do show obvious porn, though interesting that “blowjob porn” has different results.

    Google’s answers don’t make sense. If that’s their reasons, why is it different in other countries?

  • oglilp2fo


    When I seen this article I thought it was old.
    The other day, like 4 days ago, I noticed the change in my cell phone. On Google blogs the controversy erupted! Well by the end of the night it was back to normal, the old search settings style. Now my desktop browser is acting like this? Hummm… With Bing getting better(I hear) and the new Windows 8 for mobile, I think the change in power is long over due for Google and it’s monopolies. Let’s go back to being controlled by Microsoft!…lol It’s a shame too, I love my Android devices but Google’s market penetration is perverse in my opinion.

  • Roy

    Google rode it’s anti censorship high-horse out of China a while back… this smacks of hypocrisy.

    Google needs some REAL competition again.

    • http://www.wiseguysjobs.com/ Employment for jobs

      I think it’s good. You can’t type anything into the searches because it will bring up the most disgusting pictures. If kids use it I can see a problem with it,

      • ann

        disable safesearch = worse
        big brother -> hidden agenda

        • ann

          RapidShare Shut Down, Megaupload, Then YouTube, Dropbox, Apple’s iCloud Are Next……………………….?
          back to flinstone rock age

          for porn n piracy reason ????
          or for “NATIONAL SECURITY” hidden agenda

          wake up world !!

  • Rik

    Ohhh cmon guys. f… google. There are other syrchengines in this world. I would be soo glad if some day the whole planet will turn the back on this manipulatory engine.

  • J in the mid-USA

    So urge everyone in the U.S. to use the Google UK or Google AU interface. We can’t be stopped from using those domains unless Google absolutely wants to prove how “Big Brother” it really is by restricting our access to international sources of information. I say relax. Whatever “blanket” excuses Google may try throw over its censorship attempts, groups like Anonymous will be watching should the “evil empire” decide to up the ante.

  • http://www.novaimagem.co.pt Antonio

    I agree with Rik. G only has the power we all give it. If everybody turn the back to this manipulator dictator maybe it finaly return to its origins: a search engine.

  • miguel

    Use Bing.

  • http://www.myusedshop.com Rose

    I think it’s good. You can’t type anything into the searches because it will bring up the most disgusting pictures. If kids use it I can see a problem with it, especially very curious kids.I don’t mind the changes, I think Google does good work with their products.If you don’t like it use another search engine but you can’t beat Google results.

    • Matt

      Well your fucking retarded, thats what strict search was for. Why should the rest of us suffer, bullshit censorship plain and simples.

  • Charlie

    Droped google as my default search engine and also droped all advertising. It always hurts more when hit in the wallet.

  • neo

    I wish you’d all just “take the red pill” and wake up. Everything, and I mean everything Google is doing today is a last ditch effort to make revenue to shore up their failing advertising. They are swiftly moving into the red in their books.

    Can’t find Boobs. Now those sites have to pay big bucks to get found. Scroogled by Google because of questionable inbound links, now those sites have to pay PPC! It’s ALL about the MONEY. Their electric bill is killing them and advertisers are bailing like crazy because of the recession!!

    Energy consumed by Google..

    Desperately building a solar cell farm…

    Number of servers they have to pay for..

    So when your electric bill goes up a dollar there’s goes up a billion dollars.. Get it!!! They have to make money or die.

    • mike

      Excellent point indeed. …I guess we can blame Obama for now limiting our porn consumption too! After all, his policies are responsible for the increase in energy costs and now it’s affecting google’s ability to provide me with a decent ass shot of Karina Smirnoff. Fucking Obama…

  • http://youtu.be/JfI4yB9Pf5M ReverseMobile

    Googled or Giggled? Either way, they (think) are in charge.

  • Mick

    Okay. So Bing is better… for finding porn with fewer keystrokes. And having to add the word “porn” to my searches for porn is censorship. Got it.

  • Robert

    This is censorship pure and simple. Time to change search

  • Sasha

    I was using Google UK for a few days and it worked. But now, it seems as if Google is now using their crappy safesearch there as well as Google AU. WTF???

  • Derek

    They’ve done it in the UK now as well. Google ruined YouTube with its constant updates which make the site less user friendly and now they’re ruining their search engine. Annoying.

  • Ian

    Canada just got hit

  • http://www.wiseguysjobs.com/ Employment for jobs

    I think it’s good. You can’t type anything into the searches because it will bring up the most disgusting pictures. If kids use it I can see a problem with it, especially very curious kids.I don’t mind the changes, I think Google does good work with their products.If you don’t like it use another search engine but you can’t beat Google results.

    • mgr54

      People keep saying it is safer for kids, well you see there are these things called parents, and as a parent their job is to monitor and block content they don’t want their kids to see yes it a law. All router and modems I have ever owned have website and content blockers built in to them and also some have on-line timers, the one I have even has a feature to set a age of the child and it will set it own content blockers based on recommended settings, and you have the ability to log on some of them and see which computer or device is going where and doing what on the net. On top of that most on them allow you to set different setting for each device or computer connected to the router along with special guest settings. I’m tired of the rest of the world having to put up with all this censoring crap because today’s parents are lazy and think it’s okay for other people to take care of and watch out for thier kids for them so they can still go out clubbing and bar hopping with their friends. Your job as a parent is to be their parent not their friend or to still be cool to your friends. If you didn’t want to have to be a parent you shouldn’t of had kids! Don’t burden the rest of the world for you lack of accepting responsibility for yourselves or/and your children!!

  • bob 66

    Well I will no longer be using google. Google needs to fuck off of what we would like to search for.

  • noonespecial

    They haven’t hit Google.co.jp, Yet.

  • Aniruddha

    .co.in is down too. :/

  • Ayan

    I used to love Google but this is by far the biggest fuck-up they have ever done. I’m pissed outta my mine. I can’t take this shit anymore! I want my old Google back!!! IS anyone even listening?

  • Mark

    Bye Bye Google as my default search engine. (I’m tempted to quit using Gmail too!)

    I understand some folks don’t want to see explicit results. But, those people have ALWAYS been able to set the filters based on their own personal choice.

    It’s the PARENT’S responsibility to make sure they know what their children are accessing… not Google’s, and not the governments.
    If you’re too lazy to set the filter yourself, you’re a lazy, shitty parent; plain & simple!

    Well Google, we had a good run didn’t we? Lots of fond memories over the years, but now it’s time to part ways.

    Seriously!! You didn’t have to change for ME… I liked you just the way you were. I however do NOT like the “new you”.

    That said, I’d like to introduce you to your replacement…. say hello to BING. :o)

  • ann

    “big brother” with “hidden agenda”

  • YellowApple

    If DuckDuckGo did image searches I’d be gone in a heartbeat.

    Anyway, current discussion about this issue can be found here: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/websearch/WIPzdBq6E4Y/discussion%5B301-325-false%5D

  • mgr54

    People keep saying it is safer for kids, well you see there are these things called parents, and as a parent their job is to monitor and block content they don’t want their kids to see yes it a law. All router and modems I have ever owned have website and content blockers built in to them and also some have on-line timers, the one I have even has a feature to set a age of the child and it will set it own content blockers based on recommended settings, and you have the ability to log on some of them and see which computer or device is going where and doing what on the net. On top of that most on them allow you to set different setting for each device or computer connected to the router along with special guest settings. I’m tired of the rest of the world having to put up with all this censoring crap because today’s parents are lazy and think it’s okay for other people to take care of and watch out for thier kids for them so they can still go out clubbing and bar hopping with their friends. Your job as a parent is to be their parent not their friend or to still be cool to your friends. If you didn’t want to have to be a parent you shouldn’t of had kids! Don’t burden the rest of the world for you lack of accepting responsibility for yourselves or/and your children!!

  • MushroomMan

    I noticed when I wanted to shock my friend with the infamous “Goatse”
    And yet, for 22 pages, nothing even remotely close.
    Due to school filters at the time, I couldn’t just go to the website, Google was only option at the time, it completely ruined the joke and my impression of Google.

    How did it become Google’s obligation to filter my eyeballs? It should be my choice,
    Not the Government’s
    of coarse searching for “Goatse porn” would not reveal what was intended (that and I’m sure you can’t search “porn” at school) and is not what I want to see.

    Due to situations like this, yes this is cencorship, and we need this feature back.

    If someone shouldn’t see something, they should take precautions and a child wouldn’t see inappropriate material unless they removed safe search, and then they are prone to shock, However it is their fault and if they enjoy what they see, who’s to stop them, they enjoy it.

    I personally believe that nothing should be cencored by another, and if others don’t wish to see/hear such things, don’t indulge in it.
    It should be no one else’s responsibility then their own.

    And with this, I shall wank and go to bed.

    Have a nice day.

  • Scott Rogers

    This is incredibly stupid–stupid because they don’t even tell you that you can’t really turn the filter off–it STILL filters explicit images when it’s off, so what’s the point of having the option to turn it off?–and stupid because this is the best thing to happen to Yahoo in a long time. Google is getting too big and too powerful. It’s time for the Justice Department to break it up into smaller pieces.

  • wwll
  • bob

    COME ON GOOGLE ARE YOU SERIOUS. I’m on my own laptop, not a family computer. this shit cray

  • Jess

    Be more specific with post? That doesn’t even work. What they’ve done is practically made it impossible to even find X rated videos on google images. Before the update, one could type the name of a specific video and get images of screen caps where the video could be downloaded. Now what does it do? Show nothing but irrelevant results.

    Fuck google, switching to Bing now. Bing still has the safesearch off ability.

  • Steve

    I’ll be more specific with my searches: I WON’T USE GOOGLE.
    When the U.S. is treated differently from most other countries, that is discrimination. SafeSearch is by nature censorship and I don’t want it.

  • derek redman

    I turned to Bing and it’s actually better. So thanks google for messing up.

  • Dave

    People almost universally agree that removing the ability to disable SafeSearch sucks. Why does Google want to make us use something that we almost universally think sucks?

  • RCM

    This blows, goodbye google I don’t want and didn’t ask for your Safe search bullshit

  • bob22

    Google could have gone about this better, Instead they took the option away altogether. Goodbye Google, Hello Bing.

    • Pumper

      You are so very right, bob22. It is most definitely goodby google, and hello bing. Such a shame. This is going to reduce google’s revenue quite noticeably. They are shooting themselves in the foot!

  • Mo

    Yep Google new system sucks!!!

  • Peter

    I think this is the beginning of the end for free access on the Internet. It could be that Google has made a decision to become the mother and father to us all.

    I could not disable your safesearch and you can say goodbye to your audience just as soon as viable options show up.

  • skankfunk

    i hate the google today piece of crap they diaable the safesearch off

  • HTH

    Altering the search algorithms “

  • HTH

    Altering the search algorithms so that “explicit content” is kept away from results… very suspicious. There was already a way to do that, and that was to leave safesearch on the default setting or make it even more exclusive of “porn.”
    We should now accept the argument that if we want “porn,” we should be willing to type “porn,” …what are we complaining about, it’s only 4 little letters! I think what we are complaining about is that there has been a change, and no one “took a poll” to see if users wanted that change. But Google is commercial, not a public service. Google will send you whatever search results they want to. They owe you nothing more. On the other hand, it seems like whether this is really okay depends on the existence of alternative to google. But is that even really true? Google has decided to “gently” send porn seekers elsewhere. They don’t owe us an explanation, do they? Really? I don’t like it, but I’m going to say “no.” They are engaged in commerce. I think if the market sends them some bad numbers after this change, they might consider reverting to the previous search structure/algorithms regarding “porn” results. Walling it off further really might hurt their bottom line, but time will tell, and also tell whether they care. Could they set up a customized search-suffix that allows users to auto-append any string, including “porn” to their searches? Maybe. Then users would be frustrated when they occasionally weren’t looking for it and had to disable it?!?

    • deandownsouth

      @HTH: You really are missing the point. I think what just about everyone is objecting to is the filtering of results-period, and not that we now have to specify that we want porn in the results. What will be next, filtering some other results, say political, or religious? What I’ve noticed is that when I had moderate turned on with the old way I got less _relevant_ results, IOWs, Google thought that at least some of the results were inappropriate in some way, even though they weren’t. The way it was before was perfect. The end user could choose strict, moderate or none for filtering. It is presumptuous on Google’s part to force any one option.

  • Constantine

    Its horrible! how to make them bring it back???

  • Mehh

    I just use google.ca now, but I may consider Bing. Because this is bull shit, just have the safe search option on by default, with the option to turn it off, that’s good enough.

  • Troy

    I believe that the body is a natural thing no matter how repulsive some may be and block those images and others out is ignorant. It leads to a more ignorant society. The more you try to ban something the larger it becomes as a main steam force.

  • Joe King

    Why has this been changed only in the USA. Even Google Saudi Arabia offers you the three options: no filtering; moderate filtering; strict filtering.

    • Jabber Jaw

      Because of ugly mothers with big mouths big You noses in santa monica. She was no saint. Puta Monica.

  • dosguy

    Get a clue, Google. Censorship SUCKS.

  • LB

    I’d say this is stupid. But it’s beyond that word. There isn’t a word to describe this extreme level of stupidity, prudishness, Walmartery or crapposity.

  • Kunzzi

    I’m amazed you guys are so surprised by this! It’s no wonder that Google tears your privacy apart since years. You want examples? How about the stupid idea of using real names on youtube? Maybe removing fake accounts on gmail? Golden age of internet is over. Every year it gets harder to stay low profile on internet.

  • E-Pro

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but if you go to image search -> basic view, it looks like literally all they did was force Moderate to be on all the time. A real hack-job.

  • elvisjesus

    What to say?
    Another example of the corporate world intruding on and trying to shape our habits. They really don’t like the idea that most internet users hold its freedom close to there hearts and tend to surf,look and buy wherever our fancy takes us. Google these days is not content with locating us or product pitching to us, it also wants to shape the web browsing we do. Forget the moralising about porn or protecting children, as a father I can provide all the censorship my house needs to avoid these non-issues. If anyone thinks Google have a good point make a website and post all your personal and family details on it. It’ll save hackers like Anonymous loads of time when they come to dox your Google account.
    Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.
    Give Google this and they’ll take YOUR internet.


  • Hope

    As a mom, I like to have the ability to turn on safe search in instances where my son is going to be using the computer. But not having the option is censorship. Google needs to change it.

    • Jabber Jaw

      Women need to back up since you are territorial to begin with. And no more territorial behavior which spoils workplace. Go back to heck, what the heck
      LOL!!!!!!!!!! geeve mee chugg mee onley kiddink, right Tits!

  • sam

    Google can go suck it for this shit. I’m using another search engine now.

    • wtf

      word. google can eat dick and choke on it.

  • Bob

    Google without an option is no longer a search engine.

    • Jabber Jaw

      Goofle. They should have made the off option by sign-in with google acct. They probably used google maps to fo this cuz they went way too far.

  • Bob

    Bing is now a better search engine than Google

  • Jabber Jaw

    This was done to give exclusivity to U.S. Politicians on google searches for “boobs”. They were being crowded out of visibility by the milkman kind. Likewise, this will protect Muslim Cleric from showing up giving a blowjob when someone only searches for Muslin Cleric, as before, flodgates couldn’t stop it. I hope I don’t forget. Got to search for tiny twat porn so i don’t see larry page’s satanic stash of rip and tear kiddie pron by just typing tint twat. Because that now defaults to tiny twat larr per his cum covered priest in robes of a filter. Yes, I am available Wednesday. Da. Da. ‘Sall-Rite. Ya. Da. Dasvidaniya! (until we meet again).

  • Jabber Jaw

    I don’t want to see boobs porn

    I want to see just boobs

    Google has made a topless girl pornographic

    Sexy is pornographic?

    Native carrying water is porn?

    Cancer screening how-to pictorial is porn?

    Open Condom Star
    Op op op op

    • Jabber Jaw

      Googles the pervrot.
      If I search for TWEEN BOOBS PRON
      They will suggest PORN for 12-14 year old girls when i just wanted to know how to pronounce girl comedians

  • Kai

    Fuck you, Google nazi scum

  • Steve

    There is one and only one way to look at this: Filtering is censorship. Thanks, Google, for nothing!

  • Dallas Pitt

    I don’t understand why

  • http://google Zachery

    Now that google has removed the option to remove safesearch, I will no longer use google as my default search tool. I now will use Bing and Yahoo. BAD GOOGLE

  • Darwufche

    Censorship, showing pure arrogance of Google to make my choices for me.
    I’m pissed.

  • Z

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how Bing takes over the Internet. Like it or not, porn is what makes the world go round. It’s what drove “brown bag” servers to become the Internet we know and love, it’s why we got stuck with crappy VHS over Betamax, and it was a contributing factor to Blu-Ray beating HD-DVD. If Google is making it harder to access porn, then people are going to use other engines. A basically dumb business move with no benefit to anyone.

  • Francis A. Konan

    Safari/OSX Mountain Lion
    This small Safari extension automatically redirects your default Google search country to UK. Problem solved!

  • Steve

    It’s censorship and Google caving into pressure from from the feds!

  • http://crome dk


  • Kathleen

    It’s censorship, there’s no other way to explain it. It’s not just sexually explicit material, it’s everything. I searched for stabbing victims crime scene photos because I wanted to see the wounds of death by knife victims. Nothing turns up.. not the first photo. Looks like Google is now in the business of deciding what we will or will not see. Time to look into another search engine, especially for those not so normal photos like blowjobs and stabbing victims.

  • bob

    Clearly censorship. Meanwhile the american people and their government makes fun of countries such as china or middle eastern countries because you can’t access youtube there. Nice job US government. Fuck you.

  • Guy Monroe

    Thank you Google for ruining 2 hours from each of my week days. You ignorant little *******s! I expected just a slight bit better from Google and I don’t know why. Stupid s**t me huh? Well, time to start using UK Google. BAM!!! WTF!? Problem OVER!!! If I want Safe Search off I’ll just use a different country’s Google. Pointless idiot move by an obtuse company of d**k s**kers.

  • Dan


  • none


  • Robert

    I build computers as a business and used to recommend Google Chrome as the default browser and Google Search as the default search provider. I’ve had so many complaints recently due to the forced SafeSearch settings that I can no longer recommend Google Search to anyone. Quite simply, users want to be able to control their content and with Google Search, they now cannot. To get the results they’d find find using detailed descriptions in Google Search, they can more easily and completely find using Yahoo or any other search provider. Sorry but until Google corrects this decision, they’re going to continually loose my, and my clients, business. I used to think highly of Google.

  • GregS

    Thank you Google for CENSORING the Internet! Deciding for every user what is morally correct without giving the individual a choice IS CENSORSHIP! No amount of ‘creative/ explicit searching’ will undo the crime you have committed against the Internet. Shame on you! When will people understand that there is nothing wrong with the human body and sexuality it’s the most natural thing in the world it’s how you and I were created.
    You have single handled reverted the Internet back to the dark ages!!

  • Chris

    @google: What the fuck? Am I seriously awake and reading this? This can’t be real, how the fuck did I get smacked down into this weird fucked-up alternate reality? Is google on CRACK!?!? This is like some kind of fucked up crazy movie, this can’t even be real it’s so freakishly far out and insane!?@!#?@!?

  • Yoni


  • Lock

    Well as of now I am no longer going to recommend Google search to my hundreds of customers. Too many complaints. Looks like it’s Bing now. Conservatism or not, this is blatant internet censorship, I thought google of all companies was against that more then anything.

  • Me

    What does it really matter? You can turn the feature off. It’s called safesearch for a reason, to censor inappropriate content. Parents can set it that way to keep young prying eyes from that inappropriate content. I’m glad it’s like that. I have young children in my house and have the safesearch feature enabled, along with using OpenDNS for my router. However, my kids don’t use the computer unless I’m in the room either.

    All I see is people complaining about censorship. It’s not really that big a deal. All you have to do is disable it! You can disable it!!!

    • greg

      Did you even read the article?

      The problem is now that you CAN’T! disable it!

    • http://www.READtheARTICLEdummy Someone who reads

      ummmmmm….did you read the article at all? You actually CAN’T turn it off. You have two choices. “Censored” or “Moderately Censored”

    • http://webpronews.com don

      what’s the big deal? people like you are the reason that this country is in the shape it is. No big deal it’s just a little censorship. it’s no big deal, they’re only taking my rights to choose to own a gun or not. it’s no big deal they’re only taking away part of my freedom of speech. that’s how it works, they take a small part away, then they take a little more, then a little more and in no time at all YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS!

  • karo

    Censorship means you CANNOT access certain information. You are DENIED against your will. In general, Google’s old moderate search didn’t work very well. You could be looking for pictures of flowers and with your child and something smutty about de-flowering could show up. I think if Google has improved its algorithms then all it means is that the settings are closer to working as they are supposed to, nothing more. You want porn, fine ask for porn. What’s with the knee-jerk reactions?

  • adam levin

    I ran across this google censorship (that is precisely what it is) several weeks ago for the first time, and after playing around with it for a few moments, I quickly realized you couldnt disable safesearch…the easy work-around is quite simple…simply go to google-canada or google -uk..or google australia (any google english language country), and you will find the old google-usa system exactly as it was..just disable safesearch as before..these other google country sites, are 99% similar to google-usa so dont worry about missing anything…

  • Courtney

    Google…….been using you for years, but this is censorship at it’s very best. You suck!

  • new search engine

    Done with google

  • Nathan Elke

    Google.ca (Canada) does the same shitty thing.

  • cocoocococ

    Men are disgusting. Men destroy the world. Men are weak. Men destroy everything.

    • anonymousdude

      No, it’s women who destroy everything but you’re so stupid you think it’s men. Now answer me, outside of the West c. 1800-now, what did everyone think ? China, India, Africa, all keep women at home and obedient as they belong. I may not change your mind, but hopefully I’ve reached someone. Obedient women thrive; disobedient women do not thrive. They are like a blight which the West has allowed through laziness, and which is destroying us by diminishing our population, while the enemy multiplies and consumes us.

  • Duke

    This is so stupid to shut off a function. Good bye GOOGLE!

  • charlie

    Leave it to the 2 Russkyes to bring censorship to the US! Don’t immigrants usually CHERISH American freedoms even more than us native born?? Every other ex-Soviet I know is a hard-core anti-govt, anti-censorship Libertarian.

    I just don’t get it.

  • zee

    The same thing is happening in the UK

  • Cartman

    Happeninf in Australia. WTF are they thinking? If I search fro “blowjob” I want to see blowjobs!!! They should be working to make their search better, not worse.

  • roe ander

    This is why I no longer will use google. Finding Bing to be a superior search engine!

  • Courtney

    definitely a bunch of bs. If I want to look at porn….I am 37 years old….I should be able to look at porn without having to jump a bunch of hoops.

  • mikey


  • the hell

    Is google on f***ing crack now or what? I guess it’s finally time to move on to Bing.

  • malco

    its not just the US – i’ve just landed in Taiwan to the same situation. And thats with different countries Google as well

  • anonymousdude

    Wow, it’s January 21 and I just found this out. I’m actually a “traditional Catholic” and an ultra-conservative one at that (which is something like being Amish). And yet I think this is wrong and stupid.

    I don’t have the internet in my house and won’t sleep in a house that has the internet. I only get online if my wife is in the car with me, which means the babies are here, too. I use fastfood Wifi from my car and give her the keys each night so I don’t drive off with the laptop, though it’s like once a year that it’s a temptation. I’ve even been thinking of getting rid of our laptops entirely. If I know someone has internet in their house or car or phone, it adds a dimension of relationship distance because they don’t see things the way I do.

    I think internet porn is really evil and corosive to people being wholesome, along with a whole bunch of other things which are standard now in the West, like women not obeying their husbands or fathers. But I think the solution is to not have internet in your house/phone/car, not stupid software that smarter kids can get through or lists of allowed websites. I also think that we should have a monarch which hunts down pornographers and burns them at the stake.

    And so I use the internet to do research on ancient languages, and sometimes using “safe” search really hampers my thing, and I don’t use image search much.

    Thankfully, we can just use a search engine other than Google – there are many out there, though they have always seemed worse to me.

    People are just massively stupid and the government is evil. Internet and TV are not for homes; even the wrong books are dangerous. This sounds like SOPA : pretty soon they’re going to seize our guns and start rounding up minority groups for “re-education centers”, while the media blares about how good an idea it is and all the sheeple play along. That’s what you really get when you watch a movie, watch your favorite TV program, read a Twilight novel or spend hours on Facebook with other idiots who’ve done the same thing : you let the Government control your thoughts, your dreams, your role-models, the whole works. Choosing the wrong leaders is going to mess up things. I recommend the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the “new Google” blocks it out for “some mysterious reason”.

    Yeah, but this is probably like “Prohibition”, the government is doing it just to build demand for more booze. So Google will probably drop it in a year and up the ante on all the evil stuff online.

    This country is heading for either another Holocaust or another Civil War, and I hope I’m sipping coconuts in Belize when the soup hits the fan. How far is the insanity going to go before decent people make a stand ?

  • weneedhelp

    Google has been censoring results for a while now. Its time for something else to take its place.

  • slim.charles

    been changed in South Africa as well

  • Najib Dajani

    I live in Egypt but always used google.com for search. When they changed the SafeSearch filter I switched to google.com.eg. Now they have made the change to com.eg as well so I have switched to co.uk.

    I am afraid it is only a matter of time before they change all the sites. Why can’t they just leave well-enough alone? It seems all their recent changes are making it harder to use their system. Maybe it is time to try Bing.

  • Al

    just started in Canada to.

    If you hold ctl shift N, with google chrome, it pops up another window called incognito mode and all the filtering works for google in this mode for now.

  • http://theviewfromhangingrock.com steve carlson

    Changing the format of the Google Safe Search is an outrage of the highest order. What or who are these people afraid of? What kind of medieval world are we moving into?

    • Nico

      I agree Steve. Just done in Australia as well. George Orwell will be spinning in his grave!

  • Sage

    Here we go…the control of information (and photos of naked women) is being taken away. Google tracks everything that we do to use for their own gain, but now they have decided what is good for us. Believe me, they are doing this for their own motives, NOT to protect any users. BOYCOTT G-MAIL! Why should they profit on us and control content? Because it won’t be long until you have to PAY for access.

  • Nico

    Can’t remove Safe Search in Australia either. Diabolical restriction of freedom. Not a happy bunny.

  • M H

    I’m an insomniac and sometimes the only way I can get to sleep is to rub one out first. Come ON, I’m an adult…I don’t need to have my content filtered. It was bad enough when my mother found my old porn mags, now even Google is slapping my wrist. What a backwards system.

  • check this out

    Google has now enforced their censorship on the UK, safe search can not be disabled their either, an agenda is being carried out against the people, it is time for the people to take action.

  • Grant

    This has taken effect in NZ. Total BS and censorship.

  • No

    This is so stupid. It was bad enough when they put this on us in the U.S., but I just started using the UK search instead. Now they’ve put it on the UK Google and everything is shitty. This coupled with the new YouTube layout and the fact that pictures on Google no longer magnify when you mouse over them (as of today, may or may not be a personal problem) makes this one of the worst times Google has ever had.

  • lalala

    I tried to search nsfw images using the chrome browser and it gives nothing like what the articles said but when i use private mode it gives me an option to turn it off like the old google search

  • G Miller

    Disgusting. Has happened in Australia. how can we get around this!!!

  • roxie

    Censorship on our own private searches?! This is worse than TV censorship!

  • Bula

    Bing it is !

  • swiss

    its a farce, why not allow those logged in with their accounts a checkbox option to remove or have NO filters at all.
    The standard google search therefore can be this tricky, however if you log into your account thenm all bets are off. Kids cant accidently see porn, logged in users have complete freedom.

  • sandman

    you people make me fucking sick to my guts…all u do is point out a problem..(and u dead right on this google filtering thing i cant actually at this moment overide googles preferences to watch adult porn (no child stuff i would agree with being prevented from that)),,but u seem to think that if you just write an opinion on a blog to complain about it,,its gonna somehow magically change..like your opinion actually means something to the sociopath in control of your preferences and what u do online,, yeah thats right..this fucker is God..he controls us.. we are out of the nuclear age and into the information age..which means any interaction with each other in this age means a third party is always privy to it,,,yeah,,what the hell,,we trust em..what a laff. anyway u mugs..i want to watch porn on a google search engine..it wont allow it tho..any suggestions? if not..only suggestion i got,,is take away the power of google to conrtol us…DONT USE GOOGLE! but u wont..my rant is over,,but i think it contains truth…anyone suggest a better search engine? tell me pls and i will be more than happy to oblige,,fuck you google

    • waterman

      People like you make the rest of the world sick to their guts. People like Google, people will use Google. You fu*k off.

  • jordy

    has been changed like that too in Indonesia. because I live in Indonesia. google worse than before

  • google_sucks

    So. The way this is the very most broken, is that a search like.

    Will no longer return all images on the site.
    The keyword thing is complete and utter BS since it restricts the resultset when you don’t actually want that.
    Google sucks, etc.
    They could have exposed an override in prefs, but no…

    • google_sucks

      Hm. Does work in bing though. Unfortunately bing results seem less complete and I’m not used to their interface. Man. Tossup.

      • google_sucks

        Also, I don’t think people realize. This isn’t just about porn.
        Safe search is not perfect. If you want to have a complete resultset, and decide for yourself, you need the ability to disable it.

        Google’s new net nanny approach is nauseating.

  • Megan

    Fuck Google and fuck censorship. That’s ridiculous.

  • Johny

    I don’t normally search for porn pics. I had safesearch turned off purely because I don’t want to be filtered from my searches. I like true results. I don’t mind the explicit material. This decision is just disgusting.

    Well I’m off to bing or other image searches. Google can **** themselves.

  • private@yahoo.com

    This Safe search has happened in the UK too.

    I cannot find a search engine that lets me search for tits etc. any longer.

    This is blatant censorship. We will be treated like the Chineese before long.

    • google_sucks

      google.ca fell as well.
      FWIW, google.fr is still a holdout.

      • Col. Sanders


  • niro

    Same in India as well…

  • Craig Crawford

    This is fucking OUTRAGEOUS! As a long term Google user, and supporter I am absolutely DISGUSTED by this TERRIBLE decision.

    I’ve always spoken highly of Google and now I have NOTHING good to say about them anymore for this level of censorship.

    I cannot WAIT until Ubuntu for Phones comes out so I can rid my phone of the Android I once thought was good, but then got too Google-centric, I can’t turn off Picasa (I don’t want your fucking CLOUD Google!).

    Now it looks like I’ll be using Google purely for email functionality, and if they change that it looks like I’ll have to forward all my gmail to a new address.

    Thanks a fucking lot Google.

  • Net Guy

    Use Bing. It is as good as Google. Now that Google is being a nanny, Bing is better.

    • Dave

      Google was very good, now the best I can find is Yahoo.

  • ostro


    I live in Canada and access googlr.ca Why show censorship intended for US users apply to Canadians? I’ve found in the past that safe or moderate settings often filter out more than just porn are an impediment to my research.

  • google_sucks

    So, I found another way to work around their broken interface.
    Since the antisocial assholes won’t actually provide an option anywhere in prefs, you can edit the pref yourself.

    Personally, I fired up Firebug, switched to the Cookies tab, right clicked on the PREF cookie and changed FF=0 to FF=4

    It seems to have done the trick. It also shows this is some deliberate bit of dickishness on their part, and not a completely new backend code that only supports screwing over customers.

    • google_sucks

      hm. spoke too soon maybe. “Safesearch is off” shows up in text (if javascript is disabled) but the results still appear to be censored.
      Will keep fiddling.

      • google_sucks

        Welp. Sorry folks. Censorship appears to be the new normal. Fortunately images.google.fr is still fine. For now.

        Try: site:imgur.com on images.google.com and images.google.fr w/ safe search disabled to see totally different results. Not much pornography, just totally different results.

        There’s no justification for this. If it was “for the kids” they could have offered an override buried in prefs paged, w/ a confirmation. If the kids are going to override that, they are also perfectly capable of typing in a porn keyword.

        Yet another example of google going “evil” – ofc, there were already plenty before that, in their search and browser.

  • ByeByeGoogle

    So google thinks I need a nanny now?

    Sorry google but you’ve lost the plot. If I’m logged in and I use the search engine, I should be the one to decide what I can and can’t look at, not you, google.

    If you ever wake up and realise that people don’t like being treated this way, and you put the filters back the way they were, you can come tell me about it on BING.


  • John Autard

    Go to Yahoo!!

    This is absurd; we are not children!!!

  • Curt

    oh got it working as it did before, went to incognito mode, typed ‘hot blowjob’ and it says continue to explicit results and it works completely how it did before… and now even works on the standard chrome :S


    • nemo

      That only works if you want keywords in your search. site searches are still broken.
      Not to mention that their censorship is not perfect, so if you are looking for unfiltered results on a non-porn subject, you are still screwed.

  • Dan

    Utter BS! I am offended that Google has decided to monitor what I can and cannot look at. I am 32 years of age, for Pete’s sake! I have no children, and I am not searching for illegal porn. If I want to see a great pair of tits, I’m gonna look it up. I am definitely boycotting Google and on the hunt for a search engine that meets MY criteria, not one where I have to conform to theirs. Thank you, Google, for showing us that you don’t care any more about us than the government!

  • ying

    Bing is my new search engine google can kiss my hairyass

  • Ardath

    Well, this actually pushed me off of the fence and firmly into Apple territory. Next up: finding an email service to replace Gmail after being a faithful user since the first invites went out. Between this and last year’s draconian “real name” policy fiasco, my trust in Google is completely gone and I intend to ditch all of their products and services as quickly and completely as I can. So much for “don’t be evil.”

  • Ben

    The changes aren’t just in the U.S. New Zealand now has the same format. Like others I’m heading for Bing.

  • Concerned for SEO Industry

    This is another blow to the SEO industry, and just another way to get businesses to use adwords more, but organic SEO less. This is because Google knows how much money people dealing with porn make, so they want to make it impossible for them to thrive on organic SEO as they once did. Its simply another way to get into the (pants) pockets of the industry, making those who deal in it work harder to get traffic.

  • kyriacos

    I am an adult and I want to be able to search for breasts. it is my BASIC HUMAN RIGHT!

    moderate this google : F U C K O-F-F

  • English Cad

    Here’s the thing, type in ‘dismembered body’ and gaze at the vile images that google think are ok for children to look at, with safe search on. No company has the right to say what is acceptable to look at and what isn’t. That is the job of the hypocrites,sorry politicians. Give us back the choice to filter our results.Otherwise Google watch your market share tumble.

  • http://google davide durrell


  • Anon

    Dear Google, here’s some business advice: as long as Bing has “safe search off”, you should have it too.
    Signed, a formerly loyal Googler

  • julid

    Australia is now in the same boat as the US and NZ – try mail.com instead of gmail – works well and I am off to bing too – more than just a principal thing for me… I use a lot of porn as reference material in artworks and it is a pain in the proverbial to have to try to think of ways around Google censorship. Do they really think that this will stop kids finding images of porn and violence – as if!

  • Innocuous

    It appears to have been added where I am in Australia in the last couple of hours, as my Google results are entirely different to what they were a while ago.

    I guess the message is “If you want to access the full range of material, we will not allow you to be discrete, otherwise we will filter what you see, instead of allowing you to filter for yourself”

    I have always turned off the filter completely, and do not want to miss results that may be of interest, even when I am not looking for “adult” material. Assuming that I am not the only person who operates in this way, this is a free kick to build support for Google’s competitors.

    I am about to reset my search habits entirely, as I do not want my internet browsing to be filtered by a corporation.

  • Nate

    I think its Commie bullshit! Bing works fine so I’ll just use Bing for now on.

  • Jimbob

    Bye Bye Google…… Hello Bing!

    • Clay

      Between this and the “new and improved” (read totally messed up) image search, which adds 2 extra steps to searching for images, somebody at Google has found a way to make money on Bing’s success. Wonder which president of what dept. that is?

  • wow….

    This, simply, is retarded as f***. Oh look, I chose censored this time, wait but but… FUCK! DAMN, I USED MY FREE WILL TO DECIDE NO CENSORING THAT TIME! See what I did there google? It’s OUR choice alone. You may be a big presence online, but you’re not our mind. WE decide if we want our results a certain way. Keep it that way, Or… I’m quite sure you’ll lose many many users. You’e a piece of the internet, but not THE internet. Google was a great search engine that found anything. Now it’s becoming a great disappointment. Stop before it’s too late google. Just stop.

    • wow….

      holy s h i t I got censored….. hahahaha f u c k you google. lmao

  • wow….

    Now that I think about it… how long do you think before ANONYMOUS gets pissed at this? This is going to be fun to watch!!!! Don’t forget the rules of the internet. Seems here, you forgot rules 4 through 7. Shame…

  • http://anonnews.org/ anonymous

    And so it begins.

    • wow….

      Damn…. XD Hail anonymous!

  • http://anonnews.org/ anonymous

    And it begins again.

  • tony

    its happened in the uk now since last to weeks we now have no choice but moderate or strict thats it

  • jobloboblobolo

    I go bing, now.

  • Kimberly

    As an adult I should be able to search whatever I want including porn.

  • Rad

    This sucks. Honestly. And probably google is not gonna do anything to reverting this awful change. I think that I deserve to have the right to choose how my search results display. This totally pisses me off. I already changed my default search engine to Bing.

  • Franco Amati

    Are we living in China? It does stink. I’m certainly changing to Bing.

  • Saiful

    I can simply say that it SUCKS

  • adrian stern

    Stinks hardly covers it because now I can’t get anything other than moderate safe whicjever site I got to – I can not and will not suffer any form of censorship of what I read, see or think!
    Help! Corporate America loves guns and bombs but is frightened of boobs?

  • turner brown

    Google Images had a feature that once you found a picture you could just tell it to find SIMILAR pictures…. what happened to that?

  • Rudehamster

    This has hit the UK now.
    Google have listened to the US politicians who in turn have listened to the whining of Conservative Christian & Republican ‘Family’ fuckwits. When will these preaching buffoons realise that even a semi-literate 9yr old can search whatever they want and get round any and every barrier thrown up by Google & the law. However, politicians and ‘concerned mothers’ who collectively know about as much a basic email account as a box of demented ferrets, make a lot of noise and unjustified hot air about sod all.
    Basically, this little move has played into the hands of those power-hungry little clusterfuckers in law enforcement and is the start of more hard-line restriction on our privacy and freedom. China, here we come.
    One last thing which is undoubtedly part of the problem: Sections of the US seem to think they have the right to dictate to the rest of the World what we can and cannot do, look at and/or think. It’s bullying in it’s most basic form, but our idiots in Parliament follow like poodles.
    Grrrrr! I mean fucking Grrrrr! Pass me the alcohol and valium NOW.

    Now, where was I? Ah, yes…blowjobs….

  • DAMN

    So Google has now officially censored image search in India too. Only moderate search option… no way to change the settings. Thanks Google for nothing!

  • DAMN

    Can’t google have its own xxx domain were one can search for explicit content?

    • Ardath

      That’s not the point. That’s still segregating content off into a digital ghetto because someone decided that it was “unsuitable,” and stigmatizing anybody who deliberately chooses to search for such things, just as having to add the word “porn” to a search does. I wouldn’t mind “Moderate Safe Search” being the default IF I had the option to turn it off should I choose to. The point is that the choice has been taken away, and that all of the alternatives are designed to make people feel as if they’re something wrong with them for wanting to use them. Anyway, it’s not UP to Google to decide what content is or is not suitable for me, or for you, or for anyone else. Those of us who are adults should be able to choose for ourselves, and anyone who ISN’T an adult ought to be supervised in their Internet excursions by their REAL parents, not some half-cocked Big Brother.

  • cherry bloss

    I m switching to bing

  • 1cku

    It sucks.. Big G going NUTS.. why should they curtail my freedom? I hate it..

  • AngryAnonymous>:(

    The Internet is for adults! Not for childrens only!!!
    FUСК YOU Google!

    Rudehamster, February 3, 2013 at 5:55 am:
    “Google have listened to the US politicians who in turn have listened to the whining of Conservative Christian & Republican ‘Family’ fuсkwits.”

    I agree with Rudehamster! Keep your dirty relig hands off from OUR FREEDOM!!! FUСК YOU ALL Religious fanatics!

  • Xxx

    Do this test please if you’re in the US – on the Google page click the cogwheel on the right, then on the page that opens click the language settings on the left. Try changing it to German and hit save. See if you can now change the search filtering to none.
    I’m in Germany and CAN’t disable the filter IF I have English set as the preferred language.
    BUT IF I switch the language to German I can disable SafeSearch filtering!

    • This Guy

      Dude. That works! Thanks :)

      • Rob Crombie

        Where is the cogwheel ?
        Is it visible only in Google Chrome ?
        I cannot see it in FF
        I uninstalled Google Chrome a few weeks back, as it has tied up my PC alarmingly by doing some Google update in the background. My PC nearly froze, and the first time it happened, I thought I had an infection. Wasted 12 hours rolling back to an earlier image.
        The 2nd time it happened, I dug deeper, and found out it was a Google update hogging my PC. I then uninstalled everything Google.
        And as you can see from my other post, I probably will not use the Google search engine either.

  • G Miller

    This is censorship pure and simple and playing footsies with China and Iran and North Korea, with all of whom Google is buddying up.

    How can I disable the so-called “Safe search”? Google’s so-called disabling instructions do not work and they have not done us the courtesy even to tell us that.

  • Bad Google

    Use bing – plain and simple. I have moved over to bing, turn off safe search and voila – time to give the thumbs down to google!

  • W.T.F.

    Fuck Google and their God-like censorship. That’s what it is, censorship! They say it isn’t but that’s exactly what it IS! They’ve lost me forever! It’s the principle of the thing. Information is supposed to be free from human filtering and it’s getting so bad now we don’t even get to see legal adult porn any more. Jesus “H” Kuuuriste!

    They must have some fricking republican congressmen in their boardroom shoving sticks up their asses to make them want to LOSE ADVERTISERS like they will.

  • Denton

    I am not upset. Am simply using another search engine. Google has shot itself in the foot.

  • Rob Crombie

    I am in Australia.
    They are pissing me off big time.
    What is the best alternate Search engine, that we can all switch to ?
    PS I have been getting annoyed with Google’s search results for many months. (Not Safe Search related)
    It appears to be impossible to force ALL OF THE SEARCH RESULTS to contain specific words.
    Google are offering expensive (at least time wise) courses to learn how to use their searches.
    They should hire a decent analyst to design their advanced search page, properly, and we would not need their flaming courses.
    And if Google are manipulating (changing) the returned results for obscure motives, THEY SHOULD STOP DOING IT.

  • Rob Crombie

    I subscribed to your newsletter.
    I received your email in which there is a link that I must click to confirm my membership.
    When I clicked the link, your page started loading, then McAfee SiteAdviser gave your page it’s most severe Dangerous Site warning.
    Is that something that Google can manipulate to punish you, or to discourage visitors.
    Some may say that Google would not do that, but I now believe that that famous plea by one of their employees (some years ago) – “Don’t be evil” is now falling on deaf ears.

  • Rob Crombie

    PS I did some experiments, and discovered that the UK site has now been censored, as there is no option to turn it all off.
    Whereas Google.de does still allow one to slide the bar pointer to hard left (OFF)

  • ASDF

    Oh no, I can’t look for porn on google images (wtf?). Freedom died today.

  • dj

    it SUCKS!!! I will now use Google search 4 anything ever! U should have a choice, this is still America . . . right/

  • Blow Me G

    Google has screwed the pooch.Pretty soon we will have to do searches in pig Latin and only for targetted words. Screw it – I’m switching search engines.

  • Random

    This is so retarded anyone that can recommend a different search engine?

  • http://googlesearch Potch

    There are plenty of applications available (free and otherwise) that will provide filtering for those people who want it. In addition, Google has the ability to create an opt in/out. Forcing their morality on others is unprofessional and unnecessary. I personally will use search engines that don’t stifle my ability to find WHAT I WANT. Yes, it’s all about me when it comes to searches.

    • Nope

      I agree, Google has always censored a few things, which irritated me (e.g.the search suggestions: no porn, no Hitler, etc.), but lately I’ve seen them obscure or even completely remove multiple features on their website. I ended up changing my homepage to Bing, which does have some other problems, sadly.

  • Deiter Haussmann

    For the first time ever, I switched to bing and it is like google used to be.
    e.g. I used to be able to google image search “nutella” a few years I started to get a chocolate spread, so then I google “nutella teen” and now that comes up with radom rubbish or chocolate spread. Now I use bing “nutella teen” and I get nutella’s pics again.

  • shiggity

    I’m so used to Google I go to it automatically. I think I’ll modify my hosts file to redirect to Bing instead.

  • shiggity

    Another thing — I searched for “melena,” trying to diagnose a condition that affects the color of stool, and got a girl with her boobs hanging out. WTF? I search for porn and I get fat men without a shirt, but I look for something legitimately trying to research a gastrointestinal condition and I get porn!

    And incidentally, if there’s a porn star (or anyone) named “Melena,” that’s a pretty unfortunate name.

  • Xena22

    I can’t stand Bing. I can never find what I want. I usually use yahoo search and occasionally Google. There are other search engines.

    • Nope

      Yahoo has been using the same search engine as Bing for well over a year now, you dumbass.

  • DavidH

    This sucks. Go to Bing.

    • clint

      I agree. This is censorship on googles part and it sucks!

  • Fienyx


  • Jonny


  • siodgp

    fuck google!!!google mobile cannot turnoff safesearch!!!!where is the turn off button??? google mobile cannot read the cache page too!! fuck off

  • Mike

    It’s the same here in the uk, I’m being specific as possible, bye bye porn.

  • JG

    I am dealing with a child-custody issue where the child has been endangered by the mother’s past prostitution activity. By image-searching on a phone number I’ve been able to confirm that the activity is continuing and to build a case for not returning the child to the dangerous environment at this time. With Google denying me the ability to search without a filter, I get virtually zip. I can add some modifiers but I’m not convinced the court will accept them because they could appear to have adulterated the search. The child is at risk because of this. A simple opt in/out procedure or a warning screen when explicit results come up would have resolved this (and should have been done long ago).

  • SP


  • marco

    I agree, who the hell is Google to decide what I should look at or not. I want Google back the way it was

  • aj

    I may be hated for this however I think its good as it protects the young ones…if we as adults want explicit stuff then go look for it deliberately elsewhere …simples

    • Ardath

      Maybe those young ones shouldn’t be online. Or should actually have their parents engaging in active and responsible parenting instead of demanding that random people on the Internet babysit their crotch droppings.

      Seriously, the Internet was NOT MADE FOR CHILDREN. They’re the ones who should GTFO.

  • Greg

    I prefer the way it was before. I had set it up as “Strict” so my 9 years old would be safer, and even when I “Reset” Safari, it would keep the “Strict” setting on, even when the “Reset” removed all cookies.

    Now I have to disable “Remove Cookies” when I “Reset”, otherwise Google goes back to no filtering…

    Not cool. I was searching women’s first names today (like Masha and Katya, wasn’t too sure), to find someone I knew from a forum sometime ago, lots of porn and even child porn… Really not impressed… I believe it was safer before…

  • karl

    Google applies the automatic safe search in China.

  • sam

    Yet another multinational corperation controlling the ant colony. Google is private tyrany, controlling pushing around the masses like walmart,coke and the pharmacutical industry, the only thing worse than these low life a.r.s.e.h.o.l.e.s are we the pinheads who rely on them…

    • baltimore

      I used to have faith that google was fundamentally different from “the man”. “Don’t be evil.” is their motto. I used to believe in them. I can’t continue to “believe” in google with shit like this.
      And just to make me feel like I’m in China, they made the change without any notification/explanation/workaround to me when I stumbled upon it.

  • Ray

    Just checked yahoo search…does the same damn thing! This IS censorship!!

  • kurt

    google folks are nazis
    getting a different search engine
    google go get f–ked

  • Tyler

    I think this is stupid. I understand why they are doing it but anyone who is trying to look for adult content and doesn’t know about this is going to get really annoyed. Long Live Yahoo Search!!!!

  • Cj

    WTF Google, may as well join ranks with Apple a-holes, they seem to love censoring what apps you can have, now Google doing the same with images.

  • celerio

    why the hell they include the Philippines??? :)

  • Baghead Kelly

    All is forgiven Bing, I love you again

  • enoyned

    Not only the US – the UK also.

    • Frank

      not only in UK, but Indonesia is also

  • Daniel Furniss

    Ugh looks like I need to stop using google services, such a shame.

    This is offensive, f u google.

  • dude

    Well this sucks, I thought I was using something wrong. WTF google, I am not a child.

    Suddenly, yahoo new homepage.

  • David Berkowitz

    I guess Google got tired of being a successful company… sucks. To Bing!

  • voxleo

    Google is really screwing up what they used to be best at. This is worth an angry letter – to whom do I send my complaints? I will likely be using some of those filtered vocabulary words to make my point abundantly clear. This is beyond outrageous and I will not be using Google if that is not rectified and that right soon.

    The image search has always been less than optimally productive even unfiltered, btw. This is not an improvement, and has even gone right over the line to actually pissing me right the fuck off. Time for a new homepage and search engine until sanity prevails.

    What is their excuse for this? Who the hell made that choice? Who would WANT this?

    I actually feel BETRAYED. Dicks.

  • David

    I do believe I am old enough to know what I want to see.

  • Gabe

    censorship plain and simple. What search descriptives do I need to type to result in Google’s CEO’s; “facists”?

  • ChrisLow

    They Should Leave The Option There Isn’t It The Reason It Was There So WE Had The Option To Not Filter Our Searches

  • John Doe

    Just one more step toward total control of what people can see, think and do. Big Brother is here and getting more controlling by the day.

  • MattE

    You Fu^kers!!! Google, you can su*k a big hairy scl0ng for this one!!
    You c0ck su*kers!! HAHA!!!!! Google is going to go down..!!! Just like Apple!!
    Thanks for your protection fu*k faces!!

  • Jimbob

    looks like bing it is for the happy endings.

  • robert bentley


  • harvey

    I agree totally: Google are the info nazis
    In the past 2 years they’ve come up with some new things that really pisses me off and makes it generally more difficult to use them, but hey that’s all right as long as they can control our lives.
    Not only the US and UK but Australia and NZ also.
    This is not censorship? then what is?
    Google used to be the best, now they are the worst and getting worst by the month.
    Not just a bad search engine but immorally greedy: the way they pay almost no local taxes in the countries they operate and siphone off their billion dollar profits to overseas tax havens. Yes Mr Schmidt: you probably think your tax minimization schemes are very clever, in fact you are nothing more than a greedy, selfish control freak.
    Back to Microsoft.

  • seth

    i think it was stupid for them change thing liek that i mean really thay could used freaking password for modration filtores for google that parents could set but fuck some parent to f*cking moron now to f*cking prenental control on there kids thay let the kids run the internet yet kids ruin for the adults that enjoy pron now and then i come on i do not have kids and im allow to look at nude picture if i feel like it and some people need jughe people that are homosexal in there life becouse some care less about getting marraid or haven babys if the would arealdy f*cking up becouse pron and sex was done in the past by there mother and daddys and there trying hide there past mistakes by covering it up bad move google . trust me google you not that f*cking safe at all you just leting kids on your stupid deal but kids find way to get to porn becouse some parents to stupid think it was sites failt for my vearing porn but parent need do ther job and watch there kids win thay search stuff thay may click on something not suppost to click on but parent do not relize charges to there card tell thay think some kind of hacker but really just the kid stealling parent cards.

  • Tonya

    Im going anonymous all the way.
    F*CK Google.

  • Kevioto

    This is the worst ever. Google just lost me with this one. I can’t find ish!

  • Harry Dee

    Well done Google. The vast majority of us want ‘clean’ sites and searches, especially in the family arena. Let the perverts and kinky kooks go elsewhere.

  • Marshall

    This has taken affect in Canada, too. Only PG13 rated pictures are displayed. Even when visiting the TOOLS section, there is no way to disable this communist neuter.

  • http://Google Prince

    I love your service is good

  • Otto

    Google sucks now. You’re going to lose a lot of your audience.

  • Derek

    Yes google is censoring and causing me to use bing. Google is screwing themselves. They think they’re doing such a great thing. CENSORSHIP hello!

  • Xavier

    Yes, a form of censorship, a nanny state that impacts every adult as well as kids with no difference and no choice. Even their suggestion of more direct search terms returns filtered results or relevant as Google may infer, but less than before and without real controls for adults making decisions for adults. Maybe Google just can’t monetize non safesearch stuff with their analytic s.

  • Baghead Kelly

    I searched “Kobo Update” and the most recent result was two years ago even though the criteria was specifically date related. Then I tried other searches with the same result. So nobody has searched “Kobo” or “Updates” in two years? – not likely. The net is being filtered out of any reasonable relevency.

  • fckcnsrs

    they are pieces of shit that need to be killed

  • jaidyn

    when i turn off the safe search on my computer it says it is still active when i go into google images. how do i fix this.

  • nightowl_8936

    Poor Google … they just jumped the shark.

  • Stonegoal

    I noticed the difference right away I just thought the problem would have fixed it self over time. I’m trying to find a search engine that will be a good replacement but few companies have tried very hard because Google was doing so well.

  • dave

    Google has been progressively getting worse over the years with it’s profiling and related searches. You don’t get the same amount of wacky, weird and wonderful crap that you used to get. Some people may think that’s a good thing, but I liked the old Google better, with no restrictions. Now they’ve stopped us turning off safe search, its just dead boring browsing the web :(
    There’s so many organizations poking around our browse habits to make sure we’re behaving,and often blocking some search results because THEY don’t think the site is suitable or something. The web has some bad stuff on it, and some great stuff, and that’s what makes it so interesting, but with all these people deciding what we should and shouldn’t watch makes it very dull.
    We are supposed to be living in a democratic country but how many people think that the people they elect to run the country are in effect ruling it like a dictatorship. They rarely ask what we want, they just tell us what we are going to get,like it or not.
    I guess we put up with it because it’s better than a lot of other countries around the world, but does that make it right?

  • Jerryteacup

    This type of thing makes no sense whatsoever. This IS exactly cencorship. What’s more, if you ever got face to face with anyone up there at Google, you’d talk them into submission about this instantly and then you’d be ushered out.

    Seriously. SafeSearch OFF is SafeSearch OFF, not It’s not “Moderate SafeSearch”. What the hell are you afraid people will see? If they choose to have the explicit content… let them have it. Don’t do this stupid s–t…. Jeez! Only in America!

    Fortunately I speak natively something else than English. Forced localisation, though… -shakes head- This is so wrong.

  • Jerryteacup

    Oh. Lovely. It doesn’t work even on my native language.

    Well, of course, if I went to find out things about killing people instead, I’d have plenty of uncensored results. After all, killing people is more fitting than sex…

  • Fed Up

    This is bullshit. I’m abandoning Google. Full Stop.

  • Wings8

    What are you people whining about? If you are logged in to google and turn off safe search and don’t click the Filter explicit results box you still get the same results for “blowjob” that you always got, at least we do in the USA. Searching “boobs” gets you mostly SFW boobs with clothes on while “naked boobs” gets you, well, naked boobs. Are you actually so starved for porn that you are complaining about having to say you want to see “naked” boobs? Hey I’ve got an idea, turn off your computer and go out and get a girlfriend that way you can see the real thing which is much better than porn on a computer screen anyway. Un-freakin-believable!

  • Luckyca

    Luckily you can get around this by searching with BING, they do not treat you like a child.

  • https://restore.solutions/ Numus Software

    Google is turning into an internet joke.. they WILL loose users .. I hardly ever see a positive review / editorial or comment from webmasters about Google.. i wonder why?

  • Amanda Smith

    This post offers guide to remove Safesear.ch. http://vblaze.com/how-to-remove-safesear-ch-completely/

  • Clary

    I don’t search for anything inappropriate or explicit, but for people who do this is for there own good. I DO listen to music on Youtube and for some reason they find those videos “inappropriate” and I can’t watch them now. Thanks google >:(

  • kebeq

    It doesn’t work as well as before, even when I’m trying to be more explicit.

  • darylcheshire

    I wanted to look up “Playboy philosophy” a legitimate topic but Google strips out “Playboy”

  • Gayna Rimmjib

    after this i started using bing for porn but recently my safe search in bing has been moved to moderate and when i turn it off as soon as i get to the next page it goes back to moderate. kinda pissed me off, i want to find kinky stuff and dildos

    this may be old article but i need to share my pain somewhere