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Google's Detour Around Facebook Data

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Google has unveiled Google +1, at least a significant part of the “social layer” the company has referenced repeatedly over the last several months. We’ve speculated on such a layer numerous times, and now we have something major to go on.

In a nutshell, Google’s social strategy just got a lot closer to Facebook’s social strategy. Facebook made huge waves when it launched its Open Graph and social plugins (including the Like Button). Now, nearly a year later, Google is apparently trying to duplicate that.

Can Google duplicate Facebook’s success with the “like” button? Tell us what you think.

The video above shows what Google +1 is all about. It’s about putting a little “+1″ button all over the web, in search results, and in ads. It’s not quite as catchy or as call-to-action-y as “like”, which makes me think that right out of the box, this will not get clicked nearly as much as Facebook’s iconic button. Maybe I’m wrong. What do you think?

+1’s are public. Google may show them to any signed-in user who has a social connection to one. Users can choose not to have them displayed publicly on their Google Profile, however.

Does the +1 Button Make the Google Buzz Button Obsolete?

It seems like a fair question, but Google doesn’t think so. We’ll see if web users agree. The company’s official stance on that is, “Buzz button[s] are used for starting conversations about interesting web content (‘Hey guys, what do you think about this news story?’). +1 buttons recommend web content to people in the context of search results (‘Peng +1’d this page’), and +1’s from social connections can help improve the relevance of the results you see in Google Search. Soon, you’ll be able to use the +1 button, or the Buzz button, or both—pick what’s right for your content.”

It seems somewhat counter-intuitive. We’ll see how many publishers want to display two different Google buttons. Facebook offers a “like” button with the option to comment. Why not combine them?

Big News for Search

Of course Google puts a major search spin on +1, indicating that it’s all about making search results more relevant (this could be achieved with Facebook likes, if the company politics weren’t in the way). To recommend something, all you have to do is click +1 on a webpage or ad you find useful. These +1’s will then start appearing in Google’s search results.

When a user searches, while signed in, their search result snippets may be annotated with the names of their connections who have “+1’d” (that’s already more annoying to type than “liked”) the page. When none of the user’s connections have +1’d a page, the snippet may display the aggregate number of +1’s the page has received.

“Our goal at Google is to get you the most relevant results as quickly as possible. But relevance is about relationships as well as words on webpages. That’s why we recently started to include more information from people you know—stuff they’ve shared on Twitter, Flickr and other sites—in Google search results,” says project manager Rob Spiro. “Today we’re taking that a step further, enabling you to share recommendations with the world right in Google’s search results.”

“Say, for example, you’re planning a winter trip to Tahoe, Calif,” he adds. “When you do a search, you may now see a +1 from your slalom-skiing aunt next to the result for a lodge in the area. Or if you’re looking for a new pasta recipe, we’ll show you +1’s from your culinary genius college roommate. And even if none of your friends are baristas or caffeine addicts, we may still show you how many people across the web have +1’d your local coffee shop.”

If you’d rather see results from your friends who are most likely already using Facebook and talking about this stuff organically, you might want to check out Wajam, which adds this directly into your Google results via a browser extension. Greplin also has a browser extension now.

Google says it uses “many signals” to identify the most useful recommendations, such as people you are connected to through Google (contacts, people in your Google Talk chat list, people you follow in Google Reader and Buzz). Google also says it may start using other signals like Twitter connections. You can always look at you “social circle” on Google’s Dashboard to see who you’re actually connected to.

Obviously a Google account is required for +1. In fact, a Google Profile is also required (I’ve speculated that this will essentially become Google’s version of Facebook’s Wall, if they ever get all of their services tied together in an effective way, which may still happen with a toolbar). On the Google Profile, you’ll see all of the +1s you’ve clicked (again, kind of like “likes” on the Facebook Wall). Here’s what it looks like on the Google Profile page (with a new tab for +1’s):

Google Plus One From the Profile

“We think sharing on the web can be even better–that people might share more recommendations, more often, if they knew their advice would be used to help their friends and contacts right when they’re searching for relevant topics on Google,” says Google’s David Byttow, software engineer for the +1 button.

“We expect that these personalized annotations will help sites stand out by showing users which search results are personally relevant to them,” he says. “As a result, +1’s could increase both the quality and quantity of traffic to the sites people care about.”

+1’s the Next Ranking Signal

+1s will become a search ranking factor. Byttow says Google will “start to look at +1’s as one of the many signals we use to determine a page’s relevance and ranking, including social signals from other services. For +1’s, as with any new ranking signal, we’ll be starting carefully and learning how those signals affect search quality over time.”

They’ll have to approach this delicately. We’ve talked about like-buying for Facebook in the past. With Google, you have a whole other beast.

In a FAQ, Google says, “Content recommended by friends and acquaintances is often more relevant than content from strangers. For example, a movie review from an expert is useful, but a movie review from a friend who shares your tastes can be even better. Because of this, +1’s from friends and contacts can be a useful signal to Google when determining the relevance of your page to a user’s query.”

Google also says it is working on ways to provide webmasters with more data about the impact of +1 on their site’s performance in search. The company says it doesn’t share personal info about people who have +1’d you pages, but it may provide aggregate demographic info about your +1 audience in the future (such as a certain percentage of your audience being from a certain geographic location).

Join the conversation about Google +1 with us on Facebook:

WebProNewsGoogle Takes on the Facebook Like Button

The +1 Button and AdWords

The button won’t only affect organic search results. It will appear in AdWords ads as well. “We expect that personalized annotations will help users know when your ads and organic search results are relevant to them, increasing the chances that they’ll end up on your site,” says Dan Friedman of Google’s Inside AdWords Crew. “You don’t have to make adjustments to your advertising strategy based on +1 buttons, and the way we calculate Quality Score isn’t changing (though +1s will be one of many signals we use to calculate organic search ranking). Think of +1 buttons as an enhancement that can help already successful search campaigns perform even better.”

It’s worth noting that clicks on the +1 button don’t count as a paid click, according to what Google told Danny Sullivan.

The button does not affect AdSense ad units on publishers’ sites.

More for Businesses

Google also announced that it is bringing both the +1 button and the Google Profile to Google Apps. I’m guessing that this will roughly translate into Google’s version of the Facebook Page.

“Your organization will need to be set up to use additional Google applications to get Google Profiles when it’s available, so this is a great time for administrators to start the transition if they haven’t already!” says Google Apps Product Manager Gaurav Jain. “Google Profiles is an important companion to +1’’s, but your profile is also a place for you to manage your online identity.”

“Once it’s ready, Google Profiles can be turned on by your organization’s administrator,” adds Jain. “You might choose to use a Google Profile if you’re a freelance writer, personal accountant or hairstylist, for instance, and you want to create your professional presence on the web to interact with potential clients and colleagues. Your profile will be public, so anyone on the web will be able to view it and your profile and +1’s will show up in search results.”

Google also says it will be providing admin options to keep profiles and +1’s for Google Apps users private within an organization.

Google is “slowly” rolling out +1s, beginning with English on Google.com. More languages will be added in time. If you’re dying to start using the buttons, however, they will soon let users opt-in via an experimental search site. If you want to know when buttons are available for your site, you can sign up to get notified here. You can sign up to get notified when Profiles are ready for Google Apps here.

Is the +1 a good idea? Tell us what you think.

+1 Button From Google The Next Ranking Signal
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  • http://www.wajam.com Alex Dao

    Thanks so much for mentioning Wajam, Chris! Just wanted to let you know that Wajam has extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Updated to the broader “browser”. Thanks Alex.

  • http://www.amazon.com/100-Blonde-Jokes-Funny-Clean/dp/0986600415/ Jeffrey Rainey N. Cristi

    I really like the +1 feature better than like. It kinda makes better sense to me. Thanks for making things more adjustable.

  • http://managemydream.com/ software solutions

    No doubt that +1 is a good idea as compared with the FB like but only time can reveal its extent of goodness.

    We sincerely look forward for better features in Google which we are sure that Google is soon going to launch.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Agreed. Time will reveal whether this was a good idea or not.

  • http://www.basementfoundationwallcrackrepair.com/ wall crack repair

    This might be a big change of Google and can also challenge Facebook,but as people are becoming fan of Facebook more and more,it is a big challenge for Google also. While +1 would be the recommendation of content in the search results,the relevancy may not be as related as it should be with the search terms.

  • http://www.website-articles.net Allen Graves

    As you mentioned with the purchasing of Facebook “likes” – this has the potential to be spammed heavily, especially since they have boasted to the world that this will impact rankings.

    How do you suppose they will stop it? I can’t believe the spam issue hasn’t been brought up in the mainstream yet. They’ve obviously put a lot of time and money into this system – there has to be some sort of spam prevention built it, but I don’t see how.

    Nice article!

    p.s. the post contains to “you”‘s where there should be “your”‘s :-)

    • http://schnauzerlover.com Allen Graves

      I was thinking about this a little more…

      What are the odds that a person, when doing a search and finding something good, is going to go back to Google and +1 the search result? The person found what they wanted. Why would they go through the trouble of trying to find the SERP again?

      Perhaps most of us, as advanced Internet users who are “in the know”, may try to do it – but most people don’t think about the Internet and Google like we do…not yet anyway.

      So in my opinion, this would increase, even more, the value of spamming this feature.


      • http://www.transportmedia.co.uk StefTM

        I couldn’t agree more.

        Of course, the +1 feature is a “nice” idea, a quick way to share/exchange preferences.

        I see some new good jobs PPB – Pay Per Button – Specialists coming >;P and this is not a good thing for the users, isn’t it?

      • http://africanmangoe.com/african-mango-plus.php African Mango Plus

        That’s exactly what I was thinking. One way to get the +1 thing to work might be for Google to display the site the person wants to go to inside of a frame. And then, when the person leaves that site (or rather, page), they see a small notice that asks them if they’d recommend that page.

        But for this to be as valuable to the searcher as possible, it has to be integrated with Facebook data, since Facebook is the #1 social site.

  • http://www.loanblogger.co.uk George Thistle

    Google is certainly looking to index things faster and faster. Probably the spare capacity now they don’t bother doing page rank indexing anymore! That used to use up a lot of server capacity!

  • http://www.franchahyz.com Tom Roberts

    A total flop!

    I have multiple Gmails, Buzz, Google Accounts… and therefore profiles. While you can only sign-up for the +1 in Google Labs under Search Experiment with one profile. The one I used I’m never on. Switch it to the Google Account I’m always on… I don’t have a Google Profile for that Google Account because Google won’t allow me to set one up.

    Google pretty much screwed themselves on this one. This flop is going to surpass Buzz. Yet another example of Google jumping into the pool before making sure there’s some water in it!

  • Thom

    Sorry, Google, you are the old. Chin up, though, usually whenever anyone plays catchup their mimicing is just poor imitation like this. As Facebook might say, Buzz off! :-)

  • http://www.purityringsonline.com Brandon Young

    It will be interesting to see how blackhat +1-ing will come in to play and what they will do to prevent. It’s just like hiring people in India to earn WOW gold!

  • http://www.ePharmacy.it Francesco Miliardi

    I think sharing will give search a + touch, like mixing FB with Google: that seems another big event by Google Team…

  • Bob

    This will be very easy to scam.

    Pay Indians to jump from ip to ip, account to account, hitting +1 on your site.

    • Lori

      Agreed. Sites with quality contents will lose out in the search results ranking to those that employ this scheme.

  • http://nurulchowdhury.com/ Nurul Chowdhury

    Thanks for the heads up Chris, at least now FB is going to find a direct competition.

    Unfortunately, using a french version of google so can’t see it yet. Who knows this may well be a good start for getting up the page for some

  • http://www.getitmart.com Erik

    +1 is to much like shopping. Clicking +1 will be like adding something to a cart somewhere. A call to action word would be alot better like “like” :) P.S. (where are the “hate it” buttons?)

  • http://www.all-things-photography.com Nick Stubbs

    I do a lot of online marketing but lately I am getting sick of it.

    FB scrapping FBML pages for iFrames just as I was starting to like and use them, Google with their Panda dance…I think it is starting to get out of hand as these to start to do battle more seriously.

    FB and Google are getting like the two biggest bullies in the playground, each trying to outdo the other whilst increasing their “gang” as they go.

    Some things seem to be a little desperate with everyone jumping on the SEO bandwagon these days…for example:

    A friend of mine in the UK had a BT (British Telecom) engineer visit him last week, trying to sell him SEO services as part of the package ??!? My friend sells his OWN SEO services as part of his website building businesss. When the engineer left he actually admitted he didn’t like doing that part of his job and thought it was ridiculous.

    A quick Google search found he wasn’t the only one:


    As soon as you get used to one method of marketing, the big guns rip it up, create something new and expect us to join in their merry dance and of course, we have no option other than to oblige. I think Google are trying more and more to force us to use Adwords/Adsense and FB are gearing up for a paid service for businesses.

    As people have said before, these Goliaths don’t “owe us” anything, especially free traffic…

    It just seems like they are making us all integrate our businesses so deep within them that when they eventually charge us for the privilege (especially Facebook), we will have no option other that to hand over the readies…they have us by the ba**s.

    Lately all I do is run around trying to keep up with everything, chasing up people copying my work, fixing all sorts of cr*p and then don’t have time left to do my actual work…it’s becoming crazy online.

    As a regular surfer without my working head on, when I go to Google for info, I just want to do a simple search to find what I need without worrying about what my “social circle” likes. A lot of the time, even though they are friends, I have completely different tastes when it comes to a lot of things.

    All of this is IMHO by the way, I am tired and irritable today and will no doubt change my mind tomorrow!

    As Bob says, its just another thing for people to scam that we will have to clear up in a few months…

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Things never stop changing.

      • http://www.all-things-photography.com Nick Stubbs

        I understand that Chris, I have been doing this for around 6 years but it just seems that lately things are speeding up and getting a little out of hand.

        Just work harder I guess!

        • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

          Not much you can do to stop it.

    • http://www.robocompare.co.uk Robo Compare

      I could not agree more! – Every week there is something new lately and to try and keep up in terms of SEO is getting harder. The SERPS seem to be moving all over the place and I’m just waiting for the next update to screw up all the hard and websites over the last 5 years… but as you say we have no choice but to hope and go along with them!

  • dave C

    it sucks.

    +1 means good, but what about -1 meaning bad? Worthless as it will be hacked by spammering advertizers

  • http://www.paradiseviewslandscaping.com mike dasilva

    I think the idea is great but maybe you could have +1s as its own profile with to do lists and and favorite products or favorite sites and services. It would have more specific results to specific catergories using googles +1s could show -1s for things you dont like, to warn friends not to use or buy specific products or items but everyone should be able to have a profile even non google profile members in order to have everyone participate and is that not the true goal.

    • http://www.paradiseviewslandscaping.com mike dasilva

      Just to add to what i said earlier it would be intertesing to see other peoples to do lists and who they hired to do a certain job or service, for example Oprah used a certain company to do some service and its on her google +1s profile more people would be hiped up about hiring that company or buying that product it has potential to attract lots of sheep who love to follow others just to say, Oprah bought this or i had the same contractor who did Oprah’s house. people always want to feel they are a part of something bigger than they are. I think something like that could potentially be a frenzy for everyone.

      • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

        Interesting concept.

        • http://www.paradiseviewslandscaping.com mike dasilva

          I have a big idea that would definitely be viral with large potential if your interested email me mike_paradiseviews@hotmail.ca

  • http://www.crittersdot.com Dinese

    I think a ‘LIKE’ button is great for any site or search engine, as long as it lands somewhere so your friends can see it, why not? Stumble has one, google can have one too..and maybe in the future, I will make my own :)

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Google has one that actually says “like” on YouTube too.

  • http://www.gastric-banding-surgery.co.uk geoff Lord

    Here we go again !! Google are about to give the big boys another tool to beat the little guys with. I am fed up of trying to get my sites ranked equally with the “big Boys”. The “big Boys” end up with the advantage of scale each and every time and very quickly work out how to turn these tweaks to their advantage. They will simply outsource the task of getting idiots to click +1 tabs on each and everypage of their overblown websites to make them look more popular and relevant than a single page website guy with 100% totally relevent and meaningful content which will now be relegated to page 10,000 in the search engines….Why dont google do something for us for a change !!

  • http://localseoservices.org jimm

    seems like an easy thing to exploit by IM etc . Good concept but not good for ranking for you can easily imagine millions of profiles being created on google by only 1 person and creating large click groups.

  • http://www.paputravel.com Barcelona Holiday Apartments

    I think they google perceive this as a significant step but in reality I think the ratio between users and searchers – searchers = those that do not and most likley can be bothered setting up a uers account and users = those that will or have done.

    It would be interesting to see the raw data – how many searchs v usrers who search – not that google is likely to release this data.

    My guess is the ratio would be something like 8/92 92% being those who search that have not signed up for a google account

    What do you reckon

  • http://www.bizwatchsearchanalytics.com Laura Thieme

    I recorded a screencast video on my thoughts regarding it. I don’t think it will affect rankings in terms of top five listings. It might help click-thru rates of top paid search ads, if you’re logged in. I think they did a better job of integrating Twitter followers and comments into organic search. I think it’s one more thing we have to watch, but could be a waste of time to worry about now. http://www.youtube.com/bizwatchsearch#p/u/0/X5rf-DzPqi8

  • http://www.htproducts.net Nicole Hamilton

    I think people are looking for new RELIABLE ways to stay connected. The current mediums, Twitter and Facebook are great but tend to be overwhelmed.

  • Azin

    Will fail as always. What is Google anymore? Google is past its prime.

  • http://www.estateagentsinruncorn.co.uk/houses-to-rent-in-runcorn Houses to rent in Runcorn

    What an absolute joke. If Google take +1 into consideration on their rankings, it will be open to abuse beyond belief and will make Google a total mockery. This means every Indian webmaster in the world will dominate Google search results bar none, with all due respect, we all know how prolific they are at manipulation.

  • http://geniusgeeks.com Ricky

    I hope people uses it properly. This will increase the spam on the web especially from the Asian people. Google has to be very watchful before considering this as a ranking (SERP) factor.

    People are really smart. They will use proxies and other means to get the better ranking. This will also affect small/new blogs as they usually do not have authority or large readers base to get more +1 like.

    Do we have any code/script to implement +1 like button on our website?

  • http://www.ecoselectwindows.com Windows Seattle

    I think the +1 will make it for awhile and then fade away like most things over time. Google seems to have there hands in everything now days. Wow.

  • http://rhodeislanddivorcemediation.com Mike A.

    Sounds lame, but then I always thought that Twitter sounded lame.

  • http://replicawatches.us.com Alex Watch

    That will succeed, but not in such a rate as FB’s Like button because FB left Google behind. To reflect their real success rate Google’s button must be 2+

  • http://www.virtual-sidekick.com Ina Stanley

    First off, I think it’s possible that Google can duplicate what Facebook has done…if the big G is smart about it. By smart, I mean not re-inventing the wheel too much. Facebook already has a pretty good thing going with its “Like” button, and we all know that “Likes” factor into how often and high up in the news feed content is displayed. I think as long as they don’t over-think it, it could be a very useful tool. One thing to look out for though, is how to keep spammers from creating hundreds of dummy accounts just to +1 their own content. Facebook is really strict about the number of accounts a person can have, and I think that cuts down on the possibility of abusing the “Like” feature. If Google can find a similar way to ward against spammers who will inevitably try to abuse the system in this way, they’ll be good to go.

    Next up, I don’t thing the +1 button will make Google Buzz obsolete either. I can “buzz” something without necessarily “liking” the content. It could just be an article or video that I’m curious about and want someone else’s opinion on it, or in many cases I find articles to “buzz” that anger me and I just want to vent about that. Doesn’t mean that I like or feel the need to “recommend” the content. The +1 button, on the other hand, would really only be used for content I like and am willing to recommend to others on a positive note. I can’t say that it’s how everyone would use such a feature, but that’s what comes to mind first for me.

    And as for the rest of it, I take the new announcement like I take anything from Google – take steps to prepare for it and be a part of it so that you don’t get left behind by your competition or penalized. I mentioned this on another post earlier that talked about whether Google uses ads on a page as part of the ranking factor: You must plan for all possibilities, actualities and eventualities when it comes to Google. If you do and something goes big, you won’t be left in the dust wondering how to catch up. If you do and something doesn’t go big, you’ve just improved your users’ experience a little. But if you don’t and something goes big, you’ll be in the worst place imaginable and by the time you catch up, Google (and your competitors) will be moving on to the next big thing.

    So my advice is to start planning on how you can incorporate the +1 button into your site and marketing strategy, and educate your readers or site visitors so that they can help you take advantage of it. That way if it ends up being here to stay, you’ll be in the loop and able to benefit.

  • http://www.pratixo.ru Luckymarket

    thanks for the interesting article

  • http://passion2write.com Ibrahim Siddiqui

    I must say its a very good step taken by the google to ensure a website’s quality as we know its same as facebook; but its not limited to one website as facebook “like us” its avialbable on internet.

    There might be a negative impact on many website owners like me…but its a positive step for the one who is dumb or could in the hands of phishers.



  • http://www.trafficwonders.com Shoaib Ansari

    +1 Features will be providing additional weight to SEO efforts and will eventually help in website ranking.
    But the problem is with its abuse. as There are lot of marketplaces to buy and sell “Facebook LIKE”, similarly this would be another fake recommendations with selling “+1 Google”.

  • http://www.guidetoonlinecasinogambling.com/best-online-casinos.html Jesper Nielsen

    I can’t help thinking about the “+1 button” as the ultimate compliment from Google to Facebook. The two companies are in bitter competition, but still Google have felt the need to copy the Facebook “Like” feature and implement it as a significant partof their search algoritm.

  • http://www.hedgehogdigital.co.uk/ SEO Bedford

    To early to tell what the effects of +1 will have in search. What Google is trying to do here is to collect a similar kind of data that Facebook already has from it “like” buttons and as mentioned above, improving the relevance of search results.

  • http://www.pleomatic.com Search Ranking

    its exactly facebook like, Google should stop copying and come up with something new.

  • http://www.hopebuildssuccess.com Ed Rude

    Ever hear the odd phrase, “the more things change the more they are the same?”
    Serps were always meant to be relevant to the searcher, not necessarily convenient for the marketer.
    Google started off by assuming the real reason someone puts a link to your website on their own website was because they really personally liked the content. Stupid assumption, but, since it became obvious that links were now a mesure of relevance, everybody started trading links.
    Then Google realized it was not actually the vast number of links alone (a monster they inadvertantly created) but “relevant links.” So, people started creating “relevant” links – guess what, if +1 is a mark of relevance – people will figure out how to make +1 irrelevant.

    In the mean time: write decent, informative content that is rich in the words used to search for that particular information; write highly informative articles; give out Authoritative Links; and gain links by doing what comes naturally for your on-line content; intend in every item you use, to serve anyone who searches for information using a particular group of search terms. And, you will rise to the top regardless of what algorhythm change search engines institute.

  • http://hybridcities.blogspot.com/ Paolo Pomponi

    The prove that +1 Google Button is Stolen as well Copied concept. http://tiny.cc/d6taz

  • http://www.netage.co.za Goran

    It makes logical sense, Google is looking for another medium to measure authority and they dont choose to use other mediums. Most sites would automatically enable it on their site to ensure ranking, thus the concept will be quick to market (virally). Google will have to employ as it does with links, software to control fake personas. Overall a +1 from me.

  • http://www.lisastewartlaw.com Lee

    Good luck with that Google. I’m not sold on the +1 button, but many of Google’s innovations have proven popular. Can’t argue with success.

  • http://www.flash-eez.com Geoff Lord

    I am in the UK and was able to use the +1 for approximatly 1 hour before it disapeared from my searches. strange thing is that the few +1 whcih i did manage to click on before it disapeared are still showing on my Goggle profile page !!

    anyone else experienced this strange situation

  • Steve

    This is just another loophole for marketers to game the system. Google keeps trying to fix something that ain’t broken. Maybe it’s just job security for their engineers to keep coming up with something new.

    Instead of introducing something like this, they should work on their algorithm to improve search rankings.

  • http://www.canddsbabyaccessories.com Corinna Silveira

    I think it would work but I do not think it will be as popular as facebooks like button. People look up items or certain objects on google. People go on Facebook to chat and play games. You can see what people or friends are writing on their share blog. You can see an ad or event and like it without going to that page. You can hit the like button on almost anything without really doing much else, like comment on it or even buying anything.

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    Thanks , I’ve just been looking for information about this topic for a while and yours is the greatest I have discovered so far. However, what concerning the bottom line? Are you positive about the supply?

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