Have Half of Google+ Users Yet to Post Anything?

Microsoftie Shares Visualization of Google+ Usage

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Matthew Hurst, who works with text mining and social media at Microsoft (he’s also the co-creator of BlogPulse) shared an interesting visualization on Google+ on his personal blog (and linked to on Google+).

“I took a sample of the Google Plus graph and loaded it up in to the excellent Gephi graph rendering package,” he explains. “Due to the simple manner in which I crawled the data, this doesn’t represent a true breadth-first crawl of the graph (rather it captures the random set of in and out links that appear on a user’s profile page). However, what is interesting is that there is a clear tightly connected component that is distinguished from a more dilute area. I suspect, without any real investigation, that this is the core area of Google employees and some of their immediate connections as well as alpha users. This is complete conjecture, though.”

Here’s what it looks like:

Google Plus Visualized

“In capturing this data, I also observed the complete in and out degree of each node,” he adds. “The top ten that I came across where (in order): Mark Zuckerberg,¬†Vic¬†Gundotra,¬†Robert Scoble,¬†Tom¬†Anderson,¬†Matt Cutts,¬† Markus¬†Persson,¬† Pete¬†Cashmore,¬†Thomas¬†Hawk,¬†Evan¬†Williams and¬†Om¬†Malik with links ranging from 456k to 33k.”

He also notes that 48% of users haven’t posted yet (at least publicly).

To that note, I’m still wondering how it’s going to work when Google+ is no longer invite-only. Will it simply become part of the greater Google experience for everyone else? A share box that just hasn’t been used? Will Google be able to count anyone who simply has a Google Profile amount its user count for Google+? In that case, I wonder how big the percentage will be for those who haven’t posted anything.

Last week, we looked at report from Experian Hitwise, visualizing adoption of Google+ using a new “Mosaic” segmentation system. ‚ÄúCareful analysis of the Mosaic segments since launch; reveal that in just over six weeks, we‚Äôve moved from innovators to early adopters to early mainstream users visiting the new social network,‚ÄĚ said Experian Hitwise’s Bill Tancer.

Google Plus Early Adopters

Last week Google launched games for Google+ which should go a long way in drawing more mainstream users. Google also announced the ability to share info from Google Books via Google+, and started including Google+ posts in search results via social search.

Have Half of Google+ Users Yet to Post Anything?
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  • Wade

    When did public posts become the criteria? The entire concept of Circles is based on targeted posting, not public dissemination. Maybe 2% of my posts are public so the uncircled who are viewing my profile have something to look at.

    • Charles Queen

      I don’t know anything about that at all.When I got mine i said i was allwoed so many invites for now and thats all I got from it.I have plenty of room for others to join mine though

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      I don’t think public posts are a criteria, per se, but while, this is only a sample of users, that appears to say something about how people are using it. It’s also worth noting that this was put out by an employee of Google’s main competitor.

  • Charles Queen

    I got my invite a week ago from last saturday.I’v sent out numerous invites to people I do know ut habve yet to ever hear anything from any o them as of yey.I did get one resonce from someone that sent me and invite to join hers and yes i ook it

  • Kain

    I dont paln to ever post on google plus, I just joined as it may help my websites rankings.

    It looks like up to 48% of users may be in the same category as me.

  • http://www.wonderadventures.com/ Shomara

    but not always! just joined for may help to the ranking “website”
    I got mine i said i was allwoed so many invites for now and thats all I got from it.I have plenty of room for others to join mine though

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  • http://www.expertmagentodevelopers.com magento experts

    I myself hadn’t posted anything :D

  • http://www.sblconline.com Joseph Sebastian

    Today we have so many options available,
    it is hard for me to make times to write on a regular basis.

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