Google Penguin Update: The New Name For The WebSpam Update

By: Chris Crum - April 26, 2012

Here we go.

Get ready for a barrage of Penguin articles to complement the Panda articles, just as the Penguin update complements the Panda update in bringing quality to Google’s search results (or at least trying to). Yes, the Webspam Update has now been named the Penguin Update, reportedly.

According to Danny Sullivan, whose word is pretty credible within the search industry, Google has officially named the Webspam Update the Penguin update. Sullivan had previously reported that Google’s Matt Cutts specifically called it the Webspam algorithm update, but has now altered his article, saying Google is officially calling it the Penguin update.

Matt Cutts tweeted this Instagram photo (why no Google+?) which would seem to confirm the name:

Matt Cutts Penguin Tweet

At least it will be easier to find stock images of penguins (as opposed to webspam) for future articles. And it’s better than the “viagra update” (arguably).

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  • matthew

    i call it the Google Nuke Update

  • John Dorpish

    Calling all Webmasters!!!

    A petition to Google has begun on to reverse it’s recent Penguin update. This change has forced out independent publishers and limited access to information. Additionally, it has destroyed the livelihood of several small-mid-sized publishers, and boosted the rankings of multi-million dollar publishing platforms like eHow, Amazon, WikiHow and Yahoo Answers.

    Please protect independent publishers ability to be found in search. Do your part and sign this petition:

  • webworm

    All I want to say is Google names its updates on the cutest animals on planet earth. Earlier it was Panda and now Penguin.Though this update has managed to push some of the best websites to the last results; thereby bringing up some crap onto the top.

  • Ryan

    Panda, Penguin what will be the next update Polar Bear?? At least the theory is good to get rid of useless content and spammy sites. lets see how it rolls out..

  • Readablez

    Well it seems that the updates are named on animals facing extinctions. Yup! Like earlier, it was Google Panda & this time its Google Penguin. Possibly the next time it can be Google Dolphin ! Jokes apart, whatever may be the logic behind the nomenclature of the Google updates, one thing is for sure that Google continuously does efforts & innovates new ways for recognizing & encouraging quality Content Sites. Incredible!

  • Samuel Alarcon

    Now I know how to destroy my competition.

    Just I will put many links from irrelevant sites and with repetitive keywords to Websites of my competitors. That´s all….

    ! Google thank you very much! … Good job

    • Wie panji

      I think thats good idea