Google Penguin Update Refresh Suspected

    September 6, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Last month, Google’s Matt Cutts made some comments at the Search Engine Strategies conference, reportedly indicating that the next Penguin update would be “jarring”. Since then, webmasters have been waiting for the big day when Google drops the hammer.

Last week, there were some rumblings in the forums, and further in our own comment threads, about a possible update, but Google has been silent on the matter.

Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable is pointing to more rumblings today, saying that he suspects a Penguin refresh.

The rumblings don’t seem to be heavy enough to suggest anything too “jarring,” so he may be right on the data refresh. Or it could simply be something else entirely. Google makes changes every day.

Sometimes Google will actually announce an update or a data refresh. Sometimes they’ll do so in a simple tweet, however we have yet to see a tweet. Google’s big list of changes for the month of August is about due out, although last time, we had to wait two months for two months worth of changes, so who knows when that will actually come? They could simply inform us of any Penguin-related changes in that.

The last Penguin refresh, which Cutts tweeted about, came in late May.

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  • John

    we not expecting anything good from google. update will related to removal of informative sites and only wikipedia and webmd will at top. Also may be google place more ads in their organic search (matt cutts said it very helpful for best user experience).

  • John

    new penguin prognosis : google will show 7 sitelinks for wikipedia and youtube only at most of organic search results pages. Google will add additional top1 result in organic search results directly to their money sites (mfa, full page ads from 1999 with lot of banners).
    All blogs/emd/old sites will removed except few popular forums & media (such as nytimes). Google graph will expanded to minisites with lot of ads. After next penguin update google will place content lockers on organic search results to prevent clicking if surfer not visited adwords advertiser site.

  • http://seomagic.co.nz Nathan

    I’ve heard some predict that it would happen within the first week of September although that doesn’t seem to be the case. There is definitely a feeling of trepidation within the SEO world with some thinking this will simply be a penguin refresh and others a major update to the algorithm which will massively impact search results. Like most things with Google we just don’t know but one thing is certain and that’s gone are the days where low quality optimisation practices ruled the web. This is one change we can all be grateful for.

  • Marietta

    I think that Google is trying to produce something that people remember. By them posting the Google Penguin update, they were looking for people’s responses and I think they got us all talking about it. Who really knows what they are really planning on doing.

  • http://www.convurgency.com/ Convurgency Inc

    The next update will be big and according to me its about local listing and YouTube videos. For maximum keywords lots of videos are on the first page so it’s quite hard to get first page positions. It’s better to focus on social media and videos so you can better traffic and leads.

  • http://www.binaryoptions.net Adam

    I think when the penguin update actually happens then they’ll be no questions about it. SERPs will jump about, people will recover, and more sites will lose all of their traffic.

    I’m kind of impartial at the moment because I’m waiting for my penguin’d sites to come back whilst also hoping my existing sites don’t get hit.

  • Toni

    The penguin update should be cancelled indefinitely. Google still doesn’t know what they are doing with these toys and they are killing businesses every time they do one of these updates.

    • http://dedicated2webhosting.blogspot.com Imran Anwar

      I don’t think google’s attitude is “irresponsible”. All they are doing is looking for latest, useful and unique data. Obviously, the basic responsibility of a search is not to support business by ranking them up. It is unfair to rank a site just because it had resources to get more back links for a re-produced content. I think a airw with unique and quality content deserves better ranking (even without any back links) than plagiarized shopping sites.

    • Ridiculous

      I agree, they have killed so many “mom and dad”s” little businesses. But guess what, those little small businesses don’t buy adwords so let’s just get rid of them, they’re not needed !

  • neil m

    fundamentally websites are seo’d to place a business in front of a target audience. spamming Google is different, it’s putting a business in front of the wrong audience. I think the folks at Google are making a mistake by targeting websites that are seo’d for the right audience. A company like Google should have more respect for the millions of businesses worldwide that it effects with its updates. Businesses are made up of people who have families and mortgages and yet they are disregarding that just to make an extra buck. They are proving to everyone that they are socially irresponsible and that is what will cost them their throne over time.

  • Animesh

    I think if google continue update penguin, it really effect all website (which is recently recover from google penguin ) and slow down there business/traffic,i think google should take care about all website which loss there traffic.

  • http://yeastinfectiondr.com Michael

    It’s kinda funny that everyone gets so scared of Google updates, but if you simply do what Google constantly preach about, your rankings should be secure no matter what update they have. There is only one way to do SEO! The right way.

  • guneet

    hii..i want to know how to check the back links of our web site.tool or wihothout tool..thanks

    • http://www.iftekharahmed.com Iffi

      Hi Guneet,
      try ….
      link:www.domainname.com it will tells you the axact number of valuable backlinks only….. for more info you can use any back links checker tool.

  • http://www.iftekharahmed.com Iffi

    I am not expecting any thing good from Google, i was ranking on 1st page with a keyword and suddenly found that I am not ranking in top ten pages….. and after the Penguin Updates effect i haven’t found my site even in top ten result pages. What kind of update is this affecting the site which doesn’t come in any spamming.

  • isa

    Even my website which is of top Brand was ranking on top 10 and now it is nowhere till 100th page. I am still struggling badly to get back.. Google please try to understand website importance before throwing them beyond SE pages

  • virna

    Did you all noticed “double advertisement” on the top page of google? They are here just to make money not to give quality results as they are trying to convince people. Google is turning into an absolute monopoly and we must learn to ignore Google OR get in our knees as slaves.

  • http://www.SEObuilt.com Anthony Harron

    Most SEO companies are too focused on the negative results from their prior work slipping away due to updates. I understand that this means a major decrease in sales and could be detrimental to these clients. However, interesting enough that as long as I have been in the business I have not shared the view of many, and my clients since 2007 have been a great success, even to date. I feel that you should get a grasp, realize that these changes are what they are and will change quite frequently for the rest of our existence. Keep up with the current, find ways to better SEO your clients and quit the complaining. I read many people talking about Bing returning better results, LOL far from realty. If Bing is returning you better ranking then you obviously have been optimizing for the wrong Search Engine.

    No offense but its actually quite simple to achieve great ranking even with the new Google algorithm changes. It sounds like I work with Google but I can assure you that I am only stating my position out of experience and good common sense of the future. Google will remain the leader in search for many years if not indefinitely so why fight it, get with the program and look at it as it is, it’s a new client base, work for our industry, and good challenge, as long as you know what your doing.

    Good Luck, May The Best SEO Win!