Google Penguin Update Gets Ready To Bite Webmasters’ Noses [Penguin 2.0]

    May 13, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Matt Cutts revealed late on Friday that Google Penguin Update 2.0 is on the way, and that it will be a big one. Yes, there have been multiple iterations of the update to come out, but those have simply been data refreshes of the original update. Google is readying a big new version of it, and when we say big, we mean bigger than the original.

Matt Cutts says the internal team at Google is referring to it as Penguin 2.0, despite what other numbers are making the rounds out there.

Get ready, because it’s coming:

In case you don’t get the nose-biting reference, enjoy this scene from Tim Burton’s Batman Returns featuring Danny DeVito as The Penguin.

Hat tip to Danny Sullivan

  • Mathew

    Google has gone so mad I don’t even except trackbacks anymore. Don’t even try and link to me dude coz I ain’t excepting!

  • Brent

    My concern is that we get a lot of crap links coming at our site from spammers trying to get trackbacks. No doing of my own. I’ve never asked for a link, bought a link, traded a link – don’t care about linking. Just always wrote long winded posts in my niche and it’s always paid off.

    All of a sudden May 9 we got our first downward hit since the site started in 2003. Looked at webmaster tools and I see a lot of these scum sites linking to us – more from bigger sites.

    Yeah – I heard about Google’s disavow tool, but they can go screw themselves because that is their job. Google’s job is to recognize crap links and figure out why they are happening. Our job to create great content for our visitors. We have over 50,000 different links to this blog and doing a disavow on all unwelcome links is ridiculous.

    If this is why high quality sites are getting hit with penalties, Google has finally lost all credibility in my opinion.


  • http://www.brigittemehr.com Brigitte Mehr

    Ooh here it comes get ready for the ride. Hopefully as long as the site is kosher with good content and not too many crap links and with all other links being well diversified with divers anchor text things should be ok??

    • http://www.thenetimpact.com/ Jennifer

      I certainly hope so Brigitte! Quality, trusted links gained organically seems to be the winning combination so hopefully those of us who work that way will not be penalized.

  • Jack

    I think google is putting too much effort in to going after and punishing websites. Why do they not put more effort in to making sure the best websites are at the top of the results, I.e. use indicators such as a sites stickiness, number of returning visitors, time spent on site, people talking about sites on social networks etc… Forget about back inks and punishing people, just make the dodgy back links not count for anything. The way google is going about things is incorrect and may hurt a lot of decent sites just because of unusual back links that may point to them.

  • http://www.creditgeeks.com ed1979

    yes it does seems overly punitive, when you create decent content, if people spam your site with poor links as we experienced when we added a basic forum naively to our site. It does focus the mind however, on your proposition.

  • http://igadgetsworld.com vamsi nani

    this penguin update has a serious effect on my tech site igadgetsworld but the thing is my alexa rank raised around 2 lakhs(increased) why.i don’t know…earlier it was low…but day by day it is increasing with increase in traffic….but it suppose to decrease!!!! any suggestion???

  • http://www.mrpainter.com.sg/ Steven Lim

    I can already see some sites going down in Google.
    And some very good site but perhaps has done the wrong link building.

    • http://emlakfırsatları.com Murat

      You’re right. In the past PageRank was everything. But now, high pr sites may have bad SEP situations.

  • http://www.premierhomeownersinsurance.com Morgan Moran

    Our site improved dramatically with the recent update. All of our inner pages are starting to rank well again. Still seemed to have hit the filter for our homepage. Does anyone know if the next update will take another 6 months?

  • John

    Why bother posting news stories about this plain and simple Google has screwed over the little guys it is over for small sites.

  • http://www.lighting-singapore.com Pricillia Yeo

    We were hit by Google penguin 2.0 because few months ago some SEO agency called us and offered to do SEO for our company but unfortunately after 4 months, we found out that they are doing massive non quality or related business link building. On 22nd May 2013, our ranking suddenly dropped and disappear. We would like to check with the expert, does anyone know how to recover? We got a big team of employees to support and we are very stress over this. And also is there anyway we can sue that SEO company for using blackhat tactic? Please advice.We are a local business trying to make a living and we are not internet marketing expert.

    • http://www.websitedesign-cwd.co.uk Hayley

      It really is quite a long haul of identifying those links that have been added. I would hope that the SEO company in question have a list of the links they’ve added. As they’ve caused the damage you could even tell them to do the removals. If they’ve used some automated system, it could be quite easy for them to remove. You need to wait for Google to re-index those pages without your links on which can take a while. Use the Google disavow tool also to tell Google that those links are not to be counted.

  • http://www.mediabase.at Harald Tschuggnall

    Hi Chris,
    thx for your post!

    I just finished a big Case Study about Penguin 2.0 – what u think about it?
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  • http://www.mediabase.at Harald Tschuggnall