Google Panda Update: Refresh Is Rolling Out

    September 18, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google announced that a data refresh is rolling out for Panda, and that webmasters should expect “some flux” over the next few days. Here’s a tweet Google just posted:

Some thought there had been a Panda update last week, but it turned out that webmasters were apparently seeing the effects of a different update Google’s Matt Cutts later tweeted about. Google was, however, about due to launch a Panda refresh, so here we are.

We should be seeing plenty of webmaster feedback about this throughout the week. Have you noticed any changes to your Google referrals yet? Let us know.

More on Panda here.

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  • http://www.watchanddownloadmovies.com Amandeep Singh

    My website ranking was dropped on 18th, i realized Google is making some changes and finally it happened. I dropped to page 4 from page 1 and still going down. :(

  • http://coloradoouting.com Mike

    After finally getting some of our posts to start ranking the way they should..especially when searching for the exact title of post..we have fallen of the planet! You can search for the exact title of our posts..and we’re no where to be found. Of course, bunches of results that have basically nothing to do with the search are all there…I”m getting really tired trying to keep up with Google, especially when their supposed improvements seem to do nothing but make things worse! Maybe they should hold on all the millions of other project their working on, go back and fix what got them started and recognized…and then move on with taking over the world! 😉

  • Fiona

    Initially wi google Panda i dropped form page z1 to 8. My ranking has been increasing each day or so over the last few days- From page 8 and at this point page 1 – could it be the panda refresh?

  • http://www.tech4comp.blogspot.com anjan

    i think i was effected by panda
    from 18 September on wards my site traffic went down
    suggest me what i have to do for my site traffic return Back

  • J

    I really do not care about google’s updates anymore. Let me explain: we can’t deal with google. One cannot have a website, or articles and deal with writing, editing, and then have to even deal with updates!!! We cant always worry about traffic!! So at this point I now get thousand of traffic from a new system that google will never ,ever understand, for it is one of there very own people who created it!!! Will be making it available in private request. Its over for google after this one!

  • http://zerodisease.blogspot.com Shweta Shah

    Google says only 0.7% of the queries are affected. Is there any way of knowing what are these queries? I have several blogs that are related to health and wellness. Before 18th I had an average load of 1000 veiws per blog, now it has fallen to less than 100 veiws per blog. Is this going to persist or is google gonna come out with another update?

  • http://www.vouchercodes.in AshuAshwani

    I am suggesting users to use Yahoo and Bing instead of Google…Google is now playing games to enjoy monopoly. It has affected more than 0.7% or I say it’s 70% if we look at the results.

  • http://www.12vn.net/ Dave

    I too will now be focusing more on Yahoo, Bing, and social media for my website traffic. Google just mess about far too much. One day my websites are in good positions then the next I can’t even find my sites on the first 20 pages of search results for any of my keywords that I was previously in 1st place for. It’s become a complete joke. I feel for the people that rely heavily on Google and have to make a living from their websites.

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    Google always says only some new thing changes or update that is beneficial for user its joke because in last week our website on Google first page now not showing in under 20 its really bad news for Google user.

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    Google don’t have to do these types of activities because most of the people are irritate to make update people going to concentrate on yahoo and Bing its good news for Yahoo and Bing.

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    Its irritating news last week my website on first page now it is getting down what is this Google always doing update they have to make a fixed time for update.

  • http://www.airportlimousineonline.com/ajax_pickering_airport_limousine.aspx Ajax airport limo

    I will suggest to everyone use Bing and Yahoo its a not irritating search engine Google always making new panda and drama that is bad news for seo people and what will happened of their business.

  • http://www.airportlimousineonline.com/ajax_pickering_airport_limousine.aspx Pickering airport limo

    Google have to do some new things not down the rank of keywords its not good for the website those having good business and within a week all the keywords get down really bad.

  • http://www.madmadrasi.net mad.madrasi

    It is irritating to see the article page drop from search results page 1 to page 3 in three days, when my article is the first and later articles on other sites don’t carry any new information.

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    thanks for update 😉

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    nice update

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  • http://www.actressone.com Krishna

    My website not show on google search
    traffic went down
    suggest me what i have to do for my website on google search

  • http://www.freetvchannels.in James

    Many sites of having unique content is going to be go down because of copy of unique content by other/third parties

    SO it’s need to be refresh