Google Panda Update: Latest Confirmed as Global, Tweaked with Fresh Data

More tweaking to come

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Google Panda Update: Latest Confirmed as Global, Tweaked with Fresh Data
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If you’ve been following the Google Panda saga, you know that an update was launched last week. At least one site, which was negatively impacted by the update (DaniWeb) suddenly regained its search visibility after Google apparently made some kind of adjustment.

We asked Google if they made any tweaks to the Panda update since last week’s iteration was launched, to which a spokesperson replied, “We pushed a fresh version of data that incorporated more of the signals that we’ve incorporated after the initial launch of Panda.”

She also pointed us to the Matt Cutts tweet we wrote about earlier:

Weather report: expect some Panda-related flux in the next few weeks, but will have less impact than previous updates (~2%). 8 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

So expect more fine-tuning of the latest update.

The spokesperson also told us that the latest update was global, in case there was any question about that.

From what we’re hearing, it sounds like we would be correct in assuming that Panda updates from here on out will be global.

In August, Google rolled out the update across most languages.

Google Panda Update: Latest Confirmed as Global, Tweaked with Fresh Data
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  • AL

    If you’ve got some fresh new content to publish on your site – stop procrastinating, now’s the time people!

    • Einstein

      HUH? What does this have to do with anything

  • http://www.PlacesToEatOkay.com Steven

    It’s funny how you hear that Google does all this testing and they don’t want to overstep their bounds a bit by releasing things too early (referring of course to Google Plus and people still wondering when the wow factor is going to show up, if at all), but then we hear about how they were all too eager to launch Panda, and how it’s always getting these updates to make it better, you have to wonder what Google’s real motives are. I made my site better and my visitors agree as there is less bounce rate, more average visitor time spent on site, and of course, less people clicking the ads. This means less revenue for me. So wouldn’t I want to make a slightly worse site and gain revenue back? Sure I might upset a few visitors, but what about all the clicks on ads I might get? It would seem to me the perfection goal that Google is trying to achieve for search would only hurt their bottom line as hardly anybody would be clicking on the ads if Google could serve up more relevant results, and of course, if people agreed they did by clicking less than they already are. It’s hard to say Google isn’t about the money when they sure do push advertising a lot. That is not to say I couldn’t be interested in an ad, but it’s not very often that I find such an ad that I am. Maybe only a few times a year at most among the thousands of searches I do every year.

    Google reported 2nd quarter 2011 results that made me wonder if the proof was right in front of my own eyes. Google reported 3rd party publishers were making less of the gross revenue, while Google was making more of it. Also Adsense revenue increased at the same time, meaning that not just was Google making more money by increasing revenue, but it was also getting more of that revenue to it’s own sites, than it’s contracted publishers who throw up Adsense ads on their websites. Traffic to 3rd party publishers decreased and so profits to Google increased. See even a 2% shift in the gross revenue pie is a big deal to Google. After all it gets to keep 68% of the revenue it would have to pay another website by not sending so much traffic outside of it’s own websites.

    I could see a few websites suing Google over this and loosing, but I could see hundreds of thousands of publishers being included in a class action suit to which Google would pay out billions to settle just so it wouldn’t be in court for the next decade on a class action lawsuit against the world. I mean I’d even be inclined to opt into a class action suit even if it meant a check for $1.23 at the end of it all for all publishers. It would mean that Google would also have to change their practices and actually make things better for all, not just for Google.

  • http://www.budnmarys.com Florida Keys Fishing Charters

    With the updates stemming back in July our business has had a lot of problems with the ‘local’ results from Google Places. I’ve read on-line that many businesses are experiencing the same issues, and the message ‘This location is not currently supported’ popping up. We lost 2+ years worth of rank and equity, thankfully after dealing with this for the last couple months I FINALLY got ahold of somebody that was able to look at our problem, and apparently fix it. However we had to wait a month to ‘see’ if the problem would ultimately resolve itself, which it did, then went back to how it was, then was fixed again. ~frustrating! I wish google would not try to be the end-all be-all of finding stuff on the internet, when they have almost no support for applications such as google places. It amazes me the number of businesses in my area alone that do not meet the guidelines of google places (i.e. they are not a physical business location, rather someone who freelances out of their house) and they pop up on google places.

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