Google Panda Algorithm Update (And Related Stories) – A Roundup

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Google Panda Algorithm Update (And Related Stories) – A Roundup
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We’ve been covering a Google’s Panda Algorithm update a lot since its initial launch (in some ways even before its launch). We thought it might be useful for some to provide something of a round-up of coverage as a one stop shop for those looking to learn more about the algorithm update, its impact on websites, and related stories.

So here is a list of our articles related to the Panda update, content farms, and search quality from the past several months (updated continuously).

Despite New Panda Guidelines, Google Still Burying Authoritative Results
Panda Update Already Happened. Not Every Google Tweak Is Still Panda.
What Would Google Search Quality Be Like Without AdSense?
Helium Raises $10 Million After Being Victimized by Google Panda Update
Don’t Expect a Lot of eHow Content to Be Removed from YouTube
Google Panda Update: New Advice Directly From Google
Google Competitive Practices Brought Into the Panda Conversation
Demand Media Announces 20% Decline in eHow Search Referrals Due to Panda
Demand Media Earnings Report – Revenue Up, Questions Remain
Demand Media Deletes eHow Articles, Edits Others in Quality Clean-up Initiative
Google Algorithm Update – Is Bounce Rate a Ranking Signal?
Demand Media Search Data Released Ahead of Earnings Call
Google Panda Update – Webmasters Still Trying to Crack the Code
eHow Getting Serious About Quality
Mashable Affected By Google’s Panda Update? Not Likely.
Google Panda Update – A Broader View of U.S. Traffic Patterns
Panda Reference in Google Earth Day Doodle
Google Panda Update Victim HubPages Tweaks Approach to Boost Search Visibility
Panda Update: HubPages Asks Google Why YouTube Gets Away With Softer Content Policy
Google Panda Update Helps Local Search Results
Google Algorithm Update Fallout, eHow Response
Google Panda Update Winners, Losers, and Future Considerations
EzineArticles Hit By Google Panda Update Again
Google Panda Update Hits Demand Media’s eHow This Time
Google Panda Update Benefits Google Properties
Ranking in Google Now That Panda Has Gone Global
Google Panda Update Winners: Video, News, Blogs, and Porn
Google Panda Update Victim Xomba Loses AdSense Ads Too
Google Panda Update Officially Goes Global (In English)
Google Panda Update Launched in More Countries
Google Panda Update – Made for Big Brands?
Google Does Guest Post for Panda Victim HubPages
Examiner’s Approach to Content Quality Post Panda Update
MerchantCircle Goes From Panda Victim to Blekko Curator
EzineArticles Tells Authors How to Get Accepted Post Panda
Google Panda Update Hit E-Commerce Sites Too
Google’s Algorithm Impact Over the Years in Graphic Detail
Why Panda is the New Coke
EzineArticles Traffic Update Post Panda
Google Panda Update: Lack of Consistency on Quality?
Google Panda Update Still Encouraging Higher Quality
Suite101 CEO Writes Open Letter to Google’s Matt Cutts
Google “Panda” Algorithm Update – What’s Known & What’s Possible
Calacanis on Google Algorithm Aftermath and Impact on Mahalo
Google Algorithm Update to Get “New Layer” to Help “Falsely Caught” Sites
EzineArticles Aims to Get Rankings Back, Following Google Algorithm Update
Did Google’s Algorithm Update Go Far Enough on Content Farms?
Is This Google Algorithm Change About Content Farms or Not?
Quora vs. eHow: Where’s the Better Quality?
Decreasing Google Dependence: A Growing Trend
Demand Media Redesigns eHow with Quality Control Feature
Will Google Fill In Its Own Search Gaps, Demand Media-Style?
Retrevo Says Google Update Pushed Bigger Brands Up
AdSense and Its Relationship to Search Rankings
Google Algorithm Update Casualties Speak
Google Update Costs Mahalo Employees Their Jobs
Google Algorithm Update Helps (Not Hurts) eHow
Google Finally Cracks Down on Content Farms
Demand Media Responds to Google Content Farm Update
Demand Media Goes on the Defensive About Content Quality
Content Marketer or Content Farm?
If Google Tweaked Its Search Results …
An Inside Look at wikiHow Content Quality Control
User Feedback: The Next Google Ranking Signal?
Why It’s Easier for a Startup (Than For Google) to Take Action on Content Farms
wikiHow On Why Wikis Deliver Higher Quality Than Content Farms
DuckDuckGo Follows Content Farm Banning With Promoting wikiHow Content
Blekko Queries on the Rise, More So Since Content Farm Blocking
What If Content From One Company Dominated Google’s Search Results?
Confirmation: The Google Algorithm Change Was Not for Content Farms
Blekko Bans eHow and Other Content Farms
Demand Media CEO: Google Not Talking About Us
Google, Bing, and Blekko Talk Content Farms and Search Quality
The Real Problem With Content Farms is Google

Nobody said we’re done yet either. We’ll update the article as new developments, insights, and research occur.

Meanwhile, we might as well use the comments section to expand the article as a useful resource. If you have any of your own Panda-related stories or insights, please don’t hesitate to share them with the rest of us.

Google Panda Algorithm Update (And Related Stories) – A Roundup
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  • http://www.boozemonkey.com BoozeMonkey

    I was delighted to see that BoozeMonkey was upgraded to PR5 over the weekend, and not the least bit upset to see some other sites in the same sector reduced to PR1.

    However, what we have gained on the homepage ranking, we seem to have lost on the internal pages: very little by way of pagerank anywhere else on the site, despite a wealth of information provided by the winemakers themselves.

    We clearly have a lot to learn about Panda before our wine community finds favour with Google.

  • http://www.22bestdeals.com/all-best-deals.html Deals In India

    I did not see any changes in my website’s ranking or traffic after Google Panda Algo Updates…

  • http://www.beerapackersmovers.com parvesh rawat

    realy helpful

  • Sarah

    Google just wiped out my whole website, my business overnight. There is not a single page from it on Google after many years of love from them. There is some useless message in webmaster tools saying to submit my site for reconsideration after I fix it. Fix what?? I don’t engage in blackhat tricks or anything. There is no malware, no broken links, nothing. My site has solid content. I see others having the same problem and who submitted reconsideration requests and never heard from Google.

    This abuse of power has got to stop! This is abuse of a search monopoly! I hope the government gets involved and stop their abuse! If you have any complaints about Google’s abuse of power, leave your complaint here: www.insidegoogle.com

  • http://bollymastian.com/ Zamir

    i am also victim of panda updates and i lost my 75% of traffic, thanks for your sharing and hoping that i got my site back fast.

  • http://www.cheap-ralph-lauren.com ralph lauren

    I think the ecommerce sites have been effected most because when you search with a brand name or a big brand word on google.com, you will get many results might not that good on first page of google.com .

    But if you search some phrase related to the brand,you will easily find that there are still many content farm sites rank well. That is the problem that does google really bring viewers with good content site? or qulaity content site?

    Maybe we can guess that after this ” google panda project” finished, we will see all qulaity sites rank well but now we still need to wait. How long will google panda finish? We donot know!

    But we belive google will ” return” in its unique way.

  • http://blogote.com Sid

    I have been following WebProNews for all my Panda related updates. Great initiative, Chris. While I don’t have anything awesome to talk about Panda, but I have left my share of thoughts on my blog.

  • http://www.danisetyanto.com/ Om Tiger

    where the official google post about panda algorithm?

  • http://www.creativedevelopment.com.au Webdesign Sydney

    People are getting seriously chewed up by this. Also the quality of searches across the board has dropped significantly.

  • http://www.kokoarena.com KokoArena

    I don’t really know whether Panda has helped us or not, but I think its high time other search engines took advantage of this update…

  • http://www.webprojectuk.com James

    The annoying thing about this new update is that we all have to refocus our energy on rebuilding our SEO. For us (http://www.webprojectuk.com) this has not been a massive problem but we do feel for the sites owners who have lost most of their hard work. Trading conditions are still very though in UK and the last thing companies need is to waste time on re-building their search engine rankings. Maybe these big global companies should rethink their strategies and stop punishing honest and hard working individuals who provide the backbone of our economy

  • PP

    I was talking to a colleague this week about chess. She proceeded to tell me what she read off an eHow article. Automatically Panda came to mind. The average user who has no knowledge of SEO is not particularly concerned with “link farms” rather they are just happy to get their information. I’m willing to bet that the average user has noticed no difference in the quality of the search. You see when they perform a searc it matters little to them if Walmart was first last week or last next week. The only persons obsessed with search quality are business and it is obvious that their concerns are self serving. Had they not stand to beefit discussions on search quality would be a non issue. So do us a favour drop the pretense that search is all about the user. Search is about business…Period!

  • http://SeoWritingJobs.com Yuwanda Black, Editor, SeoWritingJobs.com

    Thanks for this round-up Chris. I’ve referenced several of these in my writings since Google’s Panda update, eg, “Google Panda Update: New Advice Directly From Google.”

    One post readers have found particularly helpful is “SEO Copywriting Tips: 23 Questions Google Says SEO Copywriters Should Keep in Mind When Creating Content (Post Panda).” It can be found at http://www.seowritingjobs.com/google-panda-update-seo-content-writing-guidelines.

    Again, thanks for this roundup. I’m bookmarking this page to for more ideas to write on about content creation “post Panda.”

  • http://www.blissseo.com.au SEO

    Talk about a slow year for news in SEO!!!

  • http://www.Treadmill-ratings-reviews.com Fred Waters

    I kind of got beat up on the Panda update. I don’t believe is was because I got penalized as that some unknowns suddenly got boosted above my sites. I’ve consistently ranked at the top several spots of my important keywords for years. My focus was to provide the best treadmill reviews in the industry. This included visiting manufacturers and constantly being in touch with the players.

    Unfortunately that is not enough. You have to play the linking game. Several of the sites that now rank above me are playing that game. And what is frustrating is Google is rewarding them for bogus links on blog sites, useless posts on blogs and listings on worthless paid directories.

    The majority of my competitors have around 2,000 or less backlinks. One site that suddenly got a boost has over 42K backlinks. About 99% are bogus blog links. From my perspective this last update has not resulted in improved search results. Google’s readers are not finding the best information on treadmills. What they are finding are sites that are spamming the system. So today, rather than writing more content for my site, I have to waste my time finding worthless links in order to complete.

  • http://www.join-today.com/ earn money online

    Hey thanx for these information. By this info i wanna create my site as seo friendly. I had a blog which not shown the effect of google panda. And by the comments once again i have to check the status of traffic to my blog. And also good to hear pushing away the spammers out of serp’s

  • http://www.fipe.co.uk custom web design

    It was bound to be the case that there would be losers and winners following the update. Essentially it is a constant chasing game where site & business owners are constantly having to change in response to changes made by google and the other search giants.

    Like the saying goes, keep calm & carry on.

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