Google Panda Update: Rumors Surface Of One Launching Last Week

    October 22, 2012
    Chris Crum
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This is pretty commonplace now, but there are rumors going around that Google may have launched a Panda update last week.

Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable links to WebmasterWorld, where these rumors are often born. Sometimes they turn out to be accurate, and sometimes they don’t. We won’t know until we get confirmation from Google.

We’ve reached out to Google for comment, and will update the article if and when we receive one. Here’s the part where I give you the spiel about how Google launches changes to its algorithms every day. It makes over 500 changes a year. Many of these have the potential to affect the rankings of your website. Even if a change does not directly impact your site, it may impact other sites in the listings, causing your ranking to go up or down.

Google did recently confirm a Panda update, but only after announcing a separate, unrelated update. Google often issues “weather reports” (otherwise known as tweets from Matt Cutts about algorithm changes), announcing various updates. However, there is really no consistency to this, and webmasters are still often left guessing what might have happened.

There’s a chance that Google will inform us whether this was Panda or not, but there’s also a good chance they won’t. There’s not much consistency to that either.

Update: We haven’t heard official word, but Schwartz is now saying that Google “implied” that there was no update.

Image: Tekken 5 (via YouTube)

  • H. Campbell

    Hmmmmmm. Cute panda. Is it supposed to be a robot? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • Ronald

    There have been massive changes in the sector I’m in through the last week, so I’m surprised at the lack of comments about this update. Some of my long term rivals who have survived much of panda and Penguin so far, have now been crushed. Only newer sites are now ranking on the first page. How can it be logical that these long established sites were considered fine through most of Panda, but are now being dropped? If it were a quality of content issue, then they would have been penalised earlier. I’m also now seeing these relevant UK sites replaced by sites from the US, which are of no use, one of them being a scraper site. I don’t buy a lot of the spin from Google, it all just seems very random. Maybe they are trying too hard to be smart, but in the end they are just destroying search results.

    • SupDE

      ‘Maybe they are trying too hard to be smart, but in the end they are just destroying search results.’

      This sums up what I’m seeing. I tried Yahoo for the first time in ages yesterday. It showed me pretty much what I wanted to see. Whereas Google brought up nothing but rubbish, and page after page of nothing but YouTube vids. ‘Tis a shame. Bye-bye Google.

  • http://www.lifeslim.net BillE

    I believe that a update was done last week and I was a victim of it. My website 3 weeks ago was on page 3 of Google search for my key words life slim. Two weeks ago it made it to the 2nd page nd then o the 1st page. I then watched move to position #5, then #4 and finally last week it was in position #3 of the first page. I was so excited as orders came in. Then all of a sudden my site dissapeared. Gone! No where to be found. The past couple of days I’m seeing some pages show in some searches but not the main home page. I did SEO all by hand myself. I made stories and did a bunch of SEO things that I thought would be just fine. What I did wrong I don’t know? All I can think of is I made to many Backlinks to fast. I get carried away sometimes and need to learn to slow down. That is the only thing I may have done wrong. So if your like me and build your own Backlinks the right way with articles, social network links and website links you may want to just add a couple links a week instead of the 20 I did in about 11 days. I think I added about 5 PR6-8 sites in one day, maybe that did it? Anybody have any advice for me? I’m open to suggestions as to what else I may or may not need to do.

  • http://www.dreamweddingsaruba.com Robert

    Our website dropped a bit but not dramaticly. What is annoying that competitors websites without real content but with a lot of backlinks are ranked high suddenly.