Google Officially Announces Restaurant Menu Results

    February 28, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Earlier this month, Google was spotted showing new card-style menu results for restaurant searches for some users.

One tweeted a screenshot:

Google has now announced the feature:

Google doesn’t go into specifics about where these menu results come from.

As others have pointed suggested, Google may draw menu info from Allmenus.com, given that this is the source for the Menu feature on the restaurant in the first example’s local result.

Either way, this is just the latest example of Google supplying more of the information on its own properties rather than sending traffic to other sites.

  • http://www.bloketoys.co.uk/ BlokeToys.co.uk

    Stealing yet more content to make Google the one-stop-shop for absolutely everything.
    When are companies and sites going to start blocking Google from crawling them? When are sites and companies going to join class action lawsuits against the theft and redistribution of their content?

    This is basically piracy, stealing someone else’s content and presenting it as your own.

    • Kento

      Okay, you can go ahead and block Google from crawling you. More business for me.

      • GaiaLogic

        I think he means larger companies having their content stolen from them. If their content is being scraped from their sites and delivered by Google as if it is their own they they have no reason to entertain Google, do they? They’re no longer getting the traffic they were from Google, because no one is searching for them and being directed to their actual site!